(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Han Geng!

Happy birthday! I hope you’re always happy.


Super Junior Full Discography

Hello guys! Yes I’m pretty bored, so I made a list of Super Junior full discography here. I actually copied from Wikipedia and other sources, and I also added some songs that are not mentioned.

For the Super Junior Super Show Tour Album category, I separated the live version audios to studio version audios. I provided playlist links for the live version audios.

I added YouTube links from various users so that you can listen to the songs. If you are going to take the videos out, please credit them. I will try to provide download links if I can, but I think it’s impossible because I might have a problem on copyright or something.

I will provide links for the lyrics if I can. 🙂

I know that it is too late to compile this but this is for the sake of the new fans or the other fans who want to listen to Super Junior songs. Of course, this is also for the sake of the current fans who miss listening to other songs of Super Junior.

If I have mistakes on the title or the links or anything, or if I missed some songs, kindly comment so that I can fix them. This will also be constantly updated, if anything comes. Thank you!

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(MOD POST) Happy birthday Han Geng and Siwon!

Today is Han Geng’s birthday and tomorrow’s Siwon’s, so I’ll merge my messages in one birthday post.

Han Geng… even though he’s not in Super Junior now, I still am happy that I’ve known him with Super Junior. I don’t know if he’s better off with or without Super Junior, however, I am still happy that he made his own decision. I am a bit sad and angry though… He was the first one to break the promise. But still, I am happy for him because I think that he stood up for himself. Currently, he’s doing well in his home country so I doubt if he is sad at all. Okay enough this… I want to say happy birthday our Chinese man. You’re still a Super Junior member in our hearts.

Siwon… it’s not his real birthday tomorrow though… but because he considers it his birthday then fine… happy birthday! =)) This man is so special because he has two birthdays… but I’m more special because everyday is my birthday! LOLJK. Anyway… kidding aside, I seriously loved this man because he appreciated our country and PHELF when he came here along with Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun. It was a surprise visit. Haha! I was really surprised that I wanted to fly to the airport and meet him, but I am in Cavite at that time… LOL. Thanks to him, the fans knew where they were. And OMG. He went to London. He’s teasing me (indirectly though) because he was so near Baker St. He should have had taken pictures of Sherlock’s Museum. -_- But then, it’s still alright. Siwon knows what his fans love… keep it up. \m/ And his Skip Beat drama as Ren Tsuruga (Du He Lian) OMG. He’s perfect. Haha! I’ll admit that Donghae (Bu Po Shang / Sho Fuwa) looked cooler but starting episode 4 I fell in love with Ren all over again because of Siwon. I wish that you would have a good day and a good year as well – prosperity and happiness be with you and Han Geng. But Siwon… please stop chasing after your favorite dongsaeng. D: That’s my only request. Please? LOL Thanks!

That’s it… I wish you both happiness and tons of love in the future.

(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Hangeng!

It’s our Chinese man’s birthday! Happy birthday Hangeng!

I really miss him. Haha… I miss his dorkiness… but I really admire him for being so successful nowadays… So I am proud of you. I hope his career continues. And I also hope that he never forgets us, the fans, despite of what happened before. I’m pretty sure he does not forget us… because he cares for us. 🙂

There, I just wish that he is happy, and always well in terms of career, life, health, luck and love. 🙂

Although he is away from where I first saw him… I will always support him no matter what. To be honest, I feel really sad about him leaving, but what can we do? I have to understand, and besides, it’s his own decision… no one can ever hinder him.

Why am I talking about sad things on his birthday?

There, Happy birthday again!

Updates About Hangeng’s Case – April 19-20

– April 19, 2010 –

March 9th, 2010
Representative plaintiff (Mr. Han Jie) submitted legal documents related to the case.

March 10th, 2010
Documents were sent to defendant’s attorney (Mr. Di Ping Zhi Cheng) on 10th March 2010

March 22nd, 2010
Representative plaintiff (Mr. Han Jie) submitted evidence related to the case

April 7th, 2010
Representative plaintiff (Mr. Han Jie) submitted legal documents related to the case

April 19th, 2010
Defendant’s attorney (Mr. Lu Cun) submitted legal documents related to the case

There is no mistake in the name of the defendant’s attorney. The website clearly states that the defendant’s attorney is Mr. Lu Cun, and not the previous Mr. Di Ping Zhi Cheng.

translator’s note:
Just to clarify:
Plaintiff – Hankyung
Representative plaintiff (Hankyung’s lawyer) – Mr. Han Jie
Defendant – SM Entertainment
Defendant’s attorneys (SM entertainment’s lawyers) – Mr. Di Ping Zhi Cheng (previous), Mr. Lu Cun (current)

– April 20, 2010 –

April 20th, 2010 at 10.45 in 560 Court East Hall
May 25th, 2010 at 10.40 in 560 Court East Hall

As the lawsuit is still in progress, it is better not to be too anxious about it. A lawsuit takes place over a long period of time, so please wait patiently.


Hangeng Baidu Bar
English Translation: Linda @ TwELFs.com


Wah. Now I understand what ‘plaitiff’ means. I’m sorry Obligations and Contracts for not completely understanding you! *bows* That’s why I love studying it (I have to repeat this course again *fail*) I want to learn about this case.

