Eunhyuk’s 100 Q and A

1. Name: Lee, Hyuk Jae

2. Age: Right now, I’m 19 years old

3. Birthdate: 1986.4.4

5. Schools you’ve attended: SungSangYooAhWon (Preschool)-ByungSuhl Kindergarten-NeungGohk Elementary School-HwahSoh High
School-HwahGohk High School

6. Height: 180cm

7. Blood type: O

8. Religion: Christianity

9. Hobbies: Studying, Singing, Piano, Soccer, Watching gag (comedy) programs

10. Personality: Everyone probably knows already, I’m nice…But when someone takes away my food, I’m not nice -.-;;

11. What makes you happy in a day: When someone tells me I’m charismatic or good-looking

12. Something you’re not satisfied with at the moment: My mom hasn’t given me allowance for the last two months.

13. What you wear to sleep: Whatever…I don’t sleep without anything on though

14. Type of hairstyle you like on a girl: Permed, curly hair or tied nicely rather than straight hair

15. Dream Girl: Cute, Cute ?, Pretty, I’m not sure what SangKeum is, smooth like soft ice cream, sweet like cotton candy girl. Oh!
My!~ (note: this is a phrase from a gag program in Korea called ‘웃찻사’ & from the skit ‘귀염둥이’) A white face, pretty eyes,
an elegant girl

16. Habits: I don’t have any -ㅁ-

17. Fruits you like: Strawberies, Gyool (fruit eaten in korea, I can’t describe it, it’s orange though…mango-ish texture?), Orange,
GuhBoong keke (I don’t have a clue what it is and can’t find it)

18. Vegetables you like: Tomato

19. Male celebrity that you think is good-looking: won bin…he’s as good-looking as I am…hoohoohoo

20. Female celebrity that you think is pretty: hahahaha….there are too many

21. An item you cherish; choco rangmingki (dog? Pet?)

22. Number you like: SE7EN

23. Something you’re pondering/wondering: what ways are there to possibly ruin my image…what in the world my groove is (?)

24. My promise: I won’t be normal..i want to live with a normal face…

25. How are you feeling now: choco is stractching my feet, it’s always ticklis…euheuheu

26. What you want to do right now: wash my feet…

27. A kid you like: kids? I don’t play with kids

28. Fave foods: kimchee fried rice, pizza

29. Foods you dislike: I hate all hae mool ryu~~~

30. Foot size: buy me shoes that are 270mm. kee

31. Alcohol intake: alcohol No~

32. Smoke: smoke No~

33. A movie you watched that you thought was sad: present, letter…those…I’m kind of emotion?(that’s not the word I’m looking for…)

34. Childhood dream: soccer player and singer

35. Motto: none…just to live and work hard keekee

36. Hours of sleep: my life plans are 6 hours

37. Future hope: singer

38. What do you think you laugh most at: I laugh really easily -0-

39. What you cook well: fried egg

40. Where you live now: HwaGohkDong ???….When you go to our house there is a bridge that opens/so nowadays I use a bus

41. A memory that lasts in your mind: when we used to practice as a trio group

42. What saying you use often: it’s different every every time~Oh! My~Joker (note: another gag phrase)

43. How long you’ve been away from home: I do it often..keke

44. First kiss: I thought it was 9th grade but now that I think about it carefully it was 7th grade

45. If you did, where: at some villa dambyuhrak…since it’s happened in the past, forget~~I regret it a lot too

46. What you look @ first when you see a girl: style

47. If you have a girlfriend: if I have a g/f…what kind of answer do you want -0-?

48. If I was in a love triangle: meet each one individually and clear things up

49. If the person you love betrays you: if the person really loves another person, I can understand

50. What you want to give to the person you love: I want to give her everything with out holding back~ohoo~tonahwah -0-

51. What you do at school: take care of my body or control conditions…some will say I sleep -0-(??)

52. Fave flower: I don’t know the names of many flowers keke

53. Fave song: nowadays the list of songs I like has expanded a lot keke in particular I listen to big mama’s “honjitmal” often ke

54. Fave color: white, blue, beige

55. Age range of person to marry: 8 years older and 3 years younger I guess…ke

56. What do you do in your spare time: (I’m not sure, I couldn’t find it)

57. First love: God

58. If you had 100manwon: bravo~

59. A drama you liked: romance (I couldn’t see it when it actually aired on tv, during break I watched it all night for a week on the
internet’s “see again”)

60. Movie you enjoyed: truthfully, I think all movies are fun -0- kekeke

61. 시력*..*..*━☞ 작년에 렌즈맞출때 0.1 이였다 ㅜ_ㅠ

62. How do you relieve stress: a long time ago I used to bother or hit junsu and that relieved stress but I can’t nowadays. I have to
find a few method -0-

63. What you want to learn: to produce music

64. What you want to try: (note: this is a pun *lol…) if you look @ the sun it hurts >_<

65. If your girlfriend had a limited amount of time left: I’d get insurance

66. When you feel that you don’t like yourself: when we’re in jazz dance class and I can’t do the splits…I’m so -0-

67. Sex before marriage: no/

68. Life principle: eat for free anyway possible…don’t use my money..

69. Weather you enjoy: clear, beautiful weather

70. What you watch on tv a day: my life plan is 30 minutes. I’m in for it (?) -.-

71. Important friend: aren’t all friends important?

72. Living is?: wouldn’t it be gaining money and getting something from it?

73. Fave drinks: strawberry milk, ambasa, orange juice

75. Snacks you like: banana kick

76. If you and your g/f break up where would you go: go to my next schedule

77. A teacher you respect: because I’m a nice student I respect most of my teachers

78. Introduce your family: not a lot of front hairs but calm, smooth with a cute personality and appearance is my dad, people tell me
that I look like her and hasn’t given me my allowance in two moths is my mom, fun and takes care of me well and is witty is my older
sister, cute and jealous often choco, sleeps anywhere well and eats well is minki//this was my family/.

