(MOD POST) Super Show 5 in Manila Fanaccount

This is my fanaccount of what happened in Super Show 5 in Manila. Anything mentioned here is mine, except when I mentioned otherwise.

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Super Junior M – Taiwan HITO Awards Most Popular Group + Transcript

Super Junior M – Most Popular Group Thank You Speech

Transcript (original from: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/ha7iid)

Thank you everyone for the constant support. You are the best. We will continue to work hard and bring better music and performances to everyone. And I also wish that we can quickly return to Taiwan to see everyone. BYE.

Zhou Mi:
Hi everyone. We are Super Junior M! I am Zhou Mi. First, I have to thank everyone for your love towards the album, , that we released in 2011. Because of all your support, it allowed us to achieve a good result in HITO Music Award. At the same time, I also have to thank the people whom voted for us in order to support us. Super Junior M will continue working hard. I also hope that in the future, everyone can continue supporting Super Junior M. I love you all. Bye bye!

Hi everyone. We are Super Junior M! A huge thank you to the many fans and friends for liking the album, , that we released in 2011. We have received the HITO Music Award.

Thank you.

If it weren’t for the fans’ votes, we wouldn’t have been able to get this. If it weren’t for the fans’ love, we wouldn’t have been able to get the award. And so we are really thankful towards all of you.

In order to repay the fans’ love for us, we will quickly bring good album and good music to meet all of the fans. Please wait for us a while longer.

That was from Super Junior M. Goodbye everyone. We are Super Junior M!

T/N: the beginning seems to be cut off a little. i did the best i could! ^^

Credits: shu35151224 (Video), typolettuce (Translation)

Super Junior 5th Album Press Conference

110804 – Press Conference

Event = Super Junior the 5th album ‘Mr. Simple’ official press conference
When = August 4th, 2011 at 11:30am (Thursday)
Where = Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul

Q1) About the comeback
Leeteuk : Top of the K-pop! Leader of Global Korean Wave! Super Junior came back with the 5th album ‘Mr. Simple!’ We felt pressure while preparing the 5th album but I believe those pressures will change to expectations by receiving love from our fans. We will present you a great performance at tomorrow’s comeback stage.
Sungmin : We know that a lot of fans from various countries are cheering for us. There are a lot of countries that we couldn’t visit, so with this album, we would try our best to visit countries as much as we can and perform.
Eunhyuk : I think we are making the comeback with great expectation from public so we are also very excited. Right now, the atmosphere of our team is better than ever so I believe we will perform in best condition.

Q2) About the album
Leeteuk : The title song, ‘Mr. Simple’ expresses the best strength of Super Junior. Since the title of the song is ‘Mr. Simple,’ I hope you can focus more on lyrics and relieve your stress from daily life.
Shindong : We have prepared great dance performances by discussing within the team so the teamwork should be the best ever. We tried to organize the dance which only 10 members can present. (Dance by Eunhyuk)
Yesung : The 5th album includes 13 songs and I want to recommend the ballad song ‘Memories’ because all members participated for this song. Even though Shindong and Eunhyuk are rappers, they also participated for this ballad song so I think it means a lot to us.
Ryeowook : Donghae wrote a song for the album and its melody and lyrics are great.
Donghae : Yes, I wrote the song ‘Y’ and it’s medium tempo R&B ballad song. The lyric is about the love story which I personally experienced. I hope that many of you can enjoy the song.
Heechul : I think the 5th album is very charming, like the good looks of our members~!
Kyuhyun : We have filmed the music video in Korean and Japanese so it was a tough schedule. I would like to appreciate for all the hard work we did. Good work guys~!

Q3) To Taiwanese fans
Siwon : Like Eunhyuk said, we will try to arrange a lot of occasions that we can express our feelings to fans worldwide.
Donghae : At first, we were scheduled to film the drama for 6 months in Taiwan but we had to reduce it to 3months because of preparation for the 5th album. I sincerely appreciate for the staffs who understood our situation. I think the drama will be on air before the end of this year. I hope everyone can enjoy it.

Q4) Last speech
Leeteuk : We would like to thank all the people who waited for our album. There is a saying in Asia, ‘馬不停蹄,’ which means ‘running horse never stops its horseshoe.’ Like the saying, we will present our stages for 24hours, 365 days a year! Thank you fans!!! We’ll do our best for the 5th album!

Credits: SMTown Official Youtube

(RP) Highlights of SS3 Manila: The Bests and The Firsts

Okay, so, I’m so late because I’m just going to post my fanaccount today. Haha. It is because my back is aching, my lungs too, I can’t breathe… although I keep on spazzing about SS3 Manila. Everyone cannot get over it. Seriously.

And that annoyed feeling was all gone. I think, to enjoy SS3, we must have that annoying feeling first. Haha.

I was sick that day, but still, I continued to jump and jump and sing and sing and scream and scream and chant and chant, and everything. My fever just went away… Haha.

SS3 was extremely beyond awesome. Shall I say it is s fxxkin awesome. Thanks to these lovely boys and all the ELF I met. February 26 was so special. Oh yes… it’s much more felt than SS2 Manila.

Overall, I will rate it supreme. But still, I’ll enumerate all the ups and downs of the concert.

Highlights (in no particular order):

1. Pearl Sapphire Blue sea – Philippines did it right.

As far as I can remember, last time wasn’t as perfect sapphire blue seas I thought it would be. Maybe because back then, it was the first time when SuJu came to have a concert in the Philippines. Now, it’s beautiful. *Sobs* While singing Sapphire Blue we are all lighting our blue lightsticks. Pretty.

2. No Other Hearts

This is where I saw Kyuhyun smiling cutely. LOL. Waving red hearts that symbolize our love for Super Junior was really breathtaking. This was also when Leeteuk and Sungmin flew up in the air, holding balloons and throwing confetti all over. I captured the moment in high burst, so I could make a video out of it. Oh my TeukMin. A flying pumpkin and Cabbage Pult. LOL.

3. English Parade

They spoke in English for their MENT. Seriously… Are you guys human? They killed us with their English. Their traditional greetings. MG, especially Siwon, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk and Donghae. Include Henry. Everyone.

4. Sungmin and Leeteuk Flying in the Air

My TeukMin, so precious. Seriously… It was really different when you saw it personally. I was happily looking at both of them, while multitasking, my right hand holding the camera, left hand holding and waving the lightstick.

5. Donghae Flying

I got a nice shot. Haha. His hair, as in OMG.

6. Eunhyuk, Heechul, Donghae and Sungmin’s New Hair

Seriously, guys, seriously! Your hair – AWESOME. Short haired guys are more attractive than long-haired ones, I think.

7. Yesung Murmuring Korean Words

It was so fast that we could not cope up. We didn’t understand a bit, so we blabbered random words. Sorry Yesung… =))

8. Heechul’s Fanchant

Milky White Skin Kim Heechul! I love you Kim Heechul! We did it right. LOL

9. Everybody Scream!

Sorijilo! We did it right too. LOL

10. Flying with Sparks

Sheep, I was not able to see those clearly though, because I was busy looking at Trax members and Henry and Heenim playing the drums. Good thing, my camera captured it. LOL. Although, it was zoomed.

11. VTR’s

There are a lot of touching, exciting, cute and beautiful VTR’s that made our day.

12. Dance Performances

These are group dance performances: Sorry Sorry, Shake it Up, Bonamana, Don’t Don, Super Girl (with Henry) etc. Extremely awesome.

13. Eunhyuk’s Down

THIS.. He’s so handsome, I could not even. I captured the whole moment and it was fantastic. Hae also watched his wife performing this. He did not leave the stage. Sweet.

14. Henry’s Baby

His version was much more better than Justin Bieber. Without any bias. I heard that he cried backstage because we were loud and he was touched. Was that true?

15. EunHae’s I Wanna Love You

EunHae’s hotness. Enough said.

16. Sungmin’s If You Leave

I died. Hotness overload. Enough said.

17. Kyuhyun’s Solo

I can’t remember the title, but it’s really special. His voice was amazingly soothing than ever. When he reached the high notes… YUM.

18. Yesung’s It Has To Be You

This was my favorite performance. Everyone sang with him, and he let us sang the chorus. Plus, his smile in the end. It melted us. Really, Kim Jongwoon. Let’s get married. LOL

19. Donghae Saying “Aray”

Thanks to Siwon. I love you SiHae. Haha. Aray is a Filipino word for “ouch”.

20. Fanservice

THIS. This included every couple. Haha.

21. Rinaldo

The playing of the imaginary instruments. Plus Kangin. I missed him so much, I nearly cried when I saw him.

22. Heechul Cartwheeling

I didn’t know Heechul could do that. I was amazed… And he smiled a lot during the concert, which was really, really astounding.

