[130923] Super Junior – Super Show 5 in Tokyo (Fuji TV Next)

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnkSqyMP5BU


Press Conference
Link: http://t.co/UIfIhYcvwZ

Interview (Heroes)
Link: http://t.co/uSub3Uc2g0

Opening VCR
Link: http://t.co/ma1ceuxnZ0

Sexy Free and Single (Japanese)
Link: http://t.co/wseFobw5ed

Bonamana (Japanese)
Link: http://t.co/cIYV6uvYPQ

Boom Boom
Link: http://t.co/9AZAPtwIdL

Sorry Sorry (Japanese)
Link: http://t.co/BFg6iCST40

It’s You
Link: http://t.co/CeQazy4FNz

Super Girl
Link: http://t.co/Kb8EbCN2G3

Song of Life
Link: http://t.co/o1OCtQKvgu

Ballad Medley
Link: http://t.co/29prXQ77mg

Link: http://t.co/VQf87nLMo5

VCR + Sunny
Link: http://t.co/Lb0oOmWrMR

Marry U
Link: http://t.co/ZIFLbzjglv

Ending Cuts
Link: http://t.co/0ShmuysEWj

Credits: sophielfhyuk,  mickeygaemkyu

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