(RP) No Interactions. Disappointed.

The title sums it all.

Today is StarWith KPOP concert in Guangzhou and this morning, I was really excited about this. I was quite hyped up when I first learned about it, that I wanted to fly to Guangzhou just for this concert. Why?

Super Junior and VIXX in one concert.

I would have died if I had a chance to be in a concert like this. The two of my most beloved groups in one concert – and I only had one thought in mind – Guangzhou is so lucky.

I am here, still hoping that it would also happen in the Philippines. I don’t care if the tickets are expensive. To see both of them together, in one stage, in one concert is more than enough.

But I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see it happen tonight, even in photos.

Not only that. I was also disappointed because Starlights’ (VIXX’s fans) seats are not even half-full. It is about empty. I don’t know why the organizers planned for them to separate seats and to sell tickets on the day itself for a higher price. That is not actually a good thing to do, even in other concerts, especially when the concert is not even half-sold out. The organizers must have predicted that there would be a loss instead of a profit because:

1. It is not even declared as sold out when they allotted seats or tickets (at least 5% of the total seating capacity). What they did was they blocked almost 50% (as what I could see) of the tickets to be sold on the day itself. Even if Super Junior (and even 2PM) is popular, they shouldn’t have gotten too confident that other fans of the three groups would purchase tickets on the day itself for a higher price.

2. VIXX has their concert soon (theVIXX Fantasia Hex Sign) and most Starlights are not willing to spend money on a concert that would only feature VIXX for a short time. Starlights, except those who are in Guangzhou and who are rich, would rather go to a solo concert, especially because VIXX’s new fans are mostly into newer groups – those who debuted from 2012 onward.

3. Siwon and Heechul fans were not sure of both’s attendance because Siwon has been very busy lately, and Heechul was filming.

4. The venue was too big.

The number of seats are not properly distributed. I would admit, although I hate to admit it, but VIXX isn’t as popular as the other two groups in China. Although they have built a very strong fanbase internationally (just like what SuJu did, tapping the countries that have never been saturated), China is not included in that list. Well, to be fair, I see quite a number of C-Starlights and probably Jellyfish Entertainment would include Guangzhou in their Fantasia Hex Sign concert (or at least Beijing). 2PM might have a large fanbase in China as well, but it is also too much.

The only thing that saved the concert was that ELF filled up the seats assigned to them. I just hope that the organizers put them on the middle. Or, at least, they mixed the seats together so that it would look like there were no vacant sections.

As far as I know, some C-fans were multifandom, although I think it’s not the majority. But if only they didn’t think of separating the fans because ELF, Starlights and Hottests are not competing with each other.

Anyway, N and Wook celebrated their birthday in Guangzhou (I hope they could do that to Hyuk as well). They could have at least combined the celebration. Or they could have done an encore or something, but I think it wouldn’t be the case because it wasn’t a major concert.

Haist. I shouldn’t have kept my hopes high. I should have known this would happen.

I swear, if that happens in the Philippines, I would be one of the happiest people here. I was waiting for that moment (ever since DKFC2).

This is it pancit. This is what I feel right now aside from the fact that I am getting sleepy now.

Still wishing for a group photo though.

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