Super Junior – KBS World Radio Backstage Chat + Transcript

[120810] Backstage Chat


Hello KBS WORLD Radio listeners, we are Super Junior!

Q: First, congratulations on your comeback! Your sixth album “Sexy, Free & Single” is receiving a lot of love, please tell us about it.
A: (Lee Teuk) Like the title, it tells the story of successful men. The song(s) express(es), «We’re sexy. We’re free. We’re single.» We’ve been hearing that girls will get very giddy from listening to the song(s).

Q: What kind of a song is the title track, “Sexy, Free & Single”?
A: (Ye Sung) This song needs no explanation. We’ll just sing and dance it for you.
(Eun Hyuk) The highlight of this dance, where you clap your hands, is very important. One, two, three~ (song) Uh~ (clap) Uh~ That’s right! This dance is very good for your blood circulation.

Q: Wow, that’s great! Didn’t the world renowned choreographer Devin Jamieson create the dance for “Sexy, Free & Single”? What was it like working with him? Also, how long did it take for you to perfect the moves? (question from French broadcast listener Dominique Conan)
A: (Lee Teuk) If we were to tell you a little bit about our choreographer Devin’s experience, he used to be a dancer for Michael Jackson, he’s in the movie « This Is It ». He’s a very famous dancer that’s worked also with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Usher. He’s worked with us since our fourth album « Bonamana ». He now knows our style pretty well, we’re pretty in sync with each other, and I can’t help but think our practice sessions went very well together.

Q: Like your comeback song’s title “Sexy, Free & Single”, which member is the most sexy? Who’s the most free, with the most care-free spirit? (question from Vietnamese broadcast listener Lyly, july_rain 152, etc.)
A: (Lee Teuk) Well first, we’ll pick the sexiest member. This is the first sexy member. Okay, pay attention! Shindong got three votes!
(Shin Dong) Me? Me?
(Other members) That’s just teasing him.
(Shin Dong) What do you mean, teasing?
(Kang In) Explain this. Where?
(Ye Sung) This is how I see it. The reason why Shindong got so many votes is…more than sexy, he kind of has a free image…
(Dong Hae) No, I think he’s sexy. I think this pink hair is sexy.
(Kang In) Truthfully, Shindong’s skin is very white. It’s kind of like baby skin, which is why he’s sexy.
(Lee Teuk) Okay, Shindong is the sexiest member. Now, the care-free spirit! One, two, three! Here, Ryeo-wook got three votes and Dong Hae got 2 votes. So, Ryeo Wook…
(Ryeo Wook) Yes, I’m very free-spirited…Uh…What am I supposed to say?
(Shin Dong) See, he’s so carefree~

Q: A lot of fans are excited about this album’s promotions because Kang In is back. How do you feel about returning to the group? (question from French broadcast listener Aurélie Giacino, Indonesian broadcast listener Ratnadewi Admajaya, Vietnamese broadcast listener Le Thi Kieu Oanh)
A: (Kang In) It’s so great that I really can’t even describe it in words. For the past three years, the thing I wanted to do the most was to be on stage with my groupmates…it’s like an ongoing dream each and every day. To repay the fans and my groupmates for this opportunity, to receive more love, I will work even harder in the future. I missed you all so much. Thank you.

Q: All ten songs on your sixth album has a unique and attractive charm. Among them, I hear that the song “From U” is especially special. Tell us about this song.
A: (Lee Teuk) Yes, you know how we have these questions being sent through twitter from people all over the world? It’s those very people that we dedicate this song to. We dedicate this song to all our E.L.F.s. To be honest, we receive so much love compared to what we have to offer, and we’ve been constantly thinking about how we can repay the immense love that we’ve been receiving. We expressed this through this little song, and our fans seem to like it very much. So we hope to continue to return the love through not just our songs, but other means as well.

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Q: The 10-city, 24-show world tour “Super Show” ended very successfully. There were hordes of fans at the airport to greet you for your concert in France. I’m curious to know how you felt [to see that]? (question from French E.L.F Line President, Delphine Crédot)
A: (Eun Hyuk) First, I think France is incredibly meaningful. In fact, the place I visited when I went on my first vacation alone was also France. Even then many fans came out to greet me. It was so unbelievable. When we went for our concert there, even more people came out so we were very surprised, and very touched as well.

