(MOD POST) Super Show 5 in Manila Fanaccount

This is my fanaccount of what happened in Super Show 5 in Manila. Anything mentioned here is mine, except when I mentioned otherwise.

Before SS5 Manila…

I bought my ticket on the day of its release. I had a lot of problem for these, I would not elaborate more, but it stressed me. LOL I used my Mom’s credit card in buying tickets, but then because of technical glitches, I bought 6 tickets. I actually sold it to a lot of people, and the organizer even retweeted me, so people started to ask for my tickets. When everything was sold, I was informed that I could reverse the purchase, since my mom got mad at me because she would be overcharged. I had no choice but to stop selling my ticket and informed the buyer that I could not sell them anymore. Next problem was, I saw my friend selling a row A ticket so I bought it, planning to sell my ticket again. A buyer agreed to buy, but again, I was informed that I could not claim the ticket because of MoA’s policies. I was really regretful and sorry to my buyer so I had no choice but to reverse the transaction again. But in the end, I was able to pay for the row a tickets. XD

My partners, Sandy, Ayen, Kaycee, and I initially planned a fan project for Henry and Zhoumi. We had a meeting and brainstorming last July 29, 2013 because we wanted to show our support for Zhoumi and Henry. We made a Twitter account, we made a HenMi banner layout, etc. Everything was prepared, the Twitter account, the project site and the banner layouts. But then, in our regret, we didn’t continue the project for the two because official individual fan sites had already planned something for the both, although the projects would be executed individually. I would admit that I was really regretting that we weren’t able to continue the HenMi project. But then, I knew that Zhoumi and Henry appreciated the individual sites project for them.


That time, there wasn’t any plan of having a Kangin project so we came up with ideas for it. It was Kangin’s first time in the Philippines so it was a must. It was already September when we decided to push the project. We planned it to be small, since we were a small group. We changed the Twitter account name, the background, and we also erased the site. Everything was so difficult for us, but we looked at the bright side.

KanginPH offered their help with the project so we thought it was a good idea. We compiled our proposal for the project and posted it. We then asked PrectionKanginPH, the fan base of Kangin in Philippines if they already had a project and that we wanted to collaborate with them, and fortunately, they agreed. I was really thankful to them because we had a chance to collaborate with the official fan base. So on that same night, we compiled our proposals for our projects (the banner and the tarpaulin) and sent it to SJUPH. We were overjoyed that the proposal got accepted. Finally, we became an official fan project organizer.


I thought it would not be that big. We hoped for something small, but then I was thankful to the people who supported us and participated in our joint project. It became larger that we needed area volunteers. We had thirty or more area volunteers, and generous people sent in a donation and provided Kangin postcards as well. As for the tarpaulin, PrectionKanginPH planned to print the tarp, but someone also volunteered for the tarpaulin. We were really thankful because we already lacked time to prepare and we had limited budget.


It’s More Kangin in the Philippines tarpaulin. Photo courtesy of @PrectionKanginPH

So we used Twitter and Prection’s Facebook to promote, and good thing, we reached a number of followers who religiously liked, retweeted, promoted and favorited our tweets and announcements. The area volunteers also printed a lot of banners, and we, the admins also printed and photocopied the banners.  We received a lot of banners and before SS5 Manila, we were able to prepare for everything. Many people and fan bases also told us that they would be helping us so we were happy and thankful. After giving the instructions to all, we were all excited to execute the project.

On the day of SS5 Manila…

I woke up at five in the morning because I was so excited. LOLJK, I had work at eight. Haha. I went to Mall of Asia Arena at seven-thirty in the morning. My office was just a five-minute walk from the Arena so I decided to pass by and see what was happening. A lot of ELF, almost two hundred in total, were already lining up outside the Marina Way entrance. I felt excited as I went closer to the arena. Since I was one of the admins of Kangin’s fan project, I had to meet our volunteers. However, due to the fact that I had to go to the office, I was not able to. Good thing, I saw one volunteer holding the ForeverYours김영운 banner, so I approached her and gave her my copies of the banner. Then I already walked to my office.

