Super Junior – SPY + Only One (MBC Music Core)

[120901] SPY

[120901] Only One (BoA with Eunhyuk Cut)

Credits: Excentrique1306, krisbrows03

Super Junior – SPY + Only One (KBS Music Bank Incheon)

[120831] SPY


[120831] Only One (BoA with Eunhyuk Cut)

Credits: shu35150510

Super Junior – Only One (Eunhyuk + BoA) + Mr. Simple + Sexy Free & Single + SPY Teaser (MNet M! Countdown)

[120802] Only One (BoA with Eunhyuk)

[120802] Only One (Eunhyuk Cut)

[120802] Mr. Simple + Sexy Free and Single + SPY Teaser

[120802] SPY (Teaser)

Credits: Excentrique1106

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BoA, Super Junior and f(x) to Perform at Shanghai Expo

BoA, Super Junior and f(x) will perform at the Shanghai Expo Korean Music Festival

On May 30, 2010, BoA is scheduled to perform at the Shanghai Expo Korean Music Festival along with Super Junior and f(x)! So all Chinese and Taiwanese people out there, be ready for BoA attack in Asia this year cause she gonna give you again what she takes on stage.

Especially for her Korean comeback on August 2010.

Credits: + Uriboa + live laugh love@soompi + bokachu@BJJ + jiro_ejlr@SoBPH
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Pop Culture Expert Explains KPOP Phenomenon in the Philippines


In a recent interview with Philippines’ leading primetime news magazine show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho), pop culture experts discussed in-depth how the KPOP phenomenon developed in the country.

University of the Philippines Prof. Wendell Capili said in an interview by KMJS:

” Music is a universal language, so unang-unang appeal nung KPOP ay ‘yung melody nito, medyo catchy, medyo madaling maintindihan. Sa wikang Ingles, tinatawag nating perky, masyadong magaan… lalo na ang demographic ng KPOP ay mga bata.” (Music is a universal language, so KPOP’s first appeal is its melody. It is catchy and easy to understand. In english, it’s what we call light and perky… and it appeals mostly to audience who are in the younger demographic.)

KPOP in the Philippines started to gain popularity when former teen star Sandara Park went global with her phenomenal group 2NE1.

Her success paved the way for the entry of other popular KPOP acts in Philippine mainstream music.

Just recently, KPOP royalty Super Junior held the last leg of their Super Show 2 tour. And KPOP fans are also looking forward to the upcoming concert of UKiss’ in May, and a possible fan meet by SS501.

Capili also added:

“Kahit Koreano ka man, kahit Filipino ka man, kahit hindi mo maintindihan ang lyrics, ‘yung unang naga-appeal diyan ‘yung melody. Pangalawa, ‘yung mga taong kumakanta rito, pangatlo, ‘yung mga production values ng mga music videos, pang-apat ‘yung fantasy factor na karamihan sa mga Pilipino ay galing sa lower income generation or puwedeng may kaya sila sa buhay pero gusto nilang maglakbay sa ibang bansa. At Korea represents a certain appeal na gustong i-aspire o puntahan ng mga nakababatang Filipino, kaya ang mga Filipino na kabataan ay nahuhumaling sa KPOP.” (It does not matter if you’re Korean or Filipino, even if you cannot understand the lyrics, the first thing that would appeal to you is the melody. Second, the singers. Third, the production value of the music videos. Fourth, the fantasy factor. Most of the Filipino fans belong to the lower income generating class, or they can also be well-off but they want to travel in other countries. And Korea represents a certain appeal that young Filipinos aspire. That is the main reason why most Filipino youth are addicted to KPOP.”

Philippine network GMA-7’s primetime newscast, 24 Oras, also featured the rise of KPOP among the Filipino youth in this video link.

Source: GMA-7,,
Taken from: Universal Records Philippines Facebook Fanpage


I agree to all of what the prof said, except for one thing. So? Do I have to thank Sandara? Well, I don’t think so. 😛 I think Sandara was a huge factor, but KPOP was popular in the Philippines even when she was not a member of a KPOP group. But still… SuJu drawn me to KPOP.

Yeah, I have watched 24 Oras, and the topic was too random. LOL.

Korean Pop Invasion in the Philippines

Korean Pop Invasion

By Alexa Villano (The Philippine Star) Updated November 15, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines
– It seems anything Korean or commonly known as the hallyu wave is in these days. From soap operas, restaurants to beauty products, Korean culture has won the Filipinos’ hearts. Who could forget Koreanovelas like the Endless Love series, Lovers in Paris, Full House and Stairway to Heaven?

