Kibum’s 100 Q and A

Kibum’s 100questions

1.Name ?

August 21, 1987

3.Blood Type
Blood Type A ( -_- ) I’m not shy

4. Hobby [Something You’re interested in] and Special Talent

5.The amount of money you spend in a month
About 15 ManWon [I don’t remember how much that is]

6. Things you like
Hm… A DigiCam! -_- My character is a photographer… but I don’t have a DigiCam.. hehe…

7. Something you want to throw away
i’ll think about it. [i think that’s what he means]

8. The time youuu are the most happy is when…
It’s a secret.

9.The most stressful thing for you right now
It’s a secret…Hmph. I’m not very fond of sharing my private life -_-;; that’s why I don’t have a cyworld either.

10.Favorite clothing. A Hairstyle you like to have.
Hmm -_-;;… I don’t really care, I wear what I have.

11.The person you like of the other gender’s clothing and their hairstyle.
Hm. Hmm… ;;

12.Habit/Peculiar thing you do
My tongue… [I cant explain this.] Nae Reum Nae Reum

13. what do you think about homosexuals?

14. Your dream when you were younger, your dream now
At 16 years of age, a doctor. Now, an actor

15. Food you like, Food you dislike
Hmmm… ;; I don’t know -_-;;

16.The person that remains in your memory
A secret-_-

17.A book that remains in your memory
DoReMiPaSolLaSiDo~? If it comes out as a movie, im going to watch[?] it or buy [?] it. [im not sure which one.]

18.A movie that remains in your memory
Eraser in my Head… I want to direct a film like this one day

19.When you look at the other gender, what do you look at first?
Eyes? ? Hm… I’m pretty sure the eyes.

20. The most memorable moment and place
A secret-_-;

21.How many years apart will the person you marry be with you?
I don’t know-_-;; You’re already talking about marriage!!

22. The most memorable present you got from the opposite gender.
A written journal for 100 days

23. You’re 18th. [I have no idea what that means]
A Song? -_- I don’t know

24. Celebrities you like and dislike
There are no such things as like or dislike… I don’t even know much about them…

25.If you had to pick between a person that loves you or a person that you love, who would you pick?
The person I like

26. You’re “perfect” person/ “soulmate”
SoulMate?.. None…

27.Who was your first love? And when.
-_- It’s a secret…

28. If a person you didn’t like followed you around.
“Why are you following me?” That’s what I would say

29.Solution to Stress
I’m going to beat them to make them lay down with ‘Get Amped.’

30.A person you respect
Hmm… A person who gets recognized for their acting skills

31. Yourself 30 years from now
How am I supposed to know.. -.-;; I’ll go to America with my wife and live while watching the ocean

32. What’s your favorite motto?
Let’s live by the Bible…

33. What’s your favorite food you have with alcohol?

34.The place you really want to go right now
America… to my family…

35. If you could decide when you could die, when do you want to die?
That’s isn’t something I can decide.. I’ll leave whenever the Lord wants me to leave

36.Do you arrive late or are you the one waiting when you make plans?
I usually wait…

37. You’re jinx
I don’t think I have -_-;;

38.You’re favorite color
Sky blue..

39.You’re favorite perfume/cologne
Bulgari [? Im not sure]

40. You’re favorite American/English word

41. You’re family

42.Love is

43.Happiness is

44.Animal you like, animal you dislike
Like: Rabbit, Cat Dislike: Mice

45.Number you like, number you dislike
Like: 1 Dislike: 9

46. You’re singing skills and your dancing skills
Secert -_-

47. Who would you pick if your friend and your girlfriend fell into water?
My girlfriend

48.Is first love the first time you love? Or… the first time you loved each other?
The first time you loved each other

49.You’re nickname
My nickname went away-_- Huk! It used to be ‘Gi’ …

51. An older Girl and a Younger Guy. What do you think about their love?
Older Girl.. -_-;; I don’t know-_-+

52.Something that is most important between two human beings
Trust [he types that in krn].. Trust [he typed that in Eng.]…

53.When you were in school, what was your best grade/rank and your worst
My best grade/mark.. -_-Hmph.. A4 B2.. In 3rd year of middle school [in korea that’s 9th grade] .. keke my worst is a secret-_-

54. What you think of when you look in the mirror

55.You’re personality
To people I don’t know I’m very cold… But once you get to know me I’m not a bad person-_-

56.When have blacked out from drinking

57. How many children do you want after you get married
0 Children

58.When you want to marry
29 years old

59. Present you want to give to a friend of the other gender
A secret-_-Hmph

60.The place you want to go for your honeymoon

61.The thing you want the most as of now

62.Your BEST friend
A secret..

63.When you want to die…
When my life becomes unbearable..

64.hen it snows or rains, the person you think of
A secret-_-

65.The person you like as of now [if you say who it is it’s even better^^]
A secret-_-

66.How much alcohol can you handle
A secret-_-;

67.A place you like to go to
DoGokDong.. It’ll stir up memories from when I was younger

68. What if the Earth was to end tomorrow

69. What you do when you’re angry
Let’s see… I do have a part of me that gets angry fast… but after I get angry I forget why I was angry…

70.You’re favorite day of the week

71.The song you would like to sing for the person you love

72. the place you really want to get surgery on
Nowhere… It’s not because I think I’m all that.. I think it’s going to hurt so even if I die I can’t do it.. -_-;;

73.Fruit you like. Fruit you dislike.
Tangerine..^^ What I don’t like.. Apple..

74. Season you like. Season you dislike.
Spring.. is the best.. Summer, Winter, I don’t like..

75.A song you like to listen to nowadays
Nell – ;; [To wash your body in a broken stream? I’m not sure either.]

76. A TV program you like to watch
Sharp #2-_- Sigh..

77. what was the saddest event that happened in your life so far
A secret..

78. what was the happiest even that happened in your life so far
A secret..

79. Right now this minute the thing you want the most
I want to be happy forever-_-;;

80. What do you hear from your friends the most
I don’t know..

81. The food you cook the best
Ramyun-_-;; [Spicy noodle that comes in a package]

82.A friend is.

83. How do you tell the difference between friendship and love
Love makes your heart beat~ K ya~

84.Friendship between a boy and a girl is possible

85. The time you played someone(if you have how many people)

86.When do you think you look the hottest
A secret^^

87.Do you eat a lot of food or a little bit

88.How many times do you think of something ‘naughty’ a day
A secret-_- Psh~

89.How many times have you gone out with someone? How many times have you been dumped?
6 times? Dumped? Three times?

90.Something you want to say to someone you love
I love you

91.If you were trapped in jail, the three things you would want to take
I don’t want to go

92.Someone you wish to see right now and about that person..
A secret…but.. I miss them so much.

93.Someone you don’t like right now and about that person..
; The person that makes prank calls at night-_-;; Thanks to that person I’m changing my phone number

94. you’re cellphone meant[?] (maybe they mean model? Or service?)
My cellphone is on suspension.

95.Song lyrics that match with your mind as of now
Give me a shoulder to lean on instead of a thousand words..

96.If a person you loved didn’t get accepted by your family..
I’m sorry mother father…

97.Your opinion of marriage
? Hmm..

98.Were you truthful all the way

99.What you want to say to people who have read this
Am I..not arrogant? [SsaGahJi. Snobby…]

100.While you were writing, what did you think about
Let’s write very arrogantly..


6 thoughts on “Kibum’s 100 Q and A

  1. niceeee……

    though i wish he shared more..almost all of his answers were ‘secret’ ….
    but then again, he’s just too cute so who cares anymore?? 😀

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