(RP) The Greatest Story of Love Between Two Men

If you’re a Merlin fan, you would know what I mean. We all know that Merlin’s journey has ended last Christmas and I am sure that all of you who watched the finale were still sad because the show has already ended. I am too, to be quite honest. Until now. It’s safe to say that BBC ruined my Christmas but at the same time, it completed my feelings for the fandom.

I quoted Alexander Vlahos’ (Mordred) words from an interview for this title and I am going to dedicate this post to my Merlin fandom. And I think, this hour is the best time for me to write a review.

I’LL INCLUDE POSSIBLE SPOILERS FROM THE SERIES FINALE. If you don’t want to be spoiled or you haven’t watched Merlin because you don’t have a plan to, then don’t click ‘read more’. But I hope you would because it’s really worth-watching.

I actually wanted to post this earlier but I almost forgot about this. Now, I’ll post this for real.
As I told before, I wasn’t expecting that I would like this series this much because I was into KPOP and I haven’t watched any TV series before except if they were related to my idols, if they were needed to be watched, or if they were local. But I think that knowing this show has become my destiny.

I still haven’t recovered from the finale.  I think I have recovered already although I am still crying whenever I see photosets in Tumblr that are related to the finale. But I will say that I have never been affected this much before. Merlin is quite special to me because this is my first fandom for TV series.

The reason why I watched this was because of MerThur. Funny right? I was reminded of KyuMin when I saw MerThur. They were both my OTP. I started shipping them even before I had started watching season 1 episode 1 because the first episode that I watched was season 2 episode 13.

Then I began my journey as I watched everything from season 1 to the latest episode of season 3. I learned that the episodes were aired every Saturday so I waited for the next episodes. I got addicted with it that I finished the whole season 1 in a day and season 2 and 3 in a day as well. I knew by then that I would really wait for Merlin’s next seasons to air again. And I did.

And last Christmas eve, they aired the ending. It’s already Christmas in our country by that time. I watched it at nine in the evening when my cousins and relatives already went home. It was a good decision because if I watched early in the morning, it would totally ruin my Christmas.

I never expected that it would be the ending. I never thought that Arthur would die in that way. I knew that he would die but I thought that there would still be a possibility that Merlin would be able to make him alive again and Arthur would make Merlin known by everyone and they would create a new kingdom together. They did create a new kingdom but with Arthur dead and with Merlin not in Camelot anymore. I am quite good with Gwen being the ruler and the queen, despite of me not totally being an ArWen shipper. It’s not that I hated Gwen because she’s ‘not totally for Arthur’ or because I’m a MerThur shipper, but I hated her ‘flirty’ character there. It seemed that she acted so special even before she was not yet a queen. I know she was special for Arthur but I couldn’t understand why she had to act like she’s jealous with Arthur being close to other women.

But I must say that I changed my perception about her during the finale. She was naturally strong that she didn’t want others to see her cry even if Arthur was nowhere to be found because she knew that the knights needed her and if they would see her crying on one side, she would never be a great queen to Camelot.

I also liked how Sir Leon had been always there for Gwen. He was a real knight by blood, I know that, but being next to the queen was quite impressive. Sir Leon proved that he was loyal to Arthur and Camelot despite of everything that happened. I salute him for that.

Percival. He broke the ropes from being tied. It was hot awesome. I knew that he was physically strong but his willpower was proven to be strong as well. When he heard that Gwaine was being tortured, he got all his strength, wanting to break free so that he could save Gwaine. Although it was almost too late. As a knight, he continued to protect Arthur by chasing after Morgana. I would not say that he failed because he didn’t.

Unexpected deaths. I hated to say this but Gwaine’s death was really unexpected and heartbreaking. He was a brave and strong knight, and he was my favorite knight of the Round Table. Instead of betraying the King and the kingdom, he still did his duty as a knight even if he would sacrifice his loved one who was a traitor. He was seen as ‘a-not-so-friend’ of Arthur in the previous series but it was proven wrong. He was loyal and deserving knight. The disappointing part was that he died, thinking that he failed.

I also hated the sudden deaths of Lancelot (who was risen from the death by Morgana) and Elyan. I thought that all the knights would live until the end. But I was thankful because they were also there for Arthur.

Mordred. I knew that he would die in the end because he would be killed by Arthur. I couldn’t believe that love would play a part in his change of heart. I disliked how he had a change of heart because of misunderstanding. I could not completely hate character though, because everyone played a role on him being an enemy and all. I blamed Merlin and Kara in a way.

Gaius was one of the strongest characters in this series. Although for the last part, his character seemed to go off. It was like he was only an extra who knew Merlin’s magic. The only redeeming scene for Gaius was when he impliedly told Gwen that Merlin was the sorcerer.

