Sukira Transcripts – March 12-25, April 2-8

Sukira Transcripts from 100312 – 100325 and 100402 – 100408

100314 Leeteuk’s cruel way of breaking up
Leeteuk: When you break up with your girlfriend, how do you do it? Do you still remember?
Eunhyuk: I can remember some.
Leeteuk: I have too many to the extent I can’t recall any.
Eunhyuk: Er…… I wouldn’t say I have a lot, but it’s because it’s been too long. I can remember some which was recent, but in fact, I wouldn’t want to remember, such painful memories.
Leeteuk: How did you initiate the break up? Phone or face-to-face?
Eunhyuk: Er…… We meet up, it’s more polite.
Leeteuk: Yea it’s more polite, but I usually call them.
Eunhyuk: Doing this makes you look like you have no confidence.
Leeteuk: Nope, it’s the love which is fading away, not the confidence level. So I call her and say, “I dislike you, this is the end of us. Byebye” Like this, but will also get scolded badly.
Eunhyuk: Yea, you will get scolded for breaking up, but I won’t recall anything about the breakup.
Leeteuk: Why? There were so many beautiful memories…… Did you do something wrong to the girl? (T/N: teuk meant if hyuk had somethinglike cheating on the girl. something like that)
Eunhyuk: Nothing fancy to be remembered, all of them are bad memories.

100314 Innocent foreign kid
Leeteuk: Super Junior-M’s Henry bought a earpiece when he was in Korea that time. The packaging wasn’t easy to tear apart, so he used a scissors to cut it open. When he opened the packaging, he found out he cut the earpiece also, so he had to buy a new one. What a waste.
Eunhyuk: Oh, I know about this, the earpiece can’t be used anymore.
Leeteuk: So, this kid who thinks that since he is a foreigner, he should be able to ask for a replacement if he asks them, so he went over and said, “This… wire… broke, could I change for a new one……” and the salesperson said, “I’m sorry, but we have a lot of customers like you.”
Eunhyuk: Yea, the packaging nowadays are so tight, and accidentally cutting the contents while opening the packaging really is infuriating.
Leeteuk: When Henry heard what the salesperson said, he naturally said, “Okay, I’m sorry.” and walked off.

100316 Leeteuk who got scraped by Eunhyuk and Junsu
Leeteuk: When we were still trainees, you and Junsu cheated me of my food money. I sweared that I must get back my money before I hit 30 years old. For five years I was trampled under you guys, especially Junsu, who earns more, so I must get my money back.
Eunhyuk: Recently when I saw him, we were just chatting and I went, “hey, since you earn more than me, should you do something?” and he replied sincerely, “I will treat you to a meal when there’s a chance,”
Leeteuk: Whoa! He improved so much.
Eunhyuk: Really really!
Leeteuk: When we were trainees we would take the bus home at night. When we alighted at the interchange, Eunhyuk and Junsu will say, “Hyung! We want to eat buns!” and they would pull me along with them. When the buns they ordered are ready, the bus they needed to take would reach the station, then both of them will shout, “Hyung! The bus is here!! We will go first!!” and they would run towards the bus with buns in their hands.
Eunhyuk: We didn’t have money, and miscalculated the time and the bus fee. (T/N: In Korea, if you change buses within 30 minutes, it’s free [according to KSH])
Leeteuk: Aish, so sad, and there were so much beverage money, those were such a routine.
Eunhyuk: Why does this person remembers all these things.
Leeteuk: Thinking of it, I’m regretting. You told me, “I don’t have money…… Hyung you are so rich,”
Eunhyuk: You look like a rich man’s son.

100321 Eunhyuk’s pig-like noise when sleeping
Eunhyuk: I have a bad habit while sleeping, and I only got to know it recently. Afew days ago, when I went to do a facial, I fell asleep. It isn’t a deep sleep, but just a nap and I was half-awake. While I was sleeping, I was making noises which sounded like a pig. Even I was aware of it. I was afraid that the person will laugh at me, so I didn’t dare to open my eyes, and was half-awake all the time, so embarrassing.
Leeteuk: Hmm, your own noise woke you up.

100404 Eunteuk who spoke to cats
Eunhyuk: I have a dog called Choco, whom I’ve raised for a very long time, since high school. When I break up with my girlfriend, I would complain to Choco. My girlfriend used to play with Choco, so I told him, “Choco sorry, from today onwards you wouldn’t that noona anymore”.
Leeteuk: I usually return to the dorm at night, and everybody is out but there would be cat. The cat always ignore me, and I would say, “Hey, you come over here.” When I say this, the cat will run away and I would chase after it, and make it sit down. “You sit down, hyung has something to say. Aren’t you tired? Hyung is also very tired.” Although it doesn’t speak, I could feel that he understood me.
Eunhyuk: Yea, when humans speak, they will stare at you. As time goes by, they would understand you.

100405 Eunhyuk and Yesung who argued to buy clothes at a store
Eunhyuk: I always visit the same clothes store with the members, and if I buy something from the store, after afew days, Yesung will visit the store and ask the owner what I had bought, and bought everything I bought. After afew days, I would go to the store and ask the owner what Yesung had bought. This cycle continues, with an unseeked agreement. (T/N: What hyuk meant was that they didn’t “agree” to do this. xD)
Onew: Aish, buying the same thing, what a waste of money
Eunhyuk: Yea, I’m regretting it……

100406 Donghae who swears to be successful
(Guest DJ Donghae, sits at the side without speaking, even guest Hong Kyungmin can’t stand his silence, and asked him about blind dates, just to make him speak)
Donghae: I’ve never tried blind dating, but if I have a girl who I like, I will definitely create many surprises.
Eunhyuk: What, you want to surprise her when you meet her for the first time?
Donghae: If I really really like her. I’ve never went for a blind date, so I don’t know how it feels.
Kyungmin: What surprise are you going to plan for her?
Donghae: Really, I even swear to do it one day. Nowadays, I keep on composing songs. However, when time permits, I would like to drive my girlfriend to the riverside, and start off with some romantic expressions, then turn on the lights and open the four doors. Then, I will get the lights and microphone out from the trunk, turn on the music, dance, and confess to her…… Not those kind of powerful dance, but those gentle, sexy ones.
Kyungmin: So you bought a car? Which kind?
Donghae: Car… car… We together…
Eunhyuk: The percentage of success for the surprise…… Are you sure it will work?
Donghae: The image in my mind is very beautiful, except it sounds funny when describing.
Kyungmin: If you want to dance, the music in the car must be very loud, since your girlfriend is in the car…… Will she go deaf? If your girlfriend has a driving license, that’s bad, she will definitely drive the car off.
Donghae: Aish…… I need to think of other surprises.

