(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Kangin!

Aw, our KangBear Appa and my… yes, my Bebebear’s celebrating his birthday today! Our Youngwoon who is in Korea right now, our no. 1 handsome raccoon. Our no. 1 most handsome guy in Korea, Kangin!

Happy birthday, Kangin! It’s been our first time to celebrate your birthday after being released from the army. I am happy that we are able to give you the greatest gift for your birthday: the GDA Disk Daesang. I was so happy that you gave the speech in behalf of the members, and of course, Leeteuk. I thought you’re really going to cry, and I knew that you would if you were not stopped by Siwon. Hehe. But yes, I was also happy that you finally received it with the members.

You’ve become my bias just two months from now I think… so you’re special, although you’re all special. Hehe.

I just want to wish you a happy happy birthday and even though the other members couldn’t celebrate it with you *coughSungmincough*, I still want you to enjoy your day! I hope you would grow into a finer man in the future, stronger, more talented and more handsome. I hope you could celebrate it with your special people. And all the good things for you. ♥

I love you! ELF love you!

Once again, happy birthday~!


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