79. Happiness is: it varies from person to person, doesn’t it? No matter what it is if it gives someone joy and if you think it is, I think
that it’s happiness

80. From past birthday presents, one you remember most: heh heh heh heh I like, I like~ I like them all ke

81. Animals you like: choco and minky and ahtom

82. Plant you like: grass

83. Favorite season: it doesn’t matter what season just as long as it’s a clear day ke

84. What you think about homosexuals: you can’t~ you’ll go to hell

85. If you had to choose between friendship or love: to tell you the truth, I still haven’t been able to decide yet

86. If the world ended tomorrow: I would go to church and pray

87. Singing ability: it kills~ (slang)

88. Dancing ability: it ends~ (slang)

89. Song you like: greatest love of all

90. Things you have to have in a relationship: trust and understanding

91. Subjects you like: gym and Korean geography

92. Girls that are older, guys that are older (& dating): uhm, what’s wrong with it~if they both love each other..

93. If you died tomorrow: I’d go to church and pray

94. When will you get married: if my dreams come true and I make lots of money ke

95. In twenty years, your appearance: a cool mister…

96. Places you want to visit: Australia, egypt, japan

97. E-mail: it did have my address, but I erased it (the person who posted)

98. To the person reading this: my name is lee, hyuk jae

99. If there’s something you need to change about yourself: typing. (to tell the truth, it still makes a “dohk” sound -0-) 100. Any last
comments: my name is lee, hyuk jae

[ 1 ] Name? └──♡ lee hyukjae:

[ 2 ] Age >0<♡? └──♡ 19살 (1986.4.4)

[ 3 ] Family .ㅁ.♬? └──♡ father-lee kang hun; mother-jang duk-boon; sister-lee sora; animal-choco, mingki

[ 4 ] where do you attend school +0+? └──♡ harvard

[ 5 ] do you like your school’s uniform? ㅇ_ㅇ?? └──♡ harvard doesn’t have uniform so.. eum… hoohoohoo ⊙▽⊙

[ 6 ] drink capacity ;ㅋ?? └──♡ i don’t drink

[ 7 ] do you have a genuine friend? ㅇ0ㅇ? └──♡ of course euhahahaha

[ 8 ] The reason why that person is your best friend O_O! └──♡ That person always is on my side and always trusts me

[ 9 ] Which friend you think of as a bad person!!! └──♡ KJS

[ 10 ] Why do you dislike that person ㅠ^ㅠ?? └──♡ from the very start i didn’t like him..

[ 11 ] whats your future hope ㅇ_ㅇ? └──♡ singer♬ [ 12 ] reason why ^○^♬ └──♡ i am most happy when i sing and dance

[ 13 ] do you have a girlfriend? *^-^*? └──♡ all the girls in the world

[ 14 ] if you had a girlfriend(older, same age, younger)?? └──♡ older, same age, younger, any eumheeheheee♡

[ 15 ] for those who don’t have girlfriends ♬ └──♡ merong merong (sticking out tongue) ‘0’

[ 16 ] do you hate your school’s upperclassmen ㅇ_ㅇ? └──♡ i like them, esp. kim raewon and kim taehee. i respect them

[ 17 ] then do you like underclassmens? *^0^*??? └──♡ those little things, i don’t speak well with them huhuhu

[ 18] most memorable school trip. >000< └──♡ fly to the sky – habit (seub gwan)♬

[ 24 ] whats #18 in noraebang? ♡▽♡ ?? └──♡ thats, at-then at-then different~ㅁ~

[ 25 ] what do you do after you finish a test?? ??+ 0 + └──♡ i go home and sleep

[ 26 ] least favorite subject>0< └──♡ han-mun (chinese letters/alphabet)

[ 27 ] reason why you hate it +0+ └──♡ when homework is to write chinese character 10 times, i hate it so ㅜ_ㅠ

[ 28 ] favorite suject . ㅇ0ㅇ └──♡ p.hysical e.ducation.

[ 29 ] why do you like p.e’0′? └──♡ because i get to play soccer! eukyangkyang

[ 30 ] favorite movie >0< ? └──♡ titanic >0<

[ 31 ] favorite type of movie └──♡ take out erotic and everything is good ♡_♡

[ 32 ] movie with most vanity :>0< └──♡ my love the jerk (nae sarang ssagaji) or my love the ssagaji ㅡ,.ㅡ

[ 33 ] favorite singer +0+ └──♡ justin, yoo seungjun, usher

[ 34 ] favorite celebrtiy’_’# └──♡ emma watson, soy, wonbin

[ 35 ] what would you do if you see that celebrity ㅇ_ㅇ?? └──♡ “hi um” seeing that they are foreign

[ 36 ] first kiss >0_<

[ 38 ] how many times have you kissed? =_=? └──♡ 떼끼~!!!ddeh-kki (again don’t know but i dont think its a good response?)

[ 39 ] whats your buddy ID? >000_<

[ 50 ] last words : >0<
└──♡ bye! see you next time ^0^

credit: super_jisun, tvxqbuzz7921, myc04 @ JuniorSource


10 thoughts on “Eunhyuk’s 100 Q and A

  1. WOW! we have alot in common just one setback………..he’s like 10 years older than me at the moment! GRRRRRRRRR!

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