Super Junior – We Can + Devil Comeback Performances (MBC Music Core)

We Can:



Super Junior – Special Album – Devil – Music Video + Streaming + Download Sites

Super Junior’s Special Album for their 10th Anniversary, Devil, has been released today!

Followed its first appearance through Super Show 6 Encore last July 11 and 12, Super Junior also participated in a press conference and a showcase that happened yesterday, July 15, where they revealed their thoughts about the album and the songs in it, the music video and promotions.

Today, SM Entertainment released the music video in Yin Yue Tai and Naver at 12:00am KST, and after an hour, the music video was also released in their official Youtube account.

Check out the music video below:

*Only watch the OFFICIAL music video in YouTube so that we can help the boys to win in music shows.


Devil debuted in no. 4 in MelOn!

Please login using your ID’s to stream and download in the following music sites. This will help them go up the charts!








Super Junior – Hero + Hanamizuki + I Wanna Dance (Room Version) Full PV + Making + Jacket Shoot

Super Junior – Hero PV

Super Junior KRY – Hanamizuki PV

Super Junior Eunhyuk and Donghae – I Wanna Dance (Room Version) PV

Hero PV + Jacket Shoot

Hanamizuki PV Making

Credits: raichanxd

Super Junior KRY – Promise You Lyrics (Kanji + Romanization + English Translation)

Promise You

Kanji Lyrics

変わらない何かを探しながら 変わっていく季節を歩いた
君といつでも 手を繋ぎながら来たんだ 
手探りで進んできた日々も 君がいたから迷わずに来られた 強くいれた
これから あらゆる 景色が変わったとしても 僕らはこのままでいよう
Promise You君を想って 僕は生きるよ 繋がっている 心と心から
Promise You伝えたいのは ただ愛してる 誓うよ 永遠の欠片を
小さな喧嘩を何度もしたね すれ違い離れた日もあるし
その度いつも 君が必要って分かったんだ
君がもしも躓くときには 誰より一番に手を差し伸べる 僕でいたいよ
別れと 出会いを 繰り返していく中でも 僕らは隣にいよう
Promise You君を守って僕は生きたい 胸が熱く (この恋???)溢れてる(?)
Promise You届けたいのは ただ愛してる いつでも 揺るがない想いで
もしも明日が闇に飲まれて 道標さえ ないとしても
怖がる ことはないよ、この手を離さない限り
僕らは Oh~ きっと どこへも行ける
Promise You君を思って僕は生きるよ 繋がっている心と心から
Promise You伝えたいのは ただ愛してる 誓うよ 永遠の欠片を
誓うよ 永遠の欠片を

Romanized Lyrics:

Kawaranai nanikawo sagashinagara kawatteiku kisetsu wo aruita
Kimito itsudemo tewo tsunaginagara kitanda
Tesaguride susunde kita michimo kimiga itakara mayowazuni korareta tsuyoku ireta
Donna tokimo
Korekara arayuru keshikiga kawattatoshitemo bokurawa konomamade iyo
Promise You, kimiwo omotte bokuwa ikiruyo tsunagatteiru kokoroto kokorokara
Promise You, tsutaetainowa tada aishiteru chikauyo eienno kakerawo
Chiisana kenkawo nandomo shitane surechigai hanareta himo arushi
Sonotabi itsumo kimiga hitsuyotte wakattanda
Kimiga moshimo tsumazuku tokiniwa dareyori ichibani tewo sashinoberu bokude itaiyo
Sobani isasete
Wakareto deaiwo kurikaeshiteiku nakademo bokurawa tonarini iyo
Promise You, kimiwo mamotte bokuwa ikitai munega atsuku (konokoi fureteru?)
Promise You, todoketainowa tada aishiteru itsudemo yuruganai omoide
Moshimo ashitaga yamini nomarete michishirube sae naitoshitemo
Kowagaru kotowa naiyo konotewo hanasanai kagiri
Bokurawa (kitto) dokoedemo ikeru
Promise You, kimiwo omotte bokuwa ikiruyo, tsunagatteiru kokoro to kokoro kara
Promise You, tsutaetainowa tada aishiteru chikauyo eien no kakerawo
Chikauyo eien no kakerawo

English Lyrics:

