Heechul’s Q and A

Name; Kim Heechul

Birthday; July 10th

Schools; Myungduk kindergarten

Residency; Kangwondo Danggaedong Sungil Apartments

Family; Very close

Personality; I don’t care about other people

Good Qualities; I never bother people

Bad Qualities; People say I have not enough interest in people

Hobibies; Watching horror movies in the dark, bothering random things (LOL… Sunako Nakahara no. 2)

Religion; Atheist. I only believe what I see.

Height; 150mm (obviously he’s joking)

Weight; 4 tons (WTH?!)

Bloodtype; AB. The universal receiver~!

Shoe Size; Too lazy to go look

Favorite Genre of Music; Anything that’s not R&B but I really like Rock

Favorite Singers; Jo Sungmo, Hide, Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey

Favorite Season; Autumn, cause its not too hot and not too cold

Favorite Food; Fried rice with Kimchi

Place I want to go; Space

My ideals; I don’t have an ideal type

My worries as of now; Should I pop this pimple under my lip of should I not.

First Love; Before I came on this Earth. So, no first love.

Alcohol Tolerance; 4 bottles

Drinking Habits; I buy people whatever they want, and I cry when I drink alone.

Most important friends; No such thing. All my friends are important

Prized Possesion; 1: Me. 2: Me 3: Me as well 4. Hehe

When I look the best; Whenever

When I look sexiest; When I’m wearing pajamas…too sexy >___<

Regarding women.

1.) Do you think badly of women; not really

2.) Women with lids and big eyes vs. women with no lids and small eyes; lids and medium eyes

3.) Ever been to a girlfriend’s house; no

4.) Women who are 180cm tall; what kind of question is this?

5.) Son Yehjin; not bad.

6.) Good at fighting; it’d be nice to have someone talk back to me

7.) Korean vs. Japanese vs. Chinese; Korean, cause I wouldn’t be able to communicate otherwise

8.) Good singer vs. Bad singer; Good. Better than being bad.

9.) An ideal among celebs; No one

10.) Oh! You have a girlfriend; You think I’d be filling this out if I did?

11.) interested in anyone; No

12.) Ever seduced (not exactly the word) a girl before; Of course

13.) Glamourous women; No such thing

14.) Marriage; That’s a little over the top

15.) Have someone you want to marry; No

17.) Do you have requirements; Who doesn’t

18.) What about Jun Jihyun; The original question was Kwon Sangwoo

19.) Short girls; Why not

20.) Long hair; I think I found a messed up questionnaire, better than a bald person

21.) Glasses; Sure, if it looks god

22.) Kim Jaedong; Who am I supposed to change this to? Not interested in guys.

23.) Do you want her to be a good dancer; Not like I’ll let her go to clubs

24.) Favorite girl among comic books; They’re all pretty

25.) Kim Jaewon? No. I’m a guy. I guess this is what happens when you get a questionnaire for girls

26.) The girl you really like can’t forget her first love; If we’re meant to be then it’ll happen.

27.) Good cook? That’s a must.

28.) Woman who wears leather; better than wearing their pajamas right?

29.) A woman who goes around in a with shirt and jeans; Everyone looks good in white shirst and jeans

30.) A kind woman; if there are any out there

31.) A slow woman; if they’re too sharp, I’m not too interested

32.) Smoker; Doesn’t matter, as long as she doesn’t smoke in front of me

33.) Favorite Uhljjang; Me, of course

34.) Ahn Junghwan; He’s good at soccar

35.) Se7en; I like him, not my favorite number though.

36.) Skinship; LOVE IT~~ …you’re joking right?

37.) The furthest you can go with a girl that is a friend; wherever

38.) What if they have a boyfriend; they’ll figure something out.

39.) A woman with charm; It’s nice to have a lot, but there are people who use that to get what they want. But I can’t say I care
too much for someone with a lot of charm.

40.) Have someone you want to confess to; No

41.) Think they’ll fall for you too; I said “no”

42.) A rich woman; would you say NO?

43.) Movie-like love; that’s over the top. I haven’t seen one gushy movie, and I don’t plan to in the future either

44.) Ever liked a friend’s girl; They don’t have girls

45.) Pretty vs. Cute vs. Charismatic; Charismatic women? What’s that? I prefer pretty.

46.) Someone you can watch porn with; does it matter?

47.) Rooming with a woman before marriage; I don’t have the money to room

48.) Someone younger; I’m a younger woman man.

credit: babyySOUL @ soompi


12 thoughts on “Heechul’s Q and A

  1. i love you heechul !!just wait for me!!!!!wish you could read this im deeply inlove with you !!!!!the one who made this questionaire is a really smart person thanks!!!!!1

  2. I very love you Kim HeeChul!!!!!!!!!!
    saranghea oooooo ooppaa…..
    i love you very2 much……

    • Yes it is. He wrote it before his debut in Supper Junior, if I am not wrong. I don’t know, someone asked it to him, then he answered it. I don’t know where though.

  3. i like the way he answer this.. heheh =)

    i really LOVE KIM HEE CHUL!!!

    saranghaeyo KIM HEE CHUL!!!
    uyubitgul KIM HEE CHUL!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ! ! ! =)

  4. He dose not care what other people say but if u say something about his friends or his family or even the person he loves, he will go after u with everthing he got.He is a person who cases about his loved ones.

  5. i really proud to him even his answer..hes so verry honest..he dont care if what they people say about him..

    Any way sarangheyo oppa,, i wish i saw you in the personal.. Ireally wanted to see you.. Youre to much cute.. I love you and keep up the good work… And dont forget have faith to god always.. Emuah

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