Donghae’s Q and A


1. Name: Lee Donghae

2. Number one treasure: My lake-like eyes!

3. Family members: Leader! Vice leader! Vice-vice leader! Vice-vice-vice leader! Vice-vice-vice-vice leader! Me.

4. What is love: When it comes, it’s easy.[/b] But when it leaves, it’s like dying.

5. What’s the most important characteristic of your significant other: As long as I like them, it doesn’t matter.

6. When you’re bored, what method has the most effect (of alleviating boredom): Give me some spending money! Haha…

7. Where do you most want to travel: The entire world.

8. Who’s your favorite celebrity: Han Geng!

9. Your spending money each month: Not much, 555… (~$75)

10. What brand names do you like to wear: A/X, CK, Nike

11. The greeting on your cell phone display: Give me a chance!

12. How many texts do you send each day: About ten.

13. What do other people ask you the most: What time are we going to the company/work?

14. The biggest lie you’ve told so far in life: Even though I’m Pinocchio, I don’t tell lies.

15. Current hairstyle: The just-got-out-of-practice hairstyle.

16. Your ideal confession scene: Concert.

17. When do you think yourself as most laughable: When you can’t do anything by yourself!

18. What are the pros of dating: Always wearing a smile on your face

19. What are the cons of dating: You need to use love to embrace shortcomings

20. First love: My parents.

21. The person you like: Lee Hyukjae

22. The person you’d date: Kim Heechul

23. The type of significant other you’d like: Kibum

24. Someone you’ve loved since you first saw them: Mom

25. Love or friendship: Both are very important

26. Someone you love or someone who loves you: I don’t know!

27. When do you most miss people you love: Right now

28. What would you do for your girlfriend on your 100th day anniversary: Sing

29. After you break up, can you still be friends: Of course

30. What’s the difference between a person you date and a person you marry: Because I take these things seriously, when I’m
dating, I’ll be thinking of marriage.

31. The first time you got drunk: When I was at an amusement park; I fell over.

32. How many people have confessed to you: That’s like the stars in the sky! (TN: Lol, I’m not surprised, Hae.)

33. When did you cry the most: After entering SM

34. If your parents opposed your marriage, would you break up or elope: That kind of thing would never happen!

35. What would you name your future children: Namhae (South Sea), Seohae (West Sea) haha

36. Where do you want to study abroad: Oh, Disneyworld.

37. Tell us candidly if you were good or bad in the past: I give up, give up! (TN: Don’t ask/I’m not telling)

38. Did the person you like make you angry or make you cry: Cry!

39. What do you do after you start to like someone: Get nervous

40. Rate yourself: People all have incomparable charm.

41. What do you want your significant other to give you: The true me in her eyes. (TN: It means he wants her to look at only him,
and to see who he really is and love him, and reflect that all back in her eyes.)

42. Do you like significant others who smoke: Don’t want.

43. Do you want to become someone who is attractive on the outside or someone who has a good personality: I want to become

44. What’s your schedule for tomorrow: I don’t know tomorrow’s schedule yet.

45. How many true friends do you have: You, who has faith in me! (TN: He means ELF/fans)

46. If you had a time-space machine, to when would you travel: To the times when I was with my dad.

47. What cologne do you use: I have too many colognes

48. If one day you could become invisible: I just thought about this yesterday! Haha.

49. Say something to someone who truly likes you: Let’s kiss, sweetheart!

50. After fifty questions, do you have any question to add: Do you like me?

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Donghae 100 Q&A

1.이름*..*..*━☞ 피 노 키 오
1. name : pinnochio

2.나이*..*..*━☞ 18
2. age : 18 (so this is very recent)

3.생년월일*..*..*━☞ 1988年 10月 15日
3. birthdate : 10-15-1988

there wasn’t a number 4 strangely (alice note: even maybe for q&a question koreans don’t like to have a 4th cause 4 also means death in korean [ so a lot of buildings don’t have a 4th floor but a F floor instead – lol? – Maybe it’s absolutly not related though xD )

5.출신학교*..*..*━☞ 해 리 포 터 학 교 ~
5. graduate of what school : harry potter school

6.키*..*..*━☞ 3 옥 타 브 ㅡ도ㅡ 정 도
6. height : around 3 octave

7.혈액형*..*..*━☞ A 형
7. blood type : A type

8.종교*..*..*━☞ 하 느 님 그 늘 아 래 . . . ~
8. religion : under God’s shade

9.취미*..*..*━☞ 신 데 렐 라 ( 희 철 ) 수 다 들 어 주 기~
9. hobby : listening to Cinderella’s (Hee Chul) chattering

10.성격*..*..*━☞ 사 랑 스 럽 다~ ㅡㅡ^
10. personality : i’m loveable

11.하루중 가장 행복할 때*..*..*━☞ 일 기 쓸 때 ~
11. time when you’re the happiest : when i write in my journal

12.현재 가장 불만*..*..*━☞ 집 에 컴 퓨 터 가 없 다~
12. current dissatisfaction : there’s no computer at my house

