Super Junior – Special Stage + Mr. Simple + Winning (SBS Inkigayo)

[110821] Super Junior Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Shindong + f(x)’s Victoria Special Stage – Know Your Name + Get Fresh


[110821] Mr. Simple


[110821] Winning


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Super Junior Kim Heechul and f(x) Victoria Featured in Trax’s “Let You Go” + MV Teaser

Rock band The TRAX has released their teaser for their new album’s MV “가슴이 차가운 남자” (A cold-hearted man – SM’s official title “Let you go”) on January 21st and especially in this teaser for the MV, we can see the sorrowful & crying acting of Super Junior Heechul & f(x) Victoria.

This teaser with the appearance of Heechul & Victoria are getting many attention from fans. Besides, The TRAX will make their first comeback performance on KBS2TV Music bank on January 22nd.

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MV Teaser

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Oh my gosh… *teary-eyed* Victoria and Heechul did a great job eve in the teaser. How much more to the real MV? Heechul is crying… 😦 And what the heck! This song of Trax is so beautiful!

f(x) Member Victoria is Like Hankyung

f(x) was on Kbs coolFM‘super junior kiss the radio ’ yesterday, the 7th, their first radio show.

f(x) and super junior are company sunbae relationships. super Junior participated in f(x)’s first Showcase on the second, they have said their comments many times.
During broadcast, Eunhyuk said, “Looking at f(x)‘s leader Victoria, it’s like looking at our group’s Hangeng.” Showing affection. Victoria was in china’s best dance school, Beijing Dance Academy. She’s the group’s chinese dancer.

Hangeng being Super Junior’s Chinese Member, No matter in Korean or China, he achieved high popularity, and everyone’s attention. Just like that, because these two groups had the similarity of Chinese Members. Super Junior are planning to fully support f(x)’s activites.

SM’s Staff said “Excited about the two group’s extent of interaction, and relationship” “Many nationalities f(x) hope they can be like Super Junior, and develop into Hallyu stars.”

In a way, not only can you listen to F(x) member’s self intros, you can also hear about their process for their first time, and their mishaps with the foreign members. F(x) will perform on KBS Music Bank on the 11th, SBS Inkigayo on the 13th, and plan to continue promotion with digital single “La Cha Ta”

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Popularity of International Members in Idol Groups


Idol groups share many things in common, they can sing, rap, dance, and they usually have a lot of members. But one other thing they share in common these days is having one or more international group member/s in their respective groups.

In After School, you have Beka (Korean American). In Super Junior, you have HanGeng (Chinese). In 2pm, you have TaecYeon, JaeBeom (Korean American), and NichKhun (Thai / Chinese). In SNSD, you have Tiffany, Jessica (Korean American), SooYoung (Korean lived in Japan), and HyoYeon (Korean lived in China). In Wonder Girls, you have Yubin (Korean lived in San Jose, California). In 2AM, you have ChangMin (Korean lived in Canada). In 2NE1, you have Sandara Park (Korean lived in Philippines), and Park Bom (Korean studied in Boston, Massachusetts). In Epik High you have Tablo (Korean and lived all over the world, famous for graduating from Stanford with a degree in English Literature and a Masters). There are more including Victoria (Chinese) and Amber (Chinese grew up in Orange County, California) from new SM group, f(x).

There are so many to name, I can’t even name them all here. I still haven’t mentioned Nicole (Korean American) of Kara, MickyYooChun (Korean lived in America) of TVXQ, and the list will still go on and on. There’s only a few groups I know of that doesn’t have international members off the top of my head: SHINee, 4minute, and Big Bang.

From the above list, you might have read some names that may have surprised you. That is because people think America when you think of international idol group members. But there’s a wide variety now; China, Japan, Canada, USA, the Philippines, and Thailand. People may think of the big and populated places such as the USA and Japan but now they come from everywhere. For example, Sandara Park comes from having a career in the Philippines. This shows the K-Pop industry expanding its horizons in terms of accepting new people into the music scene landscape.

Now you might wonder why there are so many of them. Entertainment companies want international members because they have international knowledge and if they come to Korea, they will also carry a Korean feeling which will appeal to the audience. Another reason is language. Language is a huge barrier for Asians trying to make it in another country. Boa, Se7en, and the Wonder Girls all had to study English very hard and though they have improved, they’re still not perfectly fluent. TVXQ had to learn Japanese to make it in the J-Pop industry. By having someone who is already fluent in the language, you know they will lead the group if the group ever decides to debut / crossover over to other countries. Not only regarding traveling to a different country but just connecting with fans in general is easier when you know more language(s). SooYoung of SNSD knows Japanese where as HyoYeon and HanGeng know Chinese. Nichkhun represent 2PM whenever they visit Thailand. This all helps the groups get more known in Asia and the rest of the world.

These international members help bring KPOP music to the rest of the world. International fans will find it easier to accept once they find something in common with the group, once they know they share a hometown, or speak the same language. So all this is only a good thing.

source: allkpop