23. Rokkugo Exercise

LOL. Teukie and everyone here. Haha

24. Hate You Love You

One of my favorite songs. I loved their voices. This was very sweet and touching.

25. Tok Tok Tok

I was really enthusiastic seeing this live. I liked Trot, and this was my favorite trot song. Their colorful costumes were… glittering. Haha.

26. You and I, Confession, Song for You

These songs were when everyone played around and goofed around with ELF and the other members.

27. Pokerface and Single Ladies

Them as girls. Enough said. Heechul is the best here. Sexy and smooth skin. The legs. LOL Heechul was also high here.

28. Vegetables

Second favorite part. I saw Cabbage Pult in action. Plus EunMin, Hyukkie kicking the pumpkin who fell down.

29. Siwon lifting injured Shindong

Wow, their professionalism amazed me… It was sad that Shindong got cramps, I think?

30. Siwon and his Abs and His Solo “Looking for a Day”

Should I say more?

31. Playing with the Audience

This included selcas and everything.

32. Kyuhyun Throwing Autographed Balls

My schoolmate and friend’s sister got one. LOL. Lucky.

33. Ryeowook’s One Fine Spring Day

How could I ever forget this? Sungmin on the guitar, Ryeowook’s vocals.

34. Trax

The hell, I jumped here and sang with them. OMG.

35. Final

Seriously. The English again… Haha. Teukie made Henry his translator. Haha. I could not stand on my seat back then, because I was laughing too hard. LOL.

36. Henry Saying that We Were the Loudest

“You guys are loud! We’ve been to a lot of countries, but I could say, Philippines is the loudest!” His accent  AWESOME. I love you Henry for this! LOL

37. Final Bow.

Kajima! D:

38. Teukie Giving His Shirt to the Old Lady

At first I was jealous, LOL, but of course, I was really touched because of what he did. YOU ARE AWESOME TEUKIE. You’ll always be. He was calling other members, but no one noticed him, LOL. Then he bowed. I love this man very much.

39. Yesung, Henry, and Heechul Tweeting + Leeteuk’s Tweet

GOSH. I think they were the ones who really enjoyed a lot. I actually predicted it. Haha. Yesung, for the first time used a lot of exclamation points for a tweet about SS3. Henry – first and latest tweet, about Philippines concert. Heechul who was not feeling well (sa lagay na yun) enjoyed and felt better because of us. Wasn’t that amazing?

Edit: HE TWEETED. JUNGSOO TWEETED JUST NOW. =)) I fell in love with you again, hmmm. I love you too. LOL.

EDIT AGAIN: His earlier tweet had a typo-error. Philifan. Should I be happy or not? =))

40. Everything.

Everything was just memorable. I could not state everything that happenedm but it would remain in my heart.


The Firsts:

1. Yesung letting everyone to sing the whole second chorus of his solo song.

2. Henry tweeting about SS3 concert (first tweet about Philippines SS3).

3.  Yesung tweeting with too much exclamation points used. LOL

4. Henry saying that we are the loudest.

5. Heechul playing happily and cartwheeling. LOL

6. Leeteuk letting Henry to translate his words into English. =))

7. Leeteuk giving a shirt intended to a single person.

8. Heechul using ‘profanity’ to tweet how much he loves Filipinos. (LOL)

These are just some, but of course, I am not saying that Philippines has the most awesome SS3. Of course, every country had an awesome SS3 because they perform in front of thousands of audience. And in every SS3, there are firsts. I will not say that Philippine ELF are the luckiest, but we sure are lucky to have Super Junior performing and having fun.

My best moment was when I noticed that in one of my pictures, Teukie was looking at the camera and doing a heart sign or probably ballet LOL. I would not say that he was looking at me, but rather, I would say that he was looking at the camera. It was blurred though, you could not be sure if he was really looking at my camera or what not. LOL During the ending (Kajima part), I don’t know if I’m just delusional or imagining things but he glanced at my fansign and he actually somehow stopped. I guess he was trying to find something? LOL. So I immediately leaned down. I regret. I WAS SHY, okay. Or MAYBE I WAS JUST IMAGINING THINGS.

And It Has to Be You. I’m proud that I sang with Yesung. Haha.

My regret: I didn’t capture any KyuMin, but KyuMinTeuk. LOL. I think I did, but it was not that many. -_- Why!?

Also, there is no Leeteuk and Heechul solos. -_- I was waiting for one… D:

No performance of Perfection. D:

There. All about SS3 Manila. :)) My sister and I had a good time. Yey.


Hyuk is leaving Sukira temporarily. T-T EunTeuk cried, Yesung was there. 😦 Don’t worry, Hyuk, 3 months will just fade away. Take care, okay! 😀

Sukira Transcripts – March 12-25, April 2-8

Sukira Transcripts from 100312 – 100325 and 100402 – 100408

100314 Leeteuk’s cruel way of breaking up
Leeteuk: When you break up with your girlfriend, how do you do it? Do you still remember?
Eunhyuk: I can remember some.
Leeteuk: I have too many to the extent I can’t recall any.
Eunhyuk: Er…… I wouldn’t say I have a lot, but it’s because it’s been too long. I can remember some which was recent, but in fact, I wouldn’t want to remember, such painful memories.
Leeteuk: How did you initiate the break up? Phone or face-to-face?
Eunhyuk: Er…… We meet up, it’s more polite.
Leeteuk: Yea it’s more polite, but I usually call them.
Eunhyuk: Doing this makes you look like you have no confidence.
Leeteuk: Nope, it’s the love which is fading away, not the confidence level. So I call her and say, “I dislike you, this is the end of us. Byebye” Like this, but will also get scolded badly.
Eunhyuk: Yea, you will get scolded for breaking up, but I won’t recall anything about the breakup.
Leeteuk: Why? There were so many beautiful memories…… Did you do something wrong to the girl? (T/N: teuk meant if hyuk had somethinglike cheating on the girl. something like that)
Eunhyuk: Nothing fancy to be remembered, all of them are bad memories.

100314 Innocent foreign kid
Leeteuk: Super Junior-M’s Henry bought a earpiece when he was in Korea that time. The packaging wasn’t easy to tear apart, so he used a scissors to cut it open. When he opened the packaging, he found out he cut the earpiece also, so he had to buy a new one. What a waste.
Eunhyuk: Oh, I know about this, the earpiece can’t be used anymore.
Leeteuk: So, this kid who thinks that since he is a foreigner, he should be able to ask for a replacement if he asks them, so he went over and said, “This… wire… broke, could I change for a new one……” and the salesperson said, “I’m sorry, but we have a lot of customers like you.”
Eunhyuk: Yea, the packaging nowadays are so tight, and accidentally cutting the contents while opening the packaging really is infuriating.
Leeteuk: When Henry heard what the salesperson said, he naturally said, “Okay, I’m sorry.” and walked off.

100316 Leeteuk who got scraped by Eunhyuk and Junsu
Leeteuk: When we were still trainees, you and Junsu cheated me of my food money. I sweared that I must get back my money before I hit 30 years old. For five years I was trampled under you guys, especially Junsu, who earns more, so I must get my money back.
Eunhyuk: Recently when I saw him, we were just chatting and I went, “hey, since you earn more than me, should you do something?” and he replied sincerely, “I will treat you to a meal when there’s a chance,”
Leeteuk: Whoa! He improved so much.
Eunhyuk: Really really!
Leeteuk: When we were trainees we would take the bus home at night. When we alighted at the interchange, Eunhyuk and Junsu will say, “Hyung! We want to eat buns!” and they would pull me along with them. When the buns they ordered are ready, the bus they needed to take would reach the station, then both of them will shout, “Hyung! The bus is here!! We will go first!!” and they would run towards the bus with buns in their hands.
Eunhyuk: We didn’t have money, and miscalculated the time and the bus fee. (T/N: In Korea, if you change buses within 30 minutes, it’s free [according to KSH])
Leeteuk: Aish, so sad, and there were so much beverage money, those were such a routine.
Eunhyuk: Why does this person remembers all these things.
Leeteuk: Thinking of it, I’m regretting. You told me, “I don’t have money…… Hyung you are so rich,”
Eunhyuk: You look like a rich man’s son.

100321 Eunhyuk’s pig-like noise when sleeping
Eunhyuk: I have a bad habit while sleeping, and I only got to know it recently. Afew days ago, when I went to do a facial, I fell asleep. It isn’t a deep sleep, but just a nap and I was half-awake. While I was sleeping, I was making noises which sounded like a pig. Even I was aware of it. I was afraid that the person will laugh at me, so I didn’t dare to open my eyes, and was half-awake all the time, so embarrassing.
Leeteuk: Hmm, your own noise woke you up.