Q: Super Junior is incredibly popular in China and Taiwan as well! Could you tell us about a memorable experience there? (question from Chinese broadcast listener, Li Xue)
A: (Lee Teuk) Because we have our Super Junior M unit, with members actively promoting in Taiwan, when we get in a cab at the airport there, we just tell the cab driver “To SuJu’s dorm/lodgings”, and he takes us directly there. Also, with Dong Hae and Si Won having spent over three months in Taiwan shooting a drama, we see fans following us around in cabs. With the drama shoot lasting so long, we now get fan letters saying, “Oppa, stop the drama shooting and go back to Korea now. We’re out of money.” We think of it as all of your love and so we’ll continue to work harder. Thank you.
(Sung Min) I once almost got lost in Taiwan. I wanted to go outside, because I was locked up in the dorms. Once, after we finished our schedules for the day, I decided to go for a walk downtown, so without thought, I did while listening to music and taking in the sights. Then I realized I was lost. However, fans following me helped show me the way and so I was able to make it back to the dorms safely.

Q: I really love Ryeo Wook’s food pictures that he uploads on Twitter. Do you have any plans to maybe release a cookbook in the future? (question from Vietnamese broadcast listener, Soo Khank)
A: (Ryeo Wook) The truth is that there are a lot of people on diets, and a lot of people who enjoy late night treats. The pictures I post up on my twitter are mainly all late night snacks/treats. If the opportunity comes, I would like to release a cookbook, but have no such plans yet.

Q: Let’s hear what Korean dishes Super Junior would recommend for our KBS World Radio listeners!
A: (Shin Dong) There’s so many delicious food items in Korea. From them, the one I personally love the most is pork. And out of all the pork dishes, pork with red seasonings, jaeyook bokgeum! I really like it, and can make it very well, so please come visit us. We’ll make you delicious jaeyook bokgeum!

Q: In the Super Junior fan club, E.L.F., there are of course many teenagers, and people that are younger than you. To such people, you’re more than just their favorite star, but even figures that helped to shape and guide their lives. This is because they don’t just stop at listening to your music, they try to follow your looks/style and actions. I’m curious to know whether you feel the social responsibility of that, and if you feel any burden and pressure from it? (question from Russian broadcast listener, Daria Dudko)
A: (Lee Teuk) As you know, we’re an idol group. This stems from the word “idol”. Because of this, it’s true we’re very careful and pay extra attention to every move we make and comment we say. We often think about how we need to show everyone the things we weren’t able to show you in the past, more admirable sides to ourselves.

Q: Lastly, could you tell us about what your hopes and aspirations are for the promotions for this latest album? (question from Indonesian broadcast listener Esti Purwanti, German broadcast listener Nancy Roehrdance, etc.)
A: (Lee Teuk) First, thank you so much for sending in your questions from all over the world. This is our sixth album. The number idol groups struggle to get past is the number six. We think it’s one hurdle that we overcame. More than a number ranking, more than what we need to accomplish next, we hope to stick around for a long time together with each other and with our fans. We will also try to send our lively energy to each part of the world our E.L.F.s are in. To those that are out of energy, lacking in vitality…And those lethargic people thinking, “Ah~ Am I even really living my life?”! For all these people, we, Super Junior, will work hard to be a small light, and be the salt in your lives. Thank you!

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Kibum and His Dream Career as an Actor

Kim Kibum and the Dream Career as an Actor

Kibum “Actually, I’m not good at singing or dancing. But when I get to work with friends, everyone will support me and that makes everything comes out smoothly.”

In ‘Jumunjin’, Kibum is cast as a spirit; a role about a man who has become a spirit after the separation from his loved one, which is totally different from ‘Flower Boys’; starring Super Junior.

