Daisies and Berries

Hello everyone!

Daisies and Berries, an online site where you can buy accessories such as rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces, pouches and watches, official and unofficial merchandises, with bonus of Little Miss Fandom T-shirts, Little Mister Fandom T-shirts and Little Mrs. KPOP Idols T-shirts!

As of now, we are only selling in the Philippines. We will try to expand internationally if we increase our sales.

Update! We are now catering INTERNATIONALLY! Yes, that’s right! Everyone can order from us now!

Here are the list of items available for preorder:

1. Little Miss and Mister Fandom T-shirts
2. Little Mrs. Super Junior Member T-shirts
3. Little Mrs. U-KISS Member T-shirts
3. On-Hand Items (Official and unofficial merchandises, accessories)
4. Earrings
5. Necklaces
6. Rings
7. Bracelets, Bangles and Watches
8. Pouches

Follow us on Twitter for updates and new releases: @DaisiesnBerries
For orders and other concerns, email us: daisiesandberries@yahoo.com
Be our friend on Facebook: Daisies and Berries Official Page

Be the first one to receive updates about our new releases: Post a comment here.
For product and design suggestions: Post a comment here.

If you are interested here are the Terms and Conditions and the Order Form*.

*Available in the Philippines and other countries.

I hope you would be able to tell it to your KPOP friends~♥ Thanks a lot!


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