Hello to all. I am immortalsoul123, the author of this blog.

Actually, my name is Ana. I’m from the beautiful country, the PHILIPPINES (like hanminteuk). I am 18 years old. πŸ˜€

I have a loving family… a sister who is also a fan of Super Junior, especially Heechul. I admit, I made her and my other cousins become fans…and seriously, she became addicted like me, and my best friend, hanminteuk, made me become a fan. Thanks to her or no thanks?

I am a freshman in one of the most prestigious university in the Philippines. I am taking up AccountancyΒ Marketing Management (I don’t know if I am going to make it…you know, to be a certified public accountant, but I am going to try my best to become one someday). Actually, my parents want me to become an accountant, and previously I did not one to take up accountancy. However, when I start schooling, I instantly enjoyed it even though there are lots of difficult topics in this subject that I can’t understand.

I love yellow and actually obsessed to it. πŸ˜€ I like Merlin and Fairly Odd Parents and Sherlock.

I can write short stories, novels and poems in Filipino. I am not good at writing and speaking in English, so please… pardon me for having mistakes in writing English. πŸ™‚

I am proud that I can sing high-pitced songs, but not that powerful as Charice’s (if you know her) voice, although we are about the same age. I instantly became her fan when I saw her sang with Kyuhyun (instantly he became my crush too. HAHA).

I can also draw anime characters and nature, but my weakness is the character’s hand.

I can’t dance. I can’t but I am trying…hard! LOL

I can also play musical instuments like piano, violin, a bamboo flute, lyre, guitar (in some cases), and drums(?).

“If hard didn’t work…try HARDER.” This is my motto. πŸ™‚

I am a kind of person who is very positive, kind (really?), and expressive… I guess. I am also an open individual, so if you want to talk to me…just go.

I AM A FAN OF KPOP, especially Super Junior! I really love these boys perform and entertain.



30 thoughts on “IMMORTALSOUL123 Statement

  1. hi ana.. just found out about your blog.. and thx for sharing all these news.. i’m also an avid fan of suju. Hyukjae’s my fave.. but i love them all..

    we have some similarities esp:

    “I can also draw anime characters and nature, but my weakness is the character’s hand.” -> same here..

    btw, i’m from phils too ^^

    • Wow! I am glad that there is someone like you who is a fan of SuJu here in the Philippines.
      And you’re welcome…
      And I love Hyukjae too…
      Thanks for the comment.
      God Bless.

  2. Annyeong haseyeo!!
    Ana, im Anna too actually its anna carmela..i read ur blog & i found that ur alsΓΆ an avid fan of kpop..esp from Phils too!ur a freshman ryt im a sophomore…:p i love sungmin oppa & heechul oppa but i love them all..we’re the same coz’ kibum is my 13th member too..

    • Wow! That’s interesting, haha. Let’s be friends…
      You’re a sophomore?? Wow!

      Actually, Kibum is my 12th as of now..haha…
      Thanks for reading my blog.
      Hope to see you soon.

      YEY KPOP!

  3. Sure let’s be friends..we have the same interest, we’re b0th filipino so y n0t..and also we hv the same name…hehehe…anyway im an engineering student & ur an accountant student..both math..^^ can we be friends on FB..?

    • Sure. Wow… Engineering student? OMG… That must be difficult…
      add me on facebook…ill send my email address through your mail πŸ™‚
      do you have ym??? let’s chat sometimes πŸ™‚

    • Wow! Really! Nice to meet you!
      You’re two years older than me i think? yeah, Donghae is nice too!
      Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

  4. hi ana ^o^

    i’m dewi from indonesia, 18 y.o, and i just found ur blog..
    from suju, there r 4 that i love the most and i think mine is almost the same as yours..
    the top spot goes for heechul, he’s the reason i love suju..2nd spot, i love teuki..
    in the 3rd, i can’t decide which one…it’ll be kyu and donghae..haha

    nice blog really…and do u mind if i also add ur blog as one of my sources for looking suju news? i have a suju blog too…but with indonesian language of course..and don’t worry i’ll always put the credits everytime posting a news…

    do u have facebook or smthg?

    • Hi, Dewi!
      I’m glad that you like my blog and thanks for reading!
      I love your list! We are really the same…I love Heechul too πŸ˜€

      Anyways… of course, you can add my blog as your source for Super Junior news…it will be a great pleasure πŸ™‚ …for spreading Super Junior love in Indonesia β™₯…
      Don’t worry about credits… they are usually from other sources too πŸ˜€ Usually from SJ-world… but sure, if you want to credit me, it’s fine πŸ˜€ I’d love too…

      Yes I have a facebook… Is your email add the same as your facebook email add? I’ll just add you up…
      I’m from the Philippines πŸ˜€ Nice to meet an Indonesian friend πŸ™‚
      Thanks again…more power to your blog and continue to spread SuJu love in Indonesia!

      • Hi ana! this is me, dewi..haha i have 2 accounts i use the other one this time..
        Thanks ana! yep our list are almost the same haha ^o^
        thank you so much! coz ur blog is one of the most updated suju blog too…

        my email for facebook is
        i’ll wait for the req..thank u so much πŸ™‚

    • Of course, you’re welcome πŸ˜€
      Thanks… πŸ˜€ You can watch it on YouTube… Just search Charice and Kyuhyun in Star King πŸ™‚ Hope that helps!

      • i’ve discovered suju through that video hehehe charice and kyuhyun singing “a whole new world” πŸ˜€

        btw, i like your blog. so much suju stuff πŸ˜€ just curious, where do you get the english translations of their posts in cyworld?

        suju = the very reason of my growing fascination to kpop πŸ™‚

      • Thanks! I’m glad you like my blog…
        I get the translations from… you have to be a member before accessing the site…

        Me too… I became into KPOP when I became addicted to Super Junior…
        THANKS again for reading!!!

  5. i’m just wondering, why is kibum 12th or 13th?

    i’m a leeteuk fan πŸ˜€ sooooo loooove leeteuk hahaha i really like all of them but leeteuk really is on my top list. i wanna post his pics on my blog but then i’m trying to do things in moderation because most of my readers are my guy friends hahaha but the funny thing is, most of their girlfriends visit my site ‘coz they got so curious with suju and they loved their videos πŸ˜€

    1. leeteuk
    2. yesung / kyuhyun / sungmin (sungmin shouldnt have been at the same position with yesung and kyuhyun but after watching so many videos of suju, my gosh, he’s so talented!!)
    3. eunhyuk (because i love dancing and he’s really good)
    4. heechul (because mos of his videos make me laugh hahaha)

    i wish they would visit manila coz they’re topping the charts already and their songs are being played on the radio

    • Ahm… Actually…
      I don’t really like him… He’s not interacting with Super Junior anymore…
      He dropped down from no. 7 to 13…
      Agrees on your list…!!
      Me too… I’m Teukie fan…hehe…

      Wishing the same…ahaha… I most of the time hear Sorry Sorry on the radio… Kinda distracting because I used to hear them on my mp3 cellphone before… but…at least they become popular here…

      And yes…most of my classmates and friends became addicted to Super Junior… they are really love πŸ™‚

      • they said he’s busy with acting and that his leg is injured. i don’t know… too bad… he’s cute hahaha

        out of topic:
        just wanna share that i’m planning to move my blog to wordpress hahaha but i love my blogspot site coz i’ve shared a lot of personal stuffs there. i think, it’s been my blog for 5 years. whoa!

      • I had an account on Blogspot…but…I decided to switch to WordPress because of my bestfriend’s influence…
        And like you… I also share my personal stuff there…

  6. hiii i just found ur blog..
    i really found it interesting and catchy, especially ur “Generally Accepted Suju Principle”
    i think it’s so creative of you haha (though i dont know why u related suju to accounting, maybe bcoz u love them both? haha )
    anyways, i just started learning accounting too.. n i think i’m beginning to like it haha

    • Thank you for appreciating my blog. πŸ™‚
      At first, I reall don’t want Accounting….but suddenly, I learned to love it…
      Actually, me too, I don’t know why I relate them to Accounting… And why I thought of that as my blog title…
      One thing’s for sure…
      I LOVE THEM BOTH! They are my life…

  7. hello ^^ can we exchange link. Your blog is amazing ^^. Always update about our idol Super Junior.
    My blog, is all about Super Junior Choi Si Won.

    Can we exchange link? if you want to, pls reply me to with your URL banner. then i’ll reply you the same.
    Thank you for your update info.

  8. – haha. i knew it! ^^
    i guessed it right.. πŸ˜€
    so, we’re proud to be Filipina!! keke ^_^

    lol.xD from GAAP to GASP.. cute!! keke ^-^
    yeah, taking up Accountancy here too.. :]
    nosebleed..nauubusan na nga ako ng blood.! buti ni re-refill-lan ng pearl sapphire blue blood ng SJ!! haha xD

    • Haha, pamatay ba ang accounting? haist. sinabi mo pa. Ewan ko.. pero love ko talaga ito… kahit Mahirap. Correct… we are refilled with Sapphire Blue blood. Haha

  9. Hi Ana… I really am amazed of YOU.. How can u even mntain this blog of yours??? Well, just want to share with you that i am a SuperJunior lover for MORE THAN 3yrs now (maybe i am one of those First set of SJ fans in Phil.) I was in 3rd yr. college when this fandom started to grow on me… My friends were just laughing at me as they couldn’t relate to k-pop… My ipod contains only “korean” songs”. i was even able to download all SJ’s variety shows, interviews etc. etc (Name it! And I haveit!)…

    I really was wishing that someday, somehow, Sj could visit our country… Now, that I came to know that they will hold a concert on April 10 in Phil, I can’t help myself but to feel so unfortunate… Now that I am a NURSE, presently working abroad— it’s really impossible for me to see them LIVE on stage…

    It’s wonderful to see your blog… I have created a blog but FAILED to pursue it due to my very busy schedule.

    More power!

    • Hello,
      I’m happy to know you. Actually, I’m younger than you by six years I think. Haha. I’m just a college freshman now.

      You’re a big fan of them. No matter how it takes, you wanted to be informed or be updated, so be proud of it. Even though you can’t attend the concert this April, there is another chance, so don’t worry ^^ I hope you’ll see them in person.

  10. …hi ana.. actually, im also a big fan of super juniors… and tnx to your blog…,, i can use it for my thesis… hope to find out more ’bout suju

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