My office mate who knew about our project asked more information about the project. He was not an ELF, take note, but I was flattered because he and my other office mate were not judging me about being too ‘overly attached to a group and member that I even planned a project for him/them.’ I was at work from eight in the morning, but I wasn’t able to concentrate because in two hours, Super Junior would arrive. My office was near their hotel where they would stay, and I could actually go there by walking for fifteen minutes or more, but then I chose not to. I opened my 3G to update, and I got excited when I saw Super Junior’s airport photos.

I planned to go to Mall of Asia Arena during lunch, however, I was not able to because we finished our orientation at one in the afternoon already, and we needed to talk about some things over lunch. I sent a text message to Ayen asking about the updates for our project. Knowing that the distribution was going on smoothly, I was satisfied.

We were doing some math using Excel, but my mind kept on thinking about the concert. I only felt the excitement on that day.

My work ended at six-thirty, so I rushed to the Arena. My sister and mother were waiting for me. Fortunately, they already got our E-Plus cards. However, we had no lightstick! I panicked, because it was a mortal sin for the fandom. I was not able to change my business clothes because the concert would start at seven in the evening so after saying goodbye to our mom, we went inside the venue.

We hoped to find people who were selling light sticks, but we saw none. There was one, but they said that it was only pre-ordered lightsticks, so we went upstairs without any lightstick. I was feeling heavy because of that. If only our lightsticks didn’t break.

I went to the comfort room to change my slacks to jeans, but I didn’t change my top because we had no time already. I also changed my shoes to flats before going inside the venue.


Seeing the venue, I thought that it would not be full, but before the concert, the venue was finally filled with ELF.

I was in Lower Box A Section 204 Row A Seat 4, and our rows had no lightsticks because of the same reason. My sister sat on her seat, while I went to give Kangin banners to everyone in my section. The concert started not too long as the light went out.


During SS5 Manila…

To be honest, I almost forgot everything. The first VCR was freaking intense that I screamed on the top of my lungs. My sister began to pull my hair because she was too excited, so I fixed it again.

I was so starstruck that time when they all appeared, especially when Lee Hyukjae suddenly jumped/appeared on our side during Mr. Simple. I was like, “Oh my freaking gosh, Hyukjae! You are so handsome I cannot!” I didn’t scream actually – my sister grabbed my hair and pulled it. She spazzed and squealed. It caught my attention that I forgot Hyukjae was only three meters away from me. Then he danced sexily. He was giving off that sexy and charismatic aura. He was so white and flawless and his freaking jawline was perfect! Alex, my friend who was at 205, took a video of Hyukjae, and since she was in front, row A as well, Hyukjae saw her video cam and freaking stared at it while singing Mr. Simple! Lucky! My eyes toured around the whole venue and saw Kyuhyun who was really cute and white! I searched for Sungmin afterwards, but he was too far from me. Mr. Simple continued and we chanted. Everyone screamed when it was Heechul and Kangin’s turns. 3

Anyway, when Mr. Simple ended, Bonamana was next. I died when Siwon and Heechul hit each other’s hands during their part, then everyone screamed again when Heechul sang his part. I also saw someone patting someone’s butt, I forgot who, but I guessed it was Siwon patting Donghae’s butt? I could not remember. Haha. Bonamana was next, Kangin sang Leeteuk’s part!!! My feels! :”> And Ryeowook sang Yesung’s part! Ugh OTPs! Fanchants were loud too!


After Bonamana, they performed Super Girl Korean Version without Heechul, as I could remember, but with Henry and Zhoumi. My sister screamed again when she saw Henry as she pulled my hair, so I gave up, I fixed my hair and tied it into a bun. I was distracted during Zhoumi’s part but I was able to spazz as I saw him. I shouted his name and I squealed during Kyuhyun and Henry’s part! The screams were really loud here, especially when Hyukjae and Donghae did a dance solo after the fireworks. These two!!!

