Little Miss and Mister Fandom T-Shirts

Little Miss Fandom T-Shirts are perfect for everyone who are proud to be a member of a KPOP fandom! If you are an ELF (Super Junior), SHAWOL (SHINee), SONE (Girls Generation), CASSIOPEIA (Dong Bang Shin Ki), HOTTEST (2PM), KISS ME  (U-KISS), BOICE (CN Blue) and BABY (B.A.P.), then this shirt is for you. Daisies N Berries will be releasing other shirts in due time, so be updated and post a comment here if you want to be sent with message for new releases. For suggestions, post a comment here. Your suggestion/s might be granted!

See our available Little Miss Fandom T-Shirts (silkscreen prints):

a. Designs and actual shirts on print
b. Shirt sizes – S, M, L -P320, XL – P330
c. Prints worn

Special Edition: Little Mr. SONE! Coming soon~

If you are interested here are the Terms and Conditions and the Order Form*.

*Available in the Philippines and other countries.


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