Super Junior’s Sexy Free & Single Debuts at No. 2 on MYX Daily Top Ten

Super Junior’s new song ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ debuts at no. 2 in Philippines music chart, MYX.

Sexy Free and Single premiered on MYX last July 18 at 5:58PM (PST). After two days, it immediately ranks second, the highest of all peak positions after premiere that their songs such as ‘Sorry Sorry,’ ‘It’s You’, ‘Bonamana’, ‘No Other’, ‘Mr. Simple’, ‘Super Man’, and ‘A-Cha’ had attained.

Let us make them no. 1 on Monday! To vote online: just log in to If you do not have an account yet, you can sign up and verify your account. Then you can see a side box under “Polls” that says “Online Voting”. In the text box, just key in “SEXY FREE & SINGLE – SUPER JUNIOR” and click “Vote”.

Click here to see the full list of MYX Daily Top Ten Chart.

Credits: MYX

Super Junior’s 5th Album Mr. Simple in Billboard World Album Charts

Super Junior’s 5th Album places 3rd on Billboard World Album Chart:


Credits: @YesungCenter, Billboard


Congratulations, boys. You did it. You did it. You make us proud. I love you! ♥

Yesung’s ‘It Has To Be You’ is a Success + Vote for ‘It Has To Be You’ M Wave

Three separate information. I just compiled this up. 😀 Congratulations, Yesung for It Has to be You’s success not only in charts but also in drama!


He got all no. 1 in various ringtone charts.

Nate Ringtone: #1

Nate Coloring: #1

T World Ringtone: #1

T World Coloring: #1

Show Ringtone: #1

Show Coloring: #1

OZ Ringtone: #1

OZ Coloring: #1

Information from bestiz
shared by LaCrymaMosa


‘It Has To Be You’ also won Bronze medal in Cyworld BGM Hall of Fame. In order to get a bronze medal, its sale must be ranged within 100,000 and 200,000 dotories*.

* Lacrymamosa’s assumption, as the currency on Cyworld is dotory.


And vote for the song on M Wave:

1. Create an account with Arirang

2. Click on this link

3. Click on the “Click to Vote” Button.

4. Then you will be taken to a page where you can see the songs to choose from.

You will have to choose 4 so please make sure you choose Yesung too!
And that’s it, according to the site, you can only vote once per ID. Help spread the word.

It Has to be You in K-Chart

Music Bank K-chart – last week result.

Due to the cancellation of last week Music Bank, the result of weekly Kchart was not revealed but today (100426), it has been posted up on And Yesung with ‘It Has To Be You’ has jumped 6 steps to claim #4 spot.

content from | shared at marenubium
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Yesung’s ‘It Has to be You’ is Successively on No. 1 on Nate Charts

Up to April 24th, according to bestiz and Nate ringtone charts, Yesung with ‘It Has To Be You’ had been on #1 spot for 15 days on Nate Ringtone chart and 21 days on Nate Coloring chart.
Currently he has fallen from no1 but come on, ‘It Has To Be You’ was released on March 31st, and it has been doing extremely well, beyond everyone’s expectations I believe.

Extra information, I hope you guys still remember the Digital Music Award on Cyworld – the competition between Yesung and Bi. There are 5 days left till the D-day. This is Yesung’s percentage so far: 54% versus 46%, Yesung leading!

Information from nate and bestiz
summarized and shared by LaCrymaMosa



Yesung Versus Bi on Digital Music Chart

This is the digital music chart and two main competitors are Yesung with ‘It Has To Be You’ and Bi with ‘Love Song’. Currently Yesung is beating Rain by 4%, however, the figure changes very fast but overall, Yesung is of a more promising position.
There are still 11 more days until the D-day. Let’s wait patiently to see who wins this chart.

Content from Cyworld music chart
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Super Junior member Yesung and Bi now are engaged in a competition.

Yesung’s original soundtrack: ‘It Has To Be You’ for KBS2 TV drama ‘Cinderella Sister’, which is currently no.1 on Cyworld Digital Music Award of the month, is competing against Bi’s ‘Love song’.

Yesung’s ‘It Has To Be You’ is also on another music site: ‘Dosirak’ along with Lee Hyori’s ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and Bi’s ‘Love Song’, occupying top 5 of the most popular songs.

On ‘Bugs’, ‘Melon’ and other music charts, the song also makes its way to high ranking in top 10 and wins no.1 in the OST category.

Beautiful lyrics and heart-breaking melody, excellent blend of Yesung’s rich voice and the song’s beat – ‘It Has To Be You’ quickly appeals to audience’s ears. And once listened, the highly addictive mellow melodies will never be forgotten.

