(RP) False Alarm

LMAO I seriously panicked about that.

Although I’ve considered it too but… it’s a bit impossible, I guess?

It’s better to make sure. I learned because of the things that happened recently. It pays off to be always sure of everything before assuming or saying something.

And yes, I think I’ll be keeping this blog alive for a little bit. Everytime I want to pour my heart out, I would… because things are stressing me lately.


(RP) How I Wish

How I wish I could stay in love with you for the longest time. But I feel like I am drifting away from you. It’s just tiring that I do everything for you but you never do anything back.

I should have known better.

Sadly, I can’t love you the way I loved you before.

Random Vids…

I just found this… So hilarious!
I don’t know if you watched this already… HEHE. I’m just sharing these… 🙂

Leeteuk is so HOT here. Ipagpapalit ko na sina KyuChul sa kanya! No. 1 ko na si Leeteuk! Just joking!

NICE moves!

credits to: muishiessi, rawrrasian, mayu1120

That’s all for tonight and for the week!
Concentrating HARDLY in MIDTERMS!