100406 Super infatuated guy Lee Donghae
Donghae: When I had my girlfriend, I thought we would get married. However, we broke up after 27 days and I hid in my room for almost one and a half month, writing two years worth of letters and also took a picture of a cake for the video footage of three years.
Eunhyuk: Your first girlfriend?
Donghae: Yea, I watched too many movies, and isn’t there a saying that if you take three videos within a span of three years, your lover who left you will come back? So I bought a cake to take a video with for three years, and wrote two years of letters. Such a big incident, hyungs all said I was useless.
Eunhyuk: You had unrequited love?
Donghae: No. After we got together for awhile, we broke up. I believed that she will come back.
Eunhyuk: Aish, such a heartbreaking story.
Donghae: I didn’t step out of my room for more than a month, my hyungs thought I was dead.
Eunhyuk: So what do you think now? About getting into a relationship and both of you will get married.
Donghae: Now, I think that when two people get into a relationship, the longer the relationship is, the better. What’s important is to understand each other.
Eunhyuk: That’s right, Donghae, you are such a romantist.
Donghae: Yea, I will be very infatuated.

Source: Kim Seohye’s CY
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET


Too long, but worth reading.

Kyah, about break up again. It’s really hard if they are going to break-up face to face. It makes the persons guiltier and sadder than usual. Tsk. Pity Hyuk for those bad memories. TT_TT That’s why I don’t want to have a boyfriend for now. Hehe.

Talking about Henry O_O Kyah. I pity Henry. Tsk. It’s okay Henry 😀

“You look like a rich man’s son.” <- LOL! I love you Eunhyuk for saying that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. NO. 😀

“Your own noises wakes you up.” OH YOU Leeteuk. HAHAHAHA!

Yeah, cats are like humans too, at first they will just look at you, but later they will understand you. P.S. Nice name of your dog, Hyuk! 🙂

Yesung and Eunhyuk cracks me up. It will always remain as a cycle, indeed. LOL. What the heck are they thinking…

Kyah. Donghae’s surprises are FTW. Tss. If I am the girl, I would love him forever and ever. Such a sweet guy. Eunhyuk: YAH! I know you’re jealous… 😀

Donghae hid in a room for one and a half month? WHAT?! And he believes in that saying… well, it’s not really true. But if you are really destined, she will come back to you, or you will do whatever it takes to be with her.


Sukira Transcripts – January 15 – 21

100115 – 100121 Sukira Transcripts

Men who have no face in front of women
Eunhyuk: Leeteuk, when was it, that you felt you were very short and small?
Leeteuk: The year when we were having Happy (SJ-H) activities, we went to a volley ball court once, and as Super Junior’s leader, I walked in full of confidence. Once I saw the handsome male volley ball players, I couldn’t lift my head. 193…… 198……
Eunhyuk: You looked like a dwarf.
Leeteuk: The Im Yong Han team members? Who are they, all of them look so handsome, and they are so tall, looking at them, I’m really envious. I’m wearing shoe lifts, and I still need to lift my head to look at them, it’s like with someone 3 meters tall.
Eunhyuk: Really envious……
Leeteuk: Have you had moments like this?
Eunhyuk: It was also during the Super Junior activities period, we went to two Super Model Selection Finals.
Leeteuk: Miss Korea beauty contest, we’ve been to both of them.
Eunhyuk: At that time, when we were escorting them onstage, it really embarrassed me…… Guys should be a lot taller than girls, but……
Leeteuk: We should be at least 15cm taller
Eunhyuk: But we’re too short, we really don’t have any face
Leeteuk: They are all 176 tall, and add on heels of 15cm
Eunhyuk: Even if the stylists put in their best efforts to find us the highest shoes, it’s also useless
Leeteuk: Next time, if we go there again, we can pile our hair vertically upwards
Eunhyuk: Or we can just sit there, and not escort them on stage

Siwon beat up Leeteuk
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, have you been hit on the nose by someone before?
Eunhyuk: I’ve been hit before, but it has never been broken
Leeteuk: Previously, I was hit by Siwon, and my cartilage broke
Eunhyuk: Yeah, that time when we were having dance practice, he suddenly used too much force……
Leeteuk: That huge hand of his……
Eunhyuk: His arm is so long, you were at the back and suddenly gave a loud scream, and after that you went to the hospital
Leeteuk: It hurt until my butt fell on the floor, and they were still saying I was joking “What happened to you? Ah, you’re groaning without any pain again”
Eunhyuk: All of us thought that you’re too talented in gag, while practicing the dance, there still was a lively atmosphere
Leeteuk: That day, when I went home, my face was all red and swollen, the second day, when I went to the hospital, the doctor said my cartilage was broken……

Girls who fought because of Eunhyuk
Eunhyuk: When I was young, there was an incident where the girls fought because of me
Leeteuk: You’re too good, when would there be something like this?
Eunhyuk: Really, when I was in Primary 6, some girl from my class, and another girl from the next class started fighting in between classes……
Leeteuk: (yawns)
Eunhyuk: Don’t sleep, listen to me. The two of them were the stronger girls in school, and pulling at each other’s throats, they yelled “Hey, you’re not allowed to date Hyukjae!”
Leeteuk: What is this
Eunhyuk: I’m not lying to you at all, in the area, there were many people watching
Leeteuk: Really childish.

