[SJ] A Guide to Super Junior’s Youtube Channels

Like any other groups, our supermen also accepted the challenge of establishing their name through various social media like Instagram, Twitter, and sometimes, Facebook. To complete the lineup, they also entered the world of video blogs (or vlogs, as we commonly know them).

[HC] Heechul’s Relationship: For It or Against It?

It has been three months since Super Junior Heechul and Twice Momo was revealed to be dating by a news portal. The two already had a dating news last August 2019 but was then denied by them through their respective agencies. However, last January 2, 2020, both of them finally admitted that they were finally dating for real.

(RP) It’s Been A While

It’s been a while, readers. I just want to write something right now because I just cannot stop thinking about it. It’s about Jungsoo. I am so frustrated because I don’t know what I can do for him. He has been my inspiration for more than 10 years now… and I want to give something…

(RP) A Loss

Hello guys. I have been busy the past few months because of some turnover from work and some stuff for my classes. To those who didn’t know – our family grieved for a loss last week. My godmother and aunt just passed away last Sunday. We took her to her grave yesterday. I just can’t…

(LT) Happy Birthday Park Jungsoo!

Dearest Jungsoo, Happy, happy birthday to you! To be honest, I do not know what to say to you for your birthday. I will blabble a lot so I hope you don’t mind.  Last week, I wished for your happiness and success through a lantern in Pingxi. I don’t know, to be honest, why I…

[SW] Happy Birthday Siwon!

I know this guy has two birthdays but I will greet him twice! 😂 Quick trivia to those who are new and confused: Siwon was born and he came into this world on April 7, 1986. However, the birth date that was registered (the official birth certificate) was dated February 10, 1987. And no, he…

[KH] Happy Birthday, Kyuhyun!

It is February 3, and it is time to celebrate our precious 막내 day! Happy birthday Kyuhyun! We hope to see you and listen to your beautiful voice again soon! We love you!