Kibum “I’m very pressured and stressful to be cast as a leading role in Jumunjin. The scripts are quite complicated and hard to appreciate. Because this is such a normal role, to express normal feelings to the audience is even harder than playing a complex role. [despite all that] I want to try once. To be a good actor, you must try to act in a harder role, follow the experienced one [note: he means, to learn from experienced actors], and listen to the senior’s suggestions. I believe a very good and successful actor must have had a beginning like me.”

For Kibum, he didn’t debut as a singer for Super Junior boy band but he began his journey on the entertainment path with a role in a TV series; ‘April Kiss’, at the age of 16. At that time, acting is just for the earnings, not because of the love in doing so.

Kibum “When I was in America, my parents’ relationship affected my study. Therefore, I began to have a thought of coming back to Korea to work as an actor and earn myself a living. At that time, I didn’t have any other thoughts. When someone offered me a job, I would only ask ‘Does the earnings good?’ and now I’m standing here [note: he means, those makes he reaches his present point].”

An interview about the film, Jumunjin.

The role
Kibum “I’m cast as a spirit; a man who changed himself into a spirit. In fact, this role has very few ‘speaking’ cues. Much to be expressed is emotions. I had to scream and howl a lot! (laugh). During the filming, the scripts were changed in 27 parts. I had to adjust myself to the change. Very challenging.”

The long hair we saw in the film, is that your real hair?
Kibum “Yes, it’s my real hair. When I had to grow my hair long, I came to understand women more (laugh). The washing and the blow-drying are so troubling. Especially when having meals, the hair would drop into my mouth (laugh). From now on, when I see women with long hair, I will have a more considerate thought towards them [note: a more considerate thought about how hard those women have to take care of their hair].”

How do you feel working with Hwang Bo-ra?
Kibum “We met for the first time in ‘Rainbow Romance’. I could feel the friendly and intimate atmospheres. At that time, she gave me a book with a message inside saying ‘Hope we have a chance to work together again’. We are now working together again. We both feel ‘eh? … we’ve already gotten this old?’”

The kissing scene with Hwang Bo-ra
Kibum “It is common for a romantic movie to have a kiss scene (smile). That scene Bo-ra slowly lied down. I and Bo-ra slowly moved closer towards each other, then sealed a kiss. If you want to see this scene, please look forward to ‘Jumunjin’.”

When Kim Kibum is in love [note: the interviewer refers to Kibum’s role in Jumunjin, not himself.]
Kibum “Even as a spirit, but a spirit with heart [can also means feeling]. In some scenes, they show that I (in the movie) am sensitive [can also means have a delicate side] like normal people. So, don’t look down on ghosts. They know how to love (laugh).”

The most favourite and impressed scene
Kibum “The scene in which the spirit disguised himself in the water. I normally like playing in the water. Never thought I would (have a chance to) soak myself during the filming. I was really excited (laugh). It is the scene that I really like and I’m very impressed.”

The most difficult thing
Kibum “The clothes. I only have two garments to wear for the whole movie. During the filming, the weather was very cold. A spirit like me had to wear light (thin) garments. It’s easy to catch a cold, so I had to take the medicine very often. But mine was still better than Bo-ra. There’s a scene which she had to run. She fell and hurt herself. The cold weather makes it more difficult for the wound to cure. I was lucky I didn’t get hurt; otherwise, it would be really bad to be both cold and hurt.”

The feeling of getting the leading role for the first time
Kibum “Of course, you must be really happy and excited for (getting the leading role for) the first time. Even though the responsibilities are much more than when I get the supporting role, this is what I’ve been waiting for. I put so much into this and I hope the response will be good and not less than I’ve expected. This is up to fans on how much they will support the film (smile)”

After ‘Jumunjin’, what have you been doing?
Kibum “After the end of Jumunjin filming, I’m cast for my first play; ‘A (Middle) Nap’ by the director Heo Jinho. The story is about the love and life of a middle aged man and woman. I’m cast as ‘Han Young Jin’; the leading role during the adolescent period. I’m quite stressful with this work because, in a play, you have to act live but I’ll do my best.”

How do you plan your acting career to be?
Kibum “I want to continuously cultivate experiences in acting. Nowadays, my acting skills are still not quite good. My acting is still being charged with ‘Cut’ very often [note: the saying of ‘cut’ from the director when you don’t act perfectly.]. I’m stressful with the job. These show that I’m still not professional enough. I’ll continue to work in this path until I’m good at this and being accepted by fans.”

