Siwon’s Q and A

Siwon Q&A

1] Name: Choi Shi Won

2] D.O.B/Horoscope: Feb 10th/Aquarius

3] Blood Type: B

4] Height: 182cm

5] Weight: 63Kg

6] Family Members: Parents, me n younger sister.

7] Religion: Christian

8] Nickname: *he said something new year cake… it doesn’t make sense in english…*

9] Character: Cold?

STORY #2 – Hobbies etc etc

1] Fav language: Japanese, Korean and English. *I guessed for this questions, the words got jumble up. sry*

2] Touching Movies: Sweet Life and Lovers.

3] Fave weather: Clear day

4] Fave actor: Jang Dong Gun *can’t make out the other one*

5] Fave Season: Spring

6] Type of songs: Rock, R&B soul

7] Fave line: No fave line

STORY #3 – Compilation

1] Love knot?: I don’t know.

2] Words on your handphone screen: Smart and Coincidence.

3] How many short messages do u send a day?: 10

4] Perfume that u use: WARMER, Burugari, Miracle

5] Monthly allowance: Not set.

6] Times when u feel disappointed: Giving up when there is a problem.

7] Mobile Number: Secret.

8] If you give yourself marks: Not even once.

STORY #4 – Love

1] First love: Kindergarden?

2] Anyone that u like currently?: No

3] Are you dating anyone now?: No

4] Ideal type of girls: Filial and devoted Christian

5] Love vs Friendship: Friendship

6] Peron whom i love vs person who love me: This…

7] Times when u think of the person you love: *sry, the words got jumble up…*

8] What do you wanna know when u saw a lady: Character

9] What how love taste: Sweet and bitter medicine.


1] Dreams that you don’t wanna dream: Yes, dreaming of death.

2] Type of girls you hate: When they only think of themselves.

3] People whom you respect: Father

4] Shop that you patronize often: A confectionery.

5] What is you fave brand of clothes currently: Kenesukoru, TOMMY

6] What do you wanna give to your gf when it comes to 100th anniversay: Things that can show off to others.

7] How many close friends: Above 10

8] The biggest lie that you’ve made in your lifetime: –

9] Hairstyle currently: hairband

10] Confessions that u deemed is the best: Going down on one bended knees.


1] How many girls has confessed their love to you?: I don’t remember

2] How many girls have you confessed to?: I don’t know

3] First time holding a girl’s hand: Elementry grade 5 when i’m in the church meetings

4] The most unforgettable memory: When mum was really not feeling well.

5] Unforgettable holiday: Going to China with my cousin

6] When you are tired, what do u say to encourage yourself: Carry on, everthing will be good.

7] Things that you regret now: If i could work harder than it would be better.

Credit janice85 + super junior bar + knock out forum


2 thoughts on “Siwon’s Q and A

  1. isn’t his real birthday is April 7th? so that makes him an Aries. i still don’t have a clue why he’s got 2 birthdays. in that case, i think the real birthday is the day when he was born, not the day when he was registered to have a birth certificate.
    that’s only my humble opinion. anyway, thanks for the info 🙂

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