[YS] Battle of the Music Videos: Darling U vs. Whatcha Doin’ vs. Carpet

Welcome again to another version of Battle of the Music Videos! This time, we will be comparing three songs by Yesung which were featured in three music videos. While Yesung’s voice stands out regardless, his collaboration with three artists and singers was a good choice for him. His voice shines alone, more so when he…

Kyuhyun – At Gwanghwamun Music Video

SMTown channel released the music video of Kyuhyun’s 1st solo album title track “At Gwanghwamun” featuring Red Velvet’s Irene at 12am KST today. Check out the music video below! Link: http://t.co/PjodouEBXD

Super Junior – Mamacita Music Video

Before posting the video link, I would like to remind everyone that we are currently working to increase MAMACITA Music Video views in YouTube. Here is our to-do list: 1. Only watch the video on SMTOWN’s channel. 2. Play and finish the video. Youtube won’t count the view if it is unfinished. 3. Search for “Mamacita”…

Henry – Fantastic Music Video

Henry’s new music video is out! Check the link below and increase the views! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu2yAQEgYLo Seriously, I love the song. Not as catchy as Trap, but the dance moves and the violin parts are really AWESOME. Henry… you’re so talented. :”)