[SM] An Open Letter to all the People Who Hate Sungmin

This will be, hopefully, my last take about the issue. This is my open letter to the people who hate Sungmin.

Sungmin did not ruin and destroy your lives. You did it yourself.

You chose to be a fan of his group. You chose to follow them wherever you went. You chose to be updated with everything that they did. You chose to dedicate your whole life to them. You chose to make sacrifices for them. You chose to disregard your life for them. You chose to make them your life.

That was the whole point. You chose. It was you who chose which path you would take. And that was NOT any different to what Sungmin did. What makes you think you’re any different? Do you think that the only thing that your idols would do was to make you happy? Was it part of any contract that he signed? Was being single for the rest of his life one of the conditions of his contract as an entertainer? It was not, right? If so, why do you still hate him? So does that mean, if you get married then you betray them too? If it was then could Super Junior ask you to leave the fandom?

You were not biased to one member but went against one. Wasn’t that ironic? Wasn’t that hypocritical?

Did Super Junior really have their downfall when Sungmin got married? Didn’t you know that Super Junior was still hated in South Korea despite of everything that they did, even before that issue. They were still judged by your own people, and you couldn’t do anything about it. You have miserably failed to protect the group that you dedicated your life to, and worse, you were the one who kept on destroying the friendship and the brotherhood that they shared, which, unfortunately, you were never part of.

But what could you do? You kept on pushing yourself to them because you were delusional. Who are you to demand something from them? Your contribution to the group was just a percent compared to those who REALLY contributed. The only advantage that you have is your nationality and the distance that you guys have. That was it. You couldn’t even protect the group from your own people. What a shame.

You think you’re the superiority – let me tell you, without the International fans who were Sungmin fans, and wanted Sungmin to stay, you wouldn’t be enough to make Super Junior survive until now. We have receipts – how about you? What did you do? Bought about 300 albums for the fansign? Not even a chunk of the total albums that they had. Remember that the only edge that you have was your proximity. If it was love or anything, we were greater tenfold.

If he quit, or if Super Junior kick him out, would it make a difference? If he had a gig under Super Junior’s name, wouldn’t anyone benefit? Wouldn’t anyone disregard that fact? You made it happen; it is time for you to stop. You were destroying someone’s dream. He belonged to that stage, but you kept on telling them what to do. You were a devil for doing so.

If you have a secret to tell, expose it. Destroy the whole group, if you dare. I know that somewhere in your heart, there was a room for forgiveness, but seemed to me that you had no heart at all for destroying his dream. Why do you care about him?

You ruined yourself so get over yourself. Not everything was about you.

Don’t blame it on Sungmin and his past mistakes – you were way worst.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yesung's number 1 enemy says:

    I love you.

    1. immortalsoul123 says:

      I love you, too.

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