Leeteuk’s Q and A


1. Name: Park Jungsu

2. Age: 23

3. Food you like to eat: I like anything!

4. Food you dislike to eat: Of course there are none!

5. Recently, the TV show you watch most often: Ah, I’m busy! But of course I have to watch Full House.

6. What do you do on the computer: I go to my fan forum and look around.

7. And then what do you do: Of course I look at my pictures.

8. How do you feel: A little embarrassed.

9. Right now, how much money do you have: Two ten-thousand bills, four one-thousand bills. (In won)

10. The person/people you like most: Family and the members.

11. The person/people you like second most: Of course the fans.

12. The people who annoy you the most: Antis…there aren’t any others…

13. What are you least good at: Being a qualified leader (of the group).

14. The most recent that’s caused you anxiety: Ah, dancing?

15. Reason: You already know, why are you still asking?

16. When do you feel lucky/happy: Whenever I look in the mirror!

17. When do you feel like you’re useless: Of course it’s when I can’t dance well…

18. How’s your alcohol tolerance: When I’m not drunk I can drink a bit.

19. Is it true you’ve bungee-jumped before: No, not yet, but I really want to try.

20. What’s your job: Ah, I’m a singer! How can you still ask?

21. Facial care: I don’t do it.

22. How do you keep in shape: Exercise is life.

23. Artists you’re friendly with: DBSK (even though they’re sunbae, they’re all still younger than me)

24. Most recent dream: Of course it was for our song to reach number one.

25. My goal: To stand on the highest position on the stage. (T/N: To become truly famous/respected as a musical artist.)

26. Person that you envy: Jobless traveler?

27. Why: Because they don’t have to work…

28. What do you want to say right now: I love you, without reason, haha.

29. Rate my appearance/looks: If 100 is full marks, then you’re 99.999…

30. Are you self-satisfied: You have to admit you feel the same!

31. What do you always bring with you: Cell phone, MP3 player.

32. Where are you right now: Internet cafe. When I’m done with this I have to go home immediately!

33. When receiving your report card, have you ever felt hopeless: Yes. I really value grade reports, so I worked very hard.

34. What time of day are you happiest: When we’re practicing, and when I get to use the Internet by myself in the mornings.

35. Favorite female artist: Se~cret~

36. Disliked male artist: My enemies!

37. When it becomes autumn, what kind of imagery floats to mind: Loneliness and falling leaves.

38. Do you have a customized piano? Do you like piano?: We have a piano and I often sing while I play on it.

39. What’s the first thing you want to do outside the country: Let everyone know Super Junior, and also performances and interviews!

40. What Korean brand-name product/specialty do you most want to spread to international fans: Cell phones.

41. Do you use shampoo or soap: Both. (T/N: What a retarded question.)

42. What kind of credentials do you have: Driver’s license, Chinese degree (T/N: I have no idea what he means by ‘Chinese degree’: whether in language or if he studied the culture or what; he could also be joking)

43. If you could go back in time, to when would you go: Back to high school.

44. Why: I want to debut earlier!

45. If you weren’t good with people the way you are now (lit. popularity), what would you do: That could never happen!

46. What do you wager that on: My face. What do you think of it?

47. What do you think your position is in Super Junior: The oldest, the most necessary one.

48. Right now, what do you want to do the most: Make Super Junior recognized around the world.

49. If you had to pick between love or friendship, which would you choose: Oh…I want both.

50. Last words: I love you all, of course I love you all!

credit; meitachi@lj


6 thoughts on “Leeteuk’s Q and A

  1. cool quiz, when was this done? is it a real q&a or is it a fanfic q&a? thanks to anyone who responds. SuJu Hwaiting!!

    • oh duh, i just looked again and saw the age when it was taken– 23– got it. so slow sometimes, me. sSorry, sorry-sorry sorry– Hehaha!!

  2. Yes dear it isn’t a real interview, because it is found in Jungsoo’s cyworld so he answered those questions himself. :))

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