13.잘 때 입고자는것*..*..*━☞ 잠옷 쵝오~ (?ㅁ ? )=b
13. what do you wear to sleep : pajamas

14.좋아하는 이성 헤어 스타일*..*..*━☞ 비 단 결 머 리
14. hairstyle you like on the opposite sex : silky hair

15.이상형*..*..*━☞ 지 금 보 고 있 는 당 신 이 될 수 도 ^ ^ ;
15. ideal type of the opposite sex : perhaps you who’s reading this can be it

16.습관*..*..*━☞ 널 생 각 하 면 할 수 록 ~ ♬
16. habits : it’s a line from a song hence the note symbol at the end. lots of songs has that line though, it could be s.e.s. – yong gi. but translation of it is ‘everytime i think about you’ or something related to ‘thinking about someone’

17.좋아하는 과일*..*..*━☞ 귤 배 딸 기 키 위 쵝오~ (?ㅁ ? )=b
17. favorite fruit : tangerine, pear, strawberry, kiwi, 쵝오 (<- don’t know what it means)

18.좋아하는 채소*..*..*━☞ 당 근!!
18. favorite vegetable : carrot!! (당근하지)

19.잘생겼다고 생각하는 남자 연예인*..*..*━☞ 신데렐라,백설공주.
19. male celebrity who you think is good looking : cinderella, snow white (cinderella is hee chul, but who’s snow white? ki bum?)

20.예쁘다고 생각하는 여자 연예인*..*..*━☞ 송 혜 교 !
20. female celebrity who you think is pretty/beautiful : song hye gyo

21.아끼는 물건*..*..*━☞ 북 극 성 ~
21. something you save : north star

22.좋아하는 숫자*..*..*━☞ 3 , 6 , 9 ~ ♡
22. favorite number : 3, 6, 9

23.나의 고민*..*..*━☞ 우 리 친 형 ( 동 화 형) 너 무 보 고 싶 다.~
what you’re agonizing about : i really miss my (real) older brother (dong hwa hyung)

24.나의 단점*..*..*━☞ 지 구 방 위 대 후 뢰 시 맨 이 될 수 없 다
your weakness : something about defending and he can’t it

는 것 ㅡㅡ^

25.지금의 기분*..*..*━☞ Zzang!!^^
25. how do you feel at the moment : zzang! (really good)

26.지금 하고 싶은 것*..*..*━☞ 기 범 이 가 보 고 싶 은 데 오 지 않 는 다 ㅜㅠ~~
26. what do you want to do right now : I miss (want to see) Ki Bum but he’s not coming

27.좋아하는 애*..*..*━☞ 애 같 은 애 ^ ^
27. a kid you like : someone who’s childish

28.좋아하는 음식*..*..*━☞ 닭 도 리 탕 ~ ♡
28. favorite food : dakdori tang (it’s this korean spicy chicken stew.. soup..(??))

29.싫어하는 음식*..*..*━☞ 단거~
29. least favorite food : sweet stuff

30.발싸이즈*..*..*━☞ 270~!!
30 shoe size : 270 (it’s around size 11 in US)

31.주량*..*..*━☞ 술 은 절 대 N O ! !
31. drinking capacity : never drink!!

32.담배*..*..*━☞ 담 배 도 절 대 N O ! !
32. cigarettes : never smoke!

33.슬프게 본 영화*..*..*━☞ 남 들 이 슬 프 다 고 생 각 하 는 건 . . . 슬 프 다 ^ ^
33. a movie you thought was sad : what others think is sad… how sad

34.어린시절 꿈*..*..*━☞ 봉고차에부딪쳐도난절대다치치않는다.
34. childhood dream : when i run into a van, i never get hurt

35.좌우명*..*..*━☞ 남들에게손가락질받지말자!
35. motto : same quote as the one he put in the previous questionaire

36.수면시간*..*..*━☞ 자고싶은데로!~
36. time you sleep : whenever i feel like sleeping

37.장래희망*..*..*━☞ 미국정복~
37. future dreams : overthrow the US

38.자신이 잘 웃는 편이라고 생각하나?*..*..*━☞ 속으론 잘 웃는다ㅋ
38. do you think you laugh easily? i laught a lot in the inside

39.잘 만드는 요리*..*..*━☞ 라면,이상한거그냥..먹어볼래요?^^
39. what are you good at making (as in food) : ramen, just weird stuff.. do you want to try some? hehe

40.현재 사는곳*..*..*━☞ 청울시청담동~
40. current place you live at : east of Cheong Dam (or something like that)

41.기억에 남는 추억*..*..*━☞ 5학년부터중2까지~
41. a memory that stays with you : 5th grade to 2nd year of junior high

42.자주 쓰는말*..*..*━☞ 영화보러가자,보고싶어,니맘속에살아!~^^
42. something you write on a daily basis : let’s go watch a movie, i miss you, i’m living inside of you

43.외박 경험*..*..*━☞ NO!~
43. sleep around : NO (ok, i’m not sure if that’s the question. but i saw that he answered with exclamation so i guess. 외박 means sleep out and 경험 means experience, so i put two and two together and translated the question into that. i think i’m right though.)