Hankyung as Asian Games Volunteer’s Spokesperson

Hangeng to become the Asian Games Volunteer’s Spokesperson Photo shoots’ Highlights are revealed

Hangeng moving

Determination in Hangeng’s eyes

The Asian Games Volunteer’s Spokesperson

Sina Entertainment News from April 15th to April 17th,

Hangeng was in a photoshoot for the Asian Games Volunteers promotion video and poster in Guangzhou.

This time’s trip in Guangzhou, not only has Hangeng join the “Asian Games Volunteer Palace”, he has also took part in the shooting for the promotion video and the photo shooting for the promotion poster, becoming the Volunteers’ marked spokesperson.

According to the Asian Games organizing committee’s staffs, they revealed that the reason why they chose Hangeng to be their spokesperson: first, it’s because of his powerful appeal that attracts many youngsters and his popularity, but they also chose him because he’s a healthy young man who isn’t afraid to work harder as qualities that represents him. Moreover, those qualities are what the Volunteers group needs.

Also, Hangeng’s schedule wasn’t publicly known, but even with that, a large number of Hangeng’s fans got to know that news and went to meet Hangeng at the airport, taking photos and giving him support. Many fans have also started to question the event’s staff as to join the Volunteers’ group, to put their own efforts in the Guangzhou Asian Games event.

It has also been reported that Hangeng’s promotional film shot will be revealed by the end of April to all the media.

Credits to: Sina
Source posted by: yeyebaby @ sj-world.net
Translated by: snowyelf @ sj-world.net
May be taken out with full credits

(MOD POST) Happy 27th Birthday Hankyung!

Well, it is too late already… But I want to greet our one and only Mr. Beijing Fried Rice, Han Geng! (I am really used to saying Hankyung ^^;)

Anyway… It’s Fe bruary 9, and it’s Hankyung’s birthday! He is already 26 years old (27 in Korea).

Saenggil Chukha Hamnida, Hankyung… 生日快乐!

Hankyung is a very kind and nice guy. He donated his 80% income for the victims of flood and earthquake. Wow. He’s totally amazing. That’s why all members really love him. Well, fans do too.

He is a good son, a loyal member, a trustworthy friend and a responsible citizen. I may not know him personally, but based on the all shows I have watched, I am totally sure of that. He’s a funny guy too… even though he really didn’t understand Korean before (well, he improved a lot now with the help of Heechul), he still participated in SuJu’s activities. And come to think of it, it’s really hard to be the leader of Super Junior M, and hyung to other members besides Leeteuk and Heechul.

Through his perseverance, he managed to succeed in every little thing that he do. But he kept his feet on the ground. He remained humble and helpful.

I believe in him. Although there are lot of issues about him, he still kept his chin up. He never gave up.

This incident… I know it’s familiar: His filing of termination of his contract. At first, it was kinda unbelieable. Imagine, Hankyung is a very quiet man. But all of us will not remain quiet if something bad is happening already. I admire his strength, determination, positive thinking and courage to do all this. Despite oother people hating him, he still didn’t mind.

Being the only Chinese guy in the group, Hankyung really tried his best to cope up with other members.

May he be granted a good health and a prosperous life.

Message for him:

Whenever you are right now, please believe that whatever your decision is, we will support you. We love you that much. If you are hurt, don’t hesitate to tell it to us. Even though we will be hurting to, we will understand because we will feel that we are all important to you. Good health and stay strong as ever. Always smile. Continue to grow and improve more. Remember that all of your fans, and friends, and family are at your side, and we will be all watching you. We are humbly sorry for not being open-minded about your situation right now. Again, happy birthday…

P.S. You never disappointed anyone. We are proud that we have Hankyung Gege cheering for us and inspiring us. You are our Super Man…

Let Love Fly…


‘Hangeng’ and ‘beijingfriedrice’ is trending on Twitter! Help them to become no. 1!

Hankyung Not Present in Concert; Fans Still Gave Support

The 2nd Asia Tour has just ended in Beijing, and because of HanGeng’s contract issues, KangIn’s hiatus and Kibum’s acting commitments, there were only 10 members on stage, performing their songs, like [Sorry Sorry], and also solo performances. However, the fans off stage were shouting “HanGeng, KangIn and KiBum”, while some fans cried.

This is SJ’s first concert in Beijing, and also the first concert that HanGeng was not present. Because of that, there were changes made in the concert, like HanGeng’s solo performance being cancelled, SJ-M singing with only 6 members. Furthermore, the original dance battle that was supposed to consist of EunHyuk, ShinDong, HanGeng was changed to EunHyuk, ShinDong, DongHae and Sungmin. The VCR that was also shown on the big screen also went through changes as well, with most of HanGeng’s scenes being edited out.

Although HanGeng wasn’t present, fans still came to give their support. Not only was the place filled with “HanGeng” fansigns, the fans also chanted “HanGeng” before the concert, as well as those members that weren’t present. On the VCR, as long as there were scenes with HanGeng, there would be screams of “HanGeng”. And when it was the end of the show, while one side shouted “encore”, the other would chant “HanGeng”. One of HanGeng’s fan said, when she saw the dance battle, she was really upset, because that familiar person that was supposed to be there, has been changed.

translated by: Iunny-@sj.world.net
shoutout by one_love@sj.world.net
take out with credits.