Eunhyuk is Stingy
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, you’re so petty, when returning you money, you’re quite clear of it
Eunhyuk: Of course, I’ve always been like this
Leeteuk: A long time ago, I lent you money, I myself forgot about it, and one day, I suddenly remembered and asked you, and you actually still remembered.
Eunhyuk: I’m very clear about money related matters. Although I’m quite petty, even when I’m with my best friend Junsu, I calculate the debts very clearly
Leeteuk: You return them quite late
Eunhyuk: true.
Leeteuk: In the past they used to say that when friends went to eat hamburgers, regardless of you and me, one person would pay the bill. But that time I went with Junsu and Eunhyuk, the two of them, each brought their own food……
Eunhyuk: of course.
Leeteuk: I said “why did both of you just buy your own food”,
“Hyung, we’re eating on our own”
Eunhyuk: We have never felt that it should be like that, it has always been each person paying their own bills
Leeteuk: Then when you finished eating, you still let me buy (food) for both of you?
Eunhyuk: That is because you’re the eldest
Leeteuk: On account of our old relationship, I want to let them treat me to a meal
Eunhyuk: Ah? Oh, when we have the time.

Yesung needed the Toilet urgently
Leeteuk: Previously, we held a fansign event in Myeongdong. On the way there, Yesung told me “Hyung…… I’m dying……”
“What happened, Yesung?”
“Hyung…… I really cannot control it……”
So he dashed into the noisy crowd of people at Myeongdong……
Eunhyuk: It gave our manager a shock
“ Yesung ah, just wait a little, we’re reaching soon, reaching soon……”
“Hyung, I really can’t take it……”
Leeteuk: After that, he came back again, I asked him what happened, he painfully said “There’s too many people……”
Eunhyuk: However, everyone who has heard this big secret, do not go to his CY to talk about it. When I get back to the dormitory, he’s going to come running and ask me “You talked me again? Why do you always have to talk about me? “

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @

Sukira Transcripts – November 6 – 12

Kinda old… but still worth reading (mostly during eating Tomi… LOL)

091106 It’s our fourth anniversary
Leeteuk: A lot of people sent congratulatory messages today
Eunhyuk: En, really thank you to everyone for this thought
Leeteuk: PD congratulated us too. November 6th 2005 was a Sunday, we debuted with ‘Twins’. Eunhyuk do you still remember the situation that day?
Eunhyuk: Can’t remember the details, only remember that a lot of people came; our first time on stage (so we were) very nervous, but still more than a thousand fans came. I was shocked, and very happy at the same time. Still remember that our parents came to congratulate (us), (and) the scene of everyone hugging and crying after getting off the stage
Eeteuk: En, everyone cried
Eunhyuk: After going home watched our performance repeatedly a lot of times, almost memorized every scenario, even remember the singer going on stage after us
Eeteuk: Who was it?
Eunhyuk: Jang Yoon Jung’s ‘Kkot’. Every video’s clips will have the end remaining, I even memorized this before, really watched it a lot of times
Eeteuk: For such a long time our love for everybody, it’s really not easy, we survived nicely. We will continue to work hard, (to) become the most fabulous singers
Eunhyuk: Really a lot of things happened over these four years, hope that we can always be together for the remaining time from now onwards
Eeteuk: Debuted for four years, Sukira has launched for three years and two months, it’s really a long time, hopefully is able to go even further
Eunhyuk: It’s still short, there’s longer road, our hearts are as if we’re new-comers
Eeteuk: Only three-four years

091107 The car accident
Eeteuk: When I had an accident three years ago, our Sukira crew members went to visit me. At that time my waist and eye was injured, while lying down there was no way for me to sit up and greet them. They gave me a mini radio, but my hospital room was on the 21st floor, can’t receive radio signals at all. They were even worried that I’m bored and gave me a very popular classical record, but there’s only a record and no record player how can anyone listen, that record is still placed in my room
Eunhyuk: At that time compared to the other members our injuries were lighter. After a few days we were fully recovered, the manager who came to visit us said, “Wow this bed looks to be not bad, hyung me will lie on it” in the end he really did lie on it, even made us pour him water and all…”
Eeteuk: If I’m sick (I) hope that Lee Sooman sonsaengnim will come visit me. Because that time Kyuhyun’s injury was very serious, when he came visit me (he) only said “En(,) good” and left…(it’s) so sad

091107 Baby plans
Eeteuk: Sometimes when I see pregnant women I’ll think, if I’m married, when my wife is pregnant, what I should do
Eunhyuk: I will definitely create the best environment
Eeteuk: What kind?
Eunhyuk: Color of the wallpaper…what…these things, change all to suitable for pregnant woman. And also the colors and music that are good for the baby (these kind of stuff)
Eeteuk: Then what if she suddenly wanted to eat hobbang* during Summer?
Eunhyuk: Hobbang can be bought, buy the frozen ones…
Eeteuk: You’ll let her eat frozen ones?
Eunhyuk: Go home and steam…Don’t (we) eat it like that
Eeteuk: What if she said she wants to eat those (sold) in convinence stores?
Eunhyuk: Just go buy will do, at the convinence store. There should be some left in the hobbang steamer
Eeteuk: Move the steamer back home then
Eunhyuk: En, there should have
Eeteuk: The first child (do) you hope to be a daughter or a son?
Eunhyuk: If gonna have two it’ll be better if the first child is a girl. Having a noona is quite good.
Eeteuk: Why? (Are you) favouring boys to girls?
Eunhyuk: No no…When the child grows up, the son will be closer to the father
Eeteuk: What about your wife then? She’ll want a daughter
Eunhyuk: Find a good girl friend will do
Eeteuk: I’m prepared to have two to three (children), one definitely won’t do. Order of boy and girl will discuss with my wife, respect her opinions
Eunhyuk: It’s not that two people discuss and will be fulfilled…
Eeteuk: I will cast a spell, definitely will come true

