Statement of IMMORTALSOUL123 Flows

Hi! This is IMMORTALSOUL123, welcoming you to my blog – the G.A.S.P. or Generally Accepted Suju Priciples. Well, I chose this blog title because I would like to add a twist on Accounting. Honestly, I would like to make Accounting interesting so… I put Super Junior on one of each accounting principles. Odd, but I really liked to do it. It made me remember the principles. I believe that if everyone connects studying to the things they enjoy, they would enjoy studying too.

This blog merely contains some news, updates, videos, and stuff about Super Junior. This blog also contains some of the events that happen in my life…

There are 13 of the accounting principles, and there are 13 members of Super Junior.

Entity – Leeteuk

Going Concern – Heechul

Cost – Hankyung

Objectivity – Yesung

Revenue Recognition – Kangin

Accrual Basis – Shindong

Matching – Sungmin

Time Period – Eunhyuk

Monetary – Siwon

Comparability – Donghae

Disclosure – Ryeowook

Materiality – Kibum

Conservatism – Kyuhyun



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