(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Zhoumi!

Woah, hello, our finest and most lovable gentleman Mimi~ Happy birthday! As usual, I am wishing you good luck and blessings on your career, your family, your friends, your love life and of course your life~ You’ve been in a lot of… negative experiences and even if you weren’t that open about it, we knew that you were hurting a lot before. But don’t worry. For us, we are now ready to accept you because you proved that you are worthy to be accepted and to be loved. Don’t mind others who were putting you down. You’re one of the greatest persons we’ve encountered, don’t ever change~ Hope to see you soon, English Mimi. 🙂 We will cross our paths again. *EhemSS5Ehem*

Once again, happy birthday and please enjoy your day~


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