Then next was MENT. Then they all spoke in Tagalog+English random words, Donghae started with “Wassup Philippines!” again, just like the last time. Donghae also shouted “Magandang gabi (Good evening)!” and we screamed again. They introduced themselves as Super Junior, first with English introduction, then with the Korean introduction, then we responded. Shindong started the solo introduction, but there was no translator so we did not get the other things that they said. Sungmin was next, but his mic went off. I knew that he was disappointed with that. >.< We screamed for him though. Then Ryeowook had a short introduction, after him, Kangin. We chanted his name and he was speechless! He showed his eye smile. Siwon told Henry to translate for them, and he did. Kangin went to him too. Kyuhyun was wiping tissue and was throwing it on stage haha. Siwon said something in English but I didn’t catch it. Haha! I just understand “the world” haha. Donghae spoke English again, the common, ‘guys’, ‘wassup’, ‘how are you’, ‘happy’ etc, but at first he was like, “My name is what? My name is what?” Haha! We shouted his name. He then sang in English as well. His accent was freaking cute when he said, “I hope you enjoy tonight.”  Siwon also did his introduction in English. He said that it has been a long time since they visited Philippines and he said that he missed us! He asked us if we missed them, and he asked us to scream. So we did. We were obedient like that. =)) Kyuhyun was after him, and he spoke in a cute way that I wanted to squeeze him. He was like, “Yeah,” Siwon as usual asked him about that. =)) Kyuhyun spoke in Tagalog. He said, “Nag-enjoy… tanda? (Did you enjoy… old, because tanda means old, he mentioned the wrong word)” We all were like “What?” because it was wrong, it was supposed to be ‘ka ba (you)?’ but then… He repeated it again as he was remembering something. We were all laughing because he sounded weird. He liked the word ‘enjoy’ ehem KyuMin ehem. He gave up and ended his speech with a ‘thank you’. LMAO Heechul followed him, and began the chanting of “I love you Kim Heechul, Milky White Skin Kim Heechul” of course we followed. He was like feeling our chanting then after that, he shouted comeback and we all screamed again. He hugged Hyukjae too lmao. Hyukjae began shouting as well. He ended with a ‘thank you’ and he was so embarrassed that he bowed while burying his face and fanned himself. The translator arrived at this point. XD Hyukjae was always smiling. I guess he was in the mood! Hyukjae began asking us in Korean and the translator was translating it in Tagalog. Weird, because some were not really correct. XD But it was close. XD


Hyukjae greeted us with “Magandang Gabi” again while showing his infamous gummy smile. And then he said, “Oko shi Eunhyuk.” Then we laughed. He noticed that we were laughing so he repeated it through question, “Oko shi? Ako shi? (I am?)” then he finally settled with “Uku shi Eunhyuk.” I thought he was speaking in Japanese – he was too early for Tokyo. LMAO. It should be “Ako si,” but in Korean accent haha. He turned speechless so he gave up and spoke in Korean instead. He said that he had never seen us for so long that we became gorgeous. So fluffy and cheesy Lee Hyukjae!!! Then he added that they were too handsome and we were beautiful. Seriously I wanted to kick him right then XD Then he said “Mahal ko kayo! (I love you)” AT LAST. SOMEONE FROM SJ SAID IT IN TAGALOG UTANG NA LOOB I WAS FREAKING OUT THAT TIME I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR LEETEUK TO SAY IT BUT THEN HYUKJAE WAS THE FIRST ONE SO… THANK YOU. Hyukjae also said that we were crazy, and the translator translated it wrongly. XD I even saw a bouncer who was like, “WTF is this person saying… why were these Koreans saying that Filipinos were crazy!?” The translator actually translated it as, “Mga Filipino ay baliw (Filipinos are crazy).” That was why the guard raised his eyebrow. But Hyukjae continued, “We will prove that we are crazier than you.”