44.첫키스*..*..*━☞ 언제해줄꺼야??
44. first kiss : when are you going to kiss me?

45.했다면 어디서?*..*..*━☞ 내가??
45. if you already have done it, where? : i did??

46.이성을 볼때 어디부터 보나*..*..*━☞ 눈동자~
46. what do you first notice in the opposite sex : the pupil

47.애인이 생긴다면?*..*..*━☞ 나보다더행복하게해주겠다!!!!!!!!~
47. what if you had a girl/boyfriend : i’ll make her happier that i am!!!!!

48.내가 만약 삼각관계에 있다면*..*..*━☞ 트라이앵글부르겠다!!
48. what if you’re in a love triangle : i’ll call the triangle out!!

49.사랑하는 이가 배신을 한다면?*..*..*━☞ 잘가라!!
49. what would you do if the person you love betrays you : goodbye!! (it’s like saying have a great life.. with little sarcasm)

50.사랑하는 이에게 주고 푼 것*..*..*━☞ 내것이니꺼다.
50. something you’d like give to the person you love : what’s mine is yours

51.학교에서 주로 하는 일*..*..*━☞ 학교이제들어가는데ㅡㅡ
51. something you do in school : when i enter the classroom– (this is a really horrible translation because i don’t really get the question..)

52.좋아하는 꽃*..*..*━☞ 하얀색이면…다~~
52. favorite flower : if it’s white, i like it

53.좋아하는 노래*..*..*━☞ N sync : This i promise you…
53. favorite song : n sync – this i promise you

54.좋아하는 색*..*..*━☞ 하얀색,노란색,파란색,초록색,빨간색,검은색.(밝으면all call)
favorite color : white, yellow, blue, green, red, black (if it’s bright, all call)

55.결혼 상대의 나이차는*..*..*━☞ 기 린 목
55. the age difference of your bride/groom : giraffe’s neck

56.한가할때 무엇을 하나*..*..*━☞ 상상의 나라에 빠진다.ㅋ(*.*)
56. when you’re free what would you do : i’ll fall into imagination (ok, i don’t know what the question is really asking)

57.첫사랑*..*..*━☞ 최수종나온드라마!재밌었지^^
57. first love : the drama that stars choi soo jong! wasn’t it fun

58.100만원이 생긴다면?*..*..*━☞ 보모님께…^^
58. what would you do if you all of a sudden got $1000 : i’ll give it to my parents

59.재미있게 본 드라마?*..*..*━☞ 드 라 마 는 내 유 일 한 -낙- !
59. a drama that you enjoyed watching : an unique drama – nak-! (i don’t know if nak is the drama name, but i looked up what nak means and it says pleasure)

60.재미있게 본 영화?*..*..*━☞ 영 화 는 내 유 일 한 인 생~!
60. a movie that you enjoyed wtching : a movie that’s like my life (i think that’s what his answer is)

61.시력*..*..*━☞ 2.0
61. vision : 2.0

62.스트레스 해소법*..*..*━☞ 쇼핑!
62. something that’s stressful : shopping!

63.배워보고 싶은 것*..*..*━☞ 이세상에모든것.
63. something you want to learn : everything in this world

64.해보고 싶은 것*..*..*━☞ Justin 만나고싶다!
64. something you want to try : i want to meet justin (i’m guessing timberlake)

65.애인이 시한부 인생이라면?*..*..*━☞ 어떻게해서든살린다!
65. if your girl/boyfriend was always late : i’ll have to save her (i don’t think i translated the question right)

66.자신이 싫다고 느껴질 때*..*..*━☞ 싫어져도내가좋다^^
66. when you feel that your girl/boyfriend doesn’t want to do it : even though she doesn’t like it, i like it

67.결혼 전 성관계에 대해서*..*..*━☞ 상관없어ㅡㅡ
67. sex before marriage : it doesn’t matter

68.생활 신조*..*..*━☞ 인생에서그냥찾아오는건없다.
68. life motto : nothing just appears in life

69.좋아하는 날씨*..*..*━☞ 영화보기좋으날씨~
69. favorite weather : a weather that’s perfect for watching a movie

70.하루중 TV시간*..*..*━☞ 드 라 마 하 는 시 간 .
70. when do you watch TV : when the dramas are on

71.소중한 친구는?*..*..*━☞우 리 친 형(동화)
71. a valued friend : my real elder hyung (dong hwa)

72.산다는 것은?*..*..*━☞ 행복..
72. living is – happiness (the question can also be translated as ‘what are you living for?’)

