(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Eunhyuk!

One of my bias wreckers in Super Junior, especilly when he is singing! Happy Birthday Lee Hyukjae! I am sorry if this is late, I was in the province and I had no Internet connection there soooooooo~ It’s better late than never. Haha!

Once again, happy birthday and please always be happy!


Donghae and Eunhyuk – Growing Pains Music Video

Growing Pains Music Video is out! Super Junior sub-unit D&E composed of Donghae and Eunhyuk releases their first Korean album today, March 6, 2015! In the meantime, let us watch the music video while streaming in MelOn and other Korean streaming sites!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs2NibgZgR4


Donghae and Eunhyuk – Skeleton PV (Short Version)

Donghae and Eunhyuk is back with their 3rd Japanese Single – Skeleton! This duo really knows how to make fans happy with their dance moves and charismatic voices. Here is the short version of Skeleton PV.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIlHRbslWAI

What can you say about the song and the PV?

Eunhyuk and Donghae (Feat. Henry) Love That I Need Lyrics (Japanese + Romanization + English Translation)

Love That I Need


窓辺に 佇んで 君は空を眺めてる
柔らかい 陽射しが君を抱きしめてるみたい
奇跡 運命 信じていなかった 僕へと

何もいらない 何も欠けてもいない
こんな気持ち 君も同じだよね

*** (chorus)
You & Me 手と手繋いだら
You & Me 風を感じ続けて
歩幅を合わせて 瞳を交わして
U, U, U give me just the love that I need, I need, I need
I need


答えはない 探す理由もない
愛に満ちる 理屈を超えてゆく

You & Me 心の隣に
You & Me お互いを感じてる
言葉がなくても 違う人間でも
U, U, U give me just the love that I need 

Rap (Henry)
晴れた日は駆け出して笑い合う oh
君がいれば 何もかもが

何度でも夜が明けて 朝陽が昇るみたいに
笑顔を重ねたい どこまでも果てなく
僕は君なしでは あの空の色にさえ
上手く気づけないよ baby

repeat ***

You & Me oh (I need I need)
何もいらないよ yeah (I need I need)
変わらないで (I need I need)
Just give me the love that I need



Madobeni tatazunde kimiwa sora wo nagameteru
Yawarakai higashiga kimi wo dakishimeteru mitai
Kiseki unmei shinjitenakatta boku e to
Tatta hitori maiorita kimi sa

Nanimo iranai nanimo kaketemonai
Konna kimochi kimi to onaji dayone

*** (chorus)
You & Me te to te tsunaidara
You & Me kaze wo kanji tsuzukete
Hohaba wo awasete hitomi wo kawashite
U, U, U give me just the love that I need, I need, I need
I need

Kimi to boku wa niteite
Sou omoeba seihantai da
Atarashi hakken bakari da
Fushigi de ureshiku naru

Kotae wa nai sagasu riyuu mo nai
Ai ni michiru rikutsu wo koete yuku

You & Me kokoro no tonari ni
You & Me otagai wo kanjiteru
Kotoba ga nakutemo chigau ningen demo
U, U, U give me just the love that I need

Rap (Henry) 
Kimi ga itekureru koto ga
Issho ichido dake no kiseki 
Ame no hi wa yori soi warai ai
Hareta hi wa kakedashite warai au oh
Kimi ga ireba nanimo kamo ga
Umaku iku you na ki ga surunda
Kimi ga iru mainichi wa kirei de
Dakara utagoe wa tokirenai

Nando demo yoru ga akete asahi ga noboru mitai ni
Egao wo kasanetai dokomademo hatenaku
Boku wa kimi nashi de ano sora no iro ni sae
Umaku kizukenaiyo baby

repeat ***

You & Me oh (I need I need)
Nani mo iranaiyo yeah (I need I need)
Kawaranaide (I need I need)
Give me just the love that I need


English Translation

Standing still by the window, you’re staring at the sky
Seems like you’re hugged by the soft sunlight
Miracle, fate, to me who didn’t believe 
Only you alighted 

Nothing is needed, nothing to be damaged
This feeling, you’re feeling the same right ?

*** (chorus)
You & Me, when we link hand to hand
You & Me, continue to feel the wind
Matching the steps, changing the eyes
U, U, U give me just the love that I need, I need, I need
I need

You and me are alike
When we think like that, its bipolar
Nothing but new finding
It’s weird, and I’m happy

There’s no answer, there’s no reason to find
Full of love, beyond the theory

You & Me, beside the heart
You & Me, feeling each other 
Even if there’s no word, even if there’s different person
U, U, U give me just the love that I need

Rap (Henry)
The thing that you’re for me
Is a miracle once in a lifetime
On rainy days, cuddle together and laughing matchly,
On bright days, start running and laughing together oh
When you’re here, anything and everything
I have a feeling I can do well 
Every day is lovely with you 
So I couldn’t pause the singing voice

Any number of times, like the day breaks and the sun rises
I want to pile up the smiles, to finish everywhere 
Me without you, even the color of the sky 
I can’t do well baby


You & Me oh (I need I need)
I don’t need anything yeah (I need I need)
Never change (I need I need)
Just give me the love that I need 

 Jap lyrics, romanization, english trans by @hyukarmpits



Super Junior – SBS Gayo Daejun Performances – Interview + Spectrum + Sexy, Free & Single

Red Carpet will start at 6:30pm KST and the Gayo will start at 8:45pm KST.

[121229] Red Carpet
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMWYwhWhmVw

[121229] Interview
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrqJi7tV6ss

[121229] SM The Performance – Spectrum (Eunhyuk, Donghae, Yunho, Minho, Taemin, Kai, Lay)
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2RBUU7jxuk

[121229] Sexy Free & Single
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq1rWtwpAUM

Super Junior Full Discography

Hello guys! Yes I’m pretty bored, so I made a list of Super Junior full discography here. I actually copied from Wikipedia and other sources, and I also added some songs that are not mentioned.

For the Super Junior Super Show Tour Album category, I separated the live version audios to studio version audios. I provided playlist links for the live version audios.

I added YouTube links from various users so that you can listen to the songs. If you are going to take the videos out, please credit them. I will try to provide download links if I can, but I think it’s impossible because I might have a problem on copyright or something.

I will provide links for the lyrics if I can. 🙂

I know that it is too late to compile this but this is for the sake of the new fans or the other fans who want to listen to Super Junior songs. Of course, this is also for the sake of the current fans who miss listening to other songs of Super Junior.

If I have mistakes on the title or the links or anything, or if I missed some songs, kindly comment so that I can fix them. This will also be constantly updated, if anything comes. Thank you!

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