100404 Eunteuk who spoke to cats
Eunhyuk: I have a dog called Choco, whom I’ve raised for a very long time, since high school. When I break up with my girlfriend, I would complain to Choco. My girlfriend used to play with Choco, so I told him, “Choco sorry, from today onwards you wouldn’t that noona anymore”.
Leeteuk: I usually return to the dorm at night, and everybody is out but there would be cat. The cat always ignore me, and I would say, “Hey, you come over here.” When I say this, the cat will run away and I would chase after it, and make it sit down. “You sit down, hyung has something to say. Aren’t you tired? Hyung is also very tired.” Although it doesn’t speak, I could feel that he understood me.
Eunhyuk: Yea, when humans speak, they will stare at you. As time goes by, they would understand you.

100405 Eunhyuk and Yesung who argued to buy clothes at a store
Eunhyuk: I always visit the same clothes store with the members, and if I buy something from the store, after afew days, Yesung will visit the store and ask the owner what I had bought, and bought everything I bought. After afew days, I would go to the store and ask the owner what Yesung had bought. This cycle continues, with an unseeked agreement. (T/N: What hyuk meant was that they didn’t “agree” to do this. xD)
Onew: Aish, buying the same thing, what a waste of money
Eunhyuk: Yea, I’m regretting it……

100406 Donghae who swears to be successful
(Guest DJ Donghae, sits at the side without speaking, even guest Hong Kyungmin can’t stand his silence, and asked him about blind dates, just to make him speak)
Donghae: I’ve never tried blind dating, but if I have a girl who I like, I will definitely create many surprises.
Eunhyuk: What, you want to surprise her when you meet her for the first time?
Donghae: If I really really like her. I’ve never went for a blind date, so I don’t know how it feels.
Kyungmin: What surprise are you going to plan for her?
Donghae: Really, I even swear to do it one day. Nowadays, I keep on composing songs. However, when time permits, I would like to drive my girlfriend to the riverside, and start off with some romantic expressions, then turn on the lights and open the four doors. Then, I will get the lights and microphone out from the trunk, turn on the music, dance, and confess to her…… Not those kind of powerful dance, but those gentle, sexy ones.
Kyungmin: So you bought a car? Which kind?
Donghae: Car… car… We together…
Eunhyuk: The percentage of success for the surprise…… Are you sure it will work?
Donghae: The image in my mind is very beautiful, except it sounds funny when describing.
Kyungmin: If you want to dance, the music in the car must be very loud, since your girlfriend is in the car…… Will she go deaf? If your girlfriend has a driving license, that’s bad, she will definitely drive the car off.
Donghae: Aish…… I need to think of other surprises.

100406 Super infatuated guy Lee Donghae
Donghae: When I had my girlfriend, I thought we would get married. However, we broke up after 27 days and I hid in my room for almost one and a half month, writing two years worth of letters and also took a picture of a cake for the video footage of three years.
Eunhyuk: Your first girlfriend?
Donghae: Yea, I watched too many movies, and isn’t there a saying that if you take three videos within a span of three years, your lover who left you will come back? So I bought a cake to take a video with for three years, and wrote two years of letters. Such a big incident, hyungs all said I was useless.
Eunhyuk: You had unrequited love?
Donghae: No. After we got together for awhile, we broke up. I believed that she will come back.
Eunhyuk: Aish, such a heartbreaking story.
Donghae: I didn’t step out of my room for more than a month, my hyungs thought I was dead.
Eunhyuk: So what do you think now? About getting into a relationship and both of you will get married.
Donghae: Now, I think that when two people get into a relationship, the longer the relationship is, the better. What’s important is to understand each other.
Eunhyuk: That’s right, Donghae, you are such a romantist.
Donghae: Yea, I will be very infatuated.

Source: Kim Seohye’s CY
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET


Too long, but worth reading.

Kyah, about break up again. It’s really hard if they are going to break-up face to face. It makes the persons guiltier and sadder than usual. Tsk. Pity Hyuk for those bad memories. TT_TT That’s why I don’t want to have a boyfriend for now. Hehe.

Talking about Henry O_O Kyah. I pity Henry. Tsk. It’s okay Henry 😀

“You look like a rich man’s son.” <- LOL! I love you Eunhyuk for saying that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. NO. 😀

“Your own noises wakes you up.” OH YOU Leeteuk. HAHAHAHA!

Yeah, cats are like humans too, at first they will just look at you, but later they will understand you. P.S. Nice name of your dog, Hyuk! 🙂

Yesung and Eunhyuk cracks me up. It will always remain as a cycle, indeed. LOL. What the heck are they thinking…

Kyah. Donghae’s surprises are FTW. Tss. If I am the girl, I would love him forever and ever. Such a sweet guy. Eunhyuk: YAH! I know you’re jealous… 😀

Donghae hid in a room for one and a half month? WHAT?! And he believes in that saying… well, it’s not really true. But if you are really destined, she will come back to you, or you will do whatever it takes to be with her.

Super Junior on Teens Magazine May 2010 Edition

Article about Super Junior on Teens Magazine Singapore:

Turning into Super Men

Breaking all sterotypes of a typical boy band, Super Junior are now men who never say die. By Raine Koh.

The lights went out and the entire Putra Indoor stadium was illuminated by a sea of sapphire blue light sticks. Super Junior was in Malaysia! It doesn’t matter that only ten of them could make it – at that moment, Super Junior was going to give their all. Kibum has stopped being involved in album promotions since 2009, Kang-in was on hiatus from all Super Junior activities after his drunk driving and assault incidents while Hankyung is in talks with his lawyers to leave the group and SM Entertainment. With flawless choreography, superb vocals and bright smiles, the “Super Show” must go on.

Wonder Boys
From a casual observer’s point of view, Super Junior operates less like a boy band and more like a self-sufficient talent agency. Firstly we have the deejays and variety show regulars (Leeteuk, Kang-in, Eunhyuk and Shindong), then we have the actors (Kim Kibum, Siwon and Heechul), the dancers (Donghae and Hankyung) and finally, the singers (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung and Sungmin). But honestly, all the members are able to crossover in other areas as well. That is probably the charms of Super Junior – you can’t put them in a box. While other boy bands were more concerned with looking cool, Super Junior was already sacrificing their image doing wacky experiments in their own variety show, Explorers Of the Human Body in 2007.

Debuting in the Korean pop scene in 2005 with originally 12 members under SM Entertainment, the public was shocked at the sheer number of Super Junior members. Intended to be a project group, Super Junior members were never supposed to be permanent, with older members “graduating” and new members added each year. However, Super Junior, the called Super Junior 05, was gaining in popularity and many fans expressed their disapproval over changing members. When 2006 came along, Super Junior 05 became Super Junior with one additional member, Kyuhyun. Thus the 13 were complete. The group then went on to win the title of “Best New Group of 2006” in South Korea’s top music ceremonies.

“Other people won’t understand but when only 10 or 11 of us are on stage, we feel the difference. We would think how much cooler and better the performance would be if 13 of us were on stage,” remarked Donghae, during MBC Come To Play, a Korean variety show.

Trials and Tribulations
Although having 13 members does have its perks, it also comes with its fair share of troubles.

Heechul was involved in a car accident in 2006 where he fractured his femur and required metal rods to be inserted in his leg. In 2007, four members (Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong) were involved in a car accident. Kyuhyun and Leeteuk had major injuries, with Kyuhyun suffering from a fractured hip and broken ribs, slipping in and out of consciousness for the first few days.

When Kyuhyun finally was able to comeback with the others on stage, leader Leeteuk remarked during the video, Making of “Don’t Don”, “we are very grateful that he is back. We hope that now on, no matter what, we can go through it together.” Thankfully, everyone has now recovered, even though Heechul’s leg still gives him problems at times, which is why he does not participate fully in Super Junior’s dance performances.

One cannot mention Super Junior without mentioning their fanclub, E.L.F, which stand for everlasting friends. With pearl sapphire blue as the group’s official colour, E.L.F is one of the biggest fanclubs in Korea. They became infamous in 2008, when thousands of them sat in front of the SM building in a silent protest. The reason for the protest was because SM Entertainment had intended to add more members to Super Junior. In the end, the new members (Henry Lau and Zhou Mi) were not added to Super Junior, however they became part of the Mandarin sub-group, Super Junior-M.

Sorry, Sorry for Making You Scream
After more than a year of sub-group activities, Super Junior finally returned as a full unit in March 2009. The title song of their third album, “Sorry, Sorry”, with its catchy chorus and signature dance moves became a hit in Korean and abroad. Super Junior has returned as sophisticated men and the result was 250,000 copies sold, making it the bestselling album of 2009.