73.좋아하는 음료수*..*..*━☞ 우유~
73. favorite beverage : milk

75.좋아하는 과자?*..*..*━☞ 포카포카~칩^^
favorite chips : pokka pokka chips

76.애인이랑 깨지면 어딜 가겠는가?*..*..*━☞ 노래부르러~
76. where will you go if you break up with your significant other : i’ll go somewhere where i can sing

77.존경하는 선생님*..*..*━☞ 내선생님은우리아버지!
77. a teacher you respect : my teacher is my dad

78.가족소개*..*..*━☞ 할배,할매,아빠, 엄마, 형,나
78. family members : grandpa, grandma, dad, mom, hyung, me

79.행복이란*..*..*━☞ 지금무언가를할수있다는것!~
79. happiness is … : (something about writing song or something)

80.생일선물 중 가장 기억에 남는거*..*..*━☞ 건강하다는것~
80. most memorable birthday present : being healthy

81.좋아하는 동물*..*..*━☞ 말티즈,요키^^
81. favorite animal : maltese, yorkie

82.좋아하는 식물*..*..*━☞ 꽃
82. favorite plant : flower

83.좋아하는 계절*..*..*━☞ 봄,여름,가을,겨울,하루에한번씩바꼈음좋겠다~
83. favorite season : spring, summer, autumn, fall, i’d like each day to consist of all 4 seasons

84.동성애에 대해서*..*..*━☞ good bye~
84. what do you think about living together : goodbye~

85.사랑과 우정중 선택하라면?*..*..*━☞ 둘다~(난할수있거든^^)
85. love or friendship : both (i can do it)

86.내일 지구가 멸망한다면*..*..*━☞ 가족과함께^^
86. what if tomorrow your friends break of your friendship : i still have my family

87.노래솜씨*..*..*━☞ Nice good^^
87. singing talent : nice good

88.춤솜씨*..*..*━☞ Nice zzang^^
88. dancing talent : nice zzang

89.애창곡*..*..*━☞ 당 신 이 좋 다 면 얼 마 든 지 ^ ^
89. seranade : if my dear wants it, i’ll forever sing to her

90.인간관계에 꼭 필요하다고 생각하는 것*..*..*━☞ 공 과 사
90. something you need to live : quality of worth

91.좋아하는 과목*..*..*━☞ 다좋아^^
91. favorite subject : i like it all

92.여자연상 ,남자연하에 대해서*..*..*━☞ 좋으면뭐…행복하세요!^^
92. how do you feel about older women, older men : if i like her, so what? be happy!

93.내가 내일 죽는다면*..*..*━☞ 뭐…또 가족과^^
93. if i happen to die tomorrow : well.. i’ll spend it with my family

94.결혼은 언제쯤..*..*..*━☞ 북극성봤을때~.
94. when will you get married : when i see the north star

95.20년후 자신의 모습*..*..*━☞ 사랑해^^
95. yourself in 20 years : i love it

96.가보고 싶은 나라*..*..*━☞ 미국,호주,캐나다!~
96. a country you want to visit : us, australia, canada

97.E-MAIL*..*..*━☞ 한….4개^^
97. email : about 4

98.이것을 읽는 분께 하고 싶은말*..*..*━☞ 동해웃음에빠져볼래요?^^
98. something you’d like to say to whoever is reading this : you want to fall in love with dong hae’s laugh/smile?

99.고칠점이 있다면*..*..*━☞ 어디??
99. what do you want to fix : where/?

100.마지막한마디*..*..*━☞ 후뢰시맨은지구방위대를이길수없는걸까??
100. last words : (something about ‘after above the region, will i win’ or something)


Lee Dong Hae’s 100 q’s

1. Name: Pinocchio {his cy is on a pinncchio theme right now -.,-}

2. Age: 19

3. Birthday: 1986.10.15
{alena’s note: no number}

5. School: Harry Potter School~

6. Height: I’m like third high C on the keyboard

7. Bloodtype: A

8. Religion: Below God’s sky. . . ~

9. Hobbies: To listen to Cinderella’s ( HweeChul ) gossip

10. Personality: I’m lovable~ __^ {a/n: dude his smileys are weird -.,-}

11. When you’re the happiest: When I writ ein my diary ~

12. Your biggest complaint currently: No computer at home~

13. What you wear when you sleep: Pajamas are the best! (¨¬¤± ¨¬ )=b {a/n: i don’t know if you can see the smiley but yeah it’s
weird *dies*}