They kept on asking us to scream, from first floor to the fourth, but we could not understand it, so it failed. LOL He repeated a lot of times before we could actually do it correctly. I thought they would not like it, but we screamed floor by floor, starting from VIP to GA then all together, finally, they were satisfied. LMAO.

I had cramps here, so I sat as Kyuhyun introduced the next song. I was sitting during the VCR. I was not able to watch It’s You that much because of the cramps. Ugh. But good thing, I recovered during the third VCR. Next performance was Sexy Free and Single. They were wearing red and black! What caught my eye was Hyukjae and Sungmin. Ugh I noticed here that Sungmin had blonde hair (yeah, it was only that time when I noticed it because I really looked for Sungmin here). As I could remember, Heechul was not with them here. Aw. But then Sungmin! Sungmin’s last chorus, the stomping of the feet! I really loved that one. :”)


The cheers got louder when they performed Boom Boom. Again, Heechul was not here, and Sungmin sang his parts. Ugh, I was anticipating for Heechul here, but then it was perfect because ELF loved this performance so much. I personally loved that because this song was really… Ugh! Especially Donghae! Woo!

Club No. 1. This song… haha, we were all like, “NO! Don’t touch *insert member here*!” to the dancers, but we had fun here, because the performance was… hmm… sexy! It was hot because we got to see the mature side of Super Junior.

Next was another VCR, and this VCR was like my favorite. Damn it was so funny! Everyone was laughing at the randomness of these guys! Then Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Henry appeared for So Cold performance! IT WASN’T COLD BECAUSE IT WAS TOO HOT TO HANDLE! I love Hyukjae’s voice here, and Henry too!  Siwon was really enjoying it! I really loved the song. It was a typical dance-pop song but then the boys nailed the vocals and the choreo! EunHae were specially awesome here. Henry! I can’t even describe my feels for these guys! I would want an official audio for this song! 😀

Next is How am I Supposed to Live Without You. I fancam-ed it: http://youtu.be/kgIw4PljIEA

It was really a good rendition. Ryeowook actually made a little mistake during his high note but it wasn’t that noticeable. Kyuhyun’s pronunciation was really perfect and his high notes were so amazing! I would always love to hear his voice everytime. He didn’t disappoint me here. Zhoumi’s pronunciation was also good and his voice was really breathtaking! I was quietly cheering for Zhoumi because he really made me happy. Sungmin’s emotions were really priceless. He really felt the song and I loved the tone of his voice. In the end, I was a bit disappointed because Kyuhyun didn’t look at Sungmin whenever they would have a duet, but when I yelled, “KyuMin naman (KyuMin please)!” and my sister yelled, “KyuMin daw (basically the same)!”, they looked at each other and I squealed. Of course, it was the first KyuMin moment of the night. Haha! The fans started to scream everytime the members would appear and sing. Hehe.

Next was Shindong’s solo dance performance! His face had blood (well, fake blood) while dancing. He was wearing black and he was really freaking awesome! I could not help but to scream during Shindong’s solo because his dance was amazing, and also he looked so fresh and handsome!!! Then Donghae came and danced as well. As I can remember, they were dancing to dubstep, and Hyukjae also came the last and danced again, wearing only black fur! We literally squealed at that when he smirked during the Harlem Shake performance. EunHaeDong were really good in dancing with overflowing stage presence. We lost it when Hyukjae removed the black fur for a good five seconds, leaving him topless. To be honest, I didn’t like SJ being topless and all but hell, I couldn’t help but to scream my lungs and heart out when Hyukjae did that! I could not believe myself. Ugh. I could not help but to look at their hips and realized that they really rocked dancing!

Next was one of the most disturbing yet my most favorite performance – the cross-dressing. Damn, Siwon suddenly appeared on our side. I was laughing because his legs were really muscular and he swayed his hips (I could not really describe but it was weird). He was also really enthusiastic – he was feeling the song. I could not even. Then Ryeowook was the next one. He was really pretty! He was the perfect Bada! He was dancing shyly and he was almost bowing down but then, still pretty!


