Notes to IMMORTALSOUL123 Statements


Yey! I want to celebrate! It’s October 18 now, and after doing some accounting computations, I found out that this blog is already 100 days old! Oh yeah! Continuing, surviving, updating for Super Junior news…

I didn’t care about this before… but because readers are supporting my blog, I want to greet all of you!


Honestly, I didn’t know that this blog page will last for 100 days… Because of busy work and all, I thought I’ll stop blogging and left my account for the rest of my life.

Then I realized how important this page to me…

Ah~~ *sobs*


Watch out for more updates and videos!

My Misery Begins Here.

My Misery Begins Here.

My Misery Begins Here.

My Misery Begins Here.

My Misery Begins Here.

My Misery Begins Here.

Talaga. My misery begins here.

Nalulungkot ako dahil I need to repeat ACTBAS1 next term. Irregular. Gustuhin ko mang maging hindi irregular, hindi ko nagawa.

Hay. Ang masakit, dapat Dean’s Lister ako. Kung pwede nga lang na kahit meron kang 1.0 pasok ka pa rin sa DL. Pero hindi eh. Masisi ko ba naman ang sarili ko? Bakit kasi ako naadik sa Super Junior nang mga ganitong pagkakataon?

Pero ayos lang. Hindi ko sinisisi ang Super Junior sa lahat ng ito. Ako ang may kasalanan.

Sabi nga ng aking best friend, “There is no such thing as influence, but there is freewill.” (credits to: Dee for allowing me to post your quote here.) Ayan, nagamit ko na ang kanyang quote para sa aking blog. Hay.

Gusto kong umiyak, pero sabi ko at nangako akong hindi ako iiyak hanggang maari dahil sa accounting. Marami akong nabalitaan na nag-quit at napaiyak sila ng accounting, pero sabi ko sa sarili ko, hindi ako susuko. Siguro totoong bato ang puso ko. Bakit nga ba? Pero umiyak ako sa A Walk To Remember ng, at ilang mga pelikulang hindi naman talaga nakakaiyak. Kung sabagay, malungkot rin ako. Malungkot na malungkot. So depressed.

Nararamdaman ko na ang nararamdaman niya. Kung bakit ang mga tao – kasama ako – ay pinipilit siyang pasayahin kung hindi naman talaga siya masaya? Nakakainis. Nakakainis talaga.

Pwede bang tumawa ka kapag masaya ka talaga, at lumuha kapag malungkot ka. Ayoko nang magpapakita na malakas ka dahil tao ka rin at may kahinaan. Alam namang maiintindihan iyan ng mga taong nakapaligid sa iyo. Mahal ka nila at ayaw ka rin nilang nahihirapan.

Back to ACTBAS1.

Sana naman ay mai-4.0 ko na ito next term. Kapag hindi ako naka 4.0, Hindi talaga para sa akin ang Accounting. Mahal ko ang course na ito.

I need to choose from the two. Accounting? O Blogging?

Accounting na. Hindi secured ang future ko sa pagba-blog ko.

At kung gusto kong maging maganda ang future ko, Accounting na ako.

Starting September 14, goodbye, blogging. Hello new life.

Goodbye KPOP.

Goodbye Super Junior.

This is for the better. You’ll be always in my heart.


This week is immortalsoul123 and hanminteuk’s  midterm examinations. We will try to post blogs about Super Junior as updated as we can. We have only three midterm exams but all of these subjects are too long and difficult. So please bear with us.

While studying and reviewing for the upcoming exams, we are going to collect and gather new information about our favorite boyband so that we can update our Super Junior blog.

Thank you 🙂

We will try to improve. Promise.


I had a mistake of posting Super Junior MYX Updates. I did not noticed that it was on the same date as before (the latest post) so I am very sorry. 🙂

Thanks to hanminteuk and I noticed my mistake earlier.

If you have questions, email me or just post your question on my blog site. Thanks.


It’s okay to fail for the first time… But not on the SECOND TIME! Yeah, you got that right. I failed again on my Accounting test last Thursday. This time, my score did not even reach the half of the perfect score.

I don’t want to fail again. It was like the first time I fail with that kind of score. Why? May pagkukulang ba ako para maging ganito ang score ko? I felt that the test WAS REALLY EASIER than the first one, pero bakit hindi pa rin ako pumasa?

I tried hard to study… But something was pulling me away from studying…Alam na ninyo kung ano iyon…

If hard did not work, try harder. If harder also did not work, try your HARDEST!

I don’t want to stop from fangirling. But I have to, I think. This is for my future.

NAH! I will not stop idolizing (Is this the right term?) Super Junior and any other KPOP artists. I will just moderate everything. If it works, for about a term, I’ll go back in the same way as what I was before. I need time.

I think I can’t… When will I stop idolizing KPOP? Iniisip ko rin iyon.

Fan pa rin ako. REMEMBER THAT! 🙂


Because my midterm exams (actually, not all of them, there is only one left) have come to an end, I am sure that I can continue video making.

My Accounting Midterm Exam is… once again, difficult. But at least the rubber band has released its stress already. I’m not sure if I can get a ‘passing’ grade, but I know I did better of my best, harder of my hardest. At least I get an above 70 score over one hundred, I will be grateful!

There are lot of things to do pa rin. I can handle it… I hope.

Well, just sharing the good news… WOW…

This is not the end… This is just a beginning.

I’ll do better than the better of my best.

Good luck!


I really need to study. 😦

I need a 94 to pass the first level…


Support please… guys!!!


Hmm… Just wodering if who is good enough in translating Filipino to English and vice versa… Please inform hanminteuk or immortalsoul123…

We are in need of fanfic translator, to be posted here…hmmm.

If there is no one, so we will just post the Filipino fanfics here… AHAHAHA…

Anyhow… Please inform us if who are willing… thanks for a great help 🙂

AND PLEASE – no pays…wahahaha…


Yey! After a long term (or should I say short), it’s finally our semester break!

But still looking forward to the results of my perseverance and hardwork in Accounting exams, which took place yesterday (Ah! What’s the use? I’ll repeat the subject again, or maybe not?). But then again, I promise to myself that I will not fail and repeat any subjects. But if I do fail, I’m sure that I will do better. I want to be a CPA. I will not give up! Fighting!

It’s a nosebleeding day for me… Arrgh… Algebra exams!

Although I’m good (not excellent) at Math in High School, I wonder why I became…a Math-bunker (what a word) this term. I was also once a Student Teacher in Algebra! I got lower scores than before. Ouch.

But anyhow, my exam went well this morning. Thanks for the power of prayer 🙂 .

Also… I saw my grades…and they were all good, so no worries…

Back to fangirling from today to September 13.

A day for one Super Junior member…

This day, a day for…hmmm…

Yehey!!! More updates coming up!


4 thoughts on “Notes to IMMORTALSOUL123 Statements

  1. cute naman kapag tagalog eh^^hehehehe…

    but it’s better to be in english so everyone can understand ur fanfics..^_^


    • haha. sanay kasi ako na tagalog ang sinusulat. wahaha… mas ‘ramdam’ ko. ahaha..
      at yun nga, para lahat mabasa yung fanfics..
      thanks for the comment!

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