The boy band is now recording their fourth album. This writer was watching an old interview filmed in 2008 (Arirang Showbiz Extra). Leader Leeteuk remarked back then, “I wish Super Junior could stay together forever. Although it’s just my selfish derire, I hope all the members feel the same.” especially with Hankyung’s departure from the gourp becoming a reality, but we know the remaining members will overcome these difficulties. As member Eunhyuk stated on his web blog in Febuary 2010, “I’m sorry, but we (Super Junior) will never die.”

(Below is the writer’s fan account of SS2 in Malaysia.)

I have a confession to make. This is the third “Super Show 2” I’ve attended, the first two
being in Seoul last year. This time, I had the privilege of attendning the press conference which took place
a few hours before the actual show.

Super Junior arrivedd at the scene. Decked in their concert outfits, they greeted the press warmly. Despite bearing polite smiles, the members looked clearly fatigued from their packed schedule: They had rehearsed till late last night while member Siwon had just arrived in Malaysia a few hours ago due to his drama filming (Siwon is the lead in a new Korean drama series, Oh! My Lady).

At the press conference, the host asked a few questions which were answered by the group’s leader Leeteuk. He said, “Fans can expect a party-like atmosphere from the concert and Super Junior will even dress up as girls! Please enjoy the show as it is going to be lots of fun.” This is the third time the group is in Malaysia, but the first time they are holding a full-scale concert. Leeteuk adds, “We now have the opportunity to be close tothe fans. This is the first time, of all our visits to Malaysia, where we can really connect with our fans.”

About four hours later, we saw Super Junior again. This time, whatever tiredness they displayed during the press conference had vanished. With the opening song, “A Man In Love”, the whole stadium lit up with sapphire blue light sticks and loud cheers from the fans. What I liked about Super Junior concert is that they are always highly interactive. No matter how big the stadium is or where you are seated, one member is always in front of you, covering that area.

This is definitely one of the benefits of having so many members in a boyband. One of Super Junior’s highlights is that they are very entertaining and never afraid to make a fool of themselves. Be it dressing up as a baby, random animals or as girls, they always go all out and put themselves on the line in their performances.

The concert breakdown can be grouped into – Opening and closing acts, solo performances, sub-group performances, dance acts and comedic skits. Performing hits from their three albums and sub-group activities, each song packed a punch both visually and vocally. Even the video interludes shown are impressive in their delivery.

One of my favourite performance was during “Don’t Don” where they showcased a fight scene on stage. The members did look the happiest when five of them cross dressed as girl group f(x) and sang “Chu”. The crowd’s favourites were Super Junior-M’s hot track “Super Girl” and the undefeated “Sorry, Sorry”. Most of the guy fans in the audience (yes, there was quite a number in the stadium) were extremely excited when the introduction for the latter started to play.

Having reportedly spent RM$6 million (SGD$2.5 million), I have to give the concert organisers props because the sound, stage and lighting quality were exactly the same as the “Super Show 2” I caught in Seoul. However, it is a pity that there were only 10 members on stage. I felt the difference especially since I saw the 12 of them perform previously and the fact that Hankyung will never perform with them again brings a tear to my eye.

The concert ended with a closing speech by Leeteuk, which was translated into English by Siwon. Throughout the three hours of non-stop dancing, singing and performing, the members never fail to entertain. We find out later via his web blog that Leeteuk was very sick during the concert. But fans watching him that day would never have guessed from his energy level and never-failing smile – that is the prefessionalism of Super Junior. They are normal guys with a super attitude.

As Singaporean fans wait anxiously for them to one day come to our sunny island, let’s anticipate the fourth album of these super dudes!

Source: Teens Magazine Singapore, May 2010 issue
Scans & Shared by smileloveee @ SJ-World.net
Take out with full credits. Do not add your own credits

Kibum and His Dream Career as an Actor

Kim Kibum and the Dream Career as an Actor

Kibum “Actually, I’m not good at singing or dancing. But when I get to work with friends, everyone will support me and that makes everything comes out smoothly.”

In ‘Jumunjin’, Kibum is cast as a spirit; a role about a man who has become a spirit after the separation from his loved one, which is totally different from ‘Flower Boys’; starring Super Junior.

Kibum “I’m very pressured and stressful to be cast as a leading role in Jumunjin. The scripts are quite complicated and hard to appreciate. Because this is such a normal role, to express normal feelings to the audience is even harder than playing a complex role. [despite all that] I want to try once. To be a good actor, you must try to act in a harder role, follow the experienced one [note: he means, to learn from experienced actors], and listen to the senior’s suggestions. I believe a very good and successful actor must have had a beginning like me.”

For Kibum, he didn’t debut as a singer for Super Junior boy band but he began his journey on the entertainment path with a role in a TV series; ‘April Kiss’, at the age of 16. At that time, acting is just for the earnings, not because of the love in doing so.

Kibum “When I was in America, my parents’ relationship affected my study. Therefore, I began to have a thought of coming back to Korea to work as an actor and earn myself a living. At that time, I didn’t have any other thoughts. When someone offered me a job, I would only ask ‘Does the earnings good?’ and now I’m standing here [note: he means, those makes he reaches his present point].”

An interview about the film, Jumunjin.

The role
Kibum “I’m cast as a spirit; a man who changed himself into a spirit. In fact, this role has very few ‘speaking’ cues. Much to be expressed is emotions. I had to scream and howl a lot! (laugh). During the filming, the scripts were changed in 27 parts. I had to adjust myself to the change. Very challenging.”

The long hair we saw in the film, is that your real hair?
Kibum “Yes, it’s my real hair. When I had to grow my hair long, I came to understand women more (laugh). The washing and the blow-drying are so troubling. Especially when having meals, the hair would drop into my mouth (laugh). From now on, when I see women with long hair, I will have a more considerate thought towards them [note: a more considerate thought about how hard those women have to take care of their hair].”

How do you feel working with Hwang Bo-ra?
Kibum “We met for the first time in ‘Rainbow Romance’. I could feel the friendly and intimate atmospheres. At that time, she gave me a book with a message inside saying ‘Hope we have a chance to work together again’. We are now working together again. We both feel ‘eh? … we’ve already gotten this old?’”

The kissing scene with Hwang Bo-ra
Kibum “It is common for a romantic movie to have a kiss scene (smile). That scene Bo-ra slowly lied down. I and Bo-ra slowly moved closer towards each other, then sealed a kiss. If you want to see this scene, please look forward to ‘Jumunjin’.”

When Kim Kibum is in love [note: the interviewer refers to Kibum’s role in Jumunjin, not himself.]
Kibum “Even as a spirit, but a spirit with heart [can also means feeling]. In some scenes, they show that I (in the movie) am sensitive [can also means have a delicate side] like normal people. So, don’t look down on ghosts. They know how to love (laugh).”

The most favourite and impressed scene
Kibum “The scene in which the spirit disguised himself in the water. I normally like playing in the water. Never thought I would (have a chance to) soak myself during the filming. I was really excited (laugh). It is the scene that I really like and I’m very impressed.”

The most difficult thing
Kibum “The clothes. I only have two garments to wear for the whole movie. During the filming, the weather was very cold. A spirit like me had to wear light (thin) garments. It’s easy to catch a cold, so I had to take the medicine very often. But mine was still better than Bo-ra. There’s a scene which she had to run. She fell and hurt herself. The cold weather makes it more difficult for the wound to cure. I was lucky I didn’t get hurt; otherwise, it would be really bad to be both cold and hurt.”

The feeling of getting the leading role for the first time
Kibum “Of course, you must be really happy and excited for (getting the leading role for) the first time. Even though the responsibilities are much more than when I get the supporting role, this is what I’ve been waiting for. I put so much into this and I hope the response will be good and not less than I’ve expected. This is up to fans on how much they will support the film (smile)”

After ‘Jumunjin’, what have you been doing?
Kibum “After the end of Jumunjin filming, I’m cast for my first play; ‘A (Middle) Nap’ by the director Heo Jinho. The story is about the love and life of a middle aged man and woman. I’m cast as ‘Han Young Jin’; the leading role during the adolescent period. I’m quite stressful with this work because, in a play, you have to act live but I’ll do my best.”

How do you plan your acting career to be?
Kibum “I want to continuously cultivate experiences in acting. Nowadays, my acting skills are still not quite good. My acting is still being charged with ‘Cut’ very often [note: the saying of ‘cut’ from the director when you don’t act perfectly.]. I’m stressful with the job. These show that I’m still not professional enough. I’ll continue to work in this path until I’m good at this and being accepted by fans.”

