(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Leeteuk!

Happy birthday to my one and only love, Park Jungsoo, also known as Leeteuk! How are you now? I hope you are doing fine and you are still healthy.

It has been 242 days – or not, if I lost count. To be honest, I didn’t miss you everyday, though there would be days I would miss you like crazy. I actually watched your interviews and snippets of your musical, and I was, and up until now, I am still proud of you. Even though you are not in the limelight anymore, even though you are just that Park Jungsoo who does his best to serve your country in the army, you are still the same person that we, your fans, knew.  You might disagree because you think that Leeteuk and Park Jungsoo are completely opposites but I think your similarities are quite visible. ^^ Anyway, I saw you once in an interview, you were not smiling. I just hope you would. :”) Don’t worry, dude, kuya (brother), you are still a great entertainer! So you have to cheer up. That person still loves you~

You know, I still cry whenever I listen to Only U. I still cry whenever I hear you sing. You may not be the best singer, the best dancer, the best actor, you are definitely the best person for most people. Believe me. You always put us to tears whenever we see you, whenever people are misjudging you.

Some people hated you, disliked you and underestimated you even if you are serving the army… but you are slowly proving that you are worth the respect. As the obedient and loving son of your parents, as the caring and supportive brother to your sister,  as thevloyal and faithful friend to your friends, as the inspiration to your ELF, and as the best leader of Super Junior whose members follow your footsteps, you are worth everything. You are worth the love, respect and understanding of all people. I may not be someone who has known you personally, but I know, deep in my heart, that all of these traits are you. And I have loved you for these traits. Oops, cheesy,  but it is true.

And there is something I want to apologize for even if you are not directly affected. I really wished to celebrate your birthday in your homeland but I think I can’t. I am really regretting it. I was hoping to breathe the same air as you on July 1st. It sucked that I wasn’t able to keep that promise. Ugh.

To be honest, I was worrying about writing my birthday message to you. I was thinking how to celebrate your birthday now that our trip to Korea was canceled. Weird, because you won’t hear nor see nor read my message to you, but still… it is like celebrating the birthday of your favorite doll. Haha. I don’t know to express myself to you until now, because we are all saying same things to you. I am sorry about that~ I lack creativity. But here I am.

I know every fan has a special promise to you. And aside from waiting for you to come back (it is actually given). Waiting for you is one promise that I would not be able to break. And there is one more…

I will hold your hands and never let go.

There. I said it again.

Now for my birthday wish (I am sorry to those people reading this nonsense right now – I really like writing a novel for Jungsoonim).

Dear Park Jungsoo, you are 31 now. Hehe. Don’t feel offended if some people (including me) are calling you old or ahjussi or the similar terms. Haha. It doesn’t mean we are mocking your age. Sometimes, it is an endearment (I know you know it, too). I love you regardless of your age, Jungsoonim (yes, I came up with this nickname for you). I just wish for you to have more blessings in the future. Hardships and downfalls are still here, but use all the good things in your life to stand back on your feet. I also wish for you to have the best life you could have, to your family, to your friends, to your career, to your health, to your work and to the most crucial of all – your lovelife. I wish that the person that you found would say yes to you so that you can get married already. Not that I am (or we are) telling you to marry fast, but I think I am (or we are) ready to see you proposing to someone, walking the aisle, marrying that lucky person. Haha! What else… oh, and lastly, I just want you to be happy. 😀

This is it, I am done. Sorry for keeping this post long~ I just want to post this just in case he would read it in the future. Though impossible, let us just hope. Woohoo.

I love you, Jungsoonim.

See you later! 🙂


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