Super Junior – 7Jib Mamacita Photoshoot Making Film

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(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Heechul!

It’s been a while. I remember when I created my first post and it was about Kim Heechul’s birthday. So embarrassing coz I sounded jeje before and I even translated my message through Google Translate which was not  accurate, by the way.

Anyway, I would like to greet you a happy birthday, Kim Heechul! You are still our Space Big Star. We love you and enjoy your everyday.

P.S. Please get a real girlfriend. Not Anna. Not Asuka. Hahaha

(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Leeteuk!

So… this is so late… because only 1 hour left and it’s already July 2 – meaning, Leeteuk’s special day is finally over. Don’t worry, I have reasons. Hihi. You’ll know later.

Anyway… as usual, I would want to wish Park Jungsoo a happy birthday. I know that he is not home to celebrate with his loved ones but I hope that he has a wonderful day today.

Actually, there isn’t any tear-jerking birthday message for him today. Sorry. T-T

I’m joking.

Of course, Leeteuk is my most favorite, most special, most loved person (after my family of course) in the whole wide world. Woo. Kiligin ka.

I know that I have been busy spazzing with Leo lately, but then I know that he knows (of course he really doesn’t) that 100% percent of my heart belongs to him. I have another heart for others though. HAHAHAHA just joking.

I don’t have a lengthy message for him (I actually do, but maybe I’ll write it soon). BBBBBBut!

I have two gifts for him.

I composed a song for him. Hehe. I planned this last time too, but it’s too difficult! T-T

It’s more than a minute long and it’s acapella (because I have a hard time composing it using the piano, I’ve tried a lot of melodies but I failed). I still failed, however, because I basically did adlibs only that was why my voice was shaky and sometimes flat (sorry about that). I put the lyrics in the video too. Also, I apologize if I would cause a thunderstorm for this.

This song sounds like a musical piece because it’s so random. Yeah, I’m sorry if I failed big time. And sorry if it’s not Korean. HAHAHA Maybe next time when I finally learn how to speak the language.

Hehe. Here it is… Please don’t laugh!

A Promise

And my second gift… is a sketch of him. I apologize again if the drawing doesn’t look like him. Hehe. Will improve next time. I hope.

Will post this later maybe on Saturday. Hoho. I am not yet finished. XD

Park Jungsoo, thank you for being born. Thank you for being you. Biglang ganun. It’s only a month left and we’ll finally see you back with Super Junior again. I sincerely missed you and your craziness, your dorkiness, your mistakes, your insecurities, your emo-ness, etc. But I also missed your voice, your moves, your laugh, your dimples, your smile, your eyes, your piano skills, your emcee skills, your talents, your dedication, your strength, your leadership and everything about you. This is another chapter of your life because another year has been added. No, you’re not old. You just aged a little bit, so don’t be insecure about it. Everyone grows old, everyone ages. And be proud because you are mature now. Be proud because you are loved by everyone (well, there are still haters but I bet haters also miss you and they secretly love you).

Don’t get too sad if there are ELF who finally left the fandom (you might say that I left the fandom because of the VIXX spazzing, but the truth is, I didn’t, don’t and won’t leave this fandom. I won’t leave you. I promised to hold your hand and not let go forever, right?). I won’t say they are not true ELF because I know, deep inside their hearts that there is still, even slight, a Super Junior part. It’s not about the people who left, it’s about the people who stayed.

Just be happy with your life. I wish you all the success in life (you are almost there, just find someone you would marry haha). Just be yourself. Positive, negative – it’s what you are. It’s who you are. It’s what makes you Leeteuk – the only one in the world. The only one in my heart. Naks.

Oh wait, before I forget, I would ratify my promise. I will hold your hand and never let go unless there is someone else you like to hold your hand for the rest of your life – someone else you would love and be with for the rest of eternity. I won’t be selfish when that time comes. And I won’t cry, don’t worry. I’ll be sad for myself, yes, but I won’t cry because it’s your happiness. XD Why did I even say it here?


Happy birthday Leeteuk, my Angel Hair Pasta, my Itik, my ChopinTeuk, my RattaTeukie, my Immortal Soul, my Fantasy, my Jungsoonim.

I love you, and I will always love you.

Ugh I am so cheesy, I feel so weird when I say ‘my’. I know you’re not mine, but still… HAHAHA

(MOD POST) – Happy Birthday Zhoumi!

It is April 19! What day is today? Zhoumi’s birthday!

My second bias after Jungsoo… happy birthday! I know that you’ve been through a lot of pain, a lot of tears, a lot of regrets and a lot of fears. But remember that there are lots and lots of us who love you! 😀 The number of the people who love you outnumbers the number of people who hate you, so don’t worry.

You know, you are an inspiration to me. Recently, I begin listening to your songs and your voice really suits me. Your songs make me happy, make me sad, make me feel what you want me to feel. I am thankful for that.

I am also thankful because you don’t give up. You don’t just stop from achieving your dreams just because people are mocking you. You don’t stop to make us proud. You are one of the best people in the world who is able to show the world that you can do it, that you can move forward.

I hope to make you smile someday. I hope to see you in a fanmeeting or fansigning someday, because I was not able to go during Tony Moly fansigning in the Philippines. I was actually wanting to go to you (to be honest I also want to go to Sungmin or Eunhyuk but then, I realize that you are the person whom I wanted to go to because you’re the most special). I owe you that. Hehe.