* – steamed buns sold only during Winter in convinence stores

091109 Eeteuk’s Ring Ding Dong
Eunhyuk: Eeteuk your (version of) Ring Ding Dong yesterday(,) is there any tips?
Eeteuk: No tips. SHINee’s Jonghyun had H1N1, our Yesung replaced him for one show. After that Onew had (H1N1) too, company gave me a call and let me replace (Onew) for one show. Once I agreed I began to worry, they’re my hoobae dongsaengs…
Eunhyuk: Yeah, if you mess up it will be very embarassing in front of dongsaengs
Eeteuk: The thought of getting attacked by fans if done a bad job, will start to worry. Early in the morning they ask me to go for dance practice, so I went. For the first time I have to be serious in front of dongsaengs to learn the dance, really don’t wish to show the hardworking appearance
Eunhyuk: Yeah, as hyung will want to show the cool appearance
Eeteuk: Want to let them know that hyung me* can dance without any practicing
Eunhyuk: Hyung me* has been around for so many years this dance is nothing to me
Eeteuk: You can understand this kind of feelings right?
Eunhyuk: It’s the kind that really wants to show off
Eeteuk: So I watched them dance at the side, “Dancing this way will do? Okay(,) I know (how)
Eunhyuk: The Eeteuk who can’t even remember our dance…
Eeteuk: These few kids said, “Hyung we’ll dance one more time, you look at it properly”, then they let me danced once; I said, “You’re all too tired, go back and rest” After that I returned to the dorm, wasn’t able to sleep no matter what, I’ll be done for if I make any mistakes. So in the middle of the night I looked for clips on the net listen to the music and practiced the dance alone.
Eunhyuk: Really humiliating
Eeteuk: When showering also Ring Ding Dong. Went to the site in the morning of the second day, during rehearsals in the morning I was really a disgrace, until then (I’m) unwilling to show a very serious look.
Eunhyuk: Of course a disgrace for not dancing it well
Eeteuk: During rehearsal as a hyung want to show a disdain look, (but) the kids said, “Hyung, your dance isn’t it not too confident?” I said, “Hyung me* danced it very well, no need to worry” During the actual ‘live broadcast’ I still performed quite well
Eunhyuk: Who said (that), where, the dance was too funny, your presence itself is very funny on that stage
Eeteuk: That’s right, let’s not talk about this topic
Eunhyuk: Anyway you’ve worked hard

* – referring to himself

Source: Kiss The Radio
Original translation: Kim Seohye Cyworld
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Sukira Transcript – December 4-10, 21

Sukira Transcripts

Lee Hyukjae is an embarrassing name
Eunhyuk: There was once, when I stayed in the hospital, it was very embarrassing. At that time, I broke my right finger bone and had to stay in the hospital, and after being discharged, it was time for the follow up checkup. I took a number and sat there waiting, and the longer I waited the more awkward it became. No matter what, I am an artiste, and even if I was wearing a cap, I was in no shape to be seen sitting there. And when they call your number, they usually call your real name, when I stood up it was even more embarrassing, everyone was looking at me.
Leeteuk: It must be you feeling that way.
Eunhyuk: No, really, they were looking at me, and some children that knew my real name were able to recognize me. So this name of mine has given me a lot of problems, even before debut.
Leeteuk: You feel you’re very popular?
Eunhyuk: No… There is an artiste with the same name as me, so…
Leeteuk: Oh, Lee Hyukjae sunbae makes you feel embarrassed?
Eunhyuk: No… This name is too popular, so it is embarrassing because everyone can recognize me. This name, Lee Hyukjae, is not embarrassing at all.

Kimchi Fried Rice is Embarassing
Eunhyuk: When I was young, and the school had any activities, if my parents had something on and were unable to attend, I would always be very sad.
Leeteuk: The younger we are, the more we are like this. When I was in kindergarten and we went for outings, the other children’s parents would come along, but for me, it was my grandmother that went. At that time, I was really very envious.
Eunhyuk: When I was in kindergarten and we went for outings, everyone would bring kimbap, I was the only one that brought Kimchi Fried Rice. Kimchi fried rice might taste better, but because I was different from the others, my young heart felt that it was very embarrassing, so I didn’t even dare to open my lunch box.
Leeteuk: When I was young, my friends’ families would have their own cars. “My family has this car, what car does your family have?” My family and my friend’s family got ready to drive up to Bukhan Mountain to have fun, and my friend’s family car was a high end saloon car. My family’s car was just a normal car. At that time, I was so embarrassed that I didn’t feel like going, and because of me, my father couldn’t concentrate on driving. When I grew up, I felt that it was no big deal.
Eunhyuk: Yeah, after we grow up, it’s not a big deal.

Eunteuk’s dream blind date
Eunhyuk: Leeteuk, if you were to go on a blind date, what kind of clothes would you want the girl to wear?
Leeteuk: There are two kinds that are the best, casual or formal…
Eunhyuk: I also like casual wear, a simple ladies top with jeans is the best, or a silk dress.
Leeteuk: That’s right, that’s right, it shows that they are cute and like a model student, neat and tidy.
Eunhyuk: I like those that have their hair tied up, but not in the neat way, it’s those that have loose hairs left at the bottom.
Leeteuk: If you were to go out on a date, between the two of you, who would pay the bill?
Eunhyuk: Erm….. I would pay the bill, but if she insists on paying, I would not stop her.
Leeteuk: I would pay for everything.
Eunhyuk: What if she says she wants to pay the bill?
Leeteuk: Then I would agree in the beginning, and after I’ve finished eating, I would secretly go and pay the bill. If she asks me why did I pay first, I would say this is too cheap, so in future, you can treat me to something more expensive.
Eunhyuk: Anyway, you wouldn’t even let her pay a single cent? What if you became bankrupt in the future?
Leeteuk: Then I’d break up……

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @

Sukira Transcripts – October 9 – 15

091009 – 091015 Sukira

Leeteuk who is preparing to grow some facial hair
Leeteuk: I’m already 27 years old, I feel that I should eat some nourishing food……
Eunhyuk: Actually, you don’t have much left to being 27.
Leeteuk: Recently, I have been thinking deeply. When we have our meals, it is usually later. The PD asked “Your activities are so busy, how can you handle eating so late? You’re not as young now, you will be able to feel it.” That day, I went home and thought about it, it is really not good, and when I’m older, I will really have a hard time.
Eunhyuk: Yeah, I also have been reflecting recently. My father got married at 28, my mother at 27…… Like this, it feels very unbalanced……
Leeteuk: I’m still alright, anyway I’m not in a hurry.
Eunhyuk: Yeah, anyway, you are so youthful, you grow in reverse to your age. But why didn’t you shave today?
Leeteuk: I thought of growing it. Everyone, how do you think I look with facial hair?
Eunhyuk: It’s not how you look, you gave to see if you are suitable. If you were to grow it, it would look very awful.
Leeteuk: Alright……

