(MOD POST) Happy 4th Year to immortalsoul123’s Blog!

Yey, I didn’t actually know that my anniversary is today. I found an urge to check this blog out and post something. Thank WordPress for reminding me. Haha!

It was on July 19, 2009 when I started blogging. Four years. It’s been four years and this is still existing. Although I don’t update often as usual, this blog is still important to me. This is the reason why I don’t take this down although I really am planning to because of… personal reasons. Hehe.

Anyway, 600,000 views is not a joke. I am really thankful that it reaches this much. Blogging is very difficult to do – you need to set yourself different. I think I was able to. Do you think so too?

Here was where everything started, from copy-paste news and updates with little commentary, to social networking site updates, to videos, to my personal posts. This blog is very special to me. My feelings for Super Junior, most especially for Leeteuk, grew here, so I am very thankful. Super Junior and Leeteuk, thanks for the inspiration. Hehe.

This is it. First time to blog about my blog anniversary. 🙂


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