I can’t forget that time in SS5 Manila when you pointed at our direction, looked at our camera and smiled. I don’t know if it was us to whom you and Henry were pointing at. XD I just hope that it was us. XD

Just keep it up, keep on dreaming. Keep on believing. More blessing in life for you.

Love yah!


(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Kyuhyun!

Happy birthday to our evil magnae with an angelic voice, Cho Kyuhyun! I am sorry if I wasn’t able to go to the fanmeeting and the concert yesterday, but I do hope that we are able to celebrate your birthday with a bang. Your birthday is special this year because you got to grow another year in the Philippines.

I hope that you would have all the blessings life has to offer. I know that you can do so much and you can be successful in everything that you do.

Happy birthday again, and I love you! AND MING LOVES YOU TOO HOHO

(MOD POST) Stay Strong Park Jungsoo

I went home, knowing that Jungsoo’s father and grandparents died in a car accident. I felt blank. I was very sad for Leeteuk who lost three most important people in his life in just a snap. Losing one is sad enough, what more if it is three? I cried, and wished I was with him to comfort him.

Earlier, when I was on my way home, I suddenly felt the urge to visit him in Korea for no definite reason. I just felt that I wanted to go to him and hug him for no reason at all. I didn’t know why, but I felt that I needed to go there.

I thought that I was just missing him, but… it was something else.

Condolences to Jungsoo and his family. I hope they can mourn in private.

Jungsoo, I want to say sorry… because I could not be there with you now that you’re in one of the darkest hours of your life, but I just want you to know that even if we’re apart, I am still holding your hand and I won’t let go of it, especially now. You were grateful to your father and grandparents, and I know, even if they are all in heaven now, they are still going to watch you and they are so proud of you, because you are one of a kind, their special angel. Super Junior members, other artists, ELF and other fandoms are protecting you and we all love you so please stay strong.

#StayStrongParkJungsoo. We will pray for you and your family.

Super Junior + Various Artists – Lotte Duty Free Music Video (Korean + Chinese + Japanese + English)

Lotte Duty Free (Korean)

Lotte Duty Free (Chinese Ver. 1)

Lotte Duty Free (Chinese Ver. 2)

Lotte Duty Free (Japanese)

Lotte Duty Free (English)

(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Kyuhyun!

It’s February 3 here and in Korea so Kyuhyun’s is already celebrating his birthday! Happy birthday dearest magnae with the most wonderful, outstanding, incredible, excellent voice in the history of the universe, at least for me~

The half of one of my two coins, the Arthur in my KyuMin and the Kyuhyun in my MerThur… Happy birthday Cho Kyuhyun.

My first ever bias in Super Junior, the person who made me love Super Junior.

Always be happy. You’ve been given a lot of blessings last year, and I think it will continue up until the rest of eternity. Be you and don’t change anything! Woo! Be successful in everything!

Have fun with Ming. LOL

We love you, Cho Kyuhyun. Continue being handsome and fantastic~♥

(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Kangin!

Aw, our KangBear Appa and my… yes, my Bebebear’s celebrating his birthday today! Our Youngwoon who is in Korea right now, our no. 1 handsome raccoon. Our no. 1 most handsome guy in Korea, Kangin!

Happy birthday, Kangin! It’s been our first time to celebrate your birthday after being released from the army. I am happy that we are able to give you the greatest gift for your birthday: the GDA Disk Daesang. I was so happy that you gave the speech in behalf of the members, and of course, Leeteuk. I thought you’re really going to cry, and I knew that you would if you were not stopped by Siwon. Hehe. But yes, I was also happy that you finally received it with the members.

You’ve become my bias just two months from now I think… so you’re special, although you’re all special. Hehe.

I just want to wish you a happy happy birthday and even though the other members couldn’t celebrate it with you *coughSungmincough*, I still want you to enjoy your day! I hope you would grow into a finer man in the future, stronger, more talented and more handsome. I hope you could celebrate it with your special people. And all the good things for you. ♥

I love you! ELF love you!

Once again, happy birthday~!

[MOD POST] Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Sungmin and Colin!

Happy new year everyone! Let’s move forward and be stronger forever! I wish you prosperity, luck and blessings in life!

And, what’s the good thing about January 1 aside from new year? There are two persons who celebrate their birthdays! Born on January 1, 1986, the halves of my two coins, the Sungmin of my MerThur, and the Merlin of my KyuMin, Colin Morgan and Lee Sungmin!

Happy birthday to our baby girl, our chu, our aegyo king, our pumpkin, and my soulmate, Lee Sungmin! Stay happy and blessed! You’re as perfect as you are now, don’t ever change. You don’t have to. You’re one of my most special persons, and I am thanking your for being an inspiration. Thank you for who you are. I hope that you would be more successful in life, family and love ehemKyuehemehemKanginehemehemSJmembersehemehemEveryoneIShipHimWithehem! I will be here for you forever as a fan and an ELF. We love you! ♥

And Happy birthday to Colin Morgan ! Stay blessed! May you have a fruitful career! ♥ Even if Merlin is already finished, I will still support you in all your shows! Thank you for inspiring me and making me cry last Christmas. ♥

I love you both! ♥

(MOD POST) Year End Awards and Voting

Updated on December 11, 2012, 15:49 KST

Since year-end awarding ceremonies, aside from MNet Asian Music Awards 2012, are approaching or are already on going, Worldwide ELFs (@WorldwideELFs) compiled links and instructions to support Super Junior in all awarding ceremonies. Here is a quote from their tweet:
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