‘Cinderella Sister’ OST also claims no.1 in other sectors. Best Idol groups Super Junior and F(x), mature voice Joo, these talented singers have participated in ‘Cinderella Sister’ OST and are displaying their sweeping potential on various online music charts.

Source: here
Translated by LaCrymaMosa
May take out with full credit and no additional credit.


I’ll admit, Bi’s song is quite addicting too, but still, I am much more into Yesung’s song. 🙂

Yesung’s “It Has to be You” is for All Ages

The following charts show Yesung’s solo song’s rankings in different Cyworld netizen age groups. He wins #1 in every single one.

40 and older:

36 – 39:

31 – 35:

25 – 30:

19 – 24:

13 – 18:

Under 12:

Content from: | Shared at marenubium
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Still addicted to the song. ♥

Yesung’s “It Has to Be You” Went up to No. 10 in KCharts

Kchart is one of the most important music charts in Korea, and as we all know, the artiste reaching #1 on Kchart for a particular week immediately wins on KBS Music Bank. ‘It Has To Be You’ is now #10, despite the fact that Yesung has never performed it.

Original source: | Shared at marenubium
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I am really in love with the song. The message is just too nice. Besides… it’s Yesung.

Super Junior on Top Ten Twitter Trending Topics of the Week

Mashable has tabulated the Top 10 Twitter Trends this week! Aside from Justin Beiber and other trends – there’s a good news for fans of Korean idol group, Super Junior. Apparently, the group has managed to enter the Top 10 Twitter Trends this week.

Chart under the cut:

And rounding out the list, the Korean boy band Super Junior is back at number 10 this week, thanks to a dedicated and social media-savvy fan community.

Credit belong to: OhKpop
Reupload and shared by: cheonsadita at SJ-WORLD.NET

Leeteuk and Shindong Cuts on Section TV Star Ranking for Variety Shows

credit: 4minniemink@youtube


I’m happy that Leeteuk and Shindong belong to the top 3 on ranking… And I’m happy that Jokwon got the first. I really loved this three and though I’m SuJu and Leeteuk biased, I am still happy for Jokwon… but if it’s possible, can they be all tied? Haha.

Seoul Music Awards Update – As of January 16, 2010

Partial Results ONLY as of January 16,2010
Event will be on February 3,2010


1. Super Junior- 34.1%
2. 2PM- 33.8%
3. Gdragon- 6.9%
4. SNSD- 6.6%
5. SHINee- 6 %
6.2AM – 3.9%
7.SS501- 2.6%
8.Lee Seung Gi- 1.8%
9.FT Island- 1.4%
10. Kara- 0.5%
11. Kim Tae Woo- 0.4%
12. U-Kiss 0.3%
13. Brown Eyed Girls- 0.3%
14. Park Hyo Shin- 0.2%
15. Davinci- 0.2%
16. Outsider- 0.2%
17.-24 = 0.1%
Son Dam Bi
Baek Ji Young
MC Mong
SG Wannabe
Im Changjung
25.-30 = 0%
Epik high
Lee Seung Chul
Bobby Kim
K Will
Lee Seung Chul


1.MBLAQ- 46.7%
2. Beast- 46.6%
3.2ne1- 3%
4.f(x)- 2%
5.Rainbow- 0.5%
6.4minutes- 0.4%
8.After School- 0.2%
9.TaeGoon- 0.1%
10.Secret- 0.1%

High popularity Award

1.Super Junior- 34%
2. 2PM- 33.4%
3. SHINee- 14.2%
4.SNSD- 5.9%
5. Gdragon- 3.5%
6. 2AM- 2.1%
7.SS501- 2.1%
8. FT Island- 1.2%
9. 2ne1- 0.7%
10.Beast- 0.5%
11. Baek Ji Young – 0.5%
12.MBLAQ – 0.4%
13.Park Hyo Shin- 0.2%
14.-22. = 0.1%
Lee Seung Gi
Son Dam Bi
Kim Tae Woo
After School
Brown Eyed Girls
23.-39 = 0%
(the rest from the bonsang and newcomer nominees)

translated by:


Sorry Sorry Album is the Biggest Selling KPOP Album in Music One

Asian pop superstar group Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” album is the BIGGEST SELLING K-POP ALBUM OF 2009 in Music One Stores! Recently, Music One, one of the biggest record retail chains in the Philippines, released it’s annual Top 25 Bestselling Albums of the year based on the sales tabulation garnered from their three music stores from January 1 to December 32, 2009 and “Sorry Sorry” charted at #10! “Sorry Sorry” is also the ONLY K-Pop album to enter the Top 25 Bestselling Albums of the Year dominated mostly by OPM and American acts!

