(RP) So I…

I got over the drama last… last… last… week? Ahaha. A week ago. I knew I would be over it soon… I am sorry for the troubles that I caused you.

Anyway… after my drama came another drama… but before that, I would like to segue. When I sang, it rained so hard. So hard I couldn’t even hear myself singing. Rude. Rude. But yey, it rained.

And another segue, there was an earthquake 3 hours ago. I was shocked because after how many years, I got to experience feeling an earthquake again. It was just for awhile but the heck, it was too strong. Prayers to those who are affected (I think there wasn’t anything or anyone though, I hope).

The drama… I am quite worried about Jungsoo. Hehe. I knew deep inside my heart that they dated (it was quite painful until now). I don’t want to judge anyone here, but based on what I saw, I would like to deduce that what I thought about her was wrong. I was given a warning though and I didn’t listen. Anyway, I still like her.

Oh well… Jungsoo has to come back sooner. I want to see his reaction? Or maybe it doesn’t really affect him. I don’t know. We’ll see.


So work has been so tiring but fulfilling. I just earned something today that made me think that I did well for the past three months. Wee. It was a nice experience, but I have this feeling that I want to try something else too.


So, I missed playing volleyball. When we had an outing, I realized that volleyball was what I wanted to do as a hobby. But volleyball hates me sometimes. Hehe.

And I went with my office mates for an outing. Hehe. I snorkeled and I was so happy to see the corals and the fishes (especially that big one… woo). It was too late when I realized, I got cut and wounded by the corals. Hehe. But it was all worth it. Oh, I love the sea. I love water in general.


So I am back… I hope… just for some random posts. AND I WILL BACK, I hope… once SuJu is back. I will post a lot again. YEYEYEYEY. So excited for 7jib!

And VIXX’s Hex Sign!!!

Speaking of VIXX, don’t be sad that I liked another group besides SuJu. I think it’s normal. But to where my heart belongs to, it’ll always be Leeteuk’s. Hehehehehehe. Leo is close second though! ❤

But don’t worry, I am not that delusional who believes that we can be together, Leeteuk. I have come to my senses and accepted that you have someone already. Someone who is waiting for you. Someone who is more loyal than me.

Don’t play the loyalty card again though. It’ll be my weakness.

P.S. I won’t come down for you. HEHEHE


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