Anime – Super Gals Episodes Compilation

Credits: PammyKamikazeRS
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(RP) Super Gals

Woot. It’s been a while…

I was being nostalgic so I watched Super Gals again. This anime really inspired me to write my first fanfiction ever. But that time, I didn’t know the word ‘fanfiction’ or ‘fanfic’. I just wanted to have a different ending for the manga turned anime, and as the anime was being angsty in the end, especially when the love stories were becoming more complicated for the three of the girls.

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Anime Songs I Like (Part 1)

So… They are basically from my favorite animes… Haha… Mostly opening and ending
Anyways… I got nothing to do… So I compiled it here. 😀
Part 1 (6 Animes)
Enjoy and give comments if possible 😀

Fushigi Yuugi

Itooshi Hito No Tameni
credit: gacktlover23@youtube

Tokimeki No Doukasen
credit: LunamariaHawke@youtube

Wakatte Ita Hazu
credit: MissAnarchy666@youtube


Magic Knight Rayearth

Yuzerenai Negai
credit: sylphgurl143@youtube


Full Metal Panic

credit: MeGotNoLife@youtube

Karenai Hana
credit: ilkay@youtube


Kaleido Star

Tattoo Kiss
credit: UmeWatanabe@youtube, JuliaSin@youtube

Take It Shake It
credit: Shadowcat120@youtube

Yakusoku no Basho e
credit: LeikoUrameshi2@youtube

Real Identity
credit: MoonlightChika@youtube

Bokuwa Koko Ni Iru
credit: Mecchan@youtube

credit: Nagisa08@youtube


Super Gals

credit: 010sailormoon@youtube

credit: Sana070707@youtube


Nodame Cantabile

Allegro Cantabile
credit: pureblood504@youtube

Konna ni Chikaku de
credit: zeldageishagirl@youtube


Thanks… hope you enjoy it all~
I love you Shinichi Chiaki~