(MOD POST) Merry Christmas Everyone!

It’s Christmas! Merry Christmas!

First of all, I would like to thank you all for still sticking with me, even though I don’t post regularly anymore. I am quite surprised that some people are still following my blog! And I also am surprised because people are still reading my posts. I know it’s been awhile, and I am very sorry for that, because I become busy with work.

I want to thank a lot of people… even though they can’t read this… but still! It’s nice if I can post all I want to say here… Because I think… eventually, they will learn it’s me… Although I hope that it won’t happen because my posts are so random… so weird… so cheesy… etc.

Thank you God because you let Your Son live with us (well, the ancient people) on earth. I know he’s still here in our hearts. This day is especially for Him. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Thanks to my family who has been here with me since I was born. Yeah, they might not be the most perfect family, but I really fit in. It’s nice to have them… my father, my mother and my sister. They are one of my reasons to smile and live everyday.

Thanks to my friends. I miss them, especially my best friends. Even though we don’t meet often, I am so happy that I can call them as friends. I am also thankful because they tolerate my bad behavior sometimes… hihi

Thanks to my office mates, especially to the people who believe in my abilities and talents, and also to the people who has become part of my work life since day one.

Thanks to all ELF and Starlights out there. You may not be the best for others, but you are the best for me! You are all so friendly and accomodating. Although there are times when we get so immature over petty things, I still think you’re the best fandomes that I have, and I really fit in. ELF, I know, some of us already met, and we eventually became friends, especially to my Failed Success and Woo Team family. We’ve been through tough times these year, but we enjoyed the comeback after 2 years of hiatus, right? I’ve never left the fandom… I just had two families, like Lee Jongsuk in Pinocchio, hehe. Let’s still fill the world with sapphire blue. Starlights, I am happy that I discovered another family. You all are very nice to me. Even though I am just a year-old Starlight, you still showed me that you were one of the peace-loving fandoms out there. I know VIXX is becoming popular nowadays that some feel that it becomes bad, hey, it doesn’t! I felt that too when Super Junior was growing, but the fact that SJ became happy when they were recognized, it made me accept other members of the family, and this is also what I think about VIXX. They are just starting their journey so I think it’s nice if we can grow together, right?

Thanks to shipping fandoms. I know. I know. We decreased in number because of what happened last last Saturday, but still, we are standing strong. I hope we continue… let’s just party in Atlantis, okay? Meanwhile, the other one, thanks for keeping me alive! Haha!

I have always been thankful to Super Junior and VIXX, the two most hardworking, most incredible, most amazing, most talented, dorkiest, craziest, and nicest groups on earth! Thanks for being my inspiration and making me believe that I can do it! I cannot express how much I love you both, because of you, I was able to become happy in darkest hours of my life. One song from each of you makes me change my mood all of a sudden. I am seriously telling my future children that I never regretted loving both of you! To Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Zhoumi and Henry, thank you! To Hangeng and Kibum, I am still hoping although I don’t think it’ll happen again, but I need one more miracle from both of you. To N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk, thank you! Rovix too. XD

To Heechul, thanks for making me laugh and question myself, because you’re so beautiful. Please find a girlfriend, or shall I find someone for you? Or shall I volunteer myself? Haha!

To Yesung, thanks for those selcas that kill my sister. Haha! Your awesome voice makes me happy, please continue to sing and please come back safely.

To Kangin, thanks for appreciating our fan project for you! I don’t think it failed, although only that section was able to lift the banner up, but still, thank you. Even though you don’t look at me during the concert, still, thanks! You are so handsome in person. Really the number one handsome guy!

To Shindong, thank you for being everyone’s friend and editing the videos. You are so awesome and talented. Be safe in the army and please come back safely too! We will be waiting for you.

To Sungmin, thanks for being one of my bias list ruiners. As the first married man in SJ, you have more responsibilities. But don’t forget ELF who loved and continues to love you. I will admit, you hurt me not because you married, but because of your childishness and carelessness. But you can still pay back by loving your wife and your future children. Always smile and please love us back too.

To Eunhyuk, you’re the best dancer! So thanks for being the vice leader while Teuk was not around. It’s been tough for you, and I know, you really are tired. But you continued to lead the group! Thanks for making me fall for your voice. Seriously. Hope you continue to strive for the better.

