100 IMMORTALSOUL123’s Q and A

Woot. Adapted from FACEBOOK. Hehe.

100 Dumb Questions:

What time do you get up in the morning? : Depends. Mostly 11:00 am or earlier.

How many beers until you are drunk? : Don’t know, I haven’t get drunk.

Do you like beer or hard liquor? : Beer?

Have you ever had a one night stand? : No!

How do you take your coffee? : I don’t drink coffee.

Do you eat breakfast? : Yes, it is the most important meal remember?

Do you prefer sleeping alone? : Yes.

Do you smoke cigarettes? : No.

Have you ever burnt your hair? : No.

Do you sleep with a pillow? : Yes.

What were your unique habits as a child? : Ahm, I don’t know.

Do you want kids? : Yeah.

Are you an only child? : No.

Do you like road trips? : Yes.

Who are your 6 best friends? : Hanna, Jessica, Daniel, mom, Kim, dad

Do you brush your teeth in the shower? : Yes.

Do you eat leftovers? : Sometimes? Hehe.

Do you prefer being single, or in a relationship? : Single.

Are you in a relationship now? : No.

Have you ever cheated? : No.

Have you ever been cheated on? : No.

Once a cheater, always a cheater? : No.

Pyjamas or naked? : Pyjamas.

What do you take when you have a headache? : Medicine and a shower.

Roughing it or luxury hotel? : Luxury hotel.

Beach or pool? : Pool.

Would you give your number out to a stranger? : No.

Ever gone camping? : Yes.

Ever dialed random telephone numbers for fun? : YES!

Are you an extrovert? : Introvert πŸ™‚

Do you consider yourself conceited? : Yes…

Is your hair its original color ? : Yes.

Do you wear makeup? : Yes, sometimes.

What is your lucky number? : 13? 8.

Do you believe in God? : OF COURSE.

Do you have a crush on anybody right now? : Yes.

Does he/she know it ? : I think so? Ahaha.

What food can you absolutely never give up? : Uhm…chicken?

Who is your favorite cartoon? : Cosmo (Fairly OddParents)

What tv shows do you watch? : Cartoons, drama, anime, cooking shows…

Do you think you’re attractive? : No.

Are you allergic to anything? : No?

Do you like to go jogging? : Yes.

What is the best gift you have received till date? : A made-up letter from Jungsoo made by Hanna.

Do you wear socks to bed? : Yes.

What is your cellphone brand? : Nokia.

What shampoo do you use? : Depends…Now, it’s Sunsilk.

Have you ever been in love? : No?

Do you think love is real for young people? : No.

Have you ever loved somebody who did not love you? : No?

Black or white? : Before, black, now white.

Do you say your opinion, or keep it to yourself? : Depends.

Winter or summer? : Winter.

have you ever been out of your country? : Yes.

Where do you want to raise your family? : Here in the Philippines.

City life or country life? : Country.

Saturday – Clubing or a movie night? : Movie night.

Mercedes or BMW? : Ahm, Mercedes.

Do you like to dress up? : Nah.

How long does it take you to get ready after you get out of bed? : 10-15 minutes?

Describe your dream guy/girl ? : I don’t have a dream guy…

Do you save money or spend it? : Spend.

Do you wear a belt? : Depends.

How many pairs of jeans do you have? : 4-5.

How many types of underwear do you have? : WHAT?!

Do you shower twice? : Depends.

Is there ever a justified reason to lie? : No.

Favorite disney movie? : Cinderella, does that count?

Favorite veggie? : Kangkong, pechay.

Favorite meat? : Turkey.

Have you already met the love of your life? : No?

Do you think you and your best friend will still be friends in 10 years? : Uhm, I have no best friend. There is no such thing as best friend.

Ever thought you were a moron? : Yes.

Are you a good girlfriend/boyfriend? : I don’t know.

Do you like being in a relationship? : Uhm, I don’t know.

Are you an easy to fool person? : Yes? But probably no.

Do you fall for people easily? : Yes.

Is it hard for you to open up to people? : Depends on who they are.

Do you diet regularly? : No.

Do you believe in alternative medicine? : Yes.

Do you believe in revenge? : Yes?

All is fair in love and war. Do you agree? : No?

True love never dies. Do you agree? : There is no such thing as true love.

If you could change one thing about your physical appearence what would it be? : Nothing.

Mom or dad? : BOTH!

How long have you known your best friend? : For about 7-8 years.

Whats your favorite meal of the day? : Breakfast.

Do you have any secrets? : Why would I tell you?

What is your worst fear? : Uhm, it’s not that worst…

What is one thing you want to ask from God? : World peace, jokes. Nothing. I believe He has plans.

Are you hard to get? : Yes.

How good are you in sports?? : Uhm, so-so.

Do you use an umbrella or a raincoat? : Umbrella.

Chatting on the Internet or Telephone? : Chatting on the Internet.

How religious are you? : Ask Bro.

Do you like politicians? : Not all, but I have to like them because they are the hope of our country.

Do you consider yourself a nice person? : Yes?

Name 7 things you want to do before you die : Pray, spend day with family, friends, and the one I’ll love, say things I want, spend day with SuJu,

ask forgiveness.

What should you be doing right now? : Making a video.

How much time did you spend on this survey? : A day.


Do you help others in your neighborhood? : No. Maybe sometimes.

Are you a greedy person? : No-t…really…

Do you have an inflated ego? : No.