Not to be outdone is the Korean music, better known as Kpop. Thanks to YouTube, Korean cable TV and music download , Filipinos are exposed to Korea’s finest singers and groups. As a Kpop follower, I came up with a list of eight Kpop singers and groups many Filipinos are familiar with and will hear from in the future.

BoA — One of South Korea’s top female singers. She has topped the charts in Korea, Japan and released an album in the US. She collaborated with western artists such as Westlife and Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys and was cited as an Influential Artist in the 2004 MTV Asia Awards.

2NE1 — With Sandara Park (known as the Pambansang Krung-Krung) as one of its members, the group is fast becoming popular in the country thanks to songs
such as Lollipop, Fire and I Don’t Care. Sandara, now known as Dara, released the song Kis featuring Lee Min Ho (Gu Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flowers) to promote Korean beer brand Cass.

Rain — Known to Filipino audience as Justin of the hit romantic-comedy Full House, Rain is Korea’s latest export in the international entertainment industry. He was cited by Time Magazine as one of the 100 “Most Influential People Who Shape the World Award” and People Magazine named him one of the Most Beautiful People in its “First-Time Beauties 2007” section. Aside from being a singer-actor, Rain heads his own company J. Tune Entertainment and dabbles in fashion with his clothing line Six to Five. He broke into Hollywood via Speed Racer and will be seen in the movie Ninja Assassin, produced by the Wachowski brothers, the duo behind The Matrix trilogy.

Wonder Girls — Filipinos by now could not stop singing the group’s hit song Nobody. With its catchy tune and ’60s theme music video, the Wonder Girls composed of Yubin, Yenny, Sohee, Sunye and Sunmi have invaded the US where they are now touring with the Jonas Brothers. Their song, Nobody, debuted in the Billboard charts last October, making them the first Korean group to do so.

SS501 —The group composed of Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Jung Min, Kyu Joong and Hyung Jun debuted in 2005 with the song Warning and Snow Prince. They also invaded the Japanese music industry and even recorded a TV show SS501: The Mission. The group’s popularity further rose due to the show Boys Over Flowers which was aired all over Asia. In the show, Hyun Joong played the quiet, musically-inclined Yoon Ji-Hoo while three of the members performed the songs Because I am Stupid and Making A Lover, included in the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack. After a year and seven months hiatus, the group released the mini album Rebirth, and is currently touring Asia for their Persona Tour. Their single A Song Calling for You (LaLaLa) is in the Top 20 of MYX’s international charts.

Super Junior —They are considered the largest boyband with 13 members. They are one of the many Korean groups to go beyond singing and dancing with many of its members involved in acting and other activities such as anime voice recording. Although they have three albums, it was their third album Sorry, Sorry that brought them commercial success.

Shinee — Known as one of Korea’s R&B boybands, Shinee debuted in 2008 with mini-album Replay. The group has won many awards including the Best Newcomer at the 18th Seoul Music Awards and participated in various concerts including the Dream Concert in the Seoul Olympic Stadium alongside other groups such as Girl Generation, Wonder Girls and Super Junior last year. They also released the album The Shinee World and recorded songs like Stand By Me, included in the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack and Bodyguard, used for the promotion of Samsung’s Anycall mobile phone featuring Kim Bum and Kim So Eun. The group is also known for its fashion sense dubbed as the “Shinee trend,” which led to endorsements for Reebok and Korean Cosmetic Company Nana B. Filipino fans will get the chance to see the group when they perform in Manila this month at the Korean Culture Festival.

Girls Generation — Composed of nine female members, fans often refer them as SNSD which is short for the group’s Korean name So Nyeo Shi Dae or So Nyuh Shi Dae. Like other groups, the members of Girls Generation are trained in various aspects of the performing arts. Their second mini-album Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) was recently released with the song of the same name as its carrier single. The group also has its own TV series and endorses various products in Korea.

With the continued craving for anything Korean, Filipinos will continue to hear and see more Kpop artists in the coming years.

Source :

More SM Albums to be Released in the Philippines

Following Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, SNSD’s Genie and SHINee’s Romeo, SM Entertainment is finally releasing material from more SM heavyweights in the Philippines this month via Universal Music.

