Zhoumi UFO Replies – April 29

Just a note on the last reply, it actually means more of like he is in cahoots with Kyuhyun

The picture he shared:

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Kyah! Sweet and cute Zhoumi. LOL AT HIS UFO REPLY ABOUT KYU. LOL


Zhoumi’s UFO Replies – April 19, 22

Fan: Little Zhou Mi, happy birthday, (and) please continue to work hard this year, because Honeys are waiting to witness a more perfect stage from you! Also hope that your dad is happy, and that your family would be in the best of health!

ZM: Thank you~ FOLLOW mi~*

* typed in English

Fan: Happy birthday! Our cute baby MiMi~ have you died from all the sweetness yet? ^^ Remember to eat the longevity noodles~ We will always be behind you! If you’re still Zhou Mi in your next life, we’ll still be your Honeys!!

ZM: Hehe I’ve been sweetened to death by everyone’s birthday wishes, thank you, Chen Jiao-ah

Fan: Wishing (that you’ll): have big eyes~ get taller~ smile brighter~… gentleman mimi whose legs are very very very long~ happy birthdaydayday…

ZM: gentleman mimi whose legs are very very very long~ I really like this sentence, hahahahaha thank you SVE-I-QI.

Fan: MiMi, no matter where you are, Taiwanese Honeys’ hearts will always be with you, and on your 24th birthday, our wishes will accompany you, so that all your wishes can come true. Hope that you’ll always maintain the brightest smile that you have!

ZM: Jia Jing, thank you~ I’ve seen happiness already, hehe it’s really beautiful~

Fan: MiMi Ge. Wishing you a happy birthday! I’ll just get straight to the point, and hope that you’ll always be healthy, safe, and happy. Always be blessed! Be careful when you take medications next time, don’t let your eyes be swollen again! Gege

ZM: Kekeke I ate too much at a go, in the future I’ll protect my throat properly so that I can sing for everyone~ keke thank you for your wishes~

Fan: Happy birthday dearest Zhou Mi!!! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time! Would also like to take this opportunity to tell you that Chibi Maruko’s Shigeru Fujiki is also celebrating his birthday today! But I will ignore him! Just happy birthday mua~~

ZM: [TW- Ah Fu Fu] are you from Taiwan? Thank you for your birthday wishes~ ^^ Let’s also wish him a happy birthday hahaha~

Fan: Dear Zhou Mi, happy birthday. You’re a year older now haha. Please take care of yourself in Beijing, and fatten yourself out for me.

ZM: Yuan Zi, long time no see…… I miss everyone~ Thank you for your birthday wishes~

Fan: Zhou Mi ge! Happy birthday! You’re the biggest today*! Tell me! What present would you like to receive? Haha! I can’t afford it if it’s too expensive! Maybe I should order a take out for you! Ha

ZM: Keke thank you, Xiao JIN~ I’ve received a lot of wishes today~ Thank you everyone~

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Fan: Mi. Happy Birthday. Originally wanted to order a koala cake, take a photo and send it to you. But I have a sore throat. Have to give up (the idea). As for present. Go take a look at Mi Bar*. We made a thread~On activities. Treat it as present. Go take a look when you’re free. This is Yayin^^

Zhoumi: “.Yayin.*, thank you for your birthday wishes~HAPPY**~
* referring to Zhoumi’s baidu bar
** in English

Fan: Mi zai* happy birthday! Mi Dad happy birthday! (Wishing)Mi Mom happy! (Wishing) Grandma Grandpa happy! (Wishing) Little loach** happy! As long as you’re (all) happy would be MiTang’s biggest happiness!

Zhoumi: Kekekeke, Dabai*** , your well wishes for the whole family has been received, thanking you on behalf of the everybody~Hehe
* a nickname to call Zhoumi
** A kind of fish, but is actually referring to his puppy
*** Poster’s username

Fan: Mi, happy birthday! Telling you again! It’s very lively at the bar*, you’ve dived** there? Big coral…I grabbed the card…Excited…Thank you, darling, to love you is a blessing…We’ll still be here for (your) future birthdays

Zhoumi: Shangguan Xiaobai, thanks for your (birthday) wishes~Really hope that after a long long time will be able to celebrate birthday together with you again
* referring to Zhoumi’s baidu bar
** asking if he lurks there

Fan: Mr Koala! You’re a year~older~! O~Must remember to take more vitamins and drink more herbal tea to nourish (your) body, hehe! But age is only a number, staying young at heart is enough! I will grow old together with you! I love you!

Zhoumi: *ilovejr*, thanks for your (birthday) wishes~Ai*…(already) 24, grew another year older~But to be able to receive your (birthday) wishes, (feel) blessed~
* sighing

Fan: +Mi darling, ahahahah, it’s finally (your) birthday, haapy birthday, did you eat cake, do you miss us, we miss you so much, have to take care of yourself ok? We love you, jiayou*. [Jiajia]

Zhoumi: Thanks Jiajia, all of you are the best present to me.
* equivalent to ‘fighting’

Fan: Zhoumi ge, already 24, any secret desire? Is it to marry me, hah..Ge, We’re all waiting for you to come back, we want to see your brilliant smile and longer than anyone’s long legs. Zhoumi ge, I love you, goodnight.

Zhoumi: Kekeke even thinking about comparing who’s leg is longer during birthday~haha

Fan: 1888Zhoumi, happy birthday~haha, haven’t sent you a message for a long time~how have you been recently? Hope that your future route will be even better and better~happy everyday! Jiayou~*^o^*

Zhoumi: Thanks Xiao Xixi= = ^^

Fan: Zhoumi ge, happy birthday ah! Like singing birthday song in front of you for you…Happy Birthday to you*

Zhoumi: Wawa, I’ve heard (your) birthday song~~~Thank you, first jar of honey at my home**
* written in English
** I don’t exactly know what Mi means by this..Might be referring the fan as his first?

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Fan: Mimi, kept encouraging you to use twitter before, recently I have a cold towards it*, system is not stable (bullying me)..Forget it, please continue to be gamers world’s mysterious drifter (what is this*laughs*)(ノ^O^)ノ

Zhoumi: Uh..I’m out, what’s TWITTER keke
* She meant like a glitch in twitter for her

Source: UFO Town
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Zhoumi’s reply is epic! Gah, he’s so sweet. Haha. OMG, Mimi… Please use twitter now T_T I’ll be willing to teach you 😀 Gah.

Donghae and Ryeowook UFO Replies – January 27

Fan: Donghae, has the concert started? You must take care of your health, hwaiting!
Donghae: Yeap. Very happy ^^ Thankyou ^^ I love you

Fan: Cute Donghae-ah… I will support you forever.. Hwaiting
Donghae: You all are my everything!! ^^

Fan: Ryeowook-gege, I love you. Please do your best for tonight’s concert. I’m sorry that I am not able to go, but, I do love you.
Ryeowook: I love you~!!! I miss you~!!

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Heechul UFO Replies – January 14

ELF: Oppas, because of Super Junior’s concert, I am now pulling an all-nighter. Because its so cold from the rain.
Heechul: Really exhausting…!!

ELF: Heechul oppa… I didn’t get the tickets… what to do… does this mean I won’t see Heechul oppa anymore?
Heechul: How come you’re not trying harder?*

Just in case anyone’s confused, Heechul doesn’t really sound that mean, but I couldn’t find a way to translate it better….*

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