Next was Kangin. I… I was speechless. I raised my ForeverYours김영운 because it had to be implemented in that performance and everytime Kangin would go near them. A lot in the VIP area raised the banners as well as the Lower Box areas too. He was an almost sexy version of Gain. Haha! Next was my most anticipated one – LEE SUNGMIN AS HYUNA. HE WAS SO SEXY AND PRETTY.


His expression – again – was really mindblowing! He was feeling his performance the most. He was a sexy crossdresser (although his belly was… ehem). Then finally, Alone by Sistar. Sungmin and Ryeowook were doing well, while Siwon and Kangin were… ALMOST doing well. I fancam-ed it too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OmVBqH9k2I

Kangin did a sexy face in front of my camera! Ugh! My sister kept on pushing me as she spazzed for Ryeowook, while I for Sungmin who was so sexy… really a pretty woman! I was actually expecting Heechul doing Wrecking Ball but… LOL Anyway, Kangin was so embarrassed that he covered his face with his hands, then Siwon and Sungmin danced together, Ryeowook and Kangin went in front. Kangin forgot that he was Gain and acted like he was back to being a guy in a sexy dress, while Ryeowook sexily walked and swayed his hair. LMAO


Then freaking Kim Heechul’s CLOSE UR MOUTH performance. Ugh. It was his first time to perform a solo, and we were really happy that he did it first in the Philippines! 😀 We were a bit disappointed though, because there were a little amount of Heenim banners, but still, he saw those. Anyway, we kept on screaming we forgot to sing with him. He was pointing the mic to us for us to sing with him, but… yeah. He did tongue fanservice a lot here! We felt really special! 😀


I forgot to mention Henry’s Trap performance! I was so happy that we failed to capture a good photo of him! He played the piano live! We were chanting his name!


Next was another VCR of freaking Henry Zhoumi Sungmin and Ryeowook. OMG SUNGMIN AND ZHOUMI WERE THE HOTTEST HERE. Henry and Ryeowook were really cute I would squeeze their cheeks!

Signal of SJ-M Performances! SJ-M performed Break Down Chinese version first. We chanted, although not really that much, because the sound was too loud. During the dance break, Sungmin was the least flexible one. I was hoping to see him bending then standing, but… D: However, EunHae did a good job. Henry! Henry got the loudest cheer here. Zhoumi too. The other members, especially Ryeowook received a loud cheer as well. Then A-Oh! I raised Sungmin banner here, and I guess, he saw it, but because I was a bit far from the stage, he wasn’t able to get it, but he did during Go I think? He got the Sungmin banner from Kaycee and others in section 205. One fanaccount said that one guy asked Sungmin to marry him, then Sungmin said okay. XD He was so happy this time. The boys were having the moment of their lives, jumping and singing and dancing! A-Oh is currently my favorite SJ-M dance song because it sounded fun, and I felt it during the performance. Then it was Go – they danced a little, as I could remember, and we chanted. XD Zhoumi was so awesome here! Kyuhyun was cute too. D:


Before Go ended, Heechul came out for the Shake it Up performance! One of the best dance performances ever. They were wearing black. I forgot. XD Shake it Up was the time when they became a little too hyper, dancing and doing fanservices. XD It actually started with A-Oh, minus the other non-SJ-M members. They gathered mostly on the center stage as they danced to Shake it Up. Kangin almost gave up dancing to it during the ending of the song, and he was laughing with Donghae! The boys were waving and then they began dispersing (lol at the term) to their Rockstar positions. Kangin went towards us, Sungmin as well. They were too hyper, and I guessed, Sungmin saw his banner in this part. But mostly, the banners raised were for Hyukjae here. They kept on dancing Rockstar until they had no energy. Kangin was enthusiastic that he even gave a flying kiss to Alex’s area. XD I was so jealous haha. Then Sungmin was also that hyper even if he was sick. They repeated Rockstar two times all together, but then Hyukjae and Heechul went for the third part and fourth part. I forgot who went out first, but I think it was Heechul, because Hyukjae was suggesting us to call Heechul. We chanted his name once again. And he danced Rockstar in solo! He was kneeling on the elevating stage at the center. Then after that, Hyukjae did another Rockstar perf while half-naked! I also started holding Kangin’s banner forever from here. Haha.



