Sorry Sorry Dance Craze

Sorry Sorry Dance craze, South Korean Soldiers imitating the dance, almost as similar as the original.

South Korean idol group Super Junior, grew famous in Korea with the superb dance of the song “Sorry, Sorry”, also became famous in Taiwan.
Currently on the internet, there are fans that watch the video to learn the dance.
And in Korea, even the serious army is crazy about the Sorry Sorry dance. The navy and air force even came together and danced and performed together. The korean navy and airforce together is not odd, with a change in music, they turn into a large army dance group.
Even more dazzling is the fact that the serious looking army didn’t just dance, they danced Korea’s most hottest Sorry Sorry dance. Compared to the original Super Junior, they’re not to big a difference, their dancing is just as impressive.

Crazed about Sorry Sorry Dance, Hot (Famous) in Taiwan, Fans learn the dance online. With their preciseness, their shadows with expressions, they’re almost identical to the original. South Korean idol group Super Junior, Sorry Sorry is hot in Taiwan, causing the dance craze on the internet.

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Fancam – Fly to The Sky Hwanhee Singing Super Junior KRY’s Let’s Not

credit: 4minniemink@youtube


Both versions are good, but I prefer KRY’s better. No bias.
Hwanhee was the co-writer of the song.

Charice Pempengco Dancing to Sorry Sorry English Version

Yup, you heard that right. Sorry Sorry English Version. As the description box said, it was covered composed by Drew Ryan Scott (hanminteuk – combination of names that I like… except… You know) in English. I really liked the English version… though it’s not right to compare it to the original Korean version because it’s going to be my bias as always. However… I heard the song already so I think this was the best cover so far.

credit: charice@youtube

Charice danced so good. And I hope she knew Super Junior is the singer of Sorry Sorry original Korean – What am I thinking? Of course she knows that!

As you can remember, Charice had a duet with Super Junior’s very own Kyuhyun with “A Whole New World”. You can check YouTube for the video. I hope Charice had a duet with Kyuhyun again(I’m jealous… LOL), and bring them (the members) here with her. What the heck am I thinking? I’m just getting excited. Haha. Again…