Source: SINCERE Magazine Thailand vol. 7 no. 78 April 2010 Issue
Translated by Blue19 at SJ-World.net

Take out with full credits. Please do not add your own credit


Gah. I miss him too. LOL. Duh, you’re good in dancing. 😀

Sukira Transcript – April 16-22

100418 Shindong consulting a fortune telling regarding weight loss
Leeteuk: Although our Shindong is chubby, he has his own personal style. Therefore he was in a dilemma, whether to slim down or not. So, he went to a fortune teller, and when the fortune teller saw him, he said to him angrily…
Eunhyuk: “What, you are so skinny already, and you still want to slim down!” This means that he should be more chubby, and he is very skinny already. This also gave him more confidence, that he is already quite skinny, and shouldn’t be worried about it.
Leeteuk: Yea, he is very good in this condition.

100422 4Jib MV behind the scenes
Eunhyuk: Recently, when we were shooting our MV in the studio, Big Bang was coincidentally shooting their japanese MV in the room beside us. When we were eating dinner, Shindong ate finished our meals, and went to Big Bang’s room and ate their rice also. He came back showing off Big Bang’s curry rice was very tasty. We also wanted to try it, but were too embarrassed. Sorry, Big Bang.
Leeteuk: No, they had finished eating. Shindong ate their leftovers, so embarrassing.
Eunhyuk: Yea, it was so funny.
Leeteuk: Wash dishes for others.

Source: Kim Seohye’s CY
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Fyi, I have permission to translate her translations.


LOL! Shindong! You’re killing me (and so as Heenim on twitter. LOL). Big Bang and SJ. LOL XD

Kangin Spotted!

Title: 영운오빠YoungWoon Oppa!
Writer: 슈퍼주니어뿅
Published: 19th April, 2010 / 18:33

Hearing that Kangin oppa and his friends were spotted at a Snack bar near a XX High School’s door. Today at about 4:30pm!!
That boy whom I know was eating something beside there sent me a message!
My friend asked: “oppa, can we take a photo?” Oppa said: “no”
but still give a signature.

Kangin’s signature

credit: 圭贤王朝

Source: 온새미로
trans from Korean-Chinese:紫菜包饭
trans from Chinese to English: [13] @13plus2stars
Take out with full credit!


Kyah. I miss him… Really. T_T I wish to see you here again. Please 😀 Thank you.

Sukira Transcript – April 12-13

100412 A bowl of disgusting miso soup
Leeteuk: Afew days ago we went to Phillipines, and in the korean hotel, we ordered miso soup and kimchi. Then, I told Eunhyuk, “Eunhyuk, when you are eating this, you need to stir it.” So I stirred it, my members also stirred it, Eunhyuk stirred, Shindong stirred it……
Eunhyuk: I started to stir it, then everyone followed.
Leeteuk: It got stirred around 8 times
Eunhyuk: It was nice at all.

100413 Spoilt Child Donghae
Leeteuk: Recently Donghae keeps acting spoilt infront of me, running towards me saying, “Aish~~~ Hyung~~~~” I would reply him, “What’s wrong?” He would then say, “You are a nice person, because you take good care of your dongsaengs,”
Eunhyuk: Hmm, yea.
Leeteuk: “Hyung don’t you think so too, aish~~~ hyung~~~~” (T/N: Acting how Donghae speaks)
Eunhyuk: Why is he so silly.

Source: Kim Seohye’s CY
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
T/N: Fyi, I have permission to translate her translations.


One comment: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can’t stop laughing while reading this! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This made my day. Was that even a comment? *slaps myself* I even do it on my miso soup. I stir it about thirty times, and taste it once, and I never eat it again. Haha. This is disgusting but I often put something in it so that the restaurant won’t put it back again. Eew. I know. Eew. LOL at Donghae!

Yesung and Sungmin’s Interview for Hong Gildong

The agility of the two men, as they run from one side of the rehearsal room to the other, is amazing. One second they’re carrying swords and doing martial arts, and then before you know it they’re holding hands with their female co-stars and singing. As they socialize with the ensemble in a market scene, the director meticulously takes notes on the movement of the actors. He doesn’t hear the press agent say “It’s a really scary practice”. Like students about to take an exam, the two men are showing off everything they have as they run around the practice room. This is the second interview with Yesung and Sungmin, who lack experience but are passionate and vivacious, and are returning in their musical story, Hong Gil Dong.

“Idol singers always get the lead role because they’re idols, right? I wanted to break this preconception.”
Lately amongst preparations for their 4th album, musical rehearsals, and their Super Junior colleagues’ difficulties, their hearts and minds haven’t been at peace. This is the most crucial moment for Super Junior since the pop group was formed. However, there is one reason why Yesung and Sungmin are able to completely concentrate on the musical ‘Hong Gil Dong,’ their second musical.

Sungmin: “Because this is my second stage I have to do well. If people who came to see my first show, Akilla, come to this show, I have to show them an appearance even better than they expect. To be honest, when I was preparing for Akilla, my schedule was much heavier. Therefore I wasn’t able to do this kind of intense practice. When I came to the rehearsal room, I had to try to absorb a lot of things.”

Yesung: “There are people who think that “this is only their second stage so how well can they do?” but for Sungmin and me it seems like it’s our second time so a lot of things have changed. When I did Namhansanseong, I didn’t really have a clue, and I was always busy trying to keep up with my sunbaes*. Lately I’ve had to make decisions on my own, and had to become independent.”

Last year both Yesung and Sungmin underwent harsh initiation, Yesung in Namhansanseong and Sungmin in Akilla. Despite the guarantee of idol ticket power in the musical market, Yesung and Sungmin have had to compete with actors of talent and years of experience, and through constant effort have managed to grab the opportunity to appear in their second show.

Yesung: “There is a prejudice against idols who attempt to break into musicals which says that ‘You only get the lead part because you’re an idol singer.’ At the time of Namhansanseong, I received my first casting proposal for the role of the young lead character Oh Dal Jeh. At that time, I thought I would get the role of Jeong Myeong Soo instead of Oh Dal Jeh because I wanted to break the conception that ‘Idol singers always get the lead role because they’re idols.’

I hope that now that I’ve become a musical actor in my second show, even if people still think I’m lacking, they won’t think it’s because I’m an idol star. I’d like them to see me just as a musical actor with lots of potential. There were a lot of things I didn’t know when I started on Namhansanseong, but I learnt a lot from Director Cho Gwanghwa, Lee Jeongyeol, and Bae Haeseon sunbaenim, and it became a type of genre that I want to do for a long time. When I come on stage, I don’t want to be thought of as Super Junior, but as a musical actor.

I’ve had a lot of experience on stage, but being on stage for musicals is very different.”

Sungmin: “I’m the same as hyung, when I was working on my first musical, I went through a lot of hardship. In Akilla, I didn’t have a lot of lines other than ‘Akilla!’, but I had to show the inner workings of my character. I went through a lot of hardship and it was very tiring, but I really liked the work. I was really proud of being in Akilla, and I’ll always have fond memories of it.”

Yesung and Sungmin, who both started appearing in musicals around the same time, share a closer bond with each other than their other Super Junior members because of their shared musical interests. They have both developed a passion for musicals, Yesung through his “Late-bloomer Musical Mania”, and Sungmin through “Musical Mania Since Birth”.

Sungmin: “My parents were very interested in musicals. Every since I was very young, I’d go to performances together with my parents; I still remember seeing ‘Sound of Music’. At the time, I didn’t know about the musical genre, but I enjoyed it immensely.”

Yesung: “Since we debuted as Super Junior, I haven’t had any time to think of other genres. I thought ‘Even though I want to try doing a performance, I want to continue singing’, but then I saw Xanadu for the first time, which starred fellow Super Junior members. That was the first musical I ever saw. After that, I consistently prepared, and appeared in Namhansanseong last year. When I was working on Namhansanseong, I was really scared to even set foot in the rehearsal room. Lee Jeongyeol sunbae and Bae Haeseon sunbae would always work with me and teach me everything bit by bit. Thanks to those two, who recognized me as a musical hoobae**, I could have pride in appearing as a musical actor. While I’m preparing for Hong Gil Dong, I reflect on the strength that I had at that time, in my first musical.”

Hong Gil Dong, Second Stage

With the opening of their musical only a few days away, you can see Yesung and Sungmin in costume on posters, buses, and billboards. It’s their second musical, Hong Gil Dong, and they will be performing along with Yeowoon and Cho Beomjoon.

Yesung: “I finished Namhansanseong, and when I was worrying about what production I’d do next, Hong Gil Dong appeared in front of my eyes. Hasn’t everyone at least once thought of being a hero? Hong Gil Dong isn’t an unbeaten hero, we’re drawn to him because he was an important figure that lived before 500 AD. The opportunity to bring to life a person from our country’s history is amazing. That’s the feeling I get when playing Hong Gil Dong.”