14. A hairstyle you like on the opposite gender: Silky hair

15. Ideal girl: It could be you who’s reading this right now ^ ^ ;

16. Habits: Whenever I think of you ~ (music note) {a/n: wtf donghae crack kills}

17. Favorite fruit: Tangerine, pear, strawberry, kiwi – they’re the best~ (¨¬¤± ¨¬ )=b

18. Favorite vegetable: Carrot!!

19. Guy celebrities you think are good looking: Cinderella, Snow White.

20. Girl celebrities you think are pretty: Song Hye Gyo !

21. A treasured posession: Polaris ~

22. Numbers you like: 3, 6, 9 ~ ❤

23. Things that stress you: I want to see my big brother (DongHwa hyung). ~

24. My bad qualities: The fact that I can’t be a citizen on the planet BangWheeDaeHuLweh –^ {a/n: crack kills!}

25. Your mood right now: Zzang!!^^ {a/n: he wrote this in english haha}

26. What you want to do right now: I want to see KiBum but he’s not coming T_TT ~~

27. A kid you like: A kid that’s like a kid ^ ^

28. Food you like: Chicken DoRiTang {a type of chicken soup thing ^^;}

29. Food you don’t like: Anything sweet~

30. Shoe size: 270~!!

31. Drinking capacity: Beer is always N O ! ! {he wrote no in english >0< so cute T.T}

32. Cigarette: Smoking is also always N O ! !

33. A movie that made you sad: Whatever others say is sad . . . is sad ^ ^

34. A childhood dream: Even if I run into a huge car, I never get hurt. {wth didn’t I already say crack kills?}

35. Motto: Let’s not get scorn from others!

36. Bedtime: Whenever I want to sleep!~

37. Your future hope: To conquest America~

38. Do you think you’re the type that laughs easily: I laugh easily inside hah

39. Something you cook well: Ramyun, just something you want to eat?^^

40. Where do you live right now?: {some korean place i can’t understand}

41. A event that remains in your memory: From fifth grade to junior high ~ {a/n: he enjoys avoiding the question >0<}

42. What you say often: Let’s go see a movie, I missed you, you live inside of me!~^^

43. Have you ever gone out of country: NO!~

44. First kiss: When are you going to kiss me??

45. If you did, where: Me??

46. When you see a girl, where do you look first: Pupils~ (I thought he pertains to ‘STUDENTS’ — My CRACK FAILED..LOL)

58. If you suddenly got million won {a/n: don’t know the equivilent of that in american currency T_T}?: To my parents…^^

59. A drama that you had fun watching?: Dramas are my sole joy in life!

60. A movie you had fun watching?: Movies are my sole life! 61. Eyesight: 2.0 (LOL… I remembered something~)

62. Destressing methods: Shopping!

63. What you want to learn: Everything in the world.

64. What you want to do: I want to meet Justin!

65. If your girlfriend was dying: I would do whatever it takes to rescue her!

66. When do you feel like you hate yourself: Even when I hate myself, I still like myself^^

67. About relationships before marriage: I don’t care —

68. Lifestyle principle: There is nothing in life that comes looking for you.

69. Weather that I like: A weather that is good for movie-watching~

70. When is your TV time: When dramas are on.

71. Precious friends: My hyung (DongHwa)

72. Life is?: Happiness

73. Favorite drink: Milk~

{no 74}

75: Favorite cookies: PokaPoka~chip^^

76. If you break up with your girlfriend, you would go: to sing~

77. A teacher you respect: My teacher is my father!

78. Introduce your family: Grandpa, Gramma, Dad, Mom, Hyung, Me

79. Happiness is: The fact that I can do something right now!~

80. A birthday present that you remember most: Just the fact that I’m healthy~

81. Favorite animal: Maltese, Yorkie

82. Favorite plant: Flower

83. Favorite season: Spring, summer, fall, winter, I wish the season would change once everyday~

84. About antis: good bye~ {in english}

85. If you had to choose between love or friendship: Both~(I can do it^^)

86. If the world was to come to an end tomorrow: I want to spend it with my family^^

87. Singing skills: Nice good^^ {english -0-}

88. Dancing skills: Nice zzang^^ {english again >0< pukak}

89. Your theme song: If you like it I will do as much as you want^ ^

{don’t understand 90}

91. Favorite fruit tree: I like them all^^

92. What do you feel about relationships where a girl is older than the boy: If they like it, well…be happy!^^

93. If you were to die tomorrow: What…with my family again^^

94. When do you want to marry: When I see Polaris~

95. Yourself 20 years later: I love you^^

96. A country you want to see the most: America, Australia, Canada!~

97. E-mail: Um…I have 4^^

98. What you want to say to those who read this: Do you want to fall into Donghae’s smile?

99. If you had a trait you want to fix: Where?

100. Last word: Is Planet HuLwehShiMan really unconquerable??



1. Name/Nickname : Lee DongHae/DongHae Beach (beach in korea)

2. Height/Weight/Shoesize : 172cm/54kg/270mm

3. DiGiTaek HighSchool 1st year what class, what number : 1st year, class 12, #37

4. Favorite Subject : English

5. My Best Feature : I’m not really sure, but my eyes^^