Hankyung as Runner Up fpr 2009 Asia’s Most Popular Korean Artist

Hangeng emerged runner up Asia Most Popular Korean Artiste

Recently, with undisputable votes, Hangeng emerged as the runner up for 2009 Asia Most Popular Korean Artiste. With regards to this lad who came from Hei Long Jiang*, China, he put in a lot of effort in his hard work and tears before his debut to now. Since his participation in 2001 “H.O.T. China Audition Casting, Hangeng showed his unique style of dancing as well as his charm at that time, also his charismatic appearance caused to Korean Judges to exclaim in admiration. His fans evaluated Hangeng as “… a supposed idol is like the role model in the society, his every action will become the people’s example. Hangeng, a man who came from China, had put in a lot of effort, tolerating all the pain he had suffered. When he went to Korea to develop, he constantly remember his own country, and whenever there is disaster he would shed his tears of sympathy, at the same time showing respect and donating. He not only advocated the society to donate generously to the people in need, he also practiced what he had preached. Being a fan of his we were also influenced by him and hence establishing charity organisation, donating cash and clothes, helping the weaker groups of the society, if to question such a star, how could we not love him? As a Chinese, we must not let down our own conscience, you just need to wave your finger**, understand him, you would then fall in love with him, he definitely is our most popular person in China”

*Hei Long Jiang – pinyin of Hangeng’s hometown
**you just need to wave your finger- poor translation ><

source : 中国少年网综合
translated by Cianra@sj-world.net
may take out with full credits

Li Xiaolu Supports Hankyung in Terminating His Contract

Li Xiaolu’s High-Profile Support of Han Geng Terminating His Contract; Romance Nearly Divulged

High-Profile Support of Han Geng Terminating His Contract
Li Xiaolu [ translator’s note: Jacqueline Li / Lulu ] debuted at 16 and has been flying in her career ever since. It is extremely rare for there to be news about her relationships. But last year, there were media that filmed her having a meal with Han Geng, the leader of Korea’s extremely popular group SJ-M and as a result it was the first time that she was referred to as Han Geng’s girlfriend. Even though both parties never admitted it, but the entertainment world is like that, there are no baseless stories. Recently, Han Geng is in the midst of terminating his contract with his Korean company. A time consuming and long lawsuit will be difficult to avoid with this always harsh Korean managing company.

Yesterday, reporters had just mentioned the two words “Han Geng” and Li Xiaolu’s manager hurriedly came over and indicated, “we will not respond to this question”. But, Li Xiaolu still patiently listened to the reporters’ questions and did not avoid it in any way. She appeared to be very willing, but in her expression there was a little shyness in indicating, “support him! Support him in terminating his contract! He wants to be an artiste with his own value!” If not speaking about her rumored boyfriend, then how does she view love and family? Li Xiaolu also indicated, “for me, family is the most important. Love… it should take its own course. I feel that it is also needs to be like friendship, two people need to understand each other and support each other.” Then has she already met such love? Li Xiaolu said with a smile and nodded, “yes!” But continuing on she became aware of something and immediately changed it to “there was!” Then she slowly said again, “currently I cannot place love at number one. This year I hope others don’t write about me without basis, rumors stay faraway from me and there is normal love.”

Translated by: purple_princess@thirdchapter.org
Credits: http://www.xinmin.cn

Hankyung Said Sorry For His Absence on Super Junior M’s Performance; Overcrowding of Fans Caused Police Arrival

[10/01/18] Hangeng is regretful for being absent at SJ-M’s performance, Dangerous Overcrowding of fans causing police coming to maintain order.

On January 18, 2010, making the world be filled with love, “君和之夜” Miss International Tourism 2010 competition award ceremony, taking place in the Xiang Fan district, was filled with performances from many stars. This took place yesterday (January 17) in Xiang Fan in the Hubei province.

On that day, Super Junior M’s member, Hangeng, was absent from the performances. But the remaining 6 members still brought out ‘Super Girl’ , Blue Tomorrow’, their performance made the atmoshpere boiling hot, the temperature was out of control. This caused hundreds of local police to come and maintain control of the scene.

Translated by: one_love@sj-world.net
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Vote for Heechul and Hankyung 2009 Popularity Award in China

Click here to vote.

As of January 9, 2010:

1. Kim Hyun Joong : 228663 votes (1st place)
2. Hangeng 142302 votes (2nd place):
3. Kim Heechul: 87523 votes (3rd place)
8. SJM: 17436 votes (8th place)

Here are the instructions (in case you can’t read Chinese):

1. Choose The one you want to vote for.

2. Press the button “Vote” (投票)

3.Enter the words shown in the picture, if you cant see clearly, press the blue words. (看不清,換一張)

4. You have finished voted when this box pop out.

5. You are only allowed to vote the same person after 3-5 minutes (not sure)

credit: Cherie829@sj-world.net
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