The Invincible Instant Noodles
Leeteuk: Among everyone, I am the one that cooks the best instant noodles.
Eunhyuk: Among everyone? Among everyone in the world?
Leeteuk: Among the SJ members…… Or among all the people in the KBS station. Even Donghae has acknowledged it!
Eunhyuk: Since when has Donghae eaten the instant noodles cooked by someone from KBS……
Leeteuk: I want to let everyone try the noodles that I have cooked.
Eunhyuk: Only a few people have eaten it before.
Leeteuk: They will come and eat it today. Today, I was eating, and thinking that if there could be such a taste on earth, it would really be too mystical.
Eunhyuk: How did you cook it?
Leeteuk: I used a paper cup to collect 4 cups of hot water, for every cup I left behind 1cm of water, and later on I added Kimchi soup and Kimchi. After that, I added the vegetable condiments, and after awhile, I added the soup seasoning. When it is almost cooked, take the kimchi out by itself, and after that, scoop the noodles out.
Eunhyuk: I’ll try it before I evaluate it. I also really like eating instant noodles, I am an Instant noodles food expert.

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @


Sukira Transcripts

090918 – 090924 Sukira Transcripts

Eunhyuk awaits a multinational relationship
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, before you went to France, you said you were against a multinational marriage. Now that you are back, have your views changed?
Eunhyuk: Marriage… I’m still not very sure. Interacting should still be okay.
Leeteuk: What.
Eunhyuk: There shouldn’t be any problem with interacting. Initially, I felt that the French people were very different from us, actually by looking at it, especially when talking to the fans, I feel that they aren’t very different from us.
Leeteuk: We’re all the same.
Eunhyuk: We’re all human, it’s just that the language is different, the skin color is different. So interacting is still okay, and if our interactions go smoothly, who knows, we might even get married.
Leeteuk: Why are you just like a swindler.

Eunhyuk misses the members who went to China
Eunhyuk: In France, I met a really beautiful girl, she walked right past me, I really felt like chasing her to ask her to take a photo with me.
Leeteuk: Why didn’t you?
Eunhyuk: I was scared. Scared because I was in a foreign place.
Leeteuk: Did you actually go to France at all?
Eunhyuk: How could I not have gone there……
Leeteuk: Why do you not talk about the sights and sounds.
Eunhyuk: Didn’t I set aside a time to talk about it every day, I really went there. I was fascinated by the exotic surroundings.
Leeteuk: There’s nothing interesting, you didn’t go there at all.
Eunhyuk: I’m still thinking about that beautiful girl……
Leeteuk: What about my present?
Eunhyuk: I have it.
Leeteuk: So many days have passed, why haven’t you given it to me?
Eunhyuk: I have it, I got you something, just wait awhile.
Leeteuk: Why wait?
Eunhyuk: I want to wait for the members to gather together, and give them out at the same time. I had prepared everything, but on the day I came back, some members went to China. I was really upset, I took the time to rush back, so in the end, I didn’t give them out.
Leeteuk: You went to have fun, the few of them are going to work hard……

Leeteuk got rejected by a female artiste
Leeteuk: Even at my age, I have only asked someone of the opposite sex for their phone number once…… ehehehehe…… Eunhyuk, at that time, you were around right?
Eunhyuk: Yeah, I was there.
Leeteuk: Sigh, it didn’t work.
Eunhyuk: Life is like this, having tried is going enough. Up to now, I’m still regretting, if only I was able to get into a multinational relationship……
Leeteuk: During that time, when I asked others for phone numbers, I usually got Shindong to help, “Shindong ah…… Hyung is depending on you…… You must help me get the phone number……”
Eunhyuk: I really can’t do things like this, I’m shy.

Eiffel Tower
Eeteuk: Now, once again, it’s time for our Eunhyuk to talk about his trip to France.
Eunhyuk: I talked about the arrival the other time, this time I’m going to talk about the first day. There was nothing much to do on the first day, so I rested for a while in the hotel. While resting, I called the members to tell (them) that I had reached safely. By the time I was finished with the phone calls, it was already evening. The hotel I stayed at is only a 10 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, right beside the Seine River. So I took my bag and camera and went out, the view was spectacular from a distance. The nearer I walked towards the tower, the more surprised I got about the height of the tower. I really had no idea that it was so high.
Eeteuk: How high is it?
Eunhyuk: Higher than me.
Eeteuk: Is it as high as the KBS building?
Eunhyuk: There are four supporting legs……(I think) it’s not as high as KBS. Anyway, it is very high. I wanted to take a photo so I took out my camera, but the battery was flat…… I had no choice so I used my cellphone to take (the photos). Oh, the tower is 300+ meters high.
Eeteuk: Thanks to the PD outside the recording studio (for the information)……
Eunhyuk: I was even recognised by two Korean tourists there, they were very surprised that I went on trip alone. They said that they listened to ‘Sorry, Sorry’ earlier, and had even discussed about Super Junior, so seeing me was very miraculous. I chatted with them, asked them about the places to go. After that I went back (to the hotel) just like that. Do you know what the feature of Eiffel Tower is?
Eeteuk: You told me about it the other day, the lighting that switches on at certain timings?
Eunhyuk: Yup, it starts at eight in the evening. It is the kind that is colourful and gorgeous, and every hour, it will flash once. If you go there, you have to see it. At that time, a lot of couples were kissing.
Eeteuk: You make it sound so boring……
Eunhyuk: It’s interesting, I had fun.
Eeteuk: It’s been a long time {since they started talking about the topic}, we let you talk about interesting incidents, yet you’re giving us a day to day account.
Eunhyuk: I haven’t talked about the interesting parts yet, I’m only talking about the first day at the Eiffel Tower.
Eeteuk: Everyone, please anticipate tomorrow.
Eunhyuk: The second day is more interesting. The second day is the real beginning.