6. Movie You Watched With Most Meaning : Titanic, Walk To Remember

7. Kind Of Cologne You Use : Burberry(while,green,blue)

8. Where You Go Most Often : to watch movies,park,walk alone

9. Favorite Junk Foods/Snacks : i don’t eat snacks a lot,i like red bean bread& fish cake!^^

10. Favorite TV Show/Radio Station : Star News/i don’t listen to radio a lot

11. Comic Book You Read With Most Meaning/Recommendation : i don’t read comics/none

12. Until When Did You Write Journal Entries? until 2002/March~~

13. Until When Did You Believe In Santa Claus? i still do~~^^

14. What You Want For Xmas This Year : accessories!(bracelets,rings,earrings) ,cologne,dvds

15. Cellphone Background : white christmas(i love christmas so much i have it for all 4 seasons!^^)

16. Whats Your Cellphone Ringtone? (nothing, i love christmas so much that i have xmas carols all 4 seasons)

17. How Many Numbers In You Cellphone? 160 numbers~~

18. Who’s Your Speeddial On #1? 0 is my mommy, 1 is my dad

19. What Numbers Are The SMILE Members Saved On? 2,3,4,& 5 hyunggss~

20. When Do You Friends Look Nice? whenever^^

21. What Do You Do If Your Friends Are Mad At You : just i’m sorry T_T~~

22. Did You Ever Enjoy Drinking? never

23. Whats The Most You Can Drink/Drinking Habits? i drink 2 glasses of soju & pass out/none

24. What You Always Sing At Karoke : a lot~~

25. How Much Do You Train In a Day? around 4 hours

26. Do You Usually Train in the Daytime or Nighttime? night~

27. Stress Reliever : listen to music

28. Your Idol? person who doesn’t point fingers, someone calm, that has manners, & knows how to care for people

29. How Much Money Do You Have In Your Wallet : NONE TT_TT

30. How Much Money Do You Use Usually In a Day? Barely any~~

31. How Much Can You Bench In kg weight : I’ve never done it before but at home, 7kg

32. What Are You Thinking While Writing This? this is cool~

33. Like Soccer?/Favorite Player? OFCOURSE!^^/Kim Nam Il, Go Jong Su

34. What You Hate Hearing : bad things~ TT_TT

35. Whole,Strawberry,Choco,Banana,or Coffee Milk? choco,coffee

36. What You Hear From You Mom A Lot : are you eating enough,don’t give up

37. If You Went Out On ‘I Miss You, Friend’ (TVSHOW) How Many People Would Come Out For You? i don’t have friends in seoul right
now TT_TT well i do but not that close

my friends can’t come from mokpo!~~

38. What Do You Think About Your Fans? i love them^^because they care for me& support~~^^

39. Do They Make You Happy? yes^^

40. What You Expect From Your Fans : theres something i really want.. thank you for loving SMILE, i don’t want fans to fight~~thats
what i really want, because you love everyone in SMILE, i wish the fans would love all the other fans~~^^


Lee Donghae detailed profile

1. name : lee donghae

2. birthday : 1986-10-15

3. bloodtype : A

4. family : grandfather,grandmother,dad,mom,hyung~

5. religion : christian! ^^

6. hobbies : listening to music, practicing dancing

7. eyesight : both eyes 1.5

8. where you live : Seoul KangNam ChungDam Area (STALKHIM:x)

9. school : digitaek high school

10. nickname : Donghae Beach

11. #1 treasure : smile , ring

12. last words : everyone, thank you for making a fanclub for

immature donghae, i’m so touched that donghae forgot what he was going to say ^^

the support & love you give me gives me so much power,

i will always think of my fans & do the best in everything i do. be happy everyone ^^

credit: alena @


JAN-FEB 2006 Lee donghae questionnary.

Story 1# About Yourself

01. 이름 ː 이동해
Name : Lee Dong Hae

02. 생년월일/별자리 ː 1986.10.15천칭자리
Birthday/Birthdate : 10-15-1986

03. 혈액형 ː 정이 많은 A 형
Blood Type : Many affection, A type (I’m not too sure about the first part)

05. 몸무게 ː 15g
Weight : 15g (I think he made a typo..)

06. 가족관계 ː 대장! 부대장! 부부대장! 부부부대장!부부부부대장!나
Family Relationship : Captain! Commander! C-Commander! C-C-C-Comander! Me

07. 종교 ː 기독교 (항상 주님그늘 아래 살고있는 나^ㅡ^)
Religion : Christian (Always living under God’s shade ^ㅡ^)

08. 별명 ː 동해바다!귀염둥이!멋쟁이!등..^^
Nicknames : Dong Hae beach! Cutie! Fashionable (I guess that’s what 멋쟁이 means right?)

09. 성격 ː 정이억수로많다^^!
Personality : Pouring with affection

Story 2# Likes

01. 좋아하는 음식 ː Ipod
Favorite food : ipod

02. 감동 받은 영화 ː 타이타닉
Movie you were moved by : Titanic

03. 좋아하는 날씨 ː사 랑 하 는 사 람 과 만 날 때 …
Favorite weather : whenever I meet my love…

04. 좋아하는 연예인 ː한경!
Favorite celebrity : Han Kyung!

05. 좋아하는 계절은 ː 4계절
Favorite season : 4 seasons

06. 좋아하는 노래 ː 사랑했잖아…
Favorite song : 사랑했잖아 (Sarang Het Janah by Lyn)

07. 좋아하는 게임 ː더킹오파이터
Favorite game : Dunkin..something..

story3# Complex

01. 컴플렉스 ː 없다
complex : none

02. 핸드폰 액정에 쓰여 잇는 것 ː 기회를 주세요!
what does it say on your banner (cellphone, i guess you can call it the welcome msg?) : give me the opportunity!

03. 하루에 보내는 문자 수 ː 10개정도
how many texts do you send a day : around 10

04. 내가 가지고 있는 향수 ː 그대의 향기
a perfume you use : just my scent

05. 한달용돈 ː 없음~ㅠㅠ
how much money do you get per month : none

06. 내 스스로가 한심할 때 ː 혼자서 아무것도 못할때!
when I’m alone and sad : when I’m alone and have nothing to do!