Sungmin: “Hong Gil Dong that appears in this musical isn’t a hero with no rivals. Instead he’s damaged, love has made him sad, he’s lonely and humane. Previously in Akilla, I didn’t really have a lot of lines other than ‘Akilla’, but in this one the number of lines has increased several times [laughter] so it’s difficult but I can portray a lot of different emotions so I’m glad.”

The two are two years apart. The elder Yesung has cautiously entered into Hong Gil Dong through cautious steps, while Sungmin is soaking up Hong Gil Dong through much more energetic, strong strides. Yesung, who has an abundance of sensitivity, shines best in emotional and mournful tearjerking scenes, while energetic Sungmin’s personality is best fitted for showy martial arts scenes.

Sungmin: “Since I was young I liked exercising, so it seems like I pick it up faster than other people. In the musical Hong Gil Dong, people who’ve specialized in taekwondo appear. When you see the show, you’ll be able to see a lot of stunt action and taekwondo tricks.”

Yesung: “There is a scene where Hong Gil Dong and the actress Bae Soojin hold hands and sing a song. Expressing the emotion of really falling in love with a person is harder than you would think [laughter]. When we practice that scene, I always watch Yeowoon and Beomjoon Hyung, who are also cast as Hong Gil Dong, with my eyes wide.”

Hong Gil Dong is expressed in a single name but Yesung and Sungmin have showed off their own charms steadily as Hong Gil Dong, portraying two different shades of the character.

Sungmin: “This is because the personalities of myself and Yesung hyung are the complete opposite. They’re different so it’s more interesting. Hyung’s portrayal of Hong Gil Dong is cold hearted and charismatic. He’s sensitive to the loneliness but he doesn’t show it on the outside. Yesung hyung’s performance of Hong Gil Dong is addictive, I’m sure I’ll go see his shows often.”

Yesung: “Sungmin’s portrayal of Hong Gil Dong is a feisty appearance. It has a uniquely comfortable and soft feeling to it. Most of all it seems like the most charming, lively portrayal of Hong Gil Dong.”

I asked them a question about whether there wasn’t a rivalry between them, since they’re playing the same role with different colours.

Yesung: “We’re really not conscious of any rivalry. We’re on the same team, so we can help each other. We can even practice together in the dorms; we’re the same Hong Gil Dong but when I watch Sungmin I get the feeling that we’re portraying the character differently. Doing things together with Sungmin relieves stress and makes it fun.”

The two who live together in their dorm descended into the world of Hong Gil Dong, practising their lines together, exchanging morning greetings, and singing musical numbers while riding in the car. As the affection and emotional support from other Super Junior members and their family members grows – for example, Yesung’s mother watched his musical more than 10 times out of the total 13 performances – the dreams these two have about musicals have become larger.

Yesung: “Currently my biggest dream is to successfully wrap up Hong Gil Dong. When I saw the musical ‘Notredame de Paris’, I become captivated by “Sung-through” musicals***. If I was cast as Quasimodo, I wouldn’t put on the makeup and would just appear on stage! [laughter] One day I’d like to be in ‘Notredame de Paris’ or ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’.”

Sungmin: “I’m currently majoring in Film and Musicals at Myongji University, and learning a lot of things at school. It’s really good that my professors are also musical actors. After this I really want to act on a big stage, I want to gain a lot of experience. I have a lot of goals about musicals, but right now my biggest dream is to do well in my current roles, that’s my goal.”

The two have received many compliments from those with interests in musicals about their well mannered and hard working nature. The second stage of these two honest and hard-working young men has begun.

*Sunbae = a senior, or someone of higher ranking or experience, in a profession or school.
**Hoobae = a junior, or someone of lower ranking or experience, in a profession or school.
***Sung-through is a type of musical/opera where there’s no spoken dialogue, everything is sung.

Source: PlayDB.
Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ @SJ-World.net
Please credit if you take out

Having Fun at Super Show 2 in Manila

Hanggang ngayon hindi ako maka-get-over. I can’t believe it’s done and I can’t believe that they are going back in less than three hours. Haist. Super Show 2 is my first concert. I hope it won’t be my last.

I didn’t wear rubber shoes. LOL. I was wearing a white headband and a flat shoes though, what the heck. The stage was too HIGH!

AND I THINK I CAN NO LONGER FULFILL MY PROMISE. I’ll be watching SUPER SHOW 3 too! Next time, I’ll be on SVIP Center, seated. If it’s two days, then the first day is SVIP Left again, and SVIP Center, respectively. SO PLEASE HOLD ON TO YOUR PROMISE, okay?

Okay SS3 is coming and, after watching these ten plus two beautiful boys, I don’t think I’ll never watch them again. I wanted to see them all, as in all again. The night was so spectacular, awesome, super exciting, grand, what else? Uhm, I can’t explain. For some reasons, I felt something lacking. I think it’s the time, if only they can perform for ten hours straight. Okay punch me for being so  selfish. I know that they are people too. Haha. And what else, uhm. I wish it would be two days at SS3. I promised myself that I’ll not watch the next Super Show to focus on my career, but what can I do? SS2 was worth watching. I can proudly say it was the best so far. And aside from it, Leeteuk promised that they will come back again. How can I let the chance of seeing him and all of them again?

Back when we were falling in line, I was really nervous, I don’t know why. I think it’s because I wanted to see them so badly. I wanted to see how they really look like. When I got in, gosh, I felt happy and said, “What the. The stage is so big!”

Okay, I was on SVIP Left. LOL. I can’t go to the sides near the stage because I’m not courageous enough para makipagsiksikan sa mga tao. And my fansigns were made out of my handouts in accounting. Haha. Silly me, because I can’t do a good fansign anymore. I came rushing to the venue after my class, which is my major subject and where I’m really going to fail. So I got to repeat it this summer. One more try and if I fail, I’ll shift to another. But I want to be a CPA!

Although it was only paper where I wrote, “Leeteuk saranghae!” in Hangul, “Kyuhyun saranghae!” with a peace sign also in Hangul, and “Saengil Chukhahamnida, Lee Hyukjae, Eunhyuk!” in Hangul (Okay, silly me, the pentel pen that I used didn’t have enough ink anymore, so it looked like… super labo), I felt that it was the most beautiful fansign because I wrote it with all my heart ♥ and I wrote it on a ‘special’ place. Also, Kyu looked a lot on it, maybe he was saying, “What the heck? Paper for a fansign?” LOL. Evil Kyu >_< But I felt so touched. They were made different for my three biases.

When Teuk looked at my fansign, gosh, I didn’t know what I entered my mind when I pulled it down immediately. I was really shy! I was afraid that he would laugh at it, because the fansign beside me was totally cool and beautiful. And I was really envious to see Leeteuk smile on it. Haist. I’m sorry Leeteuk 😦

Zhoumi looked at my fansign too. Gosh. I’m so happy. It was made for a project, and he looked at it for super many minutes. Haha.

The boys were really having fun on stage. Even the sponsors had fun too. It’s really tiring standing for let’s say, six hours? And jumping, singing along, dancing along, etc. But it’s worth the time, the effort, the money. Everything!

For couples, Gosh! I love how Eunhyuk hugged Donghae! EunHae! 🙂 ♥ And I saw many couple things, and SiChul, my second bias! And KyuMin! My first! They tap each other’s hands.

Uhm, for their greeting, Donghae ran all over the stage. Shindong was very funny while counting in Tagalog and saying, “Ano ba iyan?” Tagalog sentence that can be translated as “What’s that?” in English. Leeteuk saying, “Mabuhay Philippines” was terrific! Kyu, I didn’t remember what he said, but his voice was so cute! Eunhyuk kept on rapping the word ‘Philippines’. Heechul said, “Dali, dali!” which means faster in English. They all said “I love you Philippines” and some random words. Someone said good morning, I don’t know who was he. Haha.

For the performances, they really did well. They had fun, sang with all they heart, danced with all their might, and what important was, they made us feel that we were deserving to be their fans. They cared for us and made us important. The messages they said on the clips, were heartwarming. I didn’t cry, but I really want to, but because I was too happy, it overcame my sadness. Sungmin sang really well, and he was so cute! Zhoumi’s solo was really awesome! Henry’s dance made me fall in love with him more. Kyu, Yesung, Siwon, Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Donghae, and Heechul solos were lovely. Eunhyuk’s rap was really… omg, heartquaking. I guess Siwon was sick? He looked so pale.

Kilig moments:

1. Eunhyuk stared at me for many minutes and waved! Gosh, Donghae too. They were so… HANDSOME! Leeteuk and I had a one-second staring moments. LOL. Kyu looked at my fansign. And Zhou too!

2. Ryeowook smiled very lovely at the same time, he waved too.

3. Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Eunhyuk watergunned (wth) us! LOL. We were really wet. Haha.