Source: SINCERE Magazine Thailand vol. 7 no. 78 April 2010 Issue
Translated by Blue19 at

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Focus New Network Interview with Kim Kibum for Jumunjin

Watching “The phantom of the opera” to study the character

“Ghost is a person who can’t forget his ex-lover, he can’t leave a pension in the forest in Kangwondo and he lives like a phantom. Because of the acting for this character, I have to question myself continuously “I’m still alive or I’m dead. Why I am here ?”. I feel like I has become a philosophical and contemplative person”

The movie had started filming when the screenplay hadnt been finished yet. Therefore, Kim Kibum hadnt understood his character so well when he first attended the filming, moreover he is still in his early 20s’ so it was very difficult for him to use his body to express one person’s deep sorrow because of love

“During 2 months, I avoided contacting with people and spend almost the time in the dark places. I had tried my best to be able to be mysterious like the character
in the movie “The phantom of the opera” which I was recommended by the director”.

“We (Kibum & Bora) sometime drink together. Also, the winter came to Jumunjin quite soon so I remember we got to see the first snow in November”

Suju is a strong family

“I’m the one who always busy but although I dont have chance to share every small story with the other members, inside my heart Suju still exist like a strong family. This time “Jumunjin” press conference, the other members also came and gave me their support”

Challenge in director Heo Jinho’s play “A middle nap”

Not long ago, Ki Kibum has been cast in the play “A middle nap” of directer Heo Jinho. Singing, drama, movie, play…to him, the question “What do you really want to do ?” hasnt have its meaning already.

“I think it’s not important what modifier will be put in front of my name. I enjoy my life as much as I can so whatever I want and experience the happiness from that. Moreover, it’s a honor that director Heo Jinho himself had suggested me to the play so I didnt question anything and agree.”

“Everybody please stay healthy in the new year. I hope I can get healthier. It’d better begin with I should make my cold go away….”

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Super Junior Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon Yamaha Fino Interview

Today (January 8, 2009) Super Junior appeared with informal clothes and greeting very friendly with the reporter.

“Hello we are Super Junior!”

△ When you go to here. is there any special ?
Leetuek : This time that we go to Thailand because we will filming the advertisement and also will keep the picture and memory from Thailand too.

△ Have you ever seen both of your advertisement? How do you feel? Do you talk about this with your other member?
Leetuek : Yes, I’ve seen it. In Korea, netizens had uploaded both of advertisement on internet too. My friend is very jealously.

△ How did you feel that you had been to Thailand for filming the advertisement and you had ridden the Fino (motorcycle) on the mountain? (They mean Old advertisement)
Donghae : Thailand’s natural is very beautiful and I feel very funny when I rode the Fino on the mountain. If I have more chance I’ll ride it on the beach too.

△ How did you feel about that you rode the Fino on the beach? Do you want to taste for ride it on the mountain?
: Yeah, I feel very happy. I feel like I’m the actor from some movie.

△ And you guys, where do you want to ride the Fino on?
Shindong : I want to ride the Fino from Thailand to go to Korea.
Eunhyuk : Like Shindong but I want to ride it for go to the E.L.F ‘s house too.
Leetuek : I want to ride it for go to the E.L.F. ‘s heart.

△ Siwon, How did you feel that you often went to Thailand for filming the advertisement.
Siwon : The other members were jealously. They said they want to go to Thailand too. For me I want to make it to be success.

△ Have you ever seen Thai ride the Fino? How do you feel?
Eunhyuk : When we go to anywhere in Thailand, we always see Thai E.L.F. ride the Fino follow me everytime.
Leetuek : Now I feel The Fino is very popular, then has some band copy the Fino. So Real Fino is Fino!
Shindong : อย่าเลียนแบบนะครับ (Don’t copy) (Say as Thai language)
Eunhyuk : ดีมาก (Very good) (Say as Thai language)

△ If you don’t go to Thailand for filming the advertisement, what will you do?
Leetuek : Maybe live in Korea, sit and think that “When will we have the chance to go to Thailand for filming again?”
Eunhyuk : I’m sadly in Korea too.
Shindong : I will go to Thailand with myself.
Donghae : If I wouldn’t have filiming on 2010’s new year. 2010 is the year that very sad for me.
Shindong : อย่าเลียนแบบนะครับ (Don’t copy) (Say as Thai language)
Siwon : No way. However I will must filming the advertisement.

