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Hello everyone! I am immortalsoul123, the owner and author of this 10-year old Super Junior blog which initially went by the site title Generally Accepted SuJu Principles or G.A.S.P., as it is more known. As its 10th year anniversary is approaching, I decided to give this blog a new look and new feel, but with the same purpose and content – to spread Super Junior love all over the world. This blog is now re-branded as SuJu’s Immortal Soulmate, or SJSoul for short which intends to make the content more personal.

As a new re-branded, more personal blog, SJSoul will give you, the readers, fans and non-fans alike, different updates related to Super Junior, a fourteen-year-old, well-established Korean Pop Male Group that has created its name all over the world in various fields, most especially in the music industry. It will also contain personal take on all of the members’ group and individual activities, including social networking posts and shares.

To make sure that you won’t miss anything, you can follow this blog by clicking the subscribe button. I also welcome your opinions and suggestions by giving a comment on my posts. Thank you and happy reading!

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  1. -forever_p.s.Blue- says:

    – haha. i knew it! ^^
    i guessed it right.. 😀
    so, we’re proud to be Filipina!! keke ^_^

    lol.xD from GAAP to GASP.. cute!! keke ^-^
    yeah, taking up Accountancy here too.. :]
    nosebleed..nauubusan na nga ako ng blood.! buti ni re-refill-lan ng pearl sapphire blue blood ng SJ!! haha xD

    1. immortalsoul123 says:

      Haha, pamatay ba ang accounting? haist. sinabi mo pa. Ewan ko.. pero love ko talaga ito… kahit Mahirap. Correct… we are refilled with Sapphire Blue blood. Haha

  2. vichul says:

    Hey. I wana exchange affiliates with you.
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    Description : We feed the thirsty Petals with Heechul’s juicy news and updates.
    Button : Don’t have one yet

  3. Hi Ana… I really am amazed of YOU.. How can u even mntain this blog of yours??? Well, just want to share with you that i am a SuperJunior lover for MORE THAN 3yrs now (maybe i am one of those First set of SJ fans in Phil.) I was in 3rd yr. college when this fandom started to grow on me… My friends were just laughing at me as they couldn’t relate to k-pop… My ipod contains only “korean” songs”. i was even able to download all SJ’s variety shows, interviews etc. etc (Name it! And I haveit!)…

    I really was wishing that someday, somehow, Sj could visit our country… Now, that I came to know that they will hold a concert on April 10 in Phil, I can’t help myself but to feel so unfortunate… Now that I am a NURSE, presently working abroad— it’s really impossible for me to see them LIVE on stage…

    It’s wonderful to see your blog… I have created a blog but FAILED to pursue it due to my very busy schedule.

    More power!

    1. immortalsoul123 says:

      I’m happy to know you. Actually, I’m younger than you by six years I think. Haha. I’m just a college freshman now.

      You’re a big fan of them. No matter how it takes, you wanted to be informed or be updated, so be proud of it. Even though you can’t attend the concert this April, there is another chance, so don’t worry ^^ I hope you’ll see them in person.

  4. ghale says:

    …hi ana.. actually, im also a big fan of super juniors… and tnx to your blog…,, i can use it for my thesis… hope to find out more ’bout suju

    1. immortalsoul123 says:

      Thanks. 😀

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