They also performed Sexy Free and Single!

Anyway, the next was another VCR of Donghae and Kyuhyun, the dramatic one. :)) After the VCR, Gray Paper, performed by Kyuhyun and Ryeowook. The KRY banners were raised here, and we were shouting when Yesung appeared on the screen. I was nearly teary-eyed here because Ryeowook was nearly crying.

The next song was Daydream. Kyuhyun and Ryeowook stayed on stage while the others went back and joined them. Heechul sang Sungmin’s part. He actually forgot the second to the last line but it was not noticeable as well. He screamed when they sang their lines individually. Everyone was really good in singing. Here is the fancam of Daydream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppDmuOZuGNk

Talk again.  Hyukjae told us to sing together with them because he heard that we were good singers (he probably heard it from Yesung or something LOL). Then we said yes. They said they prepared three songs. Then the ballad medley. I was planning to capture the whole ballad medley but my camera’s battery was dying. Haha. So I just listened to it while sitting. They started with Bittersweet, Someday, then Memories.


Ryeowook was with us during that moment, he was on the left side. He was really emotional that time. I captured Kangin looking at our fan project! Ugh! I was really nearly crying that time! 40

I saw him smile and bow to section 217, 218 and 219. I was so happy that he recognized our project! The funny thing was, he seemed like he was searching for other banners. Sorry, Youngwoon-ah, we had limited budget and we instructed people to show the banners whenever you were near them… the result, this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHjii3vPOyM

Hyukjae came to Kangin and they bowed to each other. XD Then I saw KyuMin and HaeWook in the middle, the elevating stage. Wow, they were my HTO main characters. XD Anyway… I shifted back to Hyukjae and Kangin. Oh, right, Kyuhyun did a little change in the melody, he sang the harmony during Memories. Hehe.

This fancam is not mine, but this made me happy – Kangin thanked the people who raised his banners. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0WmFXA8GXY He also asked the bouncer to stop pushing the fans who were trying to have good views. How sweet, right? He was so surprised at the banners. 😀 Bubbles were blown here as well.

Then one of the funniest VCRs! Super Hero! They performed Wonder Boy with their Super Hero costumes!

Heechul appeared as a bear! Whoever that was… And Kyuhyun was so funny pointing his staff!


Hyukjae and Zhoumi went to our side too, and Hyukjae poked Mimi’s butt. I was laughing at them. XD Zhoumi was so cute! I almost forgot to see the rest, and I saw them playing around on the center stage and the other stages.


Then another VCR for the dance step of Sunny. It was funny because of the subs. Then Ryeowook stayed on our side that time. The other guys were on their own spot. Zhoumi also went to us. XD We were crazy while dancing Sunny! I was directing my heart to Mimi, Kangin and Hyukjae but they were busy not looking at us. D: Well, Kangin did… I think, once?


Shindong, Siwon, Henry, Donghae, Kyuhyun and Zhoumi went to our side during Sunny before going at the center as they played with other members. XD Dorks. XD Hyukjae also sat near our stage so I captured his back photo. So fresh. Donghae also went to autograph someone’s High-Cut magazine.