“Sorry, Sorry” is Super Junior’s third and latest studio album released on March 12, 2009 in South Korea. In just days, 150,000 copies of “Sorry, Sorry” were pre-ordered. The album debuted at #1 on the South Korea’s Hanteo Daily Charts, with approximately 30,000 copies sold, making it the biggest opening day for the group. “Sorry, Sorry” became the bestselling album in South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan for 2009. As of May 15, 2009, over 215,000 units have been sold, being the first Korean-language album to do so in 2009. In the Philippines, “Sorry Sorry” debuted at the #1 spot in Music One Album Chart after just 3 days of release and also became #1 in Odyssey Records Stores in September 2009! They became the FIRST K-Pop artist and its album to reach NUMBER ONE in the Philippines.
Its sub-group Super Junior-M’s mini-album “Super Girl” also reached NUMBER ONE in both Music One and Odyssey Records Stores, making it their second consecutive number one! Universal Records will soon release “Super Show 2 Live Album” 2CD and hopefully it will become their 3rd consecutive number one album!

Universal Records is proud to be the Philippine home to this Superstar Korean boy band and is the FIRST local record label to release a K-pop album .

source: universal record’s fb account

Vote for Heechul and Hankyung 2009 Popularity Award in China

Click here to vote.

As of January 9, 2010:

1. Kim Hyun Joong : 228663 votes (1st place)
2. Hangeng 142302 votes (2nd place):
3. Kim Heechul: 87523 votes (3rd place)
8. SJM: 17436 votes (8th place)

Here are the instructions (in case you can’t read Chinese):

1. Choose The one you want to vote for.

2. Press the button “Vote” (投票)

3.Enter the words shown in the picture, if you cant see clearly, press the blue words. (看不清,換一張)

4. You have finished voted when this box pop out.

5. You are only allowed to vote the same person after 3-5 minutes (not sure)

As much as possible, tell this to all your friends.

Top 100 Best Selling Albums in Korea (According to Hot Tracks)

Top 100 Best Selling Albums in Korea (According to Hot Tracks)

1. GDragon- Heartbreaker
2. 2ne1-1st mini album
3. Seotaji-8th album Atom
4.2PM- Time for Change
6. SNSD- Gee
7. Seotaji-8th album
8.SNSD- Genie
9. SHINee- Year of Us
10. Super Junior- Sorry,Sorry A
11.2PM- 1:59
12.Super Junior- Sorry,Sorry C
13. Boys Over Flowers OST
14.Drunken Tiger- Feel Good Musik
15.Super Junior- Sorry, Sorry B
16. Leessang-Hexagonal
17. Epik High- E
18. SGWannabe- The Gift from SGWannabe
81. Super Junior M- Super Girl
96. Super Junior- Super Show 2.

Source: here


Although SuJu didn’t get the top spot, at least they got 5 spots.

19th Seoul Music Awards Vote Percentage Update – As of January 9, 2010

Partial Results ONLY as of January 9,2010
Event will be on February 3,2010

19th Seoul Music Awards


1. 2PM – 32.3%
2. Super Junior- 32.1%
3. SNSD- 7.8%
4. SHINee- 7.3%
5. Gdragon- 6 %
6.2AM – 4.7%
7.SS501- 2.9%
8.Lee Seung Gi- 1.8%
9.FT Island- 1.6%
10. Kara- 0.5%
11. Kim Tae Woo- 0.4%
12. U-Kiss 0.4%
13. Brown Eyed Girls- 0.4%
14. Park Hyo Shin- 0.3%
15. Davinci- 0.2%
16. Outsider- 0.2%
17. 8eight- 0.2%
18. Son Dam Bi- 0.1%
19. Baek Ji Young- 0.1%
20. MC Mong- 0.1%
21. SG Wannabe- 0.1%
22. Ivy- 0.1%
23. Bobby Kim- 0.1%
24. Leesaang- 0.1%
Epik high- 0%
Wheesung- 0%
K Will- 0%
Im Changjung- 0%
Lee Seung Chul- 0%

High popularity Award(Top 10)

1.Super Junior- 33.4%
2. 2PM- 33.1%
3. SHINee- 14.5%
4.SNSD- 6.6%
5. Gdragon- 2.9%
6. 2AM- 2.3%
7.SS501- 2.2%
8. FT Island- 1.4%
9. 2ne1- 0.7%
10.Beast- 0.6%
11.MBLAQ- 0.5%
12. Baek Ji Young- 0.4%
13.Park Hyo Shin- 0.2%
14.-22. 0.1%
Lee Seung Gi
Son Dam Bi
Kim Tae Woo
After School
Brown Eyed Girls

source: here


Korean ELFs are the only people who can vote. So… let’s just support them 😀