[SJ] A Guide to Super Junior’s Youtube Channels

Like any other groups, our supermen also accepted the challenge of establishing their name through various social media like Instagram, Twitter, and sometimes, Facebook. To complete the lineup, they also entered the world of video blogs (or vlogs, as we commonly know them).

[SJ] Here is to Why Super Junior is Actually Superior Junior

No one can spell Super Junior without SUPERIOR. It is a known fact that despite the number of groups that have debuted in the past fifteen years, Super Junior is still the undisputed King of Hallyu Wave. The group is basically a legend (just like how they are awarded with Legend Award in Asia Artist…

[SJ] Super Junior Members Showered Support for Ryeowook

Sometimes, a brotherly support is the only thing that you need! Super Junior members showed support to the Eternal Maknae, Ryeowook, for his comeback. The members showed various methods to show their support. Leeteuk, Shindong, Donghae and Siwon went to his recording for his live performances, meanwhile, Eunhyuk hosted his showcase, Heechul and Yesung showed…

#SS7Manila Hangover

Hello! Long time no post! 😂 I have actually been busy these days because I am taking my Masters degree while working. The past two months have been the most exhausting and most busy weeks for me since I started my second term, and the next few weeks would also be busy. But anyways, something…

(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Shindong!

Happy birthday Shindong! Don’t think you are embarrassment to us. You are not. You make happy, don’t forget that. Wishing you the best!