△ All your songs, which’s your the most like?
Leeteuk : Maybe ‘ Sorry Sorry ‘ because I feel it’s very popular for E.L.F. and it’s on the chart too. The song that E.L.F. love, I’ll love too.

△ Have many Thai go to Korea, could you advise the place that can travel in Korea?
Eunhyuk: My radio station. It’s the place that can meet we’re on air, don’t be miss it.

△ Try to say Thai language.
Shindong : อย่าเลียนแบบนะครับ (Don’t copy.)
Eunhyuk : ขี่ฟีโน่รถไม่ติด (Ride Fino, won’t be jam.)
Siwon : มองไฟหน้าชั้น My Fino (Look at my headlights, My fino)
Donghae : ฟีโน่มาหานะเธอ (Fino come to you, dear.)
Leeteuk : ฟีโน่เจิดมาก ฟีโน่ของผมเป็นฟิตเนสเคลื่อนที่ (Fino is so cool. My Fino is moving fitness.)
Eunhyuk : ดีมาก (Very good.)

△ How do you feel that you’ve been the Fino’s presenter.
Leeteuk : I’m very happy that I’m one in Fino. We’ve worked with Fino for very long. I wish there will be Fino and Super Junior forever!

△ Say deposit your work with Thai E.L.F. .
Leeteuk : My name is Fino, My father is Yamaha
Donghae: I wish everyone will have more love with Fino in new year. My gift that I want is ride the Fino with E.L.F to go to everywhere in Thailand.
Siwon : Being the Fino’s presenter because of E.L.F. Because they give us the loving. So I will do the well work forever. I wish you everyone have a happiness and good healthy.
Eunhyuk : I want to have been with Fino forever.
Shindong : มีความสุขไหมครับ พวกเราก็มีความสุขครับ (Are you happy, we are happy!) (Say as Thai language)

So Leeteuk says they will come back with all SJ’s member in ‘Motor Show’ that will start at March 2010.

Source: here
Translated by sonethloveshizz @

Super Junior Interview Transcript For Epop Magazine Issue 204

Translated Super Junior parts only

Epop: This year could be said to be Super Junior’s year, and also receiving the Daesung, how does that feels?
Eeteuk: To be a singer on stage has been my dream. So I am very happy! Many thanks to all the ELFs and those who have supported us all these while.

Epop: This time, Super Junior’s stage didn’t have KiBum and Kang-In, it must be really difficult for you guys right?
Eeteuk: Erm.. Actually, Super Junior has 13 people. Although they may not be physically with us, but mentally, they always are. Furthermore, after knowing that we received the DaeSung, KiBum and Kang-In were very happy as well!

Epop: Other than the members, are there any problems that you are worried about?
Eeteuk: DBSK’s lawsuit. Even though they debuted before us, but according to age, they are all like my brothers. To me, DBSK is an example to be looked up to. Seeing them becoming one of the world’s best idol group, we always thought, when will Super Junior reach that level? That was probably why, when DBSK had this problem, we were all very upset, because they were like my brothers, and we have gone through practices together, so if there is any problems, you can always discuss it with us ~

Epop: You have filmed (cliff thingy) movie with Andy Lau, do you still stay on contact with him after the filming?
Siwon: Hehe.. Andy Lau is really nice. When I am in China or in Hong Kong, Andy Lau would invite me over to his house, and I am really grateful for it.