07. 핸드폰 번호 ː011-8282-3535 ㅋㅋ
handphone number : 011-8282-3535

08.내 자신에 점수를 매긴 다면 ː 인간은 무안한 능력이 있다

story4# Love I

01. 첫사랑 ː 부모님!
first love : my parents!

02. 좋아하는 사람 ː 혁재
someone you like : Hyuk Jae

03. 사귀는 사람 ː 희철
someone you’re dating : Hee Chul

04. 이상형 ː 기범이
ideal type of opposite sex : Ki Bum

05. 첫눈에 반한사람 ː 어머니
someone you fell in love with at first sight : my mom

06, 사랑 vs 우정ː 둘다중요^^!~
love vs friendship : both are important

07. 내가 사랑하는 사람 vs 나를 사랑하는 사람 ː 몰라!~
some I love vs someone who loves me : I don’t know

08, 사랑하는 사람이 제일 보고싶을 때 ː 지금 이순간…
when I miss the one I love : that’s how I feel at the moment

09, 이성을 볼 때 제일 따지는 부분 ː 내맘에들어오면끝…
when you see the opposite sex, what do you notice first : if she’s the one for me. the end (ahah, I don’t know how to translate that into English. tongue.gif)

10, 사랑이란 ː 오는건 쉽게오지만 보낼땐 죽고싶다…
love is : love comes easy, letting love go is hard (but literal translation of what he wrote is, “love comes easy, I want to die when letting love go)

Story5 #무제Ⅰ
Story5# Random I

01. 가장 기억에 남는 꿈 ː 니모
most vivid dream : Nemo

02. 이성이 제일 싫을 때 ː 욕할때
something the opposite sex does that you hate : curses

03. 존경하는 사람 ː 아버지
someone you respect : my dad

04. 요즘 많이 가는 단골집 ː SM연습실
a place you’ve been going to a lot : SM Training School

05. 요즘 즐겨 입는 옷 브랜드 ː A/X CK NIKE
clothes brand you like to wear : A/X (Armani Exchange), CK (Calvin Klein), Nike

06. 사귄지 100일째 되는 날 해주고 싶은 것 ː 노래불러주고싶다.
something you’d like to do with your significant other on your 100 day together : sing to her

07. 진정한 친구는 몇 명 ː 날믿는 너!
how many people would you consider to be your true friends : if you believe in me, you!

08. 내 평생 최대의 거짓말 ː 내가피노키오이긴하지만거짓말NO
the biggest lie you’ve ever told : I am Pinnochio, but I never lie

09. 현재 헤어 스타일 ː 연습하고나온머리!
current hair style : the hair I came back from practice with

10. 이상적으로 생각하는 고백 장면 ː 콘서트장!
ideal confession scene : concert hall!

story6# Love II

01. 누군가를 사귈 때 좋은 점 ː 얼굴에항상꽃이핀다!
best thing about going out with a girl : her face is always blooming like a flower

02. 누군가를 사귈 때 나쁜 점 ː 나쁜점까지사랑으로감싸야한다!
worst thing about going out with a girl : love will shield the bad stuff

03. 연상 or 연하 or 갑 ː 남행열차!
someone older than you or someone younger than you or same age : taking the south train (I’m guessing it means someone younger.??

04. 좋아하는 이성에게 받고 싶은 것 ː 눈에담겨진 나~!
what do you want to receive from the opposite sex : to stare into my eyes

05. 좋아하는 이성한테 선물하고 싶은 향수 ː 내 향수~ㅋ
what fragrance do you want to give to the opposite sex : my scent

06. 누군가를 좋아하게 되면 제일 먼저 하는 것 ː 긴장한다~!
first thing you’ll do when you meet the one : uptight (I don’t know how to translate it)

07. 내가 생각하는 이상적인 연인상 ː 서태지~
what you think is the ideal person : seo tae ji

08. 연애대상하고 결혼대상의 차이점 ː 난 모든게 진지하기 때문에 사귀면서 결혼까지 상상을 해본다!`
difference between a dating relationship and a married relationship : I take everything seriously so if I’m going out with someone, I imagine I’ll marry her.

09. 날 진정으로 사랑하는 사람에게 해주고 싶은 말 ː 뽀뽀^^!~
something you’d like to say to the one you truly love : kiss, kiss

10.좋아하는 사람에게 들려주고 싶은 노래 ː 소중한 사람♬
a song you’d what the person you like to hear : 소중한 사람 (Sojoonghan Saram) (I love this song!!!)