K-pop is booming in the Philippines and with that comes the release of Super Junior M’s Super Girl, BoA’s BoA Deluxe Edition and not one but THREE DBSK albums.

First up are Super Junior M’s Super Girl and BoA’s BoA Deluxe Editon on Wednesday, November 18. Super Girl comes with a free poster and both albums will be available at Odyssey, Astro Plus and M1 stores throughout Metro Manila and in select provinces.

A few weeks back Universal Records Philippines posted a promo picture originally used for DBSK’s Mirotic concert with only the members silhouettes and I suspected that either The Secret Code or Mirotic would be released here.

Despite the band’s complications with SM at the moment, the companies (Universal + SM) are still going ahead with the release of THREE DBSK albums in the Philippines. According to Universal Records Philippines, The Secret Code, Mirotic Version C AND the Mirotic live album are set for a late November or December release. No word on the exact date yet but an inside source from Universal’s Marketing Department says that the albums will see a 2009 release.

credit: dkpopnews


I’m really excited about the Super Girl Album with poster. Actually, I like to buy all of the albums, but my priority is Super Junior first. Maybe I’ll buy the other albums if I have enough money to the rest of them.

Popularity of International Members in Idol Groups


Idol groups share many things in common, they can sing, rap, dance, and they usually have a lot of members. But one other thing they share in common these days is having one or more international group member/s in their respective groups.

In After School, you have Beka (Korean American). In Super Junior, you have HanGeng (Chinese). In 2pm, you have TaecYeon, JaeBeom (Korean American), and NichKhun (Thai / Chinese). In SNSD, you have Tiffany, Jessica (Korean American), SooYoung (Korean lived in Japan), and HyoYeon (Korean lived in China). In Wonder Girls, you have Yubin (Korean lived in San Jose, California). In 2AM, you have ChangMin (Korean lived in Canada). In 2NE1, you have Sandara Park (Korean lived in Philippines), and Park Bom (Korean studied in Boston, Massachusetts). In Epik High you have Tablo (Korean and lived all over the world, famous for graduating from Stanford with a degree in English Literature and a Masters). There are more including Victoria (Chinese) and Amber (Chinese grew up in Orange County, California) from new SM group, f(x).

There are so many to name, I can’t even name them all here. I still haven’t mentioned Nicole (Korean American) of Kara, MickyYooChun (Korean lived in America) of TVXQ, and the list will still go on and on. There’s only a few groups I know of that doesn’t have international members off the top of my head: SHINee, 4minute, and Big Bang.

From the above list, you might have read some names that may have surprised you. That is because people think America when you think of international idol group members. But there’s a wide variety now; China, Japan, Canada, USA, the Philippines, and Thailand. People may think of the big and populated places such as the USA and Japan but now they come from everywhere. For example, Sandara Park comes from having a career in the Philippines. This shows the K-Pop industry expanding its horizons in terms of accepting new people into the music scene landscape.

Now you might wonder why there are so many of them. Entertainment companies want international members because they have international knowledge and if they come to Korea, they will also carry a Korean feeling which will appeal to the audience. Another reason is language. Language is a huge barrier for Asians trying to make it in another country. Boa, Se7en, and the Wonder Girls all had to study English very hard and though they have improved, they’re still not perfectly fluent. TVXQ had to learn Japanese to make it in the J-Pop industry. By having someone who is already fluent in the language, you know they will lead the group if the group ever decides to debut / crossover over to other countries. Not only regarding traveling to a different country but just connecting with fans in general is easier when you know more language(s). SooYoung of SNSD knows Japanese where as HyoYeon and HanGeng know Chinese. Nichkhun represent 2PM whenever they visit Thailand. This all helps the groups get more known in Asia and the rest of the world.

These international members help bring KPOP music to the rest of the world. International fans will find it easier to accept once they find something in common with the group, once they know they share a hometown, or speak the same language. So all this is only a good thing.

source: allkpop

Top Five Songs From SM Entertainment

I know a lot of misunderstandings, confusing ideas and discouraging ideas are happening between SM Entertainment and its artists but I think it will settle down later.

Anyways, a survey was conducted on, a music site, from July 31 to August 6. The question is…

“What is the best song to listen to during the summer from SM entertainment?”

Here are the top 5 songs list.

1. Tell Me Your Wish – SNSD

2. Hi Ya Ya – DBSK

3. Juliette – SHINee

4. Sorry Sorry – Super Junior

5. Eat you up – BOA

credit: gooddaysports and sapphirepearls