Epop: So, will you be filming any new movies?
Siwon: I would really love to, but now, I am rather busy with all the promotions. Maybe next year, there might be a chance of starring in a movie or a drama ~

Epop: Have you ever thought of branching out into hosting?
Siwon: Haha.. Every time I see the members doing such programs, I am really in awe. I think if I was to be me, I would just stand at one corner and watch how things are going (instead of participating).
DongHae: Actually, I have wanted to give it a try. Because everyone’s hosting techniques are different, therefore, to be a host, you must have the ability. I remember there was one program that I was in, and when the show was broadcasted, my scenes were all cut off. It’s sad just to think about it. Hehe..

Epop: Describe your ideal type?
Siwon: Easy to communicate, and must be really caring.

Epop: Sungmin and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny shares a really good friendship right?
Sungmin: We hosted a radio program together, hence the good relationship with each other. Plus, those around us love to pair both of us together ~ Hehe..

Epop: With the recent promotions in different countries, how does it feel?
Ryeowook: Yes, these days, we are always flying to China, and it’s like taking a bus. Hehe.. it feels great, and it’s a really good experience.

Epop: What do you think of your popularity in China?
HanGeng: My popularity is obviously the highest ~ Haha..

Epop: When in China, you guys probably rely a lot on HanGeng?
Ryeowook: Yes! Because HanGeng is really good!

Epop: In Super Junior, what do you think you must have to showcase yourself better?
Ryeowook: Having your own character. Because when 13 people go on an event, it is hard for people to take notice of you. If you don’t possess a unique character, you will be easily missed out. As for me, my personal characteristics would be my vocals.

Epop: What do you think a good singer needs to be ready for?
Ryeowook: Must have been in love ~ Haha.. because there is a difference in the emotions between those who have had a relationship before and those who haven’t experienced it. Look like I have to go get a girlfriend! Hehe..

Epop: The song, Sorry Sorry is really popular. When you first heard it, what were your feelings?
DongHae: During that time, Eeteuk gave me an impression that he didn’t like the song. But I really loved the song, and together with our choreography, it will definitely be a hit!

Epop: Do you come together to discuss every time you get a new song?
DongHae: Yes, every member would give their own opinions.

Epop: Is there any difference between the boys on stage and the boys off stage?
DongHae: Erm.. it’s about the same. Although on stage, we may be really serious and glamorous idols, but off stage or at home, we are all very noisy.

Epop: Actually, the age gap between you and your fans are really big, right?
DongHae: Haha.. actually, age doesn’t make a difference to me.
KyuHyun: If one of our older fans were to get married, I would feel that, ‘Wow, time passes really fast~’

Epop: What other aspect of the entertainment industry would you like to try out?
YeSung: Actually, I would like to try acting. I used to do stage productions, so I feel that acting is like a different aspect all together.
Eeteuk: I would still like to stay as a host ~

Epop: What would the 30 year old Super Junior be like?
EunHyuk: Erm.. hopefully even when we are all middle-aged, we will still be able to use the name Super Junior to carry on all our activities.

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Super Junior Interview With ISPlus at their Golden Disk Awards After-Party

Super Junior: “Now it still pulls at our heartstrings to be able to get GDA daesang.”

Eunhyuk cheered with soda instead of alcohol

I (the reporter) had a drink with Suju on December 10th. After the GDA ceremony, they had had a after-party at a samkyeobsal restaurant at Apgujeong, Kangnam. Although it had been near midnight but there were still about 100 fans surrounded outside the restaurant.

On that day, except Kangin who got into the DUI accident, Kibum who was filming “Jumujin” and Shindong who got radio show “Simsimtapa”, the all other 10 members joined in the party.

– Congratulation
Leeteuk : I’m very happy because as a singer, to be able to stand at that palce is like a dream. I want to thank to our fanclub ELF who had given us a lot of support.

– You had cried a lot at the ceremony, what emotion you have been filled with ?
Leeteuk : Although I said that I wont cry but in the end I burst out with tears. I felt sad because Kangin & Kibum cant be with us today.

– How about Kangin ?
Leeteuk : I talked to him after the ceremony ended…he also is watching the ceremony at home. He himself was very happy that he cried. “Hyung, I’m so so sorry” I heard him said that and it really tugged at my heart.

– And Kibum ?
Leeteuk : He is filming for the movie “Jumujin” at Kangwondo. He might feel happy a lot as well.

