Super Junior – 7Jib Album Tracklist Song Previews + Streaming + Lyrics

Super Junior is back with their 7th album! The group is starting to take over the whole KPOP industry by storm with its title track Mamacita.

Here is the track list of the songs:

1. Mamacita (아야야) – an urban new jack swing song that has drum sounds from Indian percussion and piano melody that sounds like DJ remix || Lyrics

2. 춤을 춘다 (Midnight Blues) – an old school R&B soul song about longing for an ex-lover after breakup || Lyrics
3. 백일몽 (Evanesce) – a dance song with lyrics that compares a love that will soon be disappearing to a daydream || Lyrics
4. 사랑이 멎지 않게 (Raining Spell For Love) – an R&B pop song about what a man feels after a break up || Lyrics
5. Shirt – co-written by member Donghae has Latin feelings and percussion sound. The lyrics are witty as they express manliness that a man feels when he wears a shirt || Lyrics
6. This Is Love – an uptempo R&B song about a simple and sincere love || Lyrics
7. Let’s Dance – disco funky song about breaking away from daily life and becoming free || Lyrics
8. Too Many Beautiful Girls – a medium tempo song about a man who is happy that there are so many beautiful girls in the world || Lyrics
9. 환절기 (Mid-Season) – a medium tempo song that compares feelings for an ex-lover to changing of seasons || Lyrics
10. Islands – a retro R&B ballad with sensitive harmony. The song adds to its specializes with its lyrics about the friendship between the members of Super Junior as well as the friendship with fans || Lyrics

The songs are released digitally in different music sites. Download and buy the songs legally!

*You need to register/sign up in some music sites in order for you to listen to the whole song and/or buy the songs legally. Other music sites do not let foreigners outside Korea to buy the songs. Options are:

1. To donate to Korean fansites for them to buy the songs.

2. To let your Korean friends buy the song for you.

Click the links below to listen to previews.







Soribada (Not yet available):



Don’t forget to follow @TargetSJ in Twitter. They have all the necessary instructions to help Super Junior win the awards!

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