4. Donghae wore my friend’s cap. I was really happy.

5. Leeteuk was always at the SVIP left, so I always saw him.

6. I am happy to see that they were accepting other’s gifts, such as towels, etc. Others were thrown away back to the fans. So sad I didn’t get any. (GOSH! HOW I WANTED LEETEUK’S WET SHIRT TO BE MINE! HAHA, PERV)

7. Henry danced so well. Heartquaking. Again.

8. Kyu’s voice! Argh! It’s really good.

9. Leeteuk wore a white and yellow checkered polo shirt with a suspender. I love it because YELLOW is my fave color, and WHITE is his. GOSH! ♥_♥

10. Their performances, they gave their all. That was the most kilig moment for me.

Envious/Jealous moments…

1. Leeteuk smiled at the fansign of the person beside me. LOL. He also wiped his sweat with a towel, he kissed the girl who performed with him, he wanted to be fanned (wth) with the rotating and colorful mini fan, he touched the hands of the Upper Box A people, he was looking on the people beside me, he was receiving gifts rom others. And many more.

2. Kyu kissed a girl’s hand.

3. EunHae moments. I’m jealous. >_< Haha.

4. They received other’s gifts. Haha. Although some were thrown back again.

5. The flower!

6. Haist. And many more.

Sadly, I didn’t give Teuk my present for him. Haha. I was afraid. You know why >:) But it’s okay, I’ll still cherish it. (I planned not to give it naman anymore eh).

What else, ah oh  yes. THEY ARE REALLY HANDSOME IN PERSON! I wish to see them twice next SS3. Please! Please!

LOL at Donghae’s popularity! He was the most favorite of the crowd. I didn’t really notice that he was so handsome not until I saw him near to me. Okay, punch me now.

Shindong and Yesung was freaking hot! Ryeowook too. Gosh.

WTH. I have been looking at, taking videos and pictures of Teukie, but my cellphone failed. I didn’t capture anything good. Argh. Fail. Fail. Fail! >_<

But it’s okay. I’ll still cherish the moment of seeing them live. I said to myself, “Oh, this was really the feeling of seeing them in person. It was a good experience. I think I know now how they feel about seeing the fans cheering for them and filling the whole venue with Sapphire Blue. It was mutual.”

I am happy. But I didn’t saw Teukie cry. He was smiling all the time. They said Eunhyuk cried, but I didn’t saw him cry. Argh. FAIL FAIL FAIL again. TThey said Leeteuk, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk cried! BUT WHY DIDN’T I SEE THEM CRY? I felt guiltier. What the heck. I thought they were only teary eyed. I hate it… One of the reasons why I wanted to come is because I wanted to see the three cry. Especially Teukie… he’s the most beautiful person when crying. I feel crying now.

But my bestfriend hanminteuk said that it’s okay,  she said, “Maybe because if you saw them cry, you’ll cry also. You don’t want them to see you cry, right? So God let that happened. He made you look to other members just not to see them cry.”

Leeteuk sang a Filipino song? Kyah! I wanted to hear. I love you! You never fail me.

Donghae also updated his CY. I love it.

From the Angel, through my heart. I love you Leeteuk ♥♥♥

So I guess, I can’t really not go to SS3. I can’t wait for their 4Jib too. Hwaiting, SJ! Thank you for the best night ever.

Pics and fancams were… ARGH! Hahahahaha.

I miss the other members.  T_T

Final say: Thanks for the cyworld sidebar update Teukie! I love you too! You are still the one for me. Hope to see you again soon. Next time, I’ll be doing anything just to be with you (WTH) Ang gwapo mo sa personal! I love you daw sabi ni Ana (I am Ana, LOL).

I’ll focus on what to do! 😀 But I don’t think I can get over that easily. It’ll remain for a month, I think.

Only one and a half hour to go before their flight. Goodbye. Oh no, I mean, see you later! I love you all! Kisses!


OMG! Hyuk! You wore Alex’s hat! OMG! Donghae, thanks for giving it to Eunhyukkie~! It was Alex’s greatest day ever. Thank you. You are so sweet, you make me fall in love with you two more! (GOOD THING I HELD HER HAT ONCE!)

Good thing I held the hat Eunhyukkie's wearing before Alex gave it to Hae, then Hae gave it to Eunhyuk! Kyah!

Like what cheonsa23 said, Sorry Heechul for not chanting Milky White Skin Kim Heechul, Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul. Really sorry. T_T But promise, I chanted!

Sungmin got a thong and condoms. LOL What the heck. That’s why he’s laughing all throughout. Leeteuk too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Donghae! KYAH!

Kyah! I will cherish this forever.

And we saw three planes in the sky at exactly 1:05 – 1:30pm I don’t know which plane you are, so… we waved goodbye and we said our farewell (in our house. We were shouting. LOL)! Goodbye! I mean see you! We’ll be waiting again!

P.S. Leeteuk! Please create a twitter account too >_< So that I can follow you… follow you follow you~… 😀 I’m really guilty that I didn’t give DinoTeuk. Yehey! I really thought Leeteuk had a haircut. And I’m not wrong. I love it… superb. Okay, next time, I’ll hold your hands too, and I’ll pull you down. Hahaha. Just joking.

Sukira Transcripts – January 15 – 21

100115 – 100121 Sukira Transcripts

Men who have no face in front of women
Eunhyuk: Leeteuk, when was it, that you felt you were very short and small?
Leeteuk: The year when we were having Happy (SJ-H) activities, we went to a volley ball court once, and as Super Junior’s leader, I walked in full of confidence. Once I saw the handsome male volley ball players, I couldn’t lift my head. 193…… 198……
Eunhyuk: You looked like a dwarf.
Leeteuk: The Im Yong Han team members? Who are they, all of them look so handsome, and they are so tall, looking at them, I’m really envious. I’m wearing shoe lifts, and I still need to lift my head to look at them, it’s like with someone 3 meters tall.
Eunhyuk: Really envious……
Leeteuk: Have you had moments like this?
Eunhyuk: It was also during the Super Junior activities period, we went to two Super Model Selection Finals.
Leeteuk: Miss Korea beauty contest, we’ve been to both of them.
Eunhyuk: At that time, when we were escorting them onstage, it really embarrassed me…… Guys should be a lot taller than girls, but……
Leeteuk: We should be at least 15cm taller
Eunhyuk: But we’re too short, we really don’t have any face
Leeteuk: They are all 176 tall, and add on heels of 15cm
Eunhyuk: Even if the stylists put in their best efforts to find us the highest shoes, it’s also useless
Leeteuk: Next time, if we go there again, we can pile our hair vertically upwards
Eunhyuk: Or we can just sit there, and not escort them on stage

Siwon beat up Leeteuk
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, have you been hit on the nose by someone before?
Eunhyuk: I’ve been hit before, but it has never been broken
Leeteuk: Previously, I was hit by Siwon, and my cartilage broke
Eunhyuk: Yeah, that time when we were having dance practice, he suddenly used too much force……
Leeteuk: That huge hand of his……
Eunhyuk: His arm is so long, you were at the back and suddenly gave a loud scream, and after that you went to the hospital
Leeteuk: It hurt until my butt fell on the floor, and they were still saying I was joking “What happened to you? Ah, you’re groaning without any pain again”
Eunhyuk: All of us thought that you’re too talented in gag, while practicing the dance, there still was a lively atmosphere
Leeteuk: That day, when I went home, my face was all red and swollen, the second day, when I went to the hospital, the doctor said my cartilage was broken……

Girls who fought because of Eunhyuk
Eunhyuk: When I was young, there was an incident where the girls fought because of me
Leeteuk: You’re too good, when would there be something like this?
Eunhyuk: Really, when I was in Primary 6, some girl from my class, and another girl from the next class started fighting in between classes……
Leeteuk: (yawns)
Eunhyuk: Don’t sleep, listen to me. The two of them were the stronger girls in school, and pulling at each other’s throats, they yelled “Hey, you’re not allowed to date Hyukjae!”
Leeteuk: What is this
Eunhyuk: I’m not lying to you at all, in the area, there were many people watching
Leeteuk: Really childish.