Leeteuk “I feel very sad about DBSG’s argument”

– Do you also cried because now you has escaped from DBSG’s shadow, dont you ?
Leeteuk : Although DBSG debuted earlier than us but they’re still our dongsaeng when it comes to age. In fact we always envy with DBSG. Whenever we see them as the best group in the world, we always think that “when will we be able to become like that ?”

– So do you really care about DBSG in danger of breakup ?
Leeteuk : Yes, I feel very sad. They are all my good dongsaeng…especially I had met Xiah Junsu since he was a trainee in his Junior high/high school time, he has been a friend and a hoobae who shared happiness and sorrow with me. He always asks me for advice if he faced a difficult problem. I feel that we’re the same and dont have much difference.

Eunhyuk ” I myself directly prepared the celebrities’ photos for ‘Strong heart’ ‘Teukigayo’ “

– SBS Strong heart’s Teukigayo is really funny
Eunhyuk : Thank you. With Leeteuk hyung and Shindong hyung, 3 of us also have a lot of fun in preparing for the show. Fortunately, there are many people who like it so I feel more confident.

– Another person do the writing thing ?
Eunhyuk : No, we ourselves directly do all, from the ideas to practice, performace, finding celebrities’ past photo and print them. After having the in-charged PD’s agreement, we feel like we can be those gagmans from Gag concert.

– Has Boom in military contacted you ?
Eunhyuk : Not yet. But before Boom hyung entered the army, he had given Leeteuk-hyung a letter of attorney for “Teukigayo” (laugh)

– Your image in “Let’s go Dram team season 2” has been very impressed
Eunhyuk : Because my body structure is slimmer than the other members’ so there many people think it looks like a girl’s but my dream when I was young is to be a footbal player. I used to be a footbal player in the team of Neungkok elementary school, Kyungki-do.

Heechul “I know that people choose me because of my outlook more than my singing ability”

– Heechul-sshi, it’s not easy to be an entertainer even with you , right ?
Heechul : It’s hard to do both acting and entertainment at the same time. I have to be serious when acting and funny and bitter when it comes to entertainment. Therefore recently I cut down my appearance in variety show to focus on acting.

– What role do you want to try ?
Heechul : I want to try the villain role like a murderer or a psychopath. Those like the role of Ha Jeongwoo-sshi in “The chaser” or Jang Geunseok in “The case of Itaewon homicide”

– Did the other members complain about your individual activities ?
Heechul : Of course. There were many problems about how we could do the promotion for this album “Sorry sorry”. I was called the problem child among the team. But the other members had practiced the dance steps without me and still left my spot blank to wait for me. I’m very thankful.

– What do you think about being chosen because of your outlook ?
Heechul : To be honest I know that my outlook impressed people more than my singing or dancing ability. That’s why recently I pay a lot of attention in managing my weight. Before filming the drama “Loving you 10 million times” I thought about my fans and had lost 8kg within 2 weeks.

Heechul together with Leeteuk is the eldest hyungs who lead the group. On that day, Heechul’s special humour had made the atmosphere of the celebration party become mellow. He also amazed the reporter by saying that recently he met Kang Jihwan quite often and he also showed the congratulation message that Kim Myungin sent to him.

② Super Junior Shiwon “My ideal type is a person who lead a conversation well”

– Shiwon-sshi had a role in the Korea-China-Japan movie “Battle of wits”, right ?
Shiwon : Yes, it was a nice experience to me. I felt honour to be able to act with the Korean-Chinese great actors like Ahn Seongki and Andy Lau.

– You have bulit a friendship with Andy Lau-sshi ?
Shiwon : because of the concert so whenever I have to go to Hongkong from China he always invites me to come to his house. I feel thankful that he doesnt forget to contact me.

– You dont act that much often
Shiwon : I really want to do but above all I have to do “sorry sorry”. Perhaps next year I can meet the fans with a drama or a movie.

– How about attending variety show like the other members ?
Shiwon : I admire the other members whenever I see them on the variety shows. But I cant do well like that so I will just sit and watch (laugh)

– Your ideal type ?
Shiwon : I like a person who lead a conversation well and have a good heart.