Please look forward to once a week France Tour Talk
Eeteuk: It’s time once again, for the sights and sounds of the Paris trip. What are you going to talk about today?
Eunhyuk: I’m sorry, I’ve decided that I will only talk about (my) Paris trip once a week, every Monday.
Eeteuk: You didn’t prepare, did you?
Eunhyuk: I’ve thought about it carefully. I will finish talking about it very quickly if I talk (about the trip) everyday. So once a week would be better.
Eeteuk: Every Monday? There’s no surprise if you put it that way, you should talk about it from time to time every week. Is it because you really have nothing to say?
Eunhyuk: I’ve kept (all) the information. The metro tickets, metro route map tickets, I’ve kept them all.
Eeteuk: He was so happy he went to France. I went to the company the other day, our former manager joked “Eunhyuk ah, you’re dressed quite handsomely today”, Eunhyuk replied “this is European fashion~”.
Eunhyuk: The day before I went, I bought new clothes. Anyway, it will be interesting from next time onwards, so everyone, you must tune in.
Eeteuk: Eunhyuk’s mother tuned in to the broadcast yesterday, and she said to me “Teukie should have gone too~”
Eunhyuk: I really wanted to go together, let’s go together next time.
Eeteuk: Yeah, it’s so boring if you go alone, let’s go together.

The hidden conservative side of Eunhyuk
Eunhyuk: In the future, when I get married, I will definitely be supportive of my wife to enjoy a cultural lifestyle.
Eeteuk: You will let her go to the movies alone?
Eunhyuk: If I’m busy, it’s okay for her to go alone.
Eeteuk: I don’t like (that). We should be busy together, and idle together.
Eunhyuk: You mean after getting married, you will let her work?
Eeteuk: Of course.
Eunhyuk: Ah? I definitely will not let her work.
Eeteuk: You’ll regret. As days pass by you’ll realise you don’t have enough money to spend. Couples should strive and struggle together.
Eunhyuk: I will earn enough money, but I will also help her with household chores. I even washed the dishes in the dorm. If the ajumma doesn’t come over during the weekends, I wash the dishes. I am a family man.
Eeteuk: When I get married, a domestic robot will be invented.
Eunhyuk: I’ll develop one for you.
Eeteuk: Anyway, I’ll help out too. It’s also okay if I do it alone.
Eunhyuk: Saying this now, when the time comes, it’s might not be the same.
Eunhyuk: Perhaps (you) won’t even move a finger.

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx & viragis @



1. 090928 Eunhyuk brought back a key from France
Leeteuk: Let’s talk about some parts of France trip today, talk about the game you told me last time.
Eunhyuk: I’ll spill some beans out then. It’s a very common game, put something in one of the three cups, and turn afew rounds to blur your vision and then let you guess which cup the thing is in that kind of game.
Leeteuk: Yea, everybody knows.
Eunhyuk: I also went to play it, and there is a lot of people, so I thought it must be some French culture, and I wanted to experience it, for memorable purposes. So I watched them at the side at first, guessing while watching, and it’s very amazing that I always get it correct. After that, I went to play it, the guy beside me bet on the left cup, but it’s empty, and there’s someone who bet on the right, but it’s empty too, so I thought it must be in the center. And I bet on it, but it’s empty too.
Leeteuk: Where did it go?
Eunhyuk: Who knows, and there’s a language barrier, so I can’t ask.
Leeteuk: Why? Why? (T/N:english ^^) Ask and it’ll be fine?
Eunhyuk: I’m too scared, those uncles let me play for afew more rounds, and it’s too scary, so I escaped. I lost 150 Euros within 10 seconds…… Ahhahahaha…… I was too anxious that time, if anyone were to go to France, don’t play that, I was planning to have a beautiful memory……
Leeteuk: You should talk it out with someone, isn’t this fraud, fraud.
Eunhyuk: I said I was scared, it may not be fraud too.
Leeteuk: This is cheating tourists, it’s a premeditated
Eunhyuk: I dont know, I dont know.
Leeteuk: There’s 3, if it isn’t on the left or right, it must be in the center.
Eunhyuk: I panicked too, the people beside me let me play afew more rounds, and I said I’m scared, don’t dare to play, no money, no money, no money…… (T/N:second&third “no money” is in english)
Leeteuk: Why are you so silly
Eunhyuk: Losing 150 Euros within 10 seconds, really felt as if the sky is falling.
Leeteuk: Isn’t it better if you use that money to buy us presents?
Eunhyuk: Oh ya, I bought presents for our KTR crew, but I keep forgetting to bring it, it’s been afew weeks, and I bought for our members also.
Leeteuk: Yea, I got it.
Eunhyuk: I bought keychains and things like that.
Leeteuk: Things like what you commonly see in Dongdaemun, selling 50 at RMB10 (T/N: or SGD2. i suck at calculating. *dies*)
Eunhyuk: It isn’t, the ones I bought have Paris Souvenirs
Leeteuk: It’s everywhere at Dongdaemun
Eunhyuk: I gave out to the members during the last Hongkong concert, and some members hung it on their pants and performed on stage.
Leeteuk: Aish…… Why does it look like those you see at markets selling a few thousand at RMB100 (T/N: or SGD20)
Eunhyul: I said it isn’t.
Leeteuk: It’s just a tablet with Paris written on it, the members recieved it and said, “Eunhyuk-ah, thank you, but, isn’t this bought at Dongdaemun?”
Eunhyuk: I wanted to buy a mini Eiffel Tower, but I find it too common, so I bought a very practical and memorable keychain. But I bought something else for the crew.
Leeteuk: Yea. He bought something else for the crew, so you quickly bring it here, and next time if you go to France, don’t get fooled again.