Are you a popular person? : No, somehow.

Are you a prep? : No.

Should you be sent to heaven or hell? : Heaven, because Leeteuk is there, hell because Heechul is there. πŸ˜€ Jokes. Of course heaven.

How cruel are you? : So cruel that you never wish that I was born.

How good are you at accepting challenges? : I am good, somehow.

Do you have a likable personality? : I think so, but I have a lot of unlikable personality.

Are you a selfish person? : Sometimes, if it is necessary.

Are you taking life for granted? : No.

Do you display leadership skills? : No.

Are you an extrovert? : No.

Are you narrow minded or broad minded? : Broad-minded, but sometimes, I can be narrow-minded.

How nice are you? : Know me more and you will know the answer.

Are you stone-hearted? : Yes. But I cry a lot though.

Are you soft-spoken? : No.

Are you living a beautiful life? : Yes.

Which brain are you- left or right? : Left…

How cynical are you? : Hmm…It depends.

How well do you handle criticism? : I am weak in handling criticisms.

Do people take advantage of you? : Sometimes…I mean always.

Are you a procrastinator? : No.

Are you a God-fearing person? : Yes.

How self confident are you? : I have enough self-confidence.

How assertive are you? : Very assertive.

Do you pick up fights easily? : No.

Do you have good people skills? : I think so.

Are you a nature lover? : Yes.

Do you give enough time to yourself? : Yes. I mean, too much time for myself.

Are you a good party organizer? : No? I don’t know. I haven’t organized any parties.

Are you religious? : Uhm… Why don’t you ask God? And is that important?

Are you a good listener? : Yes, I suppose.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? : Optimist.

Are you distracted easily when working? : Depends on my work.

Do you fight or take flight? : Take flight.

Do you live in the present or the past? : Present.

Are you a boastful person? : Sometimes, I mean always.

Do you take decisions with your heart or your mind? : Both, as much as possible.

Are you narcissistic? : No.

Do you test your limits when needed? : Yes.

Are you an emotional person? : Yes.

Are you far-sighted? : No.

Do you lie when needed? : Of course. Who doesn’t?

Do you cry easily? : Yes in watching dramas.

Are you a visual or an auditory person? : Visual.

How excited are you about life? : So excited…

Do you vie for attention? : No, I mean, sometimes.

Are you original and mature? : Original?

What do you have unique in you? : I don’t know. But I know that I have something unique in me.

What are you looking for in life? : Happiness, challenges if needed… people who will love me for who I am.

Do you have a devilish streak? : Yes.

How charismatic are you? : I don’t know. Ask my friends or anyone who knows me.

Do you lose your temper often? : No. Patience is a virtue.

Do you love kids? : Yes.

Do you have a fear of anything? : Yes.

Are you in control of your life? : Yes?

How good are your communication skills? : Not so good.

Are you short tempered? : No.

Are you happy in life? : Yes.

Are you absent-minded? : Most of the times.

Are you a miser? : No.

Are you adventurous? : Yes.

Can people rely on you? : Of course.

Do you have a pure heart? : No πŸ™‚

Do you know yourself truly? : Ahm, I think so.

Are you street-smart? : No.

Are you an analytical thinker? : I have to.

Are you wasting your life via some activity? : What activity?

Do you try to make everyone happy? : Yes.

How well do you handle a crisis? : I’m poor in handling crisis.

Do you have a sense of humor? : Not that strong.

Do you pamper your mind? : Yes?

Name your strengths : I am a good listener?

Are you a honest person? : Yes (this time).

Are you a know all or a no all? : In the middle.

Are you boring? : YES!

Do you criticize others too much? : Yes, but only if needed.

Do you think you are a loser? : No.

Are you compassionate? : Yes.

Name your weaknesses : I am…judging others so much.

Are you witty? : I want to.

Are you passionate about what you do? : Yes.

Are you a forgetful person? : Yes.

How active are you? : So active.

Do you love yourself? : Of course, who doesn’t?

How courteous are you? : Hmmm…Not that courteous πŸ™‚

Are you a smiley? : Yes?

Are you a morning person or an evening person? : Evening.

Do worries dominate you? : No.

Do you reveal things about yourself to others easily? : Depends.

Do you think before you act? : Sometimes…I mean most of the times.

Are you ambitious? : YES.

Do you speak from the heart? : Yes.

Do you like travelling? : Yes.

Are you a day or a night person? : Night.

Are you environment friendly? : Yes.

Do you have any addictions? : Yes. Super Junior.

Are you a cleanliness freak? : NO!

Do you help others in your neighborhood? : No.

Did you like this survey? : Yes…



3 thoughts on “100 IMMORTALSOUL123’s Q and A

  1. hey!i found your blog site interesting…can you tell me when is the super show three?…i really wanted to go but i don’t know when…if you know please text me my number is 0972-816-2510…i live in Baguio City…thanks…hope to hear from you soon

  2. yoh!
    I’m looking for a picture of Siwon when I ended up in your nice blog!
    I mean, it’s cool!
    and we do have the same personalities! πŸ˜€
    haha…we’re both introverts.. XD
    you seem nice though… πŸ™‚
    well, there’s no such things as ‘best’ friends indeed, but I guess there are a number of persons you can label as ‘true’ friends.. πŸ™‚

    have a nice day anyway. ^^,

    *we both love Super Junior!! hurray! πŸ˜€

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