Before everyone know, 2 hours has passed but we still have 6 members to meet. But we will interviewed Sungmin and Hankyung first so that they can go home because they are suffering from stomachache and cold. They will move to the next seat of Ryeowook, Donghae, Yesung, Kyuhyun.

Hankyung who was born in China “The best guide for Korean life is Heechul”

– Sungmin-sshi, you seems to be especially close with SNSD’s Sunny.
Sungmin : We did a radio show together so we are close. The joke around was just for making the atmosphere (laugh)

– It’s very pity that MBC “Opppa band ” has ended
Sungmin : It just last more than 3 months so I’m sad. But I feel greatful that I can have a close friendship with the people who joined in the show.

– Hankyung-sshi, you have the nickname of “1,3 billion’s miracle”, right ?
Hankyung was born in China so his Korean is poor, he also is suffering from cold. But compare with the first-days activities, his Korean has got a lot better.

Hankyung : It means that among 1,3 billions people in China, I’m the only one who got chosen to be a singer in Suju (laugh). And however I’m still the one who are more popular than the other in SJM when we have activities in China (laugh)

Ryeowook “I have a tone like girl’s”

– Ryeowook is also a member of SJM, right ?
Ryeowook : Recently I travel by plane in China a lot that I even feel like I’m taking the bus to travel around the city. And I like it because now I have saved a lot of mileage (laugh)

– When you come to China, everything you will have to depend on Hankyung, right ?
Ryeowook : Yes, it is. When I’m in China I look up to Hankyung-hyung. At first I’m not close with hyung because of his poor Korean but after coming to China, it has change.

– Do you have any talent that no one else in the group has ?
Ryeowook : It’s my most useful talent. It’s 13-member activities so if you dont have any individual talent, you will be covered easily. My individual talent is I have a tone like a girl.

– What do think is the condition of a good singer ?
Ryeowook : You have to be in love. The person who has been in love and hasnt been in love have different sensibility. I think I should try to be in love now (laugh)

③ Super Junior “We’ve debuted for 4 years…there are many nuna fans who got married”

Donghae “Being cut out from the entertainment show is a big hurt”

– Donghae-sshi, what was your feeling when you listened to “sorry sorry” for the first time ?
Donghae : At that time Leeteuk hyung showed a “I really dont like it” reaction. But my thought was it would be a big success. And when we did the dance step, I had felt that it was very cool (laugh)

– Do you have a better foresight ability than leader Leeteuk ?
Donghae : No. Everytime there was a new song, the members’ opinions are very various. The members’ opinion that “sorry sorry” would be successful or not were just half-and-half.

– You dont appear on entertainment show much
Donghae : I really want to do it but dont know how. Everybody has their own ability. Broadcasting is cold-hearted. Everytime I appear on a variety show, they cut out almost my part and it hurt me a lot (laugh)

On the stage they are the most shining idol stars, but here inside a noisy samkyeobsal restaurant they are like those friends who are having a class union after a long time, it’s very peaceful and warm. They drink soju and lastly we have a question for all the members.

“We’ve debuted for 4 years…there are many nuna fans who got married”

– You have debuted for 4 years, how is the feeling of getting older ?
Kyuhyun : The aunt & nuna fans are getting married and ah, I feel that the time has passed very fast (laugh)
Yesung : As seeing on today award ceremony, there are not many people who are our sunbae.

– Is there any field that you’re interested in besides the group activities ?
Yesung : I’m interested in acting too. I’ve just played in the musical “namhansansung” and acting is really interesting. I also like movie, I own more than 1000 DVDs.
Leeteuk : I want to be a MC and Kang Hodong sunbae is my role model.

– What is the image of Suju when you’re 40~50 years old ?
Eunhyuk : although we’re middle-age men then but I hope we still can sing, act, be a MC and various individual activities by the name of Suju.

Suju will come to Nanjing tomorrow to have a concert but today Suju are happy with their award and having a sincere interview. They open their heart and voice out their true feeling. With the flush face and red cheek, they said “now we have achieved something” with satisfaction.

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