Eunhyuk is Stingy
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, you’re so petty, when returning you money, you’re quite clear of it
Eunhyuk: Of course, I’ve always been like this
Leeteuk: A long time ago, I lent you money, I myself forgot about it, and one day, I suddenly remembered and asked you, and you actually still remembered.
Eunhyuk: I’m very clear about money related matters. Although I’m quite petty, even when I’m with my best friend Junsu, I calculate the debts very clearly
Leeteuk: You return them quite late
Eunhyuk: true.
Leeteuk: In the past they used to say that when friends went to eat hamburgers, regardless of you and me, one person would pay the bill. But that time I went with Junsu and Eunhyuk, the two of them, each brought their own food……
Eunhyuk: of course.
Leeteuk: I said “why did both of you just buy your own food”,
“Hyung, we’re eating on our own”
Eunhyuk: We have never felt that it should be like that, it has always been each person paying their own bills
Leeteuk: Then when you finished eating, you still let me buy (food) for both of you?
Eunhyuk: That is because you’re the eldest
Leeteuk: On account of our old relationship, I want to let them treat me to a meal
Eunhyuk: Ah? Oh, when we have the time.

Yesung needed the Toilet urgently
Leeteuk: Previously, we held a fansign event in Myeongdong. On the way there, Yesung told me “Hyung…… I’m dying……”
“What happened, Yesung?”
“Hyung…… I really cannot control it……”
So he dashed into the noisy crowd of people at Myeongdong……
Eunhyuk: It gave our manager a shock
“ Yesung ah, just wait a little, we’re reaching soon, reaching soon……”
“Hyung, I really can’t take it……”
Leeteuk: After that, he came back again, I asked him what happened, he painfully said “There’s too many people……”
Eunhyuk: However, everyone who has heard this big secret, do not go to his CY to talk about it. When I get back to the dormitory, he’s going to come running and ask me “You talked me again? Why do you always have to talk about me? “

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @ sj-world.net

Sukira Transcripts – November 6 – 12

Kinda old… but still worth reading (mostly during eating Tomi… LOL)

091106 It’s our fourth anniversary
Leeteuk: A lot of people sent congratulatory messages today
Eunhyuk: En, really thank you to everyone for this thought
Leeteuk: PD congratulated us too. November 6th 2005 was a Sunday, we debuted with ‘Twins’. Eunhyuk do you still remember the situation that day?
Eunhyuk: Can’t remember the details, only remember that a lot of people came; our first time on stage (so we were) very nervous, but still more than a thousand fans came. I was shocked, and very happy at the same time. Still remember that our parents came to congratulate (us), (and) the scene of everyone hugging and crying after getting off the stage
Eeteuk: En, everyone cried
Eunhyuk: After going home watched our performance repeatedly a lot of times, almost memorized every scenario, even remember the singer going on stage after us
Eeteuk: Who was it?
Eunhyuk: Jang Yoon Jung’s ‘Kkot’. Every video’s clips will have the end remaining, I even memorized this before, really watched it a lot of times
Eeteuk: For such a long time our love for everybody, it’s really not easy, we survived nicely. We will continue to work hard, (to) become the most fabulous singers
Eunhyuk: Really a lot of things happened over these four years, hope that we can always be together for the remaining time from now onwards
Eeteuk: Debuted for four years, Sukira has launched for three years and two months, it’s really a long time, hopefully is able to go even further
Eunhyuk: It’s still short, there’s longer road, our hearts are as if we’re new-comers
Eeteuk: Only three-four years

091107 The car accident
Eeteuk: When I had an accident three years ago, our Sukira crew members went to visit me. At that time my waist and eye was injured, while lying down there was no way for me to sit up and greet them. They gave me a mini radio, but my hospital room was on the 21st floor, can’t receive radio signals at all. They were even worried that I’m bored and gave me a very popular classical record, but there’s only a record and no record player how can anyone listen, that record is still placed in my room
Eunhyuk: At that time compared to the other members our injuries were lighter. After a few days we were fully recovered, the manager who came to visit us said, “Wow this bed looks to be not bad, hyung me will lie on it” in the end he really did lie on it, even made us pour him water and all…”
Eeteuk: If I’m sick (I) hope that Lee Sooman sonsaengnim will come visit me. Because that time Kyuhyun’s injury was very serious, when he came visit me (he) only said “En(,) good” and left…(it’s) so sad

091107 Baby plans
Eeteuk: Sometimes when I see pregnant women I’ll think, if I’m married, when my wife is pregnant, what I should do
Eunhyuk: I will definitely create the best environment
Eeteuk: What kind?
Eunhyuk: Color of the wallpaper…what…these things, change all to suitable for pregnant woman. And also the colors and music that are good for the baby (these kind of stuff)
Eeteuk: Then what if she suddenly wanted to eat hobbang* during Summer?
Eunhyuk: Hobbang can be bought, buy the frozen ones…
Eeteuk: You’ll let her eat frozen ones?
Eunhyuk: Go home and steam…Don’t (we) eat it like that
Eeteuk: What if she said she wants to eat those (sold) in convinence stores?
Eunhyuk: Just go buy will do, at the convinence store. There should be some left in the hobbang steamer
Eeteuk: Move the steamer back home then
Eunhyuk: En, there should have
Eeteuk: The first child (do) you hope to be a daughter or a son?
Eunhyuk: If gonna have two it’ll be better if the first child is a girl. Having a noona is quite good.
Eeteuk: Why? (Are you) favouring boys to girls?
Eunhyuk: No no…When the child grows up, the son will be closer to the father
Eeteuk: What about your wife then? She’ll want a daughter
Eunhyuk: Find a good girl friend will do
Eeteuk: I’m prepared to have two to three (children), one definitely won’t do. Order of boy and girl will discuss with my wife, respect her opinions
Eunhyuk: It’s not that two people discuss and will be fulfilled…
Eeteuk: I will cast a spell, definitely will come true

* – steamed buns sold only during Winter in convinence stores

091109 Eeteuk’s Ring Ding Dong
Eunhyuk: Eeteuk your (version of) Ring Ding Dong yesterday(,) is there any tips?
Eeteuk: No tips. SHINee’s Jonghyun had H1N1, our Yesung replaced him for one show. After that Onew had (H1N1) too, company gave me a call and let me replace (Onew) for one show. Once I agreed I began to worry, they’re my hoobae dongsaengs…
Eunhyuk: Yeah, if you mess up it will be very embarassing in front of dongsaengs
Eeteuk: The thought of getting attacked by fans if done a bad job, will start to worry. Early in the morning they ask me to go for dance practice, so I went. For the first time I have to be serious in front of dongsaengs to learn the dance, really don’t wish to show the hardworking appearance
Eunhyuk: Yeah, as hyung will want to show the cool appearance
Eeteuk: Want to let them know that hyung me* can dance without any practicing
Eunhyuk: Hyung me* has been around for so many years this dance is nothing to me
Eeteuk: You can understand this kind of feelings right?
Eunhyuk: It’s the kind that really wants to show off
Eeteuk: So I watched them dance at the side, “Dancing this way will do? Okay(,) I know (how)
Eunhyuk: The Eeteuk who can’t even remember our dance…
Eeteuk: These few kids said, “Hyung we’ll dance one more time, you look at it properly”, then they let me danced once; I said, “You’re all too tired, go back and rest” After that I returned to the dorm, wasn’t able to sleep no matter what, I’ll be done for if I make any mistakes. So in the middle of the night I looked for clips on the net listen to the music and practiced the dance alone.
Eunhyuk: Really humiliating
Eeteuk: When showering also Ring Ding Dong. Went to the site in the morning of the second day, during rehearsals in the morning I was really a disgrace, until then (I’m) unwilling to show a very serious look.
Eunhyuk: Of course a disgrace for not dancing it well
Eeteuk: During rehearsal as a hyung want to show a disdain look, (but) the kids said, “Hyung, your dance isn’t it not too confident?” I said, “Hyung me* danced it very well, no need to worry” During the actual ‘live broadcast’ I still performed quite well
Eunhyuk: Who said (that), where, the dance was too funny, your presence itself is very funny on that stage
Eeteuk: That’s right, let’s not talk about this topic
Eunhyuk: Anyway you’ve worked hard

* – referring to himself

Source: Kiss The Radio
Original translation: Kim Seohye Cyworld
Shared in SJ-World.net
May take out with FULL credit but DO NOT add your own; No translating to other languages

Hankyung Said Sorry For His Absence on Super Junior M’s Performance; Overcrowding of Fans Caused Police Arrival

[10/01/18] Hangeng is regretful for being absent at SJ-M’s performance, Dangerous Overcrowding of fans causing police coming to maintain order.

On January 18, 2010, making the world be filled with love, “君和之夜” Miss International Tourism 2010 competition award ceremony, taking place in the Xiang Fan district, was filled with performances from many stars. This took place yesterday (January 17) in Xiang Fan in the Hubei province.

On that day, Super Junior M’s member, Hangeng, was absent from the performances. But the remaining 6 members still brought out ‘Super Girl’ , Blue Tomorrow’, their performance made the atmoshpere boiling hot, the temperature was out of control. This caused hundreds of local police to come and maintain control of the scene.

Translated by: one_love@sj-world.net
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