2. 091001 Leeteuk has H1N1?
Leeteuk: Does my voice sound weird?
Eunhyuk: Sounds like you’re having a cold. Which part are you uncomfortable?
Leeteuk: Er…… I think if I’m honest, nobody will want to play with me…… Actually, I went for a H1N1 test three days ago…… I came back from Thailand afew days ago, and when I stepped down the plane, I suddenly felt awful, sneezed, had a headache and my chest tightened. The schedule after that, I pulled it through, but it grew worse. While I was recording the show, I went to the doctor. After telling the doctor my situation, he was also unsure, so he gave me a test. I got the results this morning…… There isn’t anything wrong with me, it’s not H1N1, I’m just too tired, a small cold.
Eunhyuk: I heard that it’s because you’re getting older……
Leeteuk: Who did you hear it from? Who did you hear it from?
Eunhyuk: When you’re old, your body can’t handle everything and it’s easier to get tired, just like this.
Leeteuk: Er…… Is it…… But I really felt as if I’m going to faint from exhaustion……
Eunhyuk: I would like to faint on stage…….

Korean – Chinese Translations:
Chinese – English Translations: bitchandbimbo@lj


Sukira Transcripts – September 11-17

Fruit Peeling Expert – Leeteuk
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, can you peel a fruit? You can’t, right?
Eunhyuk: Erm… Err…
Leeteuk: I can cut very, very well.
Eunhyuk: Really…… I can’t peel at all.
Leeteuk: In the dormitory, all the peaches and apples, are peeled by me.
Eunhyuk: I’d willingly eat it with the skin, rather than peel it.
Leeteuk: The ice cream shop that I used to work at sold fruit flavored ice creams. On my first day, the boss asked me “Do you know how to peel fruits?”. I was afraid that if I said I didn’t know, he wouldn’t want me, so I blurted out “Of course.” In the end, he suddenly threw a pineapple to me. Do you know how to peel it?
Eunhyuk: Pineapple??? Don’t know……
Leeteuk: Most people also don’t know, first you have to cut off both ends of the root, and then peel it bit by bit.
Eunhyuk: What do you use to peel it?
Leeteuk: A knife. Have you peeled a mango before?
Eunhyuk: No…… I’ve never peeled anything before.
Leeteuk: When I started also didn’t know, I pretended to know, my head grew bigger, and in the end I got scolded “You rascal, didn’t you say you knew how to peel?” “Actually I…… don’t really remember……” After that, I learnt bit by bit, it’s very useful right now.
Eunhyuk: If your girlfriend doesn’t know how to peel, and cannot really do these types of domestic chores, would you mind?
Leeteuk: I don’t mind, I can just peel, what matters is that I love her.
Eunhyuk: I hope she can peel well, hehe.

The Trainee Singer Working at an Ice Cream Shop
Leeteuk: In the past, when I was working, it was really very uncertain, I didn’t know when I could debut. At home, I hung around doing nothing, growing older day by day. When my mom saw, she was very worried “Children your age go to school and work every day, and they are able to make money. You stay in your room the entire day and listen to songs, not knowing when you will be able to debut. How can you play around without any worries”. Hence, I angrily ran to somewhere near Ewha Women’s University and found a job. Actually, I could have gone to the nearby Hongik University, Yonsei University, but I purposely went to Ewha University……
Eunhyuk: just to see Ewha’s beautiful girls. You should have just found an office job inside Ewha University.
Leeteuk: That’s too difficult……
Eunhyuk: I’ve worked before too, but the reasons are different. At that time, I felt that it was not long until I had to debut, and before I debuted I had to try what it felt to work, because if I debuted, I would definitely become a star…… So during my 3rd year in middle school, I worked at a petrol station for a month.
Leeteuk: For that one month, did you always have to say “How much petrol do you want to put?”
Eunhyuk: yeah, yeah, yeah, in a month, I gained a lot of experience.
Leeteuk: When I started working there, the female workers were very nice to me, but those male workers always bullied me, starting from the peeling fruits, they always picked on me. After a few days, they could not take it “Where on earth are you from?”, and I couldn’t resist saying “Actually I…… am a trainee singer……” When I said this sentence they got a shock, the way they treated me changed immediately.
Eunhyuk: Did you say the company’s name?
Leeteuk: I said it. Later, I went online and showed him “Hyung, this is our trainees’ fan group, and this is my fansite……” His attitude suddenly changed drastically “Why didn’t you say so earlier~”. After that, I was very hardworking, and got over this job very smoothly.

Eunhyuk is against Multinational Marriages
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, when you were in Paris, if you met a girl that you fell in love with at first sight…..
Eunhyuk: Are you referring to a French girl?
Leeteuk: Yeah, or some other nationality, it can also be a Korean, what would you do?
Eunhyuk: I would…… First keep in touch and interact for awhile, since it’s already love at first sight, if after that, I feel she’s not bad, our interactions can continue.
Leeteuk: Will you get married?
Eunhyuk: We’ll have to interact more and see how.
Leeteuk: Let me ask you, would you get into a multinational marriage?
Eunhyuk: …… This question, at this moment, I still feel it is not quite possible.
Leeteuk: Really? So actually you have a conservative side.
Eunhyuk: Erm…… I still wish to marry a Korean girl.
Leeteuk: I’m okay with anything, foreigners are also alright.
Eunyuk: I’m not completely against it…… It’s just that I’ve never interacted with them before…… So I’m not very sure.
Leeteuk: I’ve also never interacted with them, look at who is talking.
Eunhyuk: Anyway…… I don’t understand…… and I don’t have any overseas friends.
Leeteuk: Mixed blood babies are so pretty.
Eunhyuk: Ah, I have had an overseas friend, when we were trainees there was this Russian girl who had mixed blood, and was the same age as me, she’s really very pretty, my relationship with her is quite good.
Leeteuk: Yeah, I remember now. Anyway at this point in time, Eunhyuk has no intentions of a multinational marriage, so our dear overseas listeners……
Eunhyuk: I only said I didn’t know, I didn’t say it was absolutely not possible T.T
Leeteuk: I said I was not against it, you also expressed your stand.
Eunhyuk: I still do not understand marriage, I’m so young, you’re a lot older so you should understand better. I’m too young, I do not understand anything.
Leeteuk: Old? You’re only younger than me by a few years, aiish.

