(MOD POST) Happy 9th Anniversary Super Junior!

It’s been 9 years. Wow… time really flies fast. It’s like, it was only November 6, 2005 when the twelve-membered group debuted. After some time, it became an official group with Kyuhyun’s addition. The boys with strange hairstyles, weird clothes and dorky attitude become men with oozing sex appeal and fun personalities. It is really significant.

To others who had not been in the fandom since the start, that includes myself, it was a pity that we weren’t able to start the journey… the ups and downs of this idol group turned inspirational icons turned legends of the Hallyu wave that took over all cities. Although it’s a shame, it is good that many stayed. Many left but then we are still happy here.

There was something about SuJu that made me fall in love with them. Usually, I won’t last for this long – I would have left SJ or the Kpop world. But there was something that held me back… most of the reason was Jungsoo… you know that. Overall… SJ played a significant role, until now, they still are.

No matter how they were bashed, mocked, insulted and no matter how people said they were not talented, they remained strong together as a team and a family. I am proud that I witnesses your journey and I will still go along the way.

Sorry, thank you, I love you Super Junior.


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