To Donghae, your typo errors and also your adorable personality make my day every time. So thank you for that. Take care of your girl~ And if possible, can you please marry Dara, please? Haha!

To Ryeowook, thanks for being there for the members, especially Sungmin. You’ve been so kind, and you were the kindest member. Haha! Thank you for everything. Hope you have a solo soon, too!

To Kyuhyun… thanks for that lovely album and songs! At Gwanghwamun is really the best song of the year and I really really love your voice! Thanks for being strong despite of the challenges that you experienced. I hope your family will be alright, and I also hope that you will stay strong. Don’t worry, alright?

To Zhoumi, thank you! You’re one of the people I am so thankful to, and you are very strong. You really love singing so you were given a solo! Rewind is really DAEBAK! I want to have an autograph from you someday… I really wanted to go to your fansign last time here in Manila with Super Junior M, but time didn’t let me. Someday, I’ll hug you too! And yeah, thanks for looking at my camera during the SS5 ending! I think you called Henry? XD

To Henry, thanks for being strong and musically talented. Your piano and violin skills are really amazing! I want to learn from you, music genius! Thanks for making me laugh, mochi!

To N, thanks for being a leader to VIXX. Without you, VIXX would not be the same. Thanks for being so patient, although you are given a lot of criticisms in different areas. I am still amazed at how you lead the group and how you responded. Job well done, Cha Leader! Also! I love your skin color. You might feel sad whenever your skin color is made fun of, but don’t worry, you’re still hot Cha Leader!

To Ken… thanks for ruining my bias list. Seriously. Your voice melts me everytime. Your dorky jokes make me laugh so bad, especially the dinosaur sound. Seriously. Seriously. AND YES! Thanks for tweeting those pictures! Hihihihihi you made my day and my whole Christmas. HAHA

To Ravi, thanks for standing up for your group and other idols. You might get bashed for it but what you did was really amazing and really brave. Your rapping skills are one of the best, that is why you are get recognized by it! I love your voice so much too, I hope you sing more ballad in the future too~

To Hongbin, thanks for smiling! Your smile makes me happy too. You’re such a happy virus. You are also the calmest person on earth. LOL Keep on smiling. You really look like my first love. HAHAHAH

To Hyuk, my son, thanks for every cuteness and manliness you had in you! Haha! You’re not used to being cute but still you manage to make me happy with your cuteness. Continue to be hardworking!

To Leo… THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR MAKING ME DIE EVERYTIME. HAHA! You are the most ideal of all the ideal man. I know you’re a chic outside but you’re warm and fuzzy inside. You’re so cute! Stop telling us you’re not because you are! But you are also manly! Haha! Thanks for making me happy. Thanks for your soothing voice that I really love. Continue to sing. I love you, my ideal man!

To Leeteuk… you don’t know how much I missed you. Now that you’re there… I can’t tell you how much I want to thank you. Thank you for being the best leader ever. You endured a lot of trials this year, and I am glad you made it. You asked yourself why it happened to you, and you even wanted to give up. But I am glad you didn’t. I am glad you didn’t do it… because it would seriously hurt me so much. I have been looking forward to see you again and if ever you did what you planned, I would be miserable. I act like I don’t care about you anymore, but deep inside my heart, I still do. I am thankful because you came to my life, and these sincere words are what I really wanted to say to you right at this moment. Don’t ever think that Christmas was something to forget, because it isn’t. This is a special day for me to say the things I want to say. Sorry if I was too attached to you, and even though I was trying not to be, I still am. It’s so hard but I guess it’s just how thing happens. I seriously don’t want to get involved with you or anything, and I want you to be happy by having a girl of your dreams. That girl must love you with all your heart and she should never leave you. Be sure first, okay? I want you to celebrate your Christmas with her and your family. Hopefully, you find one soon enough. Until then, I will still hold your hand and never let go. Sorry, thank you and I love you.

Thank you to my readers, especially those who are still following my posts. Thank you to the silent readers, those who comment, and also the spammers. Haha!

Lastly, thank you, the one who is reading this right now. I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and I will hug you.

Merry Christmas!


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