Morgana’s death was unexpected but was done in a brilliant way. I actually thought that Emrys and Morgana would at least have a fighting scene using magic, but her death became immediate. Merlin killed her using the Excalibur, and it made that scene stronger. Quite an irony because she was killed by a sword that was forged with a dragon’s breath and not by magic. Also, her death was easy despite of everything that she had done. I also wanted to emphasize that Merlin might not want to waste his time, thinking that Arthur had only few time left. The sad part about her death was that she never knew that Merlin’s betrayal wasn’t really what he wanted to do before, and it was Morgause who tricked her. It was also disappointing that Morgana didn’t have the time to change her heart and seek forgiveness. Lastly, I thought that Morgana was secretly in love with Merlin and they would get married in the end. LOL

Kilgharrah had a short appearance but it was still okay for me because he said that Emrys didn’t fail even if Arthur died. His last words were powerful and it made me cry. As for Aithusa, I was really disappointed. I have loved him in series 4, but how could he do that!? He betrayed his ‘father’ just for Morgana.

Arthur and Merlin… don’t let me start saying things about them or I’ll cry again. No, I won’t anymore… I accepted it already *sobs*.

I liked how Arthur’s last words were saying ‘thank you’ and not ‘goodbye’ to Merlin. I liked how he chose to spend time fighting for his life so that he could recover. I loved how he spent time with Merlin more than anyone else. I loved how the episode was centered in their story of love and friendship.

It pained me when he nearly wanted Merlin to be gone. I knew he wouldn’t bare to see him gone though. I knew that Merlin was one of the biggest part of his life. I kinda got mad at him when he said that Merlin was a coward in second to the last episode.

I liked the part where he was sleeping then he whispered ‘Merlin’, knowing that it was not a dream. He obeyed him without a doubt for the first time of his life.

Then I loved the part where instead of asking where he was because he was in the middle of nowhere, or where’s Gwen and the others, he asked Merlin where he had been. The first thing that he would think of was why was Merlin there and how did he find him, right? I couldn’t help but to think that he was still thinking about Merlin even if he was in a war.

When Merlin confessed that he had magic, he could not believe it not because Merlin was too weak to have magic (maybe just a little of that) but because he couldn’t believe that as a close friend and an ally, he could not betray him like that. He had been betrayed by the people he trusted before, so he could not bear to be betrayed by another person who promised to die at his side. He’s been there since day one, even if their meeting wasn’t a good as it had to be. He was deeply hurt because he thought he knew him. Good thing, he trusted the words of Gaius that Merlin could still save him because he was the most powerful sorcerer that ever walked on earth. That time, he could not believe that the person who’s been there, serving him and acting like he was the stupidest person on earth would be a powerful sorcerer. Once again, he didn’t want to believe it because he thought everything that he did was only a trick. And learning that he was the one who killed his father – it would really hurt.

During their journey to the Lake of Avalon, he defeated the Saxons. Arthur was again, hurt that he thought Merlin was nothing. His pride was hurt as well because he thought that he defeated his enemies alone. During the night, he found the courage to tell him what he really felt, that he trusted him and he was sorry for that. I could not bare to see Merlin feeling so much pain in his heart because his best friend was doubting his trust on Merlin. But he understood Arthur and continued to serve him despite of everything.

Arthur’s cold heart began to melt when Merlin told him that it was his destiny to serve him through that even if he had great magic. There, Arthur began to contemplate things about his and Merlin’s friendship. He started to think that Merlin was just doing his job to protect him as his servant and as a friend that he didn’t want to lose.

Everything became normal again between them. But Arthur was beginning to hate himself and not Merlin since he never gave him credit on what Merlin had done for him. One by one, he learned to forgive Merlin and himself. Once again, he put all his trust on Merlin.

Until the time that he felt that it was too late, he held Merlin’s hand and told him to hold him. It was, for me, the most brilliant part of the story. Arthur saying ‘thank you’ for the first time, knowing that Merlin had played a huge part in building a new kingdom and restoring Albion. When Arthur’s soul was leaving him, Merlin called for his name and he woke up, giving Merlin a spark of hope that Arthur would stay with him. It was so devastating when Arthur finally closed his eyes. Merlin called for Kilgharrah, and a lot of us was telling him behind our televisions that it was already too late and he could’ve called the dragon ealier to save Arthur. I know that we wanted Arthur to be alive but it’s already his destiny. Maybe they did that for Merlin and Arthur to reconcile as they spent the last times together. He said that he didn’t fail because Arthur would rise again when he is needed the most. That was why Arthur didn’t say goodbye and Merlin too, because they both knee that they would still meet someday… after a thousand years.

Merlin had to watch everyone die as he became immortal but he had to do that to see Arthur once again.

The last scene was quite funny for a lot, but that just meant that maybe, it was another time for Arthur to rise again, with Merlin still waiting for him.

I can say that this is how the series should end. The last episode completely summarize everything with meeting and temporary parting. I am pleased.


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