Staff OHP – October 30

Title: Hello 🙂
2009-10-30 오후 6:12:00 by JJ

This is my first time greeting everyone on Super Junior M’s announcements board. (^^) (_ _) bowing…

Recently, the love and support of fans has allowed Super Junior M and the song Super Girl to receive wonderful results.
And can now energetically make announcements at all places.

So today, in order to give everyone the long anticipated “Behinds the scenes. big. announcement”
I have come to give an announcement ^0^

October 10th will be Super Junior M’s first time on the stage in Korea!!!
“2009 DREAM CONCERT” will be held in South Korea’s capital Seoul’s World Cup Stadium,
Super Junior M will stop gloriously onto the stage through this song Super Girl
With S.M.TOWN Family members, bring an unbeatable performance.

The usually busy S.M.TOWN Family members on the 10th, the day before Henry’s birthday, gathered together
And threw him a surprise birthday party, spent a marvelous period of time together.

Welcoming his own Happy Birthday, the scene of Henry’s 20th birthday party~!!
These recorded moments filled with warmth, you can only take one look~
People who want to see, bring your head closer~

video here

Family-like S.M.TOWN, when you look at it, it seems great! 🙂

Now wait~!! As everyone knows, there’s a member, like Henry, with a birthday in October
Then who is he?

It’s him it’s him~ the main person in the picture~
There’s also the one receiving his 24th year on October 15th, Fishy Donghae~
So we’ve also specially prepared a birthday celebration PHOTO~

It’s the one holding the cake everyone gifted with both hands, face covered in happiness, Donghae~

Donghae wishes to express to everyone, “This whole time, we’ve only been receiving love from the fans and have never repaid it properly, making us feel uneasy and apologetic.”

From the face of happiness appears the most sincere smile^^ Everyone should also Smile~
Only the one that appeared in the shot Henry isn’t satisfying~!!
If fans think they haven’t seen enough to be satisfied, here we’ve specially prepared Henry’s Bonus cut
Please look and enjoy ^^

In the future we will continue to communicate all kinds of Super Junior M’s news and information to everyone through Staff diary
So please visit our website often~ And also please like Super Girl even more~

Oh~ My Super Girl, I am your Super Man~~ ♪♬

Thank you.

Credits: Super Junior-M’s Official Website (
Translated by Fever @
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OHP Staff Diary no. 8 – About Super Junior 4th Anniversary

1460th day Super Junior and ELF met ~♡
2009-11-07 AM 1:25:00

before one knows autumn is over and the season of freezing wind brushing across our skin
is approaching.

our ELF* on keep yourselves away from normal flu and swine flu
have you been taking care of your health? take good care and not let your health slip away,,

already,,already,,year 2009 has barely 2 months left.ㅠ^ㅜ
a busy 2009 has passed 6th November 2009
our ELF should know what is this special day~~
6th November is the 1460th day Super Junior and E.L.F. first met
everyone know↗that↘right↗? (those who don’t ought to be punished~ ㅎㅎ)

on this special day i received many congratulatory messages from the fans
i give my utmost thanks to everyone,,
today is a special there and we have a very special guest with us.

this person finished the live performance at KBS Music Bank, from the faraway NamHanSanSung
where he came all the way he is ‘MyeongSooYeSung’.

all the memories we had together i will cherish them
dressed in couture outfit this is ‘MyeongsooYesung’ with a very cool pose today…
the people who stayed up all night at ‘NamHanSanSung’ please greet
actor kim with lovely replies ^^


and a special night when you miss them more~

the name that you won’t get tired of calling and calling~
the most precious year 2009 of Super Junior for E.L.F.
a very special moment i secretly put in here and i’ll call it a day.


29th march 2009!!
the first overwhelming moment Super Junior and E.L.F created together,,
everyone saw that?

till the last day of the year
look forward to the awesome results given to Super Junior from E.L.F and
the precious memories we create together ,,

it’s late i’m calling it a day.
sweet dreams everyone^^

P.S. as the dry weather continue, swine flu is especially hard to control -0-;;;
there’ve been alot of not very good news recently so always keep your hands clean !!
when going to crowded places wear a mask and please take care of your health~

* JJ used 파랭이 = little blue ones, i replaced it with ELF.

source; SJ OHP
translated by; carolyn @