(RP) Adding Additions

So… it’s time again for me to react about the teaser photo released today! Heehee. Because I’m overly biased, I’m going to comment about Kyuhyun’s and Sungmin’s teaser photos! Yey! Clap, clap!

It’s because I really thought that SMEnt would not release a tease photo for today (based on hearsays), but when I woke up in the morning I saw from a text message that Sungmin’s photo was released… so… I screamed towards the monitor of the computer as I saw his picture. Well, it wasn’t the same scream as what I did when I saw Shindong’s and Kyuhyun’s yesterday.

Anyway, back to the future… I mean the topic… Woot. I will comment about Kyuhyun’s pic first because he tops anyway. Kyuhyun’s teaser pic is the third best so far. Pwahaha. This is only my opinion, alright? Every teaser pic has its own beauty. Nothing hurts so much about it. The transformation of the magnae becomes a hot topic yesterday and I agree that he really transformed in a good way. The colors suit him, especially because his thumbnail has a yellow in it. See, I’m biased. And the German hat. Perfect. The green jacket, and everything. It’s just that the colors are a bit too much.

Sungmin’s is the second best for me so far. Besides yellow and white, purple and yellow, blue and pink, pink and green, I really like the combination of blue and yellow. And it suits him. The see-through (or the fish-net clothes, as everyone points out) inner clothes (?) is just awesome. Plus, the gun (the same gun as Shindong’s, hehe), it makes me think of the rebirth of the cuter version of Sungmin. He still looks cute, but his style is more on the manlier side of him. And plus, the yellow paint on his pinky finger (alright, I’m really being biased here).

I’m happy that KyuMin are simultaneously shown. It made my day. Thanks SMEnt.


People are thinking that they are really representing each country. Hehe. Well, I agree with this one. I read somewhere in Tumblr that Hyukjae is representing England, because of the color of the background and the crown, then Shindong is representing America because of the gun and the color of his clothes and background and the jewels, Leeteuk for Spain, because of the background and the colors of his clothes, Kyuhyun is for Germany because of the hat and the colors of the clothes and background, Sungmin is for Sweden because of the color of the background and clothes as well, and Donghae hasn’t been figured out yet. I must remind you that this observation is not mine, I credit her who thought about this because this really seems to be legitimate. Nice, right? The concept of the countries are really nice and different, to be honest, because no one has done it before.

Anyway… I also saw the filming sets, and I saw a glimpse of the boys practicing for the music video. Still, it’s black and white, but who knows… I won’t be commenting about this since the teaser for the video is on July 27. ELF are really wise and intelligent to figure everything out, including the position of the members in the music video. Yes, creepy, but they are being resourceful. Still hoping.

And lastly, I think that Mr. Simple as the title song has been confirmed, but I don’t know by whom. They said that it was confirmed by the choreographers, but okay, since it’s the title, then the black and white must be legitimate as well.


I heard that Donghae and Leeteuk came to Girls’ Generation’s concert to support their hoobaes. And guess what, fans said that they changed their hairstyles to mohawk. OTL. OTL for heaven’s sake. I don’t know if… this is true but… anyway, it’s their hair anyway. The important thing is that TeukHae supported their girlfriends their hoobaes. What? I’m not making any issues, okay? I have too much issues in my family alone, I don’t want to create issues anymore… Heehee. Why, can’t they have girlfriends? I mean… friends who are girls? You’re always having malicious thoughts.

But seriously, I thought that they were only wearing wigs because they did not want anyone to recognize them, but heck, they failed. LOLJK.

Legasp about everything I’m learning today. It starts once again.

Anyway, I’m going to continue studying now. I must wake up at six in the morning later… because it’s past midnight, but I’m still awake and updating about… things. Haist. Le gasp. Le gasp. Will study now about suicide (it’s our topic for the long test) so… goodnight. Le night. Le kiss. πŸ˜€

P.S. I still hope that I would have a peaceful night after this. πŸ˜€