[YS] New SM Station 3 Collaboration: Yesung and Bumkey

Good news to all Yesung and Bumkey fans! SMTown (@SMTOWNGLOBAL) announced through its official Twitter account that the new collaboration for SM Station Season 3 is by Yesung and Bumkey. The collaboration song, Carpet, will be released on January 10, 2019, 6PM KST in various Korean digital music sites. Looking forward to this collaboration by…

[SJ] Super Junior Members Showered Support for Ryeowook

Sometimes, a brotherly support is the only thing that you need! Super Junior members showed support to the Eternal Maknae, Ryeowook, for his comeback. The members showed various methods to show their support. Leeteuk, Shindong, Donghae and Siwon went to his recording for his live performances, meanwhile, Eunhyuk hosted his showcase, Heechul and Yesung showed…

[RW] Ryeowook’s #DrunkOnLove Album

Okay so I downloaded the album in iTunes! I must say that Kim Ryeowook IS A VOCAL GENIUS! Is that even a word? 🤣 He postponed his comeback due to an illness but I am so happy that he is okay now. 😌 The title song, #ImNotOverYou, is just… amazing. I love the melody and…

(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Yesung!

Our most unique member, most amazing vocal, Kim Jongwoon! Enjoy your day today! May you have more blessings in life! We love you!

(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Yesung!

Sorry if it’s late, but I still want to greet our weird but lovable and gorgeous Kim Jongwoon, also known as Yesung! Continue to be amazing person with an amazing voice and amazing appeal! We love you and be happy always!

Super Junior – Come To Play Cuts (MBC)

[120723] Talk about Receiving a real Golden Disk from Chinese Fans [120723] Super Junior Songs Remix [120723] Eunhyuk Dancing [120723] Talk about Stage Performance [120723] Shindong and Eunhyuk Dancing Cut Credit: oniongring, simhy