Story7# Past

01. 나를 좋아한다고 말한 이성은 모두 몇 명 ː 하늘에 떠있는 별!
how many times has the opposite sex confessed their love to you : star floating in the sky

02. 내가 고백했던 이성은 모두 몇 명 ː 1986/10/15
how many times have you confessed your love to someone : 1986/10/15

03. 제일 처음 알콜에 손을 댄 때 ː 놀이터에서놀다넘어졌을때!
the first time you ever laid hands on alcohol : I fell while playing in the playground

04. 제일 많이 울어봤던 기억 ː SM에들어와서!~
when did you cry the most : when I was accepted into SM

05. 가장 기억에 남는 여행 ː 세계일주!^^
most memorable trip : trip around the world

06. 힘들 때 가장 힘이 되었던 위로 ː 용돈줄때!~ㅋ
something that lifts you up when you’re in your hardship : pocket money

07. 지금 후회하고 있는 것 ː 슬램덩크를녹화안해놓은것!ㅠㅠㅠ
something you regret right now : not recording the slam dunk!

Story8#어떤 것
story 8# what kind

01. 좋아하는 것 ː 옷 신발!~
something you like : clothes, shoes

02. 싫어하는 것 ː 단거!~
something you dislike : sweet stuff

03. 지금 몸에 걸치고 있는 것 ː 옷
something that’s on your body : clothes

04. 내가 살고 싶은 집 ː 미국에있다!~찜^^!~
place you want to live : it’s in America~ hmpf

05. 보물1호 ː 호수같은내눈빛!!^^
treasure 1 (ok, I’m not sure what it’s asking.) : my lake-like eyes

06. 좌우명(생활신조) ː 남들에게 손가락질 받지말자!
Motto (life motto) : 남들에게 손가락질 받지말자! (I don’t know how to translate this into English. literal translation, never let others give you the finger?? ahah I don’t know)

07. 사람들에게 제일 많이 받는 질문 ː 사무실 몇시에 나오세요?
a question that a lot of people ask you : what time do you come back from the office?

08. 지금 당장 너무 갖고 싶은 것 ː 사진을 찍을수 있는 디카!~
what you really want at the moment : something that takes pictures, a digital camera

09. 내 외모 중 가장 맘에 드는 부분 ː왼손 내번째 손가락
what you like best about your appearance : the fourth finger on my left hand

story9# this or that

01. 담배 피는 이성 싫다/좋다 ː 싫어~
I like/hate smoking (from the opposite sex) : hate

02. 결혼할 때 부모님이 결혼을 반대한다면 헤어진다/도망간다 ː 그럴리없다1!^^
when you want to get married, your parents disagree with your decision, do you break up or runaway together : that’ll never happen

03. 자신의 과거를 떳떳이 밝히는게 좋다/싫다 ː 다이다이!~
do you like/hate to reveal your past : die die (ok, that was hard to translate..)

04. 나는 사귀다 헤어진 사람과 친구로 지낸다/못지낸다ː 지낸다
I can/cannot be friends with my ex : can be friends

05. 나는 남자/여자라서 만족한다/불만이다 ː 남자라서좋다^^
I’m satisfied/unsatisfied that I’m a boy/girl : I’m satisfied that I’m a boy

06. 좋아하는 사람에게 차이면 화낸다/운다 ː !운다!
if a person I like changes, I’ll be be full of anger/cry : cry (I’m not sure if I translated this right, the question part)]

07. 나는 외모/성격이 좋은 사람이 되고 싶다 ː 둘다!
I want to have a good appearance/personality : both

story10# future

01. 장래희망 ː 디즈니 회장!
future dream : president of Disney

02. 타임머신이 있다면 가보고 싶은 연도 ː 그대가 있는 그곳!
if you had a time machine, what year would you visit : I’d stay at the present year

03. 하루동안 투명인간이 된다면 ː 어제도 생각해 봤다!!ㅋㅋㅋ
if I was invisible for a day : I thought about it yesterday

04. 미래 자신의 아이에게 지어주고 싶은 이름 ː 남해,서해!~ㅋ
what name would you give to your future kid : Nam Hae, Suh Hae (it’s like asking a Paul what he’ll like to name his future kids and Paul saying oh “Paulo and Paula”)

05. 유학을 간다면 어느 나라로 ː 디즈니나라!~
what country would you like to visit : Disney country

06. 내일 하루 당신의 일정은 ː 내일은 …알수없다^^!!~
your schedule for tomorrow : tomorrow.. you’re not allowed to know

07. 가고싶은 대학교 ː 큰학교!~
college you want to go to : a big school

08. 100문 100답을 쓴다면 만들고 싶은 질문 ː 너 나 좋아??
a question you want to add to this 100 questionaire/survey : do you like me?

09. 앞으로의 계획 ː 디즈니 친구들 캐릭을 만들어 볼까 생각주이^^~ㅋ
your next plan : I’m thinking if I should create a new character for Disney

credit: luckyyou @ soompi


9 thoughts on “Donghae’s Q and A

  1. whoa! i can’t believe it! we have same answers on some “Drinking capacity: Beer is always N O ! !” & “Cigarette: Smoking is also always N O ! !”..cigarette & drink is a big NO-NO for me!☺..
    Donghae’s really cute! i really like him!♥

  2. hey… Donghae why dont u come 2 U.A.E and live there……. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, come. Me and my friends are waiting 4 u and 4 the other members, and y did kibum, hankyung and kangin are not in the band when i remmeber that they are not in the band, i will be veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sad. So please(X30) let them return 2 the band.

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