Eating Korean Food in France
Leeteuk: What did you eat in France?
Eunhyuk: Samgyeopsal.
Leeteuk: When you go to France you should eat some local delicacies, why eat Samgyeopsal.
Eunhyuk: The first day I had fried Samgyeopsal, the second day I had tofu kimchi, hehe.
Leeteuk: No matter what, you have to try a little.
Eunhyuk: I have no interest in the food overseas.
Leeteuk: Wasted, wasted. After going there, you don’t have any thoughts and feelings?
Eunhyuk: There have been some changes to my heart, it has become more open, open mind.
Leeteuk: What is your open method?
Eunhyuk: Love? Ahahaha…… My thinking is more open now.
Leeteuk: You only went there for a few days…… If anyone heard, they’d think you had gone there for 3 or 6 months.
Eunhyuk: The period of time I went, if it was any longer I would have gotten used to the place, 3 or 5 days is the most suitable length of time.
Leeteuk: Sigh i should have gone with you, and seen what you were up to.
Eunhyuk: Next time, anyone who wants to go can just ask me, I know everything, what metro line etc….
Leeteuk: I should have found a private investigator to follow you……
Eunhyuk: And you have to learn some simple phrases, like merci~
Leeteuk: What does it mean?
Eunhyuk: Thank you. Learning this, you can have an interesting time in France.
Leeteuk: Did you get bullied?
Eunhyuk: That’s all for today, if you want to know more, please listen to tomorrow’s program.

World’s Most Handsome Man
Leeteuk: In my mind, when I imagine a trendy person, it is those that hold a document bag in one hand, while holding a cup of coffee in another hand and walking, the way they look is the most handsome. Previously, a sunbae said that he met Siwon on the street right after he had finished exercising, and he said it was really too handsome. Our Siwon’s build is quite good, and the way he looks wearing a T-shirt and jeans, and carrying a document bag, it’s really…… And he really likes coffee too.
Eunhyuk: I thought he had nothing to do, and drank it for fun.
Leeteuk: I asked him if it was nice to drink, he said it was really nice.
Eunhyuk: It’s his own taste. A few days ago, we were at the beauty salon, I was doing my hair. He said he would be at the café downstairs, getting something to drink while waiting for me, and I could go down when I was done. That day, it happened that we were wearing suits, and when I went downstairs, I saw him by himself, ordering a cheesecake and coffee, wearing a black formal suit. I thought he was there handling some official business, just like a boss. He was using the fork and eating the cake, and looked at me and said “Oh, you’re here.”
Leeteuk: At that time, it would definitely be like this. When the cake arrives, he’ll say thanks, and use both hands to pray, before eating.
Eunhyuk: After that, he asked me what did I drink, and I answered “Iced Chocolate”……

Eunhyuk’s Vacation in France

Eunhyuk: Now, we’ve come to the time to talk about my holiday in Paris again. Today, let’s start from the beginning.
Leeteuk: Finally it’s starting.
Eunhyuk: I got to go through a travel agency staff I knew, he helped me booked the air ticket and hotel, I asked him to send the directions and stuff to my email, but before I left, I stayed up late practicing, after practice ended I packed my luggage and left immediately, and I didn’t read my email, I only remembered after I reached France. After I got down from the plane, I found my luggage and after stepping out of the exit, it really gave me a big shock. When I stepped out of the gate, I heard loud screams, as well as the sounds of many cameras. I looked closer, about 100 French fans were there to receive me. I really had a big shock, they ran over and said they were French fans, and took out photographs for me to sign. If it was in Korea, I would definitely have said I had something on and could not sign, and apologise and leave, but over there, I didn’t know what to say, so I could only sign them one by one. After signing a few, I felt it was a waste of my time, so I said “I… will… go…”, and they politely let me leave. After I walked off I realised I didn’t know where to go, so I was walking back and forth. A few fans ran over and asked me where was I going. So I asked them how to take the metro, and they brought me to the station, and bought my ticket, and even sent me to the hotel. After that, I reached the hotel without any problems.
Leeteuk: So that’s all for today? Hearing him describe how he took the metro to the hotel seems so easy, I’ve actually seen part of a video “Erm… hotel…… hotel…… where is…… where…… is……” What is this, at that time the situation was obviously like that, now you’re easily using Korean to say you asked ask where the hotel and metro were……
Eunhyuk: Ahahaha…… The video only filmed one portion, so happened, it filmed me asking “where is”. I spoke a lot of English over there. Anyway, today I’ll stop at the arrival gateway, this is how I came out from the arrival hall.
Leeteuk: At that time, he gave me a call, saying “Hyung, invincible!!! There were about a hundred fans at the airport!!!”
Eunhyuk: hahaha… eheh.
Leeteuk: If I had a chance, I’d definitely want to go there too.
Eunhyuk: go ahead, go ahead.
Leeteuk: You went to France, I want to go to the King of countries, England.
Eunhyuk: Do you think anyone can just go there.
Leeteuk: That is my home, my mother is over there.

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @

Sukira Transcript – September 8

Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun and Siwon’s Vacation

Conversation w/ teuki on sukira:
LT: What is that?
EH: Thats my ticket and hotel voucher. I never did this before.
LT: Can I say which flight you are taking?
EH: Of course not!! I didnt know that I would have bring my passport!!
LT: Seriously, Suju members were asking Eunhyuk if he had his passport. Eunhyuk was like, “I have to bring my passport?!?”
EH: Thats because whenever I go overseas, the manager prepares them for me. So, I didnt know.
LT: Eunhyuk wont be here next week. My gut feeling tells me that Hyukjae will get lost.
EH: I would appreciate it if someone would call the embassy everyday for any missing person. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I went to the SM office yesterday and people were worried that I would get lost.  Ill be careful. Actually, I wanted to go to France with Leeteuk but, couldnt make it because of schedule. Kyuhyun went to Japan alone last week and Siwon went to Saipan with his family. When Siwon was in Saipan, it rained all the time and the sun came up when he was leaving

Credit: Minniemink@youtube


Wow! Out of the country vacation! I wonder why Kyuhyun decided to go without his family or anyone 😀 And Siwon’s vacation… what the heck?!

Inintriga ba?! Sorry, maintriga ako, ahaha