[MOD POST] Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Sungmin and Colin!

Happy new year everyone! Let’s move forward and be stronger forever! I wish you prosperity, luck and blessings in life!

And, what’s the good thing about January 1 aside from new year? There are two persons who celebrate their birthdays! Born on January 1, 1986, the halves of my two coins, the Sungmin of my MerThur, and the Merlin of my KyuMin, Colin Morgan and Lee Sungmin!

Happy birthday to our baby girl, our chu, our aegyo king, our pumpkin, and my soulmate, Lee Sungmin! Stay happy and blessed! You’re as perfect as you are now, don’t ever change. You don’t have to. You’re one of my most special persons, and I am thanking your for being an inspiration. Thank you for who you are. I hope that you would be more successful in life, family and love ehemKyuehemehemKanginehemehemSJmembersehemehemEveryoneIShipHimWithehem! I will be here for you forever as a fan and an ELF. We love you! ♥

And Happy birthday to Colin Morgan ! Stay blessed! May you have a fruitful career! ♥ Even if Merlin is already finished, I will still support you in all your shows! Thank you for inspiring me and making me cry last Christmas. ♥

I love you both! ♥


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