I forgot if they sang another song here, but I guess the next was another VCR? Or it was straight to Marry U? Oh, it was Dancing Out! XD Then they performed it. After that, they gathered on the center stage again and Hyukjae said it was the last song. Of course, we were not convinced, since it was a tradition that encore would happen. XD Then they sang Marry U. We chanted the normal chants for Marry U. We also sang along. Too bad, we were too busy spazzing that we weren’t able to sing with them. But the funny thing was, I saw a fancam of Kangin being bullied by ELF in VIP3 or VIP2? I forgot… but he was thrown with peso coins or rose? He warned and jokingly gestured to throw something, which was thrown as well. Also, these were the times where most and extreme fan services happened. For example, Donghae jokingly stole an ELF’s phone and called his mom! I was on the other side, but I saw it, although it was not clear. But it was true. He asked the ELF if the caller was her mommy, and he called her and introduced himself as Super Junior’s Donghae! XD Cute guy. Before that, he took a selca. XD


Ryeowook also took a selca everywhere. Well, almost every SJ member took selcas using fans’ phones/cameras. He was near us and he stayed with us. Hehe. Sungmin saw a peso coin and showed it to everyone. I didn’t know if it was here, but Sungmin rode Donghae’s back. XD


After the song, SJUPH’s Marry U project was implemented, the No!-I Do banners, and Hyukjae got it. Then, they thought it would be over, but the people from Upper Box put the huge banner, saying, “Fine, let’s make babies” in Korean. The boys, especially Hyukjae, loved it. They were laughing, Sungmin was embarrassed, Heechul was too, the other members were busy that they didn’t notice the tarp immediately. XD They were all going to the main stage, preparing to leave when they all noticed the banner. The boys, lead by Hyukjae, Donghae and Siwon, kept on mentioning the word ‘baby’ and we were dying of laughter, until they went backstage again, they were singing Baby by Justin Bieber. I wanted to kick them to be honest.

So others thought it was finally the end… some went out already. But, wait, there was more.



They went out in suits again, then they danced to Sorry Sorry remix. The fanchant here was the loudest because ELF especially loved this song. XD Then HenMi appeared with others as they sang Show Me Your Love. At first, I was like, “What was this song again?” then I realized that it was Show Me Your Love when I heard the chorus. LMAO. Shindong and Sungmin went to our side, Shindong got a CD, while Ming was acting cutely here. Then Zhoumi went to us again.


Sungmin saw a rose and teased the section beside us, showing his tongue. Then he gave the rose to someone, I forgot who. Then he saw a freaking hand plushie and hit Kyuhyun’s butt with it! I died. XD Kyuhyun was cutely looking at the people in the upper box (seriously he never looked at lower box people).


There were also a lot of SiChul moments here. And WonKyu during the ending. Hyukjae got a Philippine flag, and of course, held it correctly, unlike Donghae. Haha. Hyukjae kept on mentioning that he would like to have babies with us, I could not, Siwon, Donghae, Kangin too, they were all making fun of the babies thing. XD

Next was Sapphire Blue. Guys were playful as usual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A8YPqx1YPA]