While seeking unchanged things, we’ve walked in the changing seasons.
Always we came along together holding our hands.
I could passed the days I wasn’t sure without losing a way thanks for you,
and I could stay strong anytime.
Even though much scenery might be changed in our future, we won’t be changed.
Promise you. I will live thinking of you. We are the one from heart to heart.
Promise You. What I want to tell is just “I love you”.
I will promise the piece of eternity.
We’ve had many little quarrels. We also had some days apart each other.
But each time, it reminded me that I need you.
When you have difficulties, I want to be the first man who gives you a hand.
Let me stay beside you.
Even if we repeat parting or encounter,
let’s stay next to one another.
Promise You. I want to protect you in my whole life, my heart is hot
(and being full of love??)
Promise You, what I want to send you is just “I love you” with never changed love.
If tomorrow is covered with darkness and there is no way,
you need not to be afraid. Unless you leave my hand,
we can go anywhere.
I will promise the piece of eternity.

Credits: Mine_JP_ELF

Super Junior Full Discography

Hello guys! Yes I’m pretty bored, so I made a list of Super Junior full discography here. I actually copied from Wikipedia and other sources, and I also added some songs that are not mentioned.

For the Super Junior Super Show Tour Album category, I separated the live version audios to studio version audios. I provided playlist links for the live version audios.

I added YouTube links from various users so that you can listen to the songs. If you are going to take the videos out, please credit them. I will try to provide download links if I can, but I think it’s impossible because I might have a problem on copyright or something.

I will provide links for the lyrics if I can. 🙂

I know that it is too late to compile this but this is for the sake of the new fans or the other fans who want to listen to Super Junior songs. Of course, this is also for the sake of the current fans who miss listening to other songs of Super Junior.

If I have mistakes on the title or the links or anything, or if I missed some songs, kindly comment so that I can fix them. This will also be constantly updated, if anything comes. Thank you!

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Super Junior – Energy Song + Interview + Good Person + Super Man + Mr. Simple (SBS Inkigayo)

[110911] Energy Song – Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun

[110911] Interview

[110911] Good Person – Super Junior KRY

[110911] Super Man + Mr. Simple

Credits:  CrazyCarrotNew310@Youtube

Fly – Super Junior KRY + MP3 Download Link + Lyrics

I miss my favorite subgroup. And this is something new to the ears. I can’t believe that their singing rock + dance + ballad song! KRY, as expected you’ve grown so much! /sobs I am a proud mother! Haha. LOLJK

This song will be on repeat, forever. I didn’t expect this from KRY, because I was used to listening to their ballad songs. But heck! This is great. Thank you for keeping me alive! =)) I can’t wait for the MV.

P.S. When I saw the rehearsal pics, I knew then that it would be awesome. Kyu on keyboard, YeWook on electric guitar. This is life. /foreverspazzing

credits: TheFredoomkk@youtube

Lyrics: here

And yes, here is the mp3 download link. Please support them by buying the original! 🙂

credits: @moniquelemon

Will post also the MV teaser + MV itself when it is released. Woot.


Promotion video in Chinese!

credits: NanNyiiJS@youtube; Mnet中国官方账号

(MOD POST) Happy 4th Anniversary Super Junior KRY!

Why am I too late? *DEAD*
Anyway, happy 4h anniversary my most favorite subgroup, KRY! Well because I am a ballad lover and I love the members and their voices.

I will make this short, because you already know how much I love you, my dear subgroup… please continue calming my heart and serenade my broken soul. LOL, I’m too emotional. 😀

I love you! Please be well!
Goodluck in all your upcoming solos, duets, groups and concerts! Hwaiting! More years, please! 😀

Super Junior KRY Concert in Japan Additional Information

The official ELF Japan website has just added this information; you can also find it on the avex site as well.

Due to popular demand, an additional concert has been added!


2010.08.1 (Sunday) Tokyo International Forum Hall A

OPEN 13:00 START 14:00 (Planned)

☆Faster than anywhere else 『An additional concert! E.L.F. JAPAN concert reservations begin!』

■Reservation period:4/30(Friday)15:00~5/10(Monday)15:00
■URL: (PC/Mobile)

Ticket limitations: 4 tickets per person

For additional details, please register at E.L.F-JAPAN

General sales:2010.-07.03(Saturday)at 10:00- in ticket agencies (for both the original concert and additional concert)
Planning and production: S.M.ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN/avex live creative
For inquiries, contact Sunrise Promotion Tokyo 0570-00-3337(10.00am – 7.00pm)

Additional source Avexlive Creative
Translated by solitair @
Take out with proper and full credits.


My favorite subgroup. Kyah, how I wish to go in Japan right now. Haha.