Super Junior – Hero Album Tracks Preview

Here is the one-minute audio preview of all songs included in Super Junior’s 1st Japanese Album, Hero. You can also download the songs by clicking the red rectangular button seen here:


However, you have to have an AU ID or a DOCOMO ID to log in and purchase the song.

To listen to the preview, click the button seen below. This would auto-play a minute preview of the song chosen:


Link to all audios: Mu-Mo

Note that there are two links for each song. The audio previews for both links are the same and you can choose either of the two links.

1. Bambina 1 || 2

2. A-Cha (Japanese Version) 1 || 2

3. Hero 1 || 2

4. Hero (Performance Version) 1 || 2

5. Intro – Superman Prelude 1 || 2

6. Mr. Simple (Japanese Version) 1 || 2

7. Opera (Japanese Version) 1 || 2

8. Our Love (Japanese Version) 1 || 2

9. Sexy, Free & Single (Japanese Version) 1 || 2

10. Tuxedo 1 || 2

Support Super Junior by buying their album which would be released on July 24, 2013!

Credits to: raichanxd


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