A lot of things happened in the ending. I didn’t know if Kangin looked at us and Zhoumi and Henry and Kyuhyun. XD But everyone cheered for each member almost the same. Shindong said that he loved us. Aw. Sungmin was like, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!” and he said that it was unforgettable. Ryeowook was like “Say yeah!” for like three times, then he thanked us. He was really quiet. D: Starting from here, we sang a birthday song for Donghae but he failed to hear it? So they kept on talking. XD We also shouted Henry’s name here and tried to sing a happy birthday to him but we failed. D: Then Hyukjae started to sing Happy birthday, at least this anchovy heard it. Donghae was like, “Why!?” then everyone made fun of him when Shindong, Sungmin and Siwon splashed him with water. He was so speechless. Haha. But he recovered and thanked us, and told us that he loved us, and told us to not cheat (guilty alert). Then we chanted Heechul’s name again when it was his turn. He thanked us and told us that it was his first Super Show 5. XD We chanted the infamous, “Saranghaeyo Kim Heehcul, Wooyubitkal Kim Heechul”. Sungmin, Shindong and Ryeowook were looking at Throwback Thursday photo (the predebut photos). They were laughing and they showed it to other members. Shindong nearly slipped because of Ming’s water. OTL They were in their own world while the other members were speaking LOL. Then SiChul moment, Heechul pulled Siwon’s shirt then Siwon was playful – he showed his upper body to Heechul. We all screamed. Then Siwon spoke in English and said that he would love to make babies with us. I could not. XD They were like, “Oh!” to Siwon then the members were laughing, asking him the first step. Henry spoke and asked in English, “What’s the first step?” Siwon answered, “Super Show Six (He pronounced the last word slightly different, if you know what I mean).” Then he turned around, embarrassed. Kangin was laughing at him, and Hyukjae as well. LMAO. Lastly, he said I love you in English. XD Next was Kangin. We were chanting his name, but he kept on talking LOL. He said he was thankful. I forgot what he said, but it was basically that. XD Then it was Kyuhyun’s turn. He acted like a child having a tantrum. I could not. I thought he was imitating a character. He was so cute I didn’t even! He said that he loved us, and he said it was unbelievable. We were laughing because he looked like a weirdo to be honest. Then next was Henry! We chanted his name, and in our section, we sang a birthday song, but he didn’t hear it again. XD He spoke in English, and he said that he previously mentioned that Philippines was the LAUdest. He said that we were STILL the LAUdest. We screamed as he asked us to scream. He thanked us as well. Zhoumi’s turn and we shouted his name. He said he would say something in Chinese. He said he missed us and he loved us. Aw. I kept on shouting Zhoumi’s name here. LOL I was so touched, I didn’t even know why but he looked amazingly sincere and cute.


Then lastly, Hyukjae. He kept on asking us if we were happy in his own way LMAO. He asked, “AHKDJDSAJDKSAJD happy?” a lot of times, then the members imitated him. He asked Heechul to do it. And Heechul was like, “BRRRRRRRRRRRR happy?” We laughed and shouted. Haha! Hyukjae asked us again to scream, one by one, floor by floor. Then they said that they would scream without their mics. So they did it. Really… really crazy guys I love. XD They also had chocolates, but Sungmin didn’t get one.


Then they introduced the final song, So I. They sang it. Siwon was on our side, and Shindong was the next closest. We raised our “Always Yours Philippines ELF” banners, but we failed to do the bow (actually, people behind us were telling us to bow but no one was bowing so…) But then, we were showered with confetti. It was beautiful and we were even catching the falling confetti.


Then they finally finished the song. It was too fast, I mean, the time I didn’t really feel it. D: I captured fancams but I would just upload these tomorrow. 😀


They went to the main stage as they gathered the other dancers and staff. Then, they held hands and bowed all together. KyuMin intertwined their fingers here OMG. I was spazzing. XD When they bowed, Heechul immediately stood, and Kangin pushed him to bow more. LOL But even if he was the earliest to stand after bowing, he knelt in front of us.


Then Hyukjae gathered them to do the thumbs up. XD After that, they said goodbye, and Hyukjae did a heart before going back.



Oh yeah, Donghae lifted Hyukjae here! XD



There are a lot of other photos, you can see a slideshow below. 😀

After SS5 Manila…

We could not get over. It’s been three days already and I am still having my post-concert syndrome. Hyukjae was powerful to me now. He came back to the top of my list, only slightly below Jungsoo because of the concert. However, I felt something incomplete, because Jungsoo was not there. D:

I was happy that our project became successful. I went home with a smile and a tear of happiness in my eyes. I saw our banner in TV Patrol! XD And we asked ELF to submit the videos of Kangin looking at the banner. D:

Kaycee told me that Kangin was about to get the banner, but it fell. Ugh. D:

I still could not recover. I felt like in heaven in the concert that I had amnesia LOL The concert was spectacular. I was too speechless. To be honest, I was really happy that I considered to watch even if Teuk was not around. It was all worth it. 😀


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks SJ for giving me another wonderful experience. I love you and I will always love you. 늘 제 마음속에 함께 하실 거예요. 오빤 여지껏 가장 나이스한 아이돌분들 중에 한분이세요, 오빠가 계셔주셔서 정말 고마워요!


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