[SJ] SMTownChile; Of Donghae’s Lost Wallet and a Man With A Heart

SM Town in Chile has been a huge success. The two-day concert that happened last January 20-21, 2019 was attended by thousand of Chilean fans and also of fans from neighboring countries.

SM Town in Chile artists’ group photo with fans.

Super Junior and the entire SM Town performed their very best, singing and dancing to their famous group title songs, solo songs, collaboration stages and more. It was indeed a very memorable experience for the fans as well as the artists who seemed to like Chile very much.

As a tradition, before and after the SM Town concert in a country, the artists would be allowed to go on a trip with all other artists (yes, like a field trip) and visit some tourist spots. There was no exception for this country.

Super Junior enjoyed their trip. Yesung posted a lot of photos in his Instagram to appreciate the country and the fans, as well as the company of his juniors, NCT. He also was one of the first persons who posted about Chile. As expected of King of SNS, Yesung!

Yesung with the newest member of SMTown, NCT, enjoying wine together in Chile.
Yesung posting a beautiful scenery in a winery in Chile.

Leeteuk also posted a group photo with NCT and the managers in his Instagram account, thanking Chilean fans for warm support and wish of good health. He also posted a once in a blue moon (I needed to emphasize the BLUE because he was wearing blue!) selca! Looking really good and healthy. Thank God for his recovery.

Such a good looking angel!
Everyone is enjoying Chile!

Eunhyuk also posted a selca and a photo of Ryeowook playing a game in his Instragram account.

Wow, Lee Hyukjae still serves looks while endorsing the country!
Hi there, Kim Ryeowook, Siwon and Yuri!

Siwon and Donghae, also went together to a church for their service. The two also visited some of the tourist spots and ate together afterwards.

Siwon and Donghae in Youngrak Church in Chile. Looking handsome, boys!

Unfortunately for Donghae, he lost his wallet in the car when he was taking Uber with Eunhyuk and Siwon. He posted about it in his Instagram! He didn’t even forget to put some cheesy lines from his post.

Wow! What a cute kid! That English though – spot on!

…Or- fortunately for him! The Uber driver commented under the username of gustavo.barboza.906 in Instagram. What a heart of gold for giving back a celebrity’s wallet. He’s a blessing. He is worth writing for! Hoping that Donghae already knows about this and hope that he gets to thank him. If you readers want to thank him on behalf of Donghae, or if you want to let Donghae know, please comment on the post here.

The Uber driver’s comment. Please like and mention Donghae to let him know!

I am glad that everyone is enjoying Chile! Looking forward to having seen you getting a well-deserved rest back home.


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