(RP) Best-est Days Ever

Last June 15, 2013, I graduated in college. Finally! :)) After four years (which was extended, by the way) of hardwork, I finally made it. I had no doubts that I would be graduating though. I was thankful that God had given me blessings that I was able to use to be successful. Now… I will go to the next chapter of my life: work and career.

Speaking of career, my cousin/aunt told me that she would like me to join her for an event of their company. She knew that I was into organizing events so she told me that she wanted to show all the aspects of an event. At first, I wanted to decline because I told her that I would be so exhausted after graduation ceremony, since it was a day after the graduation. But she urged me still – for possible employment, as she said. So I agreed. She bought a nice dress, my mom bought a nice pair of heels and my graduation dresses.

Because it was also Father’s Day, my dad, my mom and my sister would go to a mall to celebrate without me. I would go with my aunt/cousin, my uncle, and their daughters for the event. My mom told me that she would surprise my dad, so they, my mom and sister, dressed up elegantly. What I was wondering was my dad came and dressed up too. Pretty weird. How could someone be surprised if he knew where he and the other people planning their surprise were going? But I didn’t elaborate further.

I was asked to put on some makeup and do my hair to impress the employers so I did. Even if I woke up at 9:30am and we would be leaving at 11:00am, I was able to fix myself, though I looked like a bit messy to be honest.

My family went ahead, telling me that my mom would just text me where we would meet up after the event. My aunt came and fetched me, I was all set up. I was wondering also…  why were there no people in our house? I thought it was because it was father’s day so everyone was out.

Then we went to the venue. We were actually lost. I asked my aunt why she didn’t know where the venue was even though she was the one who organized the event for her company. She didn’t know, as she told me, because she had never been there. How in the world!?

Then we reached the venue after almost five times searching for it. I saw someone who looked like my cousin outside the venue, so I thought it was him, but then again I thought I was wrong. My aunt let her husband and the kids go ahead of us. After a few minutes, we also went out the car. I saw my family’s car parked outside the venue. Weird, but I just followed my aunt.

The event was at the second floor of Ibarra’s Garden Restaurant and Grill. She was before me, so I followed him. I then heard the voice of another uncle. “Oh, I knew it,” I thought. My heart was beating fast when I saw my nephew standing near the stairs. I confirmed my thought. I went upstairs and saw everyone, my family in both mother side and father side, smiling at me. I was like, “Fxxk this. I knew it!” even though I didn’t expect it. Then I was given a bouquet of yellow roses and… I forgot the name of the other, wrapped in a brown… I also forgot the name also. Hehe. I was disappointed during my graduation when I saw my schoolmates who have bouquet of flowers. I COULD NOT BELIEVE I HAD ONE ALSO! I could not put it down.

Then I saw my bestfriends afterwards. I hadn’t seen them for a very long time and I was shocked to see all of them there.

I was teary-eyed when I saw everyone. I paid respect to all of them. I could not believe it… everything was perfect. Then everything just sank in – THEY THREW A SURPRISE GRADUATION PARTY FOR ME.

I immediately cried when I saw everyone clapping and wishing me good luck and congratulating me. Fudge, I wasn’t prepared for this. I looked at my family and my cousins (the Ignaco sisters) who planned for my event. I could not stop crying right then because I was surprised. I was happy because all I wanted was a simple mini gathering. I didn’t know that it was like that. I could not explain how lucky I was that time. I could not think properly. I thought I was dreaming. Family and close family friends who were far from Manila came to my party. I was touched.

Up until the picture taking, I was crying. My tears were falling while they were taking the pictures of me and the guests. I still could not believe how much they prepared for that.

I saw my cake and the cupcakes around it. MY DREAM CAKE. The cake that was especially designed. Fudge, I WISHED FOR IT TOO. Again, I cried.

Yes, I knew I was a cry baby. But who would not cry to see the efforts of my family? All I wanted: the motif (mostly yellow, but they added green, orange and blue for no reason), the bouquet, the cake, the gathering, the food, the music, EVERYTHING. It just felt amazing.

I wasn’t able to eat. I had just eaten three spoonfuls of rice and corned beef because I knew we would eat at the event. I was too damn happy that until now I couldn’t get over.

They played a slideshow of me from being a baby to being a graduate. The photos were formed into a photo mosaic.

Then my sister played a video of me singing Daydream by Super Junior. OTL I felt so embarrassed.

We were noisy all throughout. We had a raffle draw, a game, a toast, a message/give me the cake, a dance, a money tree, the song number (I was included; the girlfriend of my cousin asked me to practice Eternal Flame because she would sing it for their ‘anniversary.’ I guess it was part of their plan.) and a father’s day celebration. The game was question and answer. The first one was about my favorite color. Of course, the answer was yellow, as answered by my bestfriends. The second one was about my favorite band. They came up with hilarious answers. They came up with “Super JR (I know it was JUNIOR but OTL for JR)” and “Super Junjun (Okay, this is the epic one).” After that, my crush. The first one wrote “Siwon” (Where did that come from? LINE commercial? OTL Daddy I heart you but no, not you). They wrote a lot that I myself could not decide about the answer so the question was forfeited. After that, about the place where I celebrated my first birthday. The answer was Jollibee Kalentong, of course! 🙂 Then about my first overseas travel destination – answer was Singapore. Last question was about my favorite couple. ALMOST ALL OF THEM ANSWERED KYUMIN BUT HELLO NO, I DIDN’T SAY KPOP COUPLE! Of course, the answer was no other than my nanay and tatay (mom and dad). Second is HanDee couple!

Then birthday wishes. Each person would slice a piece of cake and tell me their wish. Fudge, I was full! They made me ate large portions, I crey. My lolos (grandfathers), my lolas (grandmothers), my uncles and aunts, and my ninang (godmother) stated their wish.

Then we had a toast of Novelino red wine, which was really delicious by the way.

Then came the money tree and dance, since I had no 18th birthday. They gave me gifts, took a photo with me and danced with me.

After that, I gave a final message. I thanked them all and I told them that I was really surprised. They teased me to cry again but I couldn’t anymore. I was so happy I wanted to stay in that moment forever. I felt it was better than Zoren and Carmina’s wedding. It was all my parent’s idea and my cousin’s executions. It would have never been complete without everyone’s participation.

I knew it still had to end, but we still celebrated at our house as well.

I learned that they had been preparing for almost three months already. I was amazed that they were able to keep that secret from me. They were good in acting and hiding, or was I just stupid not to notice or to suspect anything even if some of them were almost telling me with a slip of their tongue? I don’t know. But the point is, I am very thankful that a lot of people love me. And I